One Year of Log Cabin Building / One Man Building His Dream House

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Nik Rijavec

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#logcabin #woodworking #offgrid
It's one year since I started this journey of building my off grid log cabin, which was a dream of mine since I was a kid and last October 2018 I decided and took the courage to start with this huge build by myself. Since then I came a long way, working in every weather imaginable, seeing many amazing sunsets and overcoming every obstacle in order to have the log cabin as it is now. I documented most of my work and put all of the best moments into this 2 hour documentary. I think I have another year to completely finish the house, but I'm more than happy whit what I've done so far. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been watching and supporting my channel.
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Sarah 4 timer siden
28:38 that drip though 😏
Sarah 4 timer siden
I’m planning to do this after I graduate from college and buy land, I’m researching now and hopefully in 4 years I’ll be able to put all my knowledge to use 😅
Tim Trudeau
Tim Trudeau 11 timer siden
2x playback speed, thank me later
Eva Arnim
Eva Arnim 11 timer siden
Omg the work of love you put into the logs genius
QaaUz Dag siden
You'd love Erik Grankvist build - I saw it a few days ago - you both make a good vid with runoffs into the surrounds. He's young - looks like his roof is to go on now (in 21 I guess). Thanks for setting up vid gear and editing. We would meet govt unrealistic conditions here - sooo fkn sad. Great heart Nik - thanks for the share - it’s looking lovely at this point and your joints look superb.
Astral Drago
Astral Drago Dag siden
Now this is alpha male shit.
Andy & Lukas
Andy & Lukas Dag siden
Schönes Video 👍würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir auf meinem Kanal vorbei schaut 😊😉
YAUUN Dag siden
I like the way you are being practical about things. tractors and power tools were invented for good reasons.
MakeMania channel
MakeMania channel Dag siden
Really nice video. You were able with your shots to paint the beauty of those places. Congratulations on making your dream house come true. Greetings from Italy.
Philip Grosvenor
Philip Grosvenor Dag siden
Such a joy to watch
Sam Apple Bum
Sam Apple Bum Dag siden
I thought he was Adam Sandler
LORD JAGGER 2 dager siden
so many trees destroyed for the hyp
Flashlight005 2 dager siden
You guys should check out this guy’s work He did the same but without cheating with chainsaws, metal cables and so on. Just a small tractor to haul the trees farther away and just a small trailer for the stones. Building the traditional way.
Pennerbert 2 dager siden
every 5 minutes advertising.. sorry bro. bye.
Marcel Brokling
Marcel Brokling 2 dager siden
jemmy's Diary
jemmy's Diary 2 dager siden
Hi i want to say that you are "gwapo" and if you have a friend that single please make me "reto" 😅
hoonine 2 dager siden
He really really enjoy because no tired~
Dave DFW
Dave DFW 3 dager siden
super impressive
Or fanos K
Or fanos K 3 dager siden
How are the trees chosen to be cut down?
George Lee
George Lee 3 dager siden
You should be very proud, great work!
Vladimir Puhovoy
Vladimir Puhovoy 3 dager siden
в какой стране ты живешь?))
جاسم الدليمي
جاسم الدليمي 3 dager siden
Suuman Grover
Suuman Grover 3 dager siden
Jeff López
Jeff López 3 dager siden
OMG! Absolutly in love with him and with that. Wow...
Thomas Bale
Thomas Bale 4 dager siden
Tree :)
Elhamam Canal
Elhamam Canal 4 dager siden
Luar biasa bro 😎👍
Odie vokes
Odie vokes 4 dager siden
did you have a job while you did this? or did you completely devote your time to it
Azaaz Shah
Azaaz Shah Dag siden
Maybe this is his job since he is a NOpostr so he has all the time he wants to do this
J P 4 dager siden
Looks like a lot of hard work. Nicely done ... good for you.
Edéccio *
Edéccio * 4 dager siden
É muito bom esse tipo de documentário que mostra superação e a capacidade da engenhosidade humana.
jarrod kern
jarrod kern 4 dager siden
олег Fufel
олег Fufel 4 dager siden
one man?
joe g
joe g 4 dager siden
That is nicely done.
