Barack Obama speaks out on politics, life in the White House, and Donald Trump

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CBS Sunday Morning

16 dager siden

In his first television interview since the election of Joe Biden as the 46th President, former President Barack Obama sits down with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King to discuss the first volume of his memoirs, "A Promised Land." He talks about the enormous opposition he experienced as he entered the White House; the impact of his political career on his family; and why he campaigned for his former vice president - and spoke out so vociferously against his successor, President Donald Trump.
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Andrew Mattson
Andrew Mattson 3 timer siden
Obama should be tried for treason.
Stella Babayeva
Stella Babayeva 5 timer siden
Obama > Recession> Unemployment(high rate)> Fraud > Empty promises >Obama Care> the worse relationship with other countries ...OMG, no thank you
Moon Bow
Moon Bow 8 timer siden
X pres. Borat insane osama. What a creep.
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara 11 timer siden
Finished yet,dont need to be hated anymore,we know its you looking for the last laugh with them all,but im getting deeply hated because of it ,and yes once they loved me,now they hate me,so please hurry up
Uriel Santos
Uriel Santos 12 timer siden
Fast and furious document
President Trump
President Trump 12 timer siden
SpirE_ Fate
SpirE_ Fate 13 timer siden
Imagine getting banned from the kfc dome lol
Karen McGuire
Karen McGuire 13 timer siden
Worst president ever!!! He's a criminal and a liar! Trump will be President for 4 more years.
i love you bitch
i love you bitch 3 timer siden
no he won’t cope harder
ariaanjonker 18 timer siden
Questionable Obama administration The unwillingness to take a strong stance against China allowed that communist government to continue stealing U.S. aerospace, energy, satellites and telecommunications information and use it to wage economic, military and political sabotage and warfare, according to a 2013 Mandiant report. Their failure to install adequate security preventive-measures allowed Chinese hackers to breach the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s computer system in 2015, accessing the personnel and security records of some 22 million Americans.
Eddie Schantz
Eddie Schantz 19 timer siden
Barak Obama ranks #5 of all the presidents. Donald Trump is #1 Ronald Reagan is #2. 41 presidents tied for 3rd. Jimmy Carter is #4 and Obama is #5.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 19 timer siden
*I'm confident about Biden*
d c
d c 22 timer siden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 timer siden
Politically Correct Redskin
Politically Correct Redskin 22 timer siden
Indoor-nesian communist wanted for treason!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 timer siden
the government, this is me treason. unforgivable..
Jackie Perk
Jackie Perk Dag siden
Kevin Malcolm
Kevin Malcolm Dag siden
Biden is not the president elect yet, Dec 14 we find out if we are going to be free or under a babbling 77 year old’s rule.
Jerem Dag siden
Nobama the poisonous president who divided us , he is the racist hope people see his real color
bidenwork china
bidenwork china Dag siden
Obama is jealous, so he defies tricks on assisting China to overthrow Trump because he was so successful in defeating China that he could not think of his whole life.
T L Dag siden
This man with two teenage daughters supports law allowing men in ladies restrooms if he won’t protect his daughter why would he take care of this country, f*ck him and biden. What a pos.
Saul Saldana
Saul Saldana Dag siden
He is full of his BS!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahna!!!
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Dag siden
Obama forwarded 1.7 million to Iran in 2016, ( money that will be used to fight against Americans repair )now he will create a crisis such as a assassination in Iran. (By controls the Oval Office he will escalate American Military in Iran bringing our American's back into Iran. They will slowly terminate our military and our most patriotic Americans overseas and at home. Is this fact or Theory? Is the Oval Office now totally controlled by China?
Tom Ortale
Tom Ortale Dag siden
Artur Rofi
Artur Rofi Dag siden
I am glad you laughing and mocking me Obama. But you going to need my Blood again. So you and Trump better stay out of the way. Enough of you two, both of you are not Kings and neither do u cone from Kings. Stay out, or I wont give my blood anymore!
hugh hackmen
hugh hackmen Dag siden
For Political Quotes and Status .... Application
White Ranger Tiger Power
White Ranger Tiger Power 2 dager siden
Worst part about becoming former president in US is your no longer known as chief with Marines lol
Dread Dread
Dread Dread 2 dager siden
It's me Lucifer unfortunately the foreigners only had racist here around me
Sunako N
Sunako N 2 dager siden
bidenwork china
bidenwork china 2 dager siden
President Trump certainly won the fight against corrupt and brutal American Democrats who plotted to collude with foreign countries to steal President Trump's vote to overthrow the government, this is me treason. unforgivable..
