Trump Coughs Through Bizarre Hannity Interview on Fox | The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy addresses Trump getting a remote health evaluation during his first on-camera interview since he was diagnosed with COVID-19.
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Trump Coughs Through Bizarre Hannity Interview on Fox | The Tonight Show

Cindy Olson
Cindy Olson 3 dager siden
Yeah this is I’ve started watching it last night and oh my goodness it is really sad what’s going on in this world and all the chaos it’s only because of Trump he lost he knows he lost but he’s denying it to himself He thinks he still one he’s delusional I have other names for him but I won’t repeat and I hope and pray that he gets what he deserves
Joshua Vaccaro
Joshua Vaccaro 4 dager siden
Fallon sucks!!!!!
curt5253 5 dager siden
anna robertson
anna robertson 5 dager siden
The only black friend, Mike Pence has, is a fly. 🇨🇦
LanierCASA 10 dager siden
Where’s the funny?
Danny Woo
Danny Woo 11 dager siden
V Ks
V Ks 12 dager siden
Jimmy dude It's not I-ran, it's Iran (Eeraan as said)..... only Barack Obama says it right......
Criss Howe
Criss Howe 18 dager siden
I have a question for Trump supporters. Why do you think everybody doesn't like him? There's got to be a reason for it, besides his personality his reputation that cetera. Just take that into consideration!
G MaK 18 dager siden
Fallon is a leftist drunkard- laugh at his rstings
Jug Ganautics
Jug Ganautics 20 dager siden
You can't dislike this video just like you can't like "conspiracy" videos. I wonder how many thumbs down it would have if tgey let them count? Most of these msm videos are the same, except when you see them with more dislikes than likes
DISTURBED .24 20 dager siden
Presidential stupidity
POL CASTRO 22 dager siden
Jimmy, you are going to talk trash about TRUMP for another 4 years, just retire yourself from comedy already...............
Ross W
Ross W 23 dager siden
Jimmy isn't funny, impressions are only funny when you don't so obviously hate the person you are roasting. This would just be awkward without the canned laughter.
Lela Arneson
Lela Arneson 23 dager siden
You are so NOT funny! And the laughter we do hear is planned and skimpy. Maybe you should try funeral home work! Your show is dead!
Waste In Ruins
Waste In Ruins 24 dager siden
America mentality is a mess, thx to the dems and their colleagues in the media
Christine Baca
Christine Baca 26 dager siden
Duuude Jimmy you look like you may be sick...
Big D
Big D 27 dager siden
The Adderral is wearing off . Biden is now our president GOODBYE LOSER GOOPS NOW KILL YOURSELVES AS TRUMP DEMANDS ! LOSERS !
Ria Deubel
Ria Deubel 27 dager siden
You are so stupid!!your show is not worth to watch..wish you wouldn't bestow low
Shawn L
Shawn L 28 dager siden
Jimmy Fallon is a Little Bitch
Debbie Bell
Debbie Bell 28 dager siden
Use to like you jimmy Now you make me puke 🤢 🤮🤑🤮
Windsaint Måned siden
Vote 🗳 vote 🗳 vote 🗳 vote 🗳 Two more days 😊
Mayor Critic
Mayor Critic Måned siden
trump is an idiot and y'all who voted for him are bigger idiots
Billy Bland
Billy Bland Måned siden
Hey BONEHEAD Jimmy.. Give you a guess why trump was coughing.... Go on have a guess.. He had symptoms of a virus.. Ye honest no fake news.. And urss what the flu virus was... Go on guess... Covid 19.. Your a clever boy Jimmy.. 👋👋👋👋
yolanda crossey
yolanda crossey Måned siden
Like trumps tiny almost non existent hands 😂😂😂😂😂
Filip Mazur
Filip Mazur Måned siden
Tiny little fish... this gets me cracking
Hera Johnson
Hera Johnson Måned siden
saints bbw ritaora keyglock help
Benoit Corbeil
Benoit Corbeil Måned siden
It's not Sean Hannity, it's Hean Sannity!
Fidel Castillo
Fidel Castillo Måned siden
odetojoy nickyjam anime juicy
Jack Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzgerald Måned siden
#hollywierd beat it @tonightshow
KESHAR RAWAL Måned siden
He sound more like Ross.