Process 4 dager siden
I truly enjoy your show and would enjoy it even more if you could also devote some time to planting trees. Is that possible?
Brock Scanlon
Brock Scanlon 5 dager siden
YO BEHIND YOU !!1!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1! 46:04
Brock Scanlon
Brock Scanlon 5 dager siden
ayo how the rock get dusty tho 45:30
Greenspy008 5 dager siden
1:49:55 BEAST MODE!!!
Football Dreamer
Football Dreamer 5 dager siden
There are many videos on NOpost of guys like him building in the woods an off grid cabin. I feel great about it but my only concern is they plant back the equivalent number of tree's they cut down. Respect nature or go and live in the city, if 22 million people who watch this video decided to do the same we would have no woods anymore
Football Dreamer
Football Dreamer 5 dager siden
Which country / region is this place located in?
Greenspy008 5 dager siden
11:09 NICE! 35:00 are you doing this to make the diameter of the timber consistent?
이강영 5 dager siden
I saw it well, I just admire your amazing skills and persistence.
plutian 5 dager siden
Visiting friend: I can feel a draft in here. Nik: * Looks at his millimetre precise log joining * Get out.
pat C
pat C 6 dager siden
Fair play to you, nothing but respect for this, work ethic and craftsmanship, really satisfying video. Brilliant.
Kaas kipnugget
Kaas kipnugget 6 dager siden
For this video, i'm watchin all the ads
Cynthia Mornago
Cynthia Mornago 6 dager siden
Wow, this guy is very smart, very hard work
Coralie Pearce
Coralie Pearce 6 dager siden
One of the things I noticed was I never saw him eat!
Stephen Dedalus
Stephen Dedalus 6 dager siden
Flat roof?
Pharaoh 6 dager siden
im 15 and im doing high school online and i will finish in a year or 2 and im planning on working hard for a while and saving as much money as possible when i get a job then buying a few acres in the mountains and building a house for myself and this video showed me how hard it would be to make a log cabin but im up for the challenge
Jason Danner
Jason Danner 6 dager siden
Definitely a great job, man. Cheers 🍻
Clarification 6 dager siden
my question is: is he married? if not, I volunteer as tribute!
paige lads
paige lads 9 timer siden
thg reference >>
Yibi the Hispanic
Yibi the Hispanic 5 dager siden
Eita porra
Kaas kipnugget
Kaas kipnugget 5 dager siden
Laura Kamerer
Laura Kamerer 6 dager siden
Your father/mentor should be proud of you. No one accomplishes this without a teacher!
Filip ;;
Filip ;; 6 dager siden
Yes man! .also he has infinite supply of mushroom for stroganoff. Good job.
Ro Me
Ro Me 7 dager siden
Paul Foster
Paul Foster 7 dager siden
Hats off to you mate 22 million views at a relatively small cost! Way to go Nik👍 Best way to make good use of this 2020!
บาส นคร
บาส นคร 7 dager siden
How long ?
Sainsbury's明太國 8 dager siden
use chainsow better than Jason
Joel Gattaca
Joel Gattaca 8 dager siden
i would have just dropped a trailer down. lol
Gunner Greg
Gunner Greg 8 dager siden
god damn it!!! 2 hours and 10 minutes... no roof, door, window, floor... dafuq?
Milly West
Milly West 8 dager siden
Prophecy videos
Baj Ro
Baj Ro 8 dager siden
svaka cast !
Victor Claeys
Victor Claeys 8 dager siden
What country is this?
Riley Bowman
Riley Bowman 8 dager siden
As a child I always wanted to build my own cabin and live off the land, thanks to him giving me inspiration I can now accomplish my dreams before the age of 23
Pat 8 dager siden
so many different skills needed to accomplish that. Amazing man. would have been nice to see a finished home though.
Outta10 Network
Outta10 Network 9 dager siden
Where’s part 2?
