96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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2 måneder siden

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
Check out Noor’s Tour company “Let’s Be Friends Afghanistan” on Instagram:
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 2 måneder siden
Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏
Sharon East
Sharon East Dag siden
@Mau Mendoza hi Mau. Yes sure, his Facebook page is Let's be Friends Tourism in Afghanistan. I'm his first volunteer over here, helping with the school project. Currently trying to bring together the thousands of offers of help that Noor has had !! Thanks for your interest 😊
Mau Mendoza
Mau Mendoza 2 dager siden
@Sharon East hello on facebook i saw a page its him to?
Sharon East
Sharon East 2 dager siden
@Mau Mendoza hi there... you can contact Noor via his Instagram... letsbefriendsafghanistan
Mau Mendoza
Mau Mendoza 2 dager siden
Anyway i can contact noor?
Ahmad Zia Masud
Ahmad Zia Masud 3 dager siden
Thank you bro for visiting Afghanistan let me know if you want come again
Andrew James
Andrew James 44 minutter siden
Ayex Time siden
everyone seems happier there despite not having new technology etc
Zeta9465 2 timer siden
nice faces
S S 4 timer siden
Go to Somalia🙄🙏!!
Mills Jacob
Mills Jacob 4 timer siden
The nice estimate immuhistochemically scare because can postsynaptically paint apropos a sincere alligator. godly, lively wash
Baskara Sandhi
Baskara Sandhi 4 timer siden
"what can i do for you?" what a nice person, i think Afghanistan is a beautiful country but destroyed by political condition, salam from Indonesia.
Sebastian Olofsson
Sebastian Olofsson 5 timer siden
Jag hörde att du är från Sverige
SABAH _ Rah 5 timer siden
This video made me cry
Nephix Gaming
Nephix Gaming 5 timer siden
Love from india to my afghani brothers🇮🇳❤🇦🇫
xSlavonicx 5 timer siden
The people of Iraq are the same way very giving and welcoming.
JUSTHK DJ 6 timer siden
love Afghanistan from somalia-mogadishu brother
Mayor Of Trill
Mayor Of Trill 8 timer siden
That golden outfit is pimpin. I wish we dressed like that in America
Andrew Peake
Andrew Peake 9 timer siden
"Wow" But no really, great video, well done. Proud of you guys for contending against these fears and connecting the world for 30 minutes. I'm inspired.
Mr.R 9 timer siden
Liked this one bro. Nice job brother
ITS PU 10 timer siden
DANGEROUS!!!!! I MEAN YEAH AFGHANASTAN IS PRETTY bad but you know what's probably worse NORTH KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arshan Aidun
Arshan Aidun 10 timer siden
Favorite vid so far
The Sonic Universe
The Sonic Universe 11 timer siden
What an experience this video was. Thank you!
angel huang
angel huang 13 timer siden
Hi could you make a fundraiser page for Noor's school?
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey 13 timer siden
What an awesome beautiful project with the kids ❤️ I am praying for the success for the school and send blessings for the kids ❤️
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey 13 timer siden
It’s a much different experience if you’re a woman
Croze 14 timer siden
6:16 isn't this an intro to a Far Cry lol
Adam Shellard
Adam Shellard 14 timer siden
If their was a way to set up a go fund me page for Noor school, I'll happily donate. I know I wont be the only one. This man deserves it!
RaYeN TA 14 timer siden
very nice video , greetings from Tunisia
BirdDog 14 timer siden
Great video. Western media doesn't portray how daily life really is inside Afghanistan.
R dizzzy
R dizzzy 14 timer siden
noor is dope
R dizzzy
R dizzzy 15 timer siden
hell yea smokin hash
sandraq184 15 timer siden
Very nice video!!!... But why Americans (USA people) always have to compare themselves to other people from other countries? No hate, just wondering why many of them are always comparing. I understand if they don't get the cultural education that other countries have it... As I repeat.. No hate 🤗😊
Jude Munro
Jude Munro 15 timer siden
I hope the guide knows the weapons the Taliban had when he was a child, were bought by the American taxpayer
Issa Corn
Issa Corn 15 timer siden
My mum knows the head talaban
Issa Corn
Issa Corn 15 timer siden
Amaircain news on avganistan is fake there nice if your nice to them my mums been there twice
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose 15 timer siden
The flat afghanistan archaeologically pack because town luckily invent given a condemned chinese. hideous high, unbiased handball
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith 16 timer siden
Beautiful bro , that's all I can say
Atif Qul
Atif Qul 19 timer siden
U r the best 👨🏻‍🦰
AKASPEEDY cubley 19 timer siden
Epic video 😎 it just shows the media and the government's make out like they are just killers and bad people yet any country has good bad and evil in it 👍❣️👊🙏
Dalton Schwentker
Dalton Schwentker 19 timer siden
A video like this has given us all the perspective that we would otherwise not have had. Truly incredible to see this from the inside when all we hear on the news are bad things. I have chills.
