Final Fantasy VII by ajneb174 in 7:48:04 - SGDQ2017 - Part 125

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Games Done Quick

3 år siden

Runner introduction at 10:53
Runner: Ajneb174
Commentators: Davesterio, J2Champ
This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:
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ajneb174 3 år siden
Thank you so much everyone for the kind words and for watching it :] about me not talking there are multiple reasons. The main one would be that I had 2 great commentators and I didn't feel like I had much to add to it, then I was also really stressed before the run and that I wanted to focus on the run as much as possible, I guess a minor reason would be that I didn't sleep much before doing this run -_-
Praxxx Måned siden
Your the friggen man Ben 👾 and this run has helped me so much I life, the whole couch was awesome but you made it possible bro!
Sean Mcdonald
Sean Mcdonald 2 måneder siden
still was an amazing run'
tom201 3 måneder siden
watched this run 3 times now - once live and on the vods twice. very very cool
Javier Marti
Javier Marti 3 måneder siden
Amazing job mate. Your menuing is mad.
PrinceJediMaster 4 måneder siden
You did a great job. I just restarted not to long ago. Watching you win with ease makes me love the game more. And trying to explain things to my kids while playing I lose my train of thought easily.
Branden Blum
Branden Blum 13 dager siden
Followed your video down to the last detail, managed to get the gold chocobo and KOTR. Thank you so much for the help.
remle ikawura
remle ikawura 14 dager siden
when this Virus Pandemic is over, I hope we can see a FF7R run with the same dudes on the couch. really love the commentary.
Mr Anomalous
Mr Anomalous 19 dager siden
The best game ever made congratulations on the speed run very impressive
Kjaamor 22 dager siden
In all my years playing this game I never questioned the fact that Tifa has been in *three* comas in her life. One. Two. Three. Never gave it a second thought. This run is brilliant on all levels.
thisislance 22 dager siden
This run is my comfort food.
Novus Grimnir
Novus Grimnir 26 dager siden
Videos like these are why NOpost needs a heart symbol alongside the 'thumbs up' which I can click multiple times. I adore this run.
Mario Strikers Donkey Kong
Mario Strikers Donkey Kong 29 dager siden
55:00 i played the game for the first time casually this year and i 100% agree. fuck this one screen in particular. it is so unclear where you need to go
Cowboyfirefly Måned siden
Still do the squats minigame every time I watch this run :D
Yuri G
Yuri G Måned siden
6:06:42 *panic*
Donut Religion
Donut Religion Måned siden
Who else thinks the thing in the Temple of the Ancients looks like Slurms McKenzie?
poisonmist13 Måned siden
I hope in the remake you can date all the party members. I want a date with Vincent. Vincent will spend the entire date having no idea it’s a date and being awkward and edgy.
Izandai 2 måneder siden
Next time this game gets run, they should get some people to readings of at least the more important cutscenes that get skipped.
Svilleson 2 måneder siden
People who think that a 7h speedrun is a veeeery long time, 7h is pretty doable with a game this great. Besides, it took me like 7h to get out of Midgar...
Ryny 3 måneder siden
Imagine making fun of Aerith for not making a jump WHILE BEING SHOT AT.
depinky 3 måneder siden
i keep coming back to this beautiful speed run!
Joe Miller
Joe Miller 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who busted out laughing the second the doctor turned around at 5:59:36?
Javier Marti
Javier Marti 3 måneder siden
Unbelievable run Enjoyed it so much
Eiraqucam 3 måneder siden
I watched this at the start of COVID lockdown and it was so great. Made me feel like I was in a room with a bunch of friends.
john king
john king 4 måneder siden
First time watching the speed run, and enjoyed it as well as learned new stuff. Not a fan of using glitches however.
Michael Noble
Michael Noble 4 måneder siden
Watching this in the background while playing though FF7 original on PS4 before I get into the remake, right now I’m 42 hours in & ust about to send Cid into space to get the huge materia, right now I’m level 82 & have mastered 42 materia. Aiming for a 100% & Platinum trophy run.