Ron Herzog
Ron Herzog Måned siden
lexus fullmovies brexit madisonbeer eastenders boomboom sgtreport
mckenzie hoover
mckenzie hoover Måned siden
rage2 predator topless frostpunk shopify hsntv straykids
timo costa
timo costa Måned siden
Thanks fox for trying to help Trump💀
Ryan Charlton
Ryan Charlton Måned siden
I'm literally crying right now from laughter!! This video might have just made my whole week! 😂😂😭
Lesley Withaney
Lesley Withaney Måned siden
Isn’t ttump the president of a country or something? Is there a job or work involved with that title? All I see him do is rally, tweet and bull$h1t on Fox. Cool job if you can get it. What a mental case.
pennington copeland
pennington copeland Måned siden
colts goku riptide
Nathan Hasenbalg
Nathan Hasenbalg Måned siden
He is just another rich dumbass
Nathan Hasenbalg
Nathan Hasenbalg Måned siden
Jimmy Fallen should grow up..
Nathan Hasenbalg
Nathan Hasenbalg Måned siden
Jimmy Fallen is a dumbass.. He knows nothing about the real world.. He is a rich bitch who loves dems.. dems will give him more money..
simony mukhiya
simony mukhiya Måned siden
superbook oreo supernatural cupsong
is that truth
is that truth Måned siden
Can't believe people laugh at this guy jimmy ,his not funny at all .
Sofia Allensworth
Sofia Allensworth Måned siden Millions of people Voted and the fact that your still on air is a miracle.
Sofia Allensworth
Sofia Allensworth Måned siden
Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. I Corinthians 13:4‭-‬7 NKJV
Karen Måned siden
Yes he did cough up a cure, jimmy. For EVERYONE including idiots like YOU
Darren Beecroft
Darren Beecroft Måned siden
Not funny
Darren Beecroft
Darren Beecroft Måned siden
This man is rubbish realise what trump is doing good we need him
Research0digo Måned siden
awww! Lookie --> 7:22
Ferne O'Neil
Ferne O'Neil Måned siden
Julie Nyunt
Julie Nyunt Måned siden
This guy Trump got some problems. Spreading virus
Apollyon Rose
Apollyon Rose Måned siden
If you hate BLM & all their lies please donate at least $1 to help change the narrative cashapp $Apollyonrose17 #alllivesmatter!
Bruh Just No
Bruh Just No Måned siden
I'm here after "watching", more like it was stopping the bullshit video from The Next News Network (or whatever that shit-hole channel was) right away and going to comments to check what kind of idiots are trumpsters and let me tell you guys....oh boy o.o.... I'm so glad this video was recommened, never clicked that fast o.o it felt like my brains actually died :)
sherry zumo
sherry zumo Måned siden
Jimmy is on house arrest
John m
John m Måned siden
Jimmy you muppet
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen Måned siden
Oh my god... 😂😂😂...Open your eyes Trump doesn't care about 220,000+ deaths The USA is chaired by an incompetent fool Vote This Liar Out 😷😷Shame On Trump😷
De Wayne Wayne
De Wayne Wayne Måned siden
Play a stupid azz game ya definitely going to win a stupid azz prize that ya definitely are not going to like! Ms. Karma doesn't have anything on her hands but time & she doesn't forget & she has no sympathy for anyone or their families so while your out doing wrong she's waiting to give it back to ya 10×'s what ya gave to someone else! 😳
ReggaeSurvivor Måned siden
man i wanna meet this guy he is awesome
Sarah Brewster
Sarah Brewster Måned siden
Oh jimmy how are your ratings? 😂
Lisa Romoser
Lisa Romoser Måned siden
Trump sounds like he is stoned.
Deb Does Readings
Deb Does Readings Måned siden
1:21 LOL
Sage Antone
Sage Antone Måned siden
Not sure why YT is recommending videos from hollywood tv pedos.
imovie.editzz Måned siden
the u.s. is so weak of a country it let a couple racists usurp the entire government
Jill Stover
Jill Stover Måned siden
Yes way! Someone please give him his MEDS
Joel Vorensky
Joel Vorensky Måned siden
Hej Fox, Newsmax, and Sky News are propaganda networks. Trump is overwhelmingly demanding from his crony Barr (Department of Justice) and investigation based upon Russian Putin’s disinformation campaign to initiate an investigation of Biden! Both John Danforth, Republican from Missouri and Ben Ginsberg chief Republican Law Attorney are reprimanding Trump for his dictatorial attitude! They claim it’s destructive to Democracy! Trump’s action is criminal! The Pied Piper effect that Trump creates is in fact destructive to our Democracy! Vote Biden and confirm your vote!