Dyan Harrington
Dyan Harrington 2 dager siden
M Masters
M Masters 2 dager siden
The Office of the President Elect - isn't. Soon the two of them will be writhing in the bright light of truth. Then, the trials for Treason may begin. On that day, Blantifa will emerge in the Feral Cities of America. Prep, Pray and Stay Out Of The Way - So The Military can clean it up. TRUE Patriots are about 120 Million Strong. #IamQ
Justin N
Justin N 2 dager siden
A big smile on Obamas face as the racial unrest burning city's began on his watch and he did nothing about it. He has a new book though!
Justin N
Justin N 2 dager siden
Such a nice guy. Killing innocent middle eastern civilians with endless drone missile strikes as they eat dinner. Such a hero.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 dager siden
When you have peace, love and loved ones, a wonderful spouse, and are comfortable at the moment...You would smile effortlessly....This man has the Huxtable life
Tom Ortale
Tom Ortale Dag siden
Eric Leavitt
Eric Leavitt 2 dager siden
First gay black president, that's so cool
Lander Quaresma
Lander Quaresma 2 dager siden
Obama killed Gaddafi and destroy Libya. War criminal
1 0
1 0 2 dager siden
Obama killed gaddafi
S W 2 dager siden
News never talks about the drone bombings in Yemen, under Obama America attacked villages churches schools with multiple casualties just because someone in their family was a terrorist. Gee I wonder why they hate us so badly? This is a man who put children in cages.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 dager siden
Reabetsoe Melao
Reabetsoe Melao 2 dager siden
Obama just stay tending to your Micheal!
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn 3 dager siden
*Stop the Steal>> 4 More Years!*
Дмитрий Милюков
Дмитрий Милюков 3 dager siden
Дмитрий Милюков
Дмитрий Милюков 3 dager siden
Дмитрий Милюков
Дмитрий Милюков 3 dager siden
Letter A
Yvonne B.
Yvonne B. 3 dager siden
Barack Obama/Joe Biden: the most corrupt admin in office of President and Vice President, sold out to China!!!
Albert May
Albert May 3 dager siden
Obama , Biden is the most corrupt presidency in US history.
Bill Johns
Bill Johns 3 dager siden
Dude, the day that you will admit that you're married to a guy, nothing wrong with it, will be the day that you can truly get America's respect.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 dager siden
8:35 Gale says "when they go low, we go high", but her hand does the opposite. Did you guys notice that?
teton99 3 dager siden
Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: "Accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt"
Tom Ortale
Tom Ortale Dag siden
I'm Ken
I'm Ken 3 dager siden
Obama...LOL. The worst most corrupt politician we've seen in a century.
that girl
that girl 3 dager siden
wait isnt that o b a m i u m
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 dager siden
Black obama.
bidenwork china
bidenwork china 3 dager siden
bill gates called former U.S. Joe Biden and obama a “rabid dog” that “must be beaten to death with a stick” it labeled them a “fool of low IQ” after they steal cheater ballot election 2020
Lon 3 dager siden
Obama was caught, he has to say everything he can to discredit.
Lon 3 dager siden
Obama was the most corrupt president in US history.
Brave Just Defend
Brave Just Defend 3 dager siden
I'm Latino and I voted for President Trump because he stands for the working class & freedom in the best country in the world. The United States of America. Obama you built the cages, Don't you remember
kathy Martin
kathy Martin 3 dager siden
This is Absolutely Beyond Ridiculous Now Obama is playing the race card saying that Trump was elected because of white backlash racism of seeing a black man in the white house but no one is buying it.. I used to think that Obama was an intelligent person but when he make statements such as this I begin to wonder. Obama was a two term president who was elected by a overwhelming white vote which without he would not have been elected president of the United States of America so why if there was a white backlash of seeing a black man in the white house would he be elected again by the same overwhelming white vote. His statements are purely racist and do not hold water. A child can see through this Obama is only making a fool out of him self, what a shame he decided to take this racist view. Also how could it be white racism if Trump got elected running against another white person. And how could it be racism if Obama got elected running against a white person while receiving the overwhelming white vote not once but twice. I can only think and hope that this racist view is coming from his wife Michelle who travels the country preaching racism. . It must have been extremely hard for her to keep her mouth shut for eight years. Why can't the Democrat's handle the truth? and why is Obama trying to stir up racism in this country? It's so sad that Obama took this racist view, he could have been thought of as one of the most beloved presidents of our country now he has ruined that for himself. I'm beginning to believe that it's never going to end because some people don't want it to end since it is advantages to them.
L z
L z 4 dager siden
If anyone is racist its obama toward whites for the dumb comments he made about why people voted for Pres Trump.
Luis Jayons
Luis Jayons 4 dager siden
If it's soooooo terrible being a minority, why would whites ever want become one in their own countries!?
Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez 4 dager siden
Obama dosnt know when to shut his mouth.