Bubba Smith
Bubba Smith 4 måneder siden
NikolitaNiko 4 måneder siden
I discovered speedrunning and GDQ for the first time earlier this year. I haven't watched a session live but have been hooked on this video. FFVII has been my favourite game since I was a kid and this speedrun is an amazing video to watch. Great gaming and an awesome commentary from the couch.
The White Recluse
The White Recluse 4 måneder siden
Ah, the Sleeping Forest. Magical gate to the Forgotten City, accessible only with a Lunar Harp or also basic flight.
Kade Cochran
Kade Cochran 4 måneder siden
I’m glad you could save crash
ADHDamian 5 måneder siden
Without question, the coolest GDQ run I have seen. Such an amazing couch, and an awesome player. Took me like a week to watch all the way through in little slices, but I'm so glad I did.
Joelseph Joelstar
Joelseph Joelstar 5 måneder siden
awooooooooooooo :( definitely the best moment of the game right there
The Weebinar
The Weebinar 5 måneder siden
For a solid hour it looked like the guy with long hair had one arm and I was convinced that he was the greatest speedruunner to ever live because he did it one handed....
Travis Lesmeister
Travis Lesmeister 5 måneder siden
it's so cool to watch this after playing Remake and watching HOURS of discussion/theory video and comparing notes of certain things that you guys are pointing out years before Remake. Super fun to look back on this, thanks Gang-O :)
politicalasylum1 6 måneder siden
My second time watching this run, only this time: It's from the midst of a global pandemic, but I am finding it comforting and it is making things feel a little less hopeless. Thank you. This game meant absolutely everything to me.
Tyler K.
Tyler K. 6 måneder siden
bruh, after 4 hours, I would be at the ship I believe
EPenguin 6 måneder siden
Lions are closer to cats than dogs genetically speaking...
Gold 6 måneder siden
6:37:54 zangan took care of tifa. Not shinra
Olan Dyurai
Olan Dyurai 6 måneder siden
This is probably my favorite commentary out of every speed run I've ever watched. I watch this every month it seems lol
Black Mark Twain
Black Mark Twain 6 måneder siden
43:20 huge mistake, that's a C sharp, not a D sharp. Apart from this, great run guys
citrus meat
citrus meat 7 måneder siden
my heart dropped when he magic breathed himself during that boss battle at fort condor. thank god nothing bad happened
Christoffer 7 måneder siden
Amazing game. Amazing run. Amazing commentary. Incredible!
Jesse J. Jones
Jesse J. Jones 7 måneder siden
cam dude
cam dude 7 måneder siden
So you can say that the life stream actually saved there life’s
Will E.
Will E. 8 måneder siden
Little Tinkers
Little Tinkers 4 måneder siden
Jason Hartley
Jason Hartley 8 måneder siden
Watching these old videos and seeing everyone also say 'Make-Oh' instead of 'Mach-Oh' like they do in the remake is so validating of my entire childhood. Glad it wasn't just me saying it that way all those years.
Mario Strikers Donkey Kong
Mario Strikers Donkey Kong 28 dager siden
make-oh sounds cooler
This ain’t It chief
This ain’t It chief 8 måneder siden
You know the person is dead when you can’t use revive magic to bring them back
Kristoffer Hjälmsson
Kristoffer Hjälmsson 8 måneder siden
8 hours well spenat
Ipwnkyle 8 måneder siden
Lol, the blonde dude on the left in the back actually did proper squats... Little too deep though, but he makes up for doing the 'missed' animation.
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 8 måneder siden
This is the best speed run ever. Commentary is amazing.
DarkE 8 måneder siden
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 8 måneder siden
Who's here after the FFVII Remake release?!?!
heddu you
heddu you 8 måneder siden
8 hours????? What if dude has to piss??
Daniel Wills
Daniel Wills 8 måneder siden
When you're rewatching this after FF7R is released and you hear the line at 1:30:14 Prophets! They knew!