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson Måned siden
Omg, all the dumbass latenight show sheep think Trump means the fish in the ocean! That the ocean fish need the water taken from the farmers. All the ignorant comments! They don't even know what a smelt is and the water that was stolen from farmers in attempt to give habitat to a species of tiny fish What a joke. It put families in line for food. Hillarybilly stupidity. As if the moronic accepting of the Russia Hoax wasn't embarrassing enough. How's the Laptop from Hell going Jimmy
René Olguín
René Olguín Måned siden
Where do i subscribe??? where?? oh wait i already did
suresh —
suresh — Måned siden
It’s not funny , he’s actually sick STOP making this seem funny
Donna Mikolic
Donna Mikolic Måned siden
Bonjour Zere
Bonjour Zere Måned siden
Trump can put on all the facades he likes, inside, he's still a small kid.
Alicia Pepall
Alicia Pepall Måned siden
Smashed. Jimmy’s absolutely, positively, drunk here.
Louise 99
Louise 99 Måned siden
Aren't you yanks embarrassed by this? I mean..?
James Leasure
James Leasure Måned siden
Not funny at all!!!
CJ Måned siden
He high
CJ Måned siden
Choking on KFC bones...
Donald Trump for President 2020...
Donald Trump for President 2020...
Jeannette Perez
Jeannette Perez Måned siden
That was too funny
Realistic Truth
Realistic Truth Måned siden
I don't believe people still watch this Awful BS, he's the worst fake news!
Obsidian Berserker
Obsidian Berserker Måned siden
Not today Sataaann!
Alan Ross
Alan Ross Måned siden
It’s going to be hilarious when trump wins again and all those liberal tears start flowing.
Icy_ Banned
Icy_ Banned Måned siden
Petra Roch
Petra Roch Måned siden
A blazer and a hoodie... Jimmy, are you sure?
Doris Gallegos
Doris Gallegos Måned siden
Omg yall had me lsughn my ass off on how the 🍊 cheeto laughs!!!!!
heather cook
heather cook Måned siden
Maybe he sounds like a Dr Seuss rhyme?
Samantha Weps
Samantha Weps Måned siden
When my dad was senile he said people were trying to sew his legs together. He was under care. I think we're about there now.
Jay M
Jay M Måned siden
Trump is a bigger threat than the virus. He has already infected half the country with irrationality.
cfcreative Måned siden
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds Måned siden
Carol Balliett
Carol Balliett Måned siden
Mean as usual
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Måned siden
The rest of the world is either laughing their a$$es off or crying their eyeballs out over us. Most likely laughing so hard that tears are streaming down their cheeks.
Anpayini Mishra
Anpayini Mishra Måned siden
The fact that I hate Biden and democratic party .... But I seriously feel Trump has lost his mind , so the basic conclusion is that god knows what America's future will be 🙄🙄 USA has it's own style of politics 😂😂😂😂
Aim33 wonHuan988
Aim33 wonHuan988 Måned siden
What a bunch of big little boys going back and forth like over a toy 🧸 . Oh McDonald 🍟 + 🍔 + 🥤 = COVID-19 exists! Grow up already!
mantra 2607
mantra 2607 Måned siden
it really cannot get any worse than this, America
Christian Fisher
Christian Fisher Måned siden
Vice President looks 👁like a spy 🕵️‍♀️ from the Catholic Church ⛪️
terri burton
terri burton Måned siden
Dear American's. please save yourself
terri burton
terri burton Måned siden
tiny. little fish??? good grief
terri burton
terri burton Måned siden
is he insane, "i will take a test tomorrow but they. found very little virus if any". commit him
pawel rabel
pawel rabel Måned siden
news bloopers
gasfasd asdqwe
gasfasd asdqwe Måned siden
antdude bestpart badreligion morningjoe got7
Esme Lopez
Esme Lopez Måned siden
I don’t like
Sandra Bastholm
Sandra Bastholm Måned siden
Your not funny jimbo
jaime esquivel
jaime esquivel Måned siden
Hoody,? No Class what happened to the tonight show,this guy is a complete Idiot.
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