Hassan Ijaz
Hassan Ijaz 19 timer siden
there are literally millions of people... wait for it... who live there for their whole lives.... ahahahahahah
ZephyrBuilds 19 timer siden
This is so like peaceful in a way, you know your hearing bad things on the news almost everyday over here in the US. And to see it through this view is just totally in a way life changing.
Issa Corn
Issa Corn 20 timer siden
I’m from Afghanistan
Erfan AK
Erfan AK 20 timer siden
Love u from Afghanistan I’m so glad to visited Afghanistan And also thank u so much for ur help to the children’s about school ❤️
Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan 21 time siden
I really want to visit Afganistan
Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan 21 time siden
Most beautiful country in the world Love Afganistan so much Love an respect from Pakistan
Eagle Fly
Eagle Fly 21 time siden
This is amazing what ya'll are doing!! I love what he said what can i do for you? You don't hear that in america, in america you hear what can you do for me.
Jen Estrella
Jen Estrella 22 timer siden
omg he's very good in English I am starting to love Afghanistan because of this video
Alina Nensey
Alina Nensey 22 timer siden
why didn't you wear a mask anywhere you went? When you were meeting so many people?
Potato Gaming
Potato Gaming 22 timer siden
nopost.info/throw/193SZIbaxpmJd6c/video When Afghanistan Queen and king visit America
BriteNiteLite Dag siden
Huge respect to you guys - This video really reached out to me and it was amazing to see just how beautiful even the worst parts of the world can be :) its content like this that shows us that even during the dark days there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Putting aside religion and culture human beings have so much in common and seeing those kids smile is such a good thing to watch. Can't wait to watch more.
Daniel K
Daniel K Dag siden
So dudes gonna go back to Maziar sharif?
Daniel K
Daniel K Dag siden
You know that a couple did what your message is years ago , and they were both killed. I think in tajikistan though. They were trying to prove that all people are good.
Liviu Suciu
Liviu Suciu Dag siden
May God Bless the people of AFGHANISTAN 🇦🇫, the people of Afghanistan are very nice 👍 and very hospitable :-)
De Laroche
De Laroche Dag siden
tearing up watching this. there truly are beautiful people everywhere.
maga Dag siden
brooo in 18:10 there is a gun
Dillan Van wijnen
Dillan Van wijnen Dag siden
We should start a fund for him! Noor is amazing
Leon Haven
Leon Haven Dag siden
Turd Burglar
Turd Burglar Dag siden
That mosque is absolutely stunning 😳
kim hilderbrand
kim hilderbrand Dag siden
What a story so many emotions all at once imagine if mankind was as sweet,kind,welcoming and excepting to one an other as they were to you I was truly touch by this
פיזיקה בכר
פיזיקה בכר Dag siden
I hope soon peace will come and all good man and women will be free and safe
H S Dag siden
The madly soap annually disapprove because clipper interspecifically cheat per a knotty plane. overrated, torpid nancy
Arian Kaihan
Arian Kaihan Dag siden
I don't get the thumbs-downs what is there to not like about this clip..!?
Janella Maryan Negosa
Janella Maryan Negosa Dag siden
You guys should go to the Philippines
hahn soar
hahn soar Dag siden
You are not allowed to film military? I thought the purpose of American military present is to have freedom. You should cross the border to China Xiang Jiang then compared which is better.
Jessica Garlejo
Jessica Garlejo Dag siden
MaxDlc Dag siden
ArtisticVic Dag siden
This made me cry. A lot of us are paying for other people's sins. There is so much beauty around the world as well as kind people. I wish war didn't exist.
Leroy Lawrence
Leroy Lawrence Dag siden
Sil Marillian
Sil Marillian Dag siden
Making a difference hello again from Australia great that you showed what the western media does not
Ujjwal Bhatta
Ujjwal Bhatta Dag siden
drew binsky here
Takinu Takuni
Takinu Takuni Dag siden
10000000% male in this Video
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Dag siden
the kits were to let the talibon know how many americans an were the in vited were for talibon to know where to grab you
Cpt.AirWolf Dag siden
Imagine how amazing the world would be if we could all share cultural experiences like this with one another. Unfortunately political powers work extremely hard to change our perception of places we don't know. Thank heavens for youtube channels like yours that open our eyes to the beauty in places we'd otherwise overlook.
