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From Portlandia, Monty Python, Robot Chicken, College Humor to Studio C I am going to react to some viral & hilarious medial sketches! A few months ago I reacted to the funniest medical sketches from Saturday Night Live, and you all asked me to react to some more clips that aren’t from SNL. I scoured NOpost for the most hilarious medical skits I could find and eventually pulled together a really strong group from Portlandia, Monty Python, Robot Chicken, College Humor, and Studio C. Outside of laughing, I managed to find opportunities to discuss appendectomies, separating conjoined twins, depression, Web MD, cancer, and Leroy Jenkins, among other things. Anything else I missed? Let me know in the comments below!
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My shocking patient encounter, starting with basic foot pain:
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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imAComboNoob 3 timer siden
ngl the veins in ur body make me uncomfortable
XPJaY 11 timer siden
5:57, people have actually programmed an AI that does that, it remembers all your medical history, what pills you can and can’t mix, every single medical problem, symptom, and what not.
Kesshami 13 timer siden
"Someone needs- ELON MUSK WE NEED YOU! SOLVE THE PAPER PROBLEM!!" - Dr. Mike 2021 Anytime I go into the doctor's that paper makes me feel like I'm not allowed to move. Why? I don't know. It just gives me that feeling. Sitting on paper feels so wrong.
VTL77 14 timer siden
How about wax paper? Should be quieter and not rip so easily, I'd say.
Jason Finley
Jason Finley 14 timer siden
I know it’s late, but in case anyone is wondering, that saw around 2:03 is used for cutting concrete. Usually they have a water source attached to the back to continually cool the blade too.
Kyra B
Kyra B Dag siden
More Studio C!!!
Noah Lester
Noah Lester Dag siden
That was a gas powered concrete saw
- ThatGreyLady -
- ThatGreyLady - Dag siden
welp gUESS I HAVE DYSTHYMIA or i have the major depressive disorder that i was diagnosed with
Meg Thompson
Meg Thompson Dag siden
I got my appendix removed last week
Tide Detergent
Tide Detergent Dag siden
in the appendix removal part, this is what exactly happened to me. was fully aware of what's happening but I kept quiet. It didn't leave me a trauma but it is really a bizarre experience.
felix Dag siden
The only CCs they need is CHEST COMPRESSIONS
R. Rodriguez
R. Rodriguez Dag siden
I can solve the paper problem. Stop with the paper. The paper is useless.
Errin Aspinall
Errin Aspinall 2 dager siden
Oh he has cancer, Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS Oh, she has tonsillitis Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS Shes having a baby! Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS
Gretchen 2 dager siden
And that's why baymax would have changed the future of medicine
Cesar Topper
Cesar Topper 2 dager siden
Si yo fuera médico, sería como ellos. 🤔
Somniix 2 dager siden
Shake the baby
ADHITH BABU 2 dager siden
Alright. Ive self diagnosed myself with dysthymia
Adam Helmen
Adam Helmen 2 dager siden
DeShawn Watson knows the way to cure EOG
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson 3 dager siden
Yo he said Amogus haha
Ben101son E
Ben101son E 3 dager siden
6.96 mill lol
Loretta _
Loretta _ 3 dager siden
Thank God we have universal healthcare where I live!😳 (Get off my lawn😅)
Lillianna Sarama
Lillianna Sarama 3 dager siden
CHeSt CoMPreSIons ChESt COmpRESioNS CheST CoMPreSiOns
Alex Mraz-Zoroja
Alex Mraz-Zoroja 3 dager siden
Alex Mraz-Zoroja
Alex Mraz-Zoroja 3 dager siden
Alex Mraz-Zoroja
Alex Mraz-Zoroja 3 dager siden
Am 9
Johndy Wick
Johndy Wick 4 dager siden
The Elon musk got me off guard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unbaseable Gamer
Unbaseable Gamer 4 dager siden
Doctor Mike: don’t get any cc Me:chest compressions is spelled CC!
FireMedicChick164 4 dager siden
Monty Python is classic!!! It’s comedy!!
Spukyon 4 dager siden
5:21 that was an amazing edit
Random User
Random User 4 dager siden
4:58 Let's not just dismiss *D.A.W.N.* here...
ビー 4 dager siden
Surprise Jake Hurwitz and Jess Ross, yay
녕안 4 dager siden
2:27 CCs for chest compressions.