Ismael Ventura
Ismael Ventura 3 dager siden
Trump can't stop whining on twitter fricken baby
Iambored Ambored
Iambored Ambored 3 dager siden
Why did you make that comment, if I may ask?
Rhonda Haynes
Rhonda Haynes 4 dager siden
TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Andy A
Andy A 4 dager siden
Mr. Obama, Since you care so deeply about morality and ethics, and since your constituents strive for moral , and political correctness, why do you not come clean with how Jesus would handle things since you say you are a "Christian"? Why are you knowingly leading your followers in the ways that seem right to a man, but leads to destruction? You call yourself a Christian but everthing you do is the opposite of what Jesus would do. Come on... you are a Harvard Grad. You know the truth of this election and yet you don't stand up for the truth. Jesus will have the last say. Never too late to dedicate your life to The Lord Jesus.
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 dager siden
I was self insurance...his plan saved my life i was healthy just had sudden illness...
Patrick Ahaus
Patrick Ahaus 4 dager siden
Word is Obama and Biden to be arrested for acts of Treason " Sources say".
Стас Кузнецов
Стас Кузнецов 4 dager siden
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Myah Myah
Myah Myah 5 dager siden
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 dager siden
you is not alone THE LINE OF PEOPLE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU . president DONALD TRUMP god bress you. we behind
Bobby Mang
Bobby Mang 5 dager siden
Black obama.
Emile Rose
Emile Rose 5 dager siden
The way "Republicans" treated Obama exposed the fragile myth of so-called supremacy. When people really believe they are supreme, there are certain things they never do. Plotting/scheming against people based on their demographics--color, sex, age, etc.--is one of them.
PA Dem 4Trump
PA Dem 4Trump 5 dager siden
Obama and Big Mike...wholesome family persona was a facade. At times, Obama called Michelle Michael. Just Google "Obama calls Michelle Michael".
fred savage
fred savage 5 dager siden
TRUMP 2020
studfindingball 5 dager siden
The Great Reneger remains clueless, accusing Republicans of making white men victims. News flash, Barack. The $7.25/hour federal minimum wage you left at the White House makes ALL men victims, no matter the color. You clueless racist knucklehead.
Michael Rupley
Michael Rupley 5 dager siden
Obama is just showing out for these paychecks he's as corrupt as Biden...
Sebastian Cordovez
Sebastian Cordovez 5 dager siden
obama is the best president since fdr
Ron Goolsby
Ron Goolsby 5 dager siden
Obama worst and racist President we have ever seen.
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dager siden
He said “uh oh, don’t lose your mask now” lmao! Made me laugh!
Haris 5 dager siden
“A Promised Land” live up to the promise of being an inimitable pleasure trip through an unexplored path through a hidden landscape of what we call as USA. Wonderfully written, sincere and nuanced, with all Obama's selflessness and accuracy. Obama's word is straightforward, simple to understand, yet full of the fragrances of education. As an outsider, I Believe that his America is exactly what America be supposed to be and is also the America that I visualized in my mind. He is in fact one of the brightest alumni of Harvard From the Preface to 1st chapter bring out the spirit of a noble mind, genuinely caring man who wants to make an optimistic change in his life time and world we exist in. The phrases and portraits indicate who he really is as a genuine human being. As you go through the book , you can listen to Obama's voice and expression clearly. it seems he is speaking exactly to the reader with thoroughly Selected words. This book, and Michelle Obama’s book, overall are the two most inspiring volumes I have ever read out. Let us pray that upcoming Presidents have as much civility, morality, integrity and moral judgement, motivation for good! There is no wonder that it’s a no.1 Bestseller Book! It's an remarkable book. Nothing more needs to be said than this. I definitely recommend it to each and every person. and I am sure that u will not be disappointed after purchasing this incredible book. if u want to buy book online from amazon here is the link
Annoying Troll
Annoying Troll 6 dager siden
Charming, but deceitful. I don’t no why he’s not in jail or at least investigated over pizza gate.
bidenwork china
bidenwork china 6 dager siden
When a person wants to be a leader, but has no talent, they will compensate for those two things by robbing his position through cheating, compromise, succession and bribery. Joe Biden had to compromise with the dead and burn incense for them for four years if taking office.
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dager siden
My bad I shouldnt hit them with the realities
Charles 6 dager siden
people in this country standing in line at food banks and Obama's doing a book tour. how selfish & crass
Charles 5 dager siden
@Alec W no obsama is just tring to get richer while people are dying & going hungry, there's a difference
Alec W
Alec W 6 dager siden
Obama isn’t the president. Trumps playing golf, hasn’t attended a COVID task force meeting in months and refuses to acknowledge the results of the election while 260,000 people die
bidenwork china
bidenwork china 6 dager siden
you is not alone THE LINE OF PEOPLE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU . president DONALD TRUMP god bress you. we behind
Nils Petras
Nils Petras 6 dager siden
An america that is about power battles between parties and about loyalty will not get anything done. An america that opens up to reason - from within own ranks and from outside - will return to normality. Right now, from the outside, the whole atmosphere seems so toxic that one may even ask if the whole political system is broken.