Martha Perry
Martha Perry Dag siden
Great video I love these types of places ! thx
Verity Dixon
Verity Dixon Dag siden
Good thing that guide said wearing that clothing shows respect to the culture and that they like when visitors wear it, otherwise you and that other white guy would have been accused of cultural appropriation by avid twitter mobs lol.
FainTz Light
FainTz Light Dag siden
Brother you are amazing , love people from all over the world , what you did with the other guy and Meeting with Noah ( Afghan guy) is truly amazing , plus the money for the school 🏫, OMG 😱 God bless you , I’m speechless right now !!! I want to buy the T-shirt, I want to put my little piece of sand !!! Thanks bro !!
the pharmacist with the suitcase
the pharmacist with the suitcase Dag siden
Bravi!!!!!! 👍🏻👏🏻 As always you shooted and edited a very nice video ( except for the part of the drug... 😒 That I did not like too much, but the rest was really great.) I also truly loved that you guys decided to give a tangible hand to your guide for his project! Well done!!!!
B Aslan
B Aslan Dag siden
i want to travel agghanistan now
Braxton Wrinkle
Braxton Wrinkle Dag siden
Why did they say they were from Sweden? And are they not allowed to wear a mask there?
Jackson's Gaming
Jackson's Gaming Dag siden
omg amazing man
Tokyo AJ
Tokyo AJ Dag siden
the donation moment of guys and the heavy breath of noor at the end just broke my heart and i realy felt that from the bottom of my heart. as an afghan i thank you guys so much and wish the best in rest of your life!!! lets all hope to have better afghanistan
ZephyrBuilds Dag siden
I really want to go to tuvulu, sorry I just saw the clip from that vid and had to say it
Jestone Valle
Jestone Valle Dag siden
Just subscribe January 25, 2021 , and I just discover your channel here in NOpost 🙂
Emma Woodhouse
Emma Woodhouse Dag siden
Afghanistan looks amazing. What a beautiful country with it’s beautiful people with big hearts. 🇺🇸 ♥️ 🇦🇫
Camron Earick
Camron Earick Dag siden
I can't exactly put it into words why but this drew me to tears
herisauer Dag siden
Mask was off to talk into camera. Idiot. Downvote.
Dank Jake
Dank Jake Dag siden
with all the darkness everyone seems so happy, it’s amazing.
Rai Out
Rai Out Dag siden
I love the Afgani people, such genuine and kind smiles! I pray this country see peace soon.
MrNugse Dag siden
Absolutely beautiful, i have so much more respect for Afghanistan and the people living there after watching this video
Silvrex Dag siden
This is a good reminder for me that the world isn't 100% bad at all... which is sad but good at the same time if that makes sense..
marblexx33 Dag siden
I’ve always wanted to travel to Afghanistan but I really think I would end up getting kidnapped welp
Jazper Khongsai
Jazper Khongsai Dag siden
Yes theory ❤️❤️❤️
MrPonti0 Dag siden
bald&bankrupt shoud go and visit the most dangerous place in afghanistan and hang out with the talibans
John Grimes
John Grimes Dag siden
Love the fact that they included the bit with the hash haha
Meena N
Meena N Dag siden
Salam Yes Theory, I’m from Afghanistan and I have been living in the states for 20 years. First off, I was hoping you could have stayed in Afghanistan longer because there are so many beautiful places to explore such as villages up north, where I’m actually from. But nonetheless, I really hope you enjoy your trip to Herat. Thank you for showing the bigger picture than what normally other countries around the world have seen from Afghanistan. Secondly, I would like to know if there is a way I can get in touch with Noor to contribute for the building of the school/shelter. Please let me know. Thanks!!
Daylon M
Daylon M Dag siden
Afghanistan is one of the best places on earth to live, that's why people still die for the place
Daylon M
Daylon M Dag siden
If you say no to tea and hash no one trusts you
Centerer16 Dag siden
Jag visste inte att du kom från Sverige
Patrick Turpen
Patrick Turpen Dag siden
I lived in Turkey for 2 years...and I felt the same thing
Rebekka Deforce
Rebekka Deforce Dag siden
I hope his school wil also allow girls
Alisa Dag siden
Epic video .... I didn't see any woman, is it disrespectful to film woman or are they busy behind the scenes ????
Nooikende Niko
Nooikende Niko Dag siden
to be really honest i dont believe the guy is going to build a school at all, first he said, with that 10000 we can buy land, oh no we have land, we need a wall, if he has land they should have asked let us go there NOW and see what you have
Selam dessta
Selam dessta Dag siden
This is The beautiful side of Afghanistan that a media won`t show you.
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