HappyPositiveCherrie 4 dager siden
Lmbo xD the fact that the paper bothers u so bad youd call for elon musk lol 😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I always end up tearijg it as soon as i sit on it lmbo
travis cooper
travis cooper 4 dager siden
I need 50 cc now! (cc=cup cakes)
Amber Garcia
Amber Garcia 4 dager siden
Please do Children's Hospital next!!
Veeramalla Srinivas
Veeramalla Srinivas 4 dager siden
There is also disease called the Addison's disease that is similar to dysthymia.A disorder in which the adrenal glands don't produce enough hormones. Specifically, the adrenal glands produce insufficient amounts of the hormone cortisol and sometimes aldosterone, too. When the body is under stress (e.g. fighting an infection), this deficiency of cortisol can result in a life threatening Addisonian crisis characterised by low blood pressure
Atharva Badre
Atharva Badre 4 dager siden
What do you think of Ayurveda? It has been seen it has low to none side effects that can harm you
Gaming Overdrive
Gaming Overdrive 4 dager siden
1:19 #1 on my list of things you don’t want to hear is a surgeon saying “oops”
Gaming Overdrive
Gaming Overdrive 4 dager siden
That and a pilot saying “what does that do?”
Cat Loving Trio
Cat Loving Trio 4 dager siden
2:41 So can a knife to the kidney.
DeeBug Plays
DeeBug Plays 4 dager siden
BiG BeAR 4 dager siden
Yes...someone please...solve the examination chair paper problem...please.
Estevan Graciano
Estevan Graciano 4 dager siden
I've never heard of dysthymia until you mentioned it Dr. Mike, it kind of resonated with me...
Lana Privé
Lana Privé 4 dager siden
Do you still play WoW sometime? I started playing last expention(shadowlands)( my boyfriend kind of forsed me 🤣 but i really like it)
Game Plays
Game Plays 4 dager siden
3:03 😂😂haha
Jovan Harroo
Jovan Harroo 4 dager siden
Dr Mike really loves himself some chest compressions huh😂😂😂
Great King
Great King 5 dager siden
*Why is nobody speaking about Warcraft?*
dracopalidine 5 dager siden
The Web MD skit reminded me that I still think one of the greatest life changing inventions on Star Trek if it was real is the medical tricorder--instant and accurate diagnosis.
David Osepaishvili
David Osepaishvili 5 dager siden
If i drink alcohol or smoke j will get cancer but am only 11 and i dont smoke
No sorry
No sorry 5 dager siden
vanisha 5 dager siden
i had a dream about dr. mike staring at me and then suddenly screaming "CHEST COMPRESSIONS CHEST COMPRESSIONS CHEST COMPRESSIONS"
Samuel S
Samuel S 5 dager siden
damandamith 61
damandamith 61 5 dager siden
The of cast of studioC was amazing
damandamith 61
damandamith 61 5 dager siden
The new guys are good but I grew up.on the oldies
damandamith 61
damandamith 61 5 dager siden
Anti 1 Training
Anti 1 Training 5 dager siden
I love Studio C!
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 5 dager siden
petition for Doctor mike to create a merch saying "chest compression's" "chest compression's" "chest compression's"
Magical Narwhals
Magical Narwhals 5 dager siden
3:04 yes
Molly Parker
Molly Parker 5 dager siden
I know someone who has high blood pressure. They are 16.
Aadiseh 5 dager siden
I’ve never heard someone scream Elon musk so aggressively
RainbowStories 5 dager siden
"we need a new editor" the editor editing this video: mmhmm yeah, totally, thanks a lot guys
Maz Meyer
Maz Meyer 5 dager siden
kinda love that the saw was Pink. and ddude that "saw" joke was sick!
Maz Meyer
Maz Meyer 5 dager siden
"why is that happening right now?" Doctor: oh a little leakage me: no,No,NO OH Heck No!
William Deakin
William Deakin 6 dager siden
Man has no pulse Doctor Mike: I need 50 CC's. Everyone else: of what? Doctor Mike: I mean CHEST COMPRESSIONS
Fox Play
Fox Play 6 dager siden
The freezing knee consecutively tow because eye notably compare beneath a madly fahrenheit. undesirable, frequent tugboat
LAKSHYA MITTAL 6 dager siden
You should react to some medical scenes from Indian movies
LEOVALE500 6 dager siden
5:23 among us
Ramona Rice
Ramona Rice 6 dager siden
The melted blouse naively waste because gate nouzilly license by a confused llama. tired, legal refund
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 6 dager siden
That video from the 80's was the first segment of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
Presley Jane
Presley Jane 6 dager siden
The adult swim skit was from Robot Chicken! I.was terrified of that show just because of the intro
Presley Jane
Presley Jane 6 dager siden
I love watching your videos!!!