Mark Smee
Mark Smee 8 måneder siden
I totally forgot about Barret's sailor suit. Can't wait to see that in remake part 2.
Chris Anders
Chris Anders 8 måneder siden
2:58:31 The guy flies away as a slapstick comedy bit from the helicopter landing. You can see the other two soldiers slide back while kneeling as if they are also struggling against the force of the wind from the helicopter's downward thrust.
Mark Vicencio
Mark Vicencio 8 måneder siden
I just found out about this gem this 2020! 2:53:00 for sadness explanation (I didn't know that)
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 8 måneder siden
Palmer got DUNKED on wow
Some Guy
Some Guy 9 måneder siden
I got 5 hours into the video before realizing the guy playing the game wasn't talking at all
FEEDS 9 måneder siden
Lol I forgot to get the cursed ring from the door so I stole it off ultima weapon. Got it on my first try. Didn't know it was hard to steal.
Josh Styles
Josh Styles 9 måneder siden
Coming back to this after having played the remake. They really fleshed out midgar a whole bunch. An hour in here they are already talking about dropping the plate. That took me almost 20 hours of casual gameplay to reach in the remake. Amazing.
no hay imaginacion para nombre
no hay imaginacion para nombre 4 måneder siden
Same, i played the remake and it took me like 10 hours to boow the second reactor and fall on the church, now i'm playing the originql and it took me less than 2 hours
Hattrick 042
Hattrick 042 9 måneder siden
Such a great run!
HEYitzED 9 måneder siden
That Zolom skip was impressive as hell.
P̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶b̶e̶a̶r̶V̶2̶ 9 måneder siden
Michael Luciano
Michael Luciano 9 måneder siden
4:02:10 Holy Clip, Batman!!!!!!!
Garr Trigger
Garr Trigger 9 måneder siden
Whatever happens to the remake at least I have this jrpg masterpiece to play through every once in a while.
HungryLuma27 9 måneder siden
Best couch I’ve ever seen
HungryLuma27 9 måneder siden
The soldiers at the beginning of FF6 were named Biggs and wedge before 7
Prime Time
Prime Time 9 måneder siden
Best couch ever!
EM 3
EM 3 9 måneder siden
Hope everyone is enjoying part 1 of the remake!!!
Whomptalosis 9 måneder siden
Please don’t butcher the remakes, Square Enix
Fireman's Gaming
Fireman's Gaming 9 måneder siden
First time i actually see a speedrun of ff7 watched the whole 8h i learned A LOT the 3 guys were awesome
SimplyStimulating 9 måneder siden
This is a extremely long game
SimplyStimulating 9 måneder siden
Holy moly
clerp 9 måneder siden
I had no idea Shera was Cid's wife, I don't remember the game saying that was the case o.O
Patrick Podeyn
Patrick Podeyn 9 måneder siden
Watching this after watching someone play the remake. and man, they have a lot of content to build for the next parts.
Killahnoobz 9 måneder siden
Them getting to Wall Market in 40 minutes... Took me about 25-30 hours to get to Wall Market in the Remake. Jeeeeeze.
James Quiggins
James Quiggins 9 måneder siden
Tseng's wound doesn't kill him. He is in AC alive and well.
Roan Wulf
Roan Wulf 9 måneder siden
No the text at the Guard Scorpion says,, "Barret, be careful! Attack while it's tails up! it's gonna counter attack with it's laser." It's all one sentence, The breaks just have ending punctuation which makes it seem like you have to attack it to prevent the counter attack, but the meaning of counter attack should've made this simple enough for any kids playing this...I know when I first got here as a kid it was pretty obvious.