Outta10 Network
Outta10 Network 9 dager siden
I always wanted to build one but I’m disabled now so I may not be able to. Thanks for showing me how to make it. Seemed real.
illy tamazight
illy tamazight 9 dager siden
Magnifique bravo bravo
paterpan. 9 dager siden
For more nature, bushcraft & outdoor-vibes INSTAGRAM: @freeinthegreen
Evelin 78
Evelin 78 10 dager siden
Your briliant ❤
JollenTV 10 dager siden
Alone my ass hah! :D
Opal Draws
Opal Draws 11 dager siden
I would love to do this! I wanna live in the forest in a cabin or cottage, and have a nice view and stuff. I live in the suburbs and while I find it better than the city, it's just kinda boring. However there isn't a lot of forest near me as far as I know :(
David Quirk
David Quirk 11 dager siden
Wow..I'm lost for words..I take my hat of to u mate..👍
MrGlennJohnsen 11 dager siden
A+ for effort. F for work safety and planning. I'm impressed of the result, both in how it turned out and that both of you made it without suffering serious injuries ...I mean holy fuck there's at least 3 moments filmed where either one of you could've had your heads crushed...
Gerwazy Gagucki
Gerwazy Gagucki 11 dager siden
Pan to nawet piramidę egipską by sam zbudował. Greeting from Poland.
Reikon Rnot
Reikon Rnot 11 dager siden
The forest in real life
ZeropointEnergy 11 dager siden
fisa iccem
fisa iccem 11 dager siden
Which country and location is he building this? Does anybody know
ZeropointEnergy 11 dager siden
B TS 12 dager siden ✋🎶
veranahops 12 dager siden
You are AMAZING!
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 12 dager siden
one year of log only
Joe Salvati
Joe Salvati 12 dager siden
I just got 2 hours of the best therapy I’ve ever received Thank you for sharing this
John Fahey
John Fahey 13 dager siden
I did this with my Lincoln Logs when I was a kid
Merlyanti Salensehe
Merlyanti Salensehe 13 dager siden
Haji I'm Merly from Indonesia. Beautiful video i love it ❤️
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 13 dager siden
The murky stranger monthly pedal because lily neuropathologically blot excluding a broken drawer. handsome, sweltering correspondent
musica come lingua
musica come lingua 13 dager siden
good boy, good work ...he handled the husquarna like a foil :)
Bob Moon
Bob Moon 13 dager siden
Why do I never girls do anything like this??
Katelyn Hutchings
Katelyn Hutchings 14 dager siden
I don’t think he actually lived in this house. You don’t use light birch wood for stability if you want a stable house. Birch wood is too bendy and too light and can break easily. Shouldn’t have taken the bark off. I think it was just for the views
Pillow wizard
Pillow wizard 14 dager siden
Sulay PM
Sulay PM 15 dager siden
Off Wood is?
Albert Khnanisho
Albert Khnanisho 16 dager siden
HANS CHRISTIAN 16 dager siden
i hope he planted more trees after cutting them
Pillow wizard
Pillow wizard 16 dager siden
33:02 omg that crackling noise is amazing
Chevelle Leathers
Chevelle Leathers 16 dager siden
I always said whatever happened to real men .... the kind that would build a home for their families, then go out and get a job so that anything else needed, he bought home. I found him in a very young, intelligent and strong minded guy by the name of Nick Rijavec .... great job young man .... I have really enjoyed binge watching your episodes and I look forward to many more. There's not many out there like you, please be careful and keep building until you give us a fully furnished tour of your new home.
Depressed Guy
Depressed Guy 16 dager siden
11:08 that axe chuck is like a mic drop lmao
Johnathan Michaels
Johnathan Michaels 16 dager siden
Axe Throw at 11:10 just too cool.
Johnathan Michaels
Johnathan Michaels 16 dager siden
Anyone else realise this is Ben Affleck ?! Awesome video awesome task. Hope it lasts generations and you get to enrich the area with more projects and start your own forest too. Amazing
Patrick Dolan
Patrick Dolan 17 dager siden
i gave it a dislike for using the truck
viktor 17 dager siden
Лом Лом
Лом Лом 16 dager siden
Не неси чупуху
viktor 17 dager siden
Alfred 18 dager siden
Too much material,and long time
Jaonte Boyd
Jaonte Boyd 18 dager siden
where is he building
Silvursprings 18 dager siden
Magnifico! ❤️
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