Phil Sarkol
Phil Sarkol 6 dager siden
I'm from the Netherlands..following this presidential election, following the tensions that are there everywhere. I'm amazed at the extreme emotions, division, hatred between Trump-voters vs Biden-voters, between black and white..the language that is used so negative that it fuels the hatred, poisons the hearts and minds of everyone. This division can be the beginning of the end, where the US will no longer exist. Where democracy is dead, and tyrany is all that's left. But let's not fall into the negative thinking trap. Everything starts with a thought. I challenge everyone to start thinking in solutions. Stop calling each other names. It's better to use your energy on positive action by start thinking about solutions now and into this new era. Think about ChangeUS21stCenturyVision for a more humane society.
Ann-Mell Simon
Ann-Mell Simon 6 dager siden
Use to be a big fan of Barack Obama but honestly now I question so much of his actions as President. Sure he was the first ever black president but presidency shouldn't be a colour issue it should be about the positive changes you bring to a country. So... what did Obama really change for black people in America. Wake up.... being President also benefited him, how much is he making now in book sales, appearance and the like. And what really irks me more than anything is why did the Obama administration honour Henry Kissenger a known war criminal and reportedly an influencer if not orcastrator of keeping Africa down. Read the Kissenger report.
Bev's Man
Bev's Man 6 dager siden
This is one of the most corrupt sneaky presidents this country ever had. He is so full of crap.
Santiago Alex
Santiago Alex 6 dager siden
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Lisa Nancy
Lisa Nancy 6 dager siden
I'm a living testimony 😊
Ashly Dave
Ashly Dave 6 dager siden
Thanks so much Alex,for helping me especially in this hard time ☺️
Bella Angel
Bella Angel 6 dager siden
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Nick David
Nick David 6 dager siden
Awww that's awesome and huge,i will invest with anderson ASAP
Jude John
Jude John 6 dager siden
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Latricia Worrick
Latricia Worrick 6 dager siden
Will he ever stop?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 6 dager siden
If you deal with reality you wont need to be on comesy shows and award. Im sorry
non 452
non 452 6 dager siden
All he did was make a website where you buy insurance, thats it. Nothing against him but a total let down
bidenwork china
bidenwork china 6 dager siden
Obama statement is that of terrorists, fraudulent elections that catch recognition.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 6 dager siden
We all know Michael ran the white house. His entire office was a fake. Even his (wife and children). What a joke. Respect for the office? Hardly.
Breanna Patterson
Breanna Patterson 6 dager siden If you wanna help out..
Breanna Patterson
Breanna Patterson 6 dager siden
college go fund me^
A Clark
A Clark 6 dager siden
If you deal with reality you wont need to be on comesy shows and award. Im sorry
A Clark
A Clark 6 dager siden
My bad I shouldnt hit them with the realities
Hayden L
Hayden L 7 dager siden
Deep fake Obama
snow 7 dager siden
obama = conceited clown who drone strikes kids and civilians. worst president in US history
Thomas Woosley
Thomas Woosley 7 dager siden
Does he even realize the millions of Americans with the "alternative world view" as he phrased it, view him and the Democrat party as the ones with the alternate view?
Joey 7 dager siden
Yes. Here’s a link to a video about an interview with Obama (you can also just watch the interview from there) where he literally states both sides aren’t even starting with the same facts and are only getting their news from one source and that it’s not good.
Brown Suga
Brown Suga 7 dager siden
The Best President ever
Donna Zielin
Donna Zielin 7 dager siden
Obama Biden Clinton for jail
Adriana Reyes
Adriana Reyes 7 dager siden
This level of hostility is not the same as the hostility for our current president Trump. 🙄🙄🙄
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 dager siden
Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !
Mel Gallardo
Mel Gallardo 7 dager siden
I can already feel the change here in the comments' section. People are nice and compose complete sentences.
Will Don.
Will Don. 7 dager siden
Worth a look - but not for the intellectually challenged:
thedaddiii 8 dager siden
We are NOT a democracy.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 dager siden
Barack Obama called my hometown the most dangerous place in the world, see the other side of the story! Show some love!
Brenda Keagle
Brenda Keagle 8 dager siden
We all know Michael ran the white house. His entire office was a fake. Even his (wife and children). What a joke. Respect for the office? Hardly.
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