Iris Miller
Iris Miller 6 dager siden
"and we need to- ELON MUSK! WE NEED YOU."
RRV 6 dager siden
Your videos are always fun....shout out to Elon Musk was the best hahaha
Dakota Gue
Dakota Gue 6 dager siden
That saw is for cutting concrete
pahis1 7 dager siden
Graham Chapman of Monty Python was actually a doctor himself.
Little Shit
Little Shit 7 dager siden
DM: what would be the treatment for early on-sight Grumpiness? Joy, fun, *T H E R A P Y*
Kicking It With Kiki
Kicking It With Kiki 7 dager siden
10:47....We call upon Elon to solve the paper problems
fancy octopus
fancy octopus 7 dager siden
I did surgery on my friend but I'm concerned he didn't wake up and I had to give him 50cc of parallelograms and trapezoids he ended up code bluing and I gave him 50 more cc's of dodecahedrons. He is a vegetable now
Gemi is cooler
Gemi is cooler 7 dager siden
5:23 amongus
Kim Yous
Kim Yous 7 dager siden
Why don't they make those paper like Bounty, so it soft and quiet!.
Jack Arthur
Jack Arthur 7 dager siden
If Dr. Mike is a robot is that why he keeps making a bee-woop noise?
Lenthe Schutten
Lenthe Schutten 8 dager siden
My gallbladder got removed, I sure hope they left my ribs alone dr. Mike.. 🤣
Shades of Gray
Shades of Gray 8 dager siden
I would love for you to give a medical look at Horders
Max Gunnink
Max Gunnink 8 dager siden
Faatimah Abrahams
Faatimah Abrahams 8 dager siden
Does watching Dr.Mike count as studying for my biology exam?.... I’m going to say yes
doula mandani
doula mandani 8 dager siden
What would be the treatment for EOG? Me: puppies.
Caleb Stoneburner
Caleb Stoneburner 8 dager siden
Unintentional but still DELICIOUS - Doctor Mike
Mr jason
Mr jason 8 dager siden
Mr jason
Mr jason 8 dager siden
Wølf Påck 2
Wølf Påck 2 8 dager siden
Tina Barrientez
Tina Barrientez 9 dager siden
Anyone else immediately want to start watching Portlandia now after EOG skit? Dying
John W
John W 9 dager siden
Nurses had me help deliver my 3rd child. He was stuck in the birth canal and they were trying to push him out by hand, I was standing at bed side when the 5'4" nurse looked at my 6'3" 300LB frame, grabbed my hand positioned it on my then wife and said push. Then out popped my 2nd son.
Maria Sofia Soares
Maria Sofia Soares 9 dager siden
2:28 look at the veins in his neck, so you can see how serious this is lol 😂
meme man
meme man 9 dager siden
doctor mike was yelling at studio c's *worst doctor ever* for saying they needed cc's i mean its the *worst doctor ever* so...
Kross 9 dager siden
That's a Stone Saw btw.
Clearly Platonic
Clearly Platonic 10 dager siden
LMFAO ELON MUSK!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Ronald Rodriguez
Ronald Rodriguez 10 dager siden
I have EOG.
InLoveWithThat Panda
InLoveWithThat Panda 10 dager siden
School Nurse: ICE!!! Dr. Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!
David Englund
David Englund 10 dager siden
the treatment for early onset grumpiness would be antidepressants or amphetamines
BloodDemon 81
BloodDemon 81 10 dager siden
2:32 killed me
Emery Rumph
Emery Rumph 10 dager siden
Doctor Mike be ruining studio c for me smh
Double-Decker Buiscut
Double-Decker Buiscut 10 dager siden
I has a question for anyone who knows the answer to this. What are the benefits of becoming pescatarian? My friend is telling me all this weird stuff about it that sounds so not true, but I just wanted to check if becoming pescatarian is actually as good for you as my friend said it is.
Liezle Heath
Liezle Heath 10 dager siden
you should react to the whole entire worst doctor ever sketch
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