Santiago Manuel Barros
Santiago Manuel Barros 9 måneder siden
i love how everyone is involved in the squatting hahaha
HolidayAtHome 9 måneder siden
Remake is out =D !!!!!! wondering how many people will see this run again now =)
kubekzpiciem 9 måneder siden
I said it before and I'll say it again, couch and player make the run - one of the best if not THE BEST run in agdq history
Luliby 9 måneder siden
This is an awesome run and the couch here is one of the best. HOWEVER, I must correct you on Cid and Shera's relationship. She is not his wife. They say so in the game where Cloud asks Cid about his "wife" while they're all chilling on his plane in the ocean and he basically says that she's not his wife and that he'd hate to marry her (isn't Cid great? :P). You can tell from their relationship shown in the game too. She never calls him her "husband" or her "love" or anything like that, she just calls him the "captain". His "I'm the boss" attitude combined with his bitterness over the junk the Shinra have caused him shows how she is his assistant who works with him. Also, quick story time, the first time I played this, when I faced the Carry Armor, I actually got the unlucky double Lapis Laser and died right at the start. I thought that I was going too fast and was underleveled or something, so I trained and gained a whole chunk of them. When I fought it again, I realized that I must have gotten some bad luck and was now set for most of the end of the story. Yeah. Sweet.
01of10 9 måneder siden
Wtching this on April 4th, just before the remake release. Sweet memories.
Shinji D
Shinji D 9 måneder siden
Rewatching this and playing the remake cause there were so many details that i forgot. Couldnt even remember that jessie had a crush on cloud
Dreadnaught614 9 måneder siden
This was a great playthrough!
alison zzz
alison zzz 10 måneder siden
just finished ff7 for the first time like ten minutes ago! it’s been such a ride... took me three months to finish but gosh i’m still reeling from it. amazing run btw! it’s a bit old now but i honestly think this is one of the best GDQ runs out there. looking forward to playing ff8 now :)
Dubbz 1
Dubbz 1 10 måneder siden
Good RNG in a GDQ run? No way!
FrostGiant 10 måneder siden
I was always wondering why they didn't make an animation of this game. scene for scene!! Not advent children
Lawson Mjurno
Lawson Mjurno 10 måneder siden
You finished in 7 hours what took me 200+
Methalec 10 måneder siden
For the Shinra Stair Case... It's 106 stairs...! :O 2 stairs per floor. They actually put in 58 stories. Impressive!
Austin Rhoades
Austin Rhoades 10 måneder siden
can anyone elaborate on the step count mechanic?
UnlimitedMoon 10 måneder siden
Why is this run described as "no slots"?
Sean Frohman
Sean Frohman 10 måneder siden
At one point just after 6:53:01 he explains materia, almost saying that you can't have more than two basically, which is untrue, when you master a materia, a new one is born. 20+ Master Materia are possible easy.
BLACKDISC 10 måneder siden
2:21:40 i had no idea wow
Juan Vargas
Juan Vargas 10 måneder siden
Man you guys really got me at 6:06:38 lol I thought it was rip the run
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson 11 måneder siden
Playing this game to refresh my memory before the remake comes out in April and using this speedrun for some helpful tips.
myrs4 11 måneder siden
1:04:07 Don Corneo's mansion doormat (好色男) means lecher/womanizer/pervert. 1:07:11 The kanji on the paper lantern (古留根尾) when broken up, individually reads ko-ru-ne-o which is Don Corneo's official japansese name (sans the Don) in the game: コルネオ
moonlight293 11 måneder siden
Incredible speed run - well done!
teflon don
teflon don 11 måneder siden
Thanks. Used this whenever I got lost in my playthrough. Helped me a few times .
Stealing Fire
Stealing Fire 11 måneder siden
4:32:35 Man, good thing Cloud gets such good reception on his cell phone.
Aurongroove 11 måneder siden
I imagine if you HD'd Scarlet's fighting technique, she would basically be Anna Williams from Tekken.
Andy Borne
Andy Borne 11 måneder siden
1:45:49 Beefaroni “...animal? That's terrible! COOLRANCH is a human being!”
slayerment År siden
Great gameplay and great commentary. You guys nailed it. My favorite game!
thisislance År siden
This is my favorite run of all time. Amazing work by the runner on my favorite game, and by far my favorite couch commentary. Everything just "clicked" and I'm sad that it may never be topped in quality.
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