Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL Spiderman's Next Villain?

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Spider-Man: Far From Home held its own against the post-Endgame fan expectations, partially because of its solid villain - Mysterio. This super charlatan turned Peter Parker's life on its head and possibly set the stage for a BIG reveal in Spider-Man 3! You see, when I went to see the movie I started noticing some clues and I think I've figured out who the next big bad (or big BADS) are going to be!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Screen Rant
Screen Rant År siden
Ripping off Pitch Meetings is TIGHT!
WhosTae 4 dager siden
Retro GTRX
Retro GTRX 11 dager siden
500th comment
Atom smasher
Atom smasher 12 dager siden
Haha lol btw 500 th reply
SpiderTiger 13 dager siden
a year later but i'm upset that people associate pitch meetings with screen rant because it's on their channel when it's made by ryan george who deserves the credit way more. maybe i'm just upset because the rest of screen rants content SUCKS
Unofficial Scholar
Unofficial Scholar 17 dager siden
Idk why but last comment.
Flash The Hedgehog
Flash The Hedgehog 22 minutter siden
u know thhey can just change oscorp to thompsoncorp
Rudolf Time siden
Nah man, the Vulture being in would just need MJ dying.
Honnjyx VII
Honnjyx VII 2 timer siden
No Hydroman? Yes the elementals were faked, but we know Morris Bench exists in the movies.
s sc
s sc 4 timer siden
Who’s here after they announced Jamie Foxx as electro as the next villain 👍
Matthew Partlow
Matthew Partlow 5 timer siden
I would change Chameleon to doc oc. It would be a good buildup in spiderman 3, then sinister six in spiderman 4. Chameleon is just not that well known
Is_Train 5 timer siden
What if, since matpat keeps bringing up subverting expectations, what if we got green goblin from the ultimate comics( aka the giant beast of a creature that killed peter in the ultimate comics)
Cardboard Mehmehmo
Cardboard Mehmehmo 7 timer siden
I think Spider-Man 3 will get villains from the multiverse. Villains like Doc Oc, Green Goblin, and Electro have been in the other 2 Spider-Man movie series and could appear in the next Spider-Man movie along with Tobey Maguire and that other Spider-Man from the other movie series. Mysterio did hint at a multiverse in Far From Home, too.
Aditya Mendiratta
Aditya Mendiratta 12 timer siden
So many of your theories are very similar to scb
Kaos Keyaan
Kaos Keyaan 13 timer siden
What if flash becomes agent venom and is the one that saves spidey from being killed by the sinister 6
Biggest LEGO fan ever
Biggest LEGO fan ever 15 timer siden
I think vulture will die protecting Spider-man
CountRising MoonStar
CountRising MoonStar 19 timer siden
I’m sorry, NO DOC OC?????
Landon Corley
Landon Corley 20 timer siden
Like spider man into the spider verse or they might even use true sinster 66 but that’s not likely we might see venom because he has his own movie so we are most likely getting venom
Landon Corley
Landon Corley 20 timer siden
I have a crazy prediction ok so maybe they are trying to reboot so many spider man movies to fit all sinster 6 or 12
Se4gulll 21 time siden
the tinkerer in homecoming is so much different to the one in the new game lol
Kenneth Salazar
Kenneth Salazar 22 timer siden
me waiting for you to say HOME LESS
infinite logic
infinite logic Dag siden
I don't think flash would be the green goblin for the fact is no matter how you look at it and you hear the Green goblins name you instantly think of Norman Osborn and when you think of flash you instantly think of agent venom which is probably not going to be in the mcu cuz of the venom movie but still
Kyle Maddox Arcadio
Kyle Maddox Arcadio Dag siden
What's funny is he doesn't know that they introduce Aaron Davis before he says he has a nephew. They make an Easter egg in the weapons deal. When the old shocker says they have anti-gravity climbers and Donald Glovers Aaron Davis gets interested. So Marvel was hinting that it was The Prowler before the interrogation scene. And BTW I don't think flash is adopted. I think flash doesn't need to be an Osborn to be green goblin. Here is an example. MJ used to stand for Mary Jane. Now it stands for Michelle Jones. So maybe Marvel could be changing Green goblins true Identity too. Maybe the Thompsons are the osborns of the MCU. Thats my theory
Rev Wroth
Rev Wroth Dag siden
Wait, everyone who disintegrated in Infinity War is back? What did I miss?
Lefty Dag siden
I think Venom or place vulture but I also think vulture will just come in at the end save Spider Man's life
Lukebluecat Dag siden
no homesick
The Skit MASTER Dag siden
I have a theory for flash in the comics in marvel flash once had the venom symbiote so maybe flash may be venom and in Spiderman venom is obviously the villan so maybe venom might be in there
Ramadoor Dag siden
I think the intro is just a parody of Ryan George
Victor Brt
Victor Brt Dag siden
Get away old theorist the theory boy has an incredibile theory: In the third Spiderman movie, Home of Sinistet 6, maybe flash will betray his dad joins Vulture's rebelian and almost at the end he will burn his dad like shocker was shocked(got it? Shocker shocked?🤣)
Record Friction
Record Friction 2 dager siden
Inb4 Ned becomes Hobgoblin
Swiss Cheesus
Swiss Cheesus 2 dager siden
if vulture is gonna be a good guy then who would the 6th member be
Saba Khan
Saba Khan 2 dager siden
Amaré 2 dager siden
Dr oct is in spider man into the spider verse btw
Logic Guy
Logic Guy 3 dager siden
I think we should do a multi-verse spider-man movie called "Spiderman: Homies!"
Rnex 3 dager siden
Well they did that in spiderverse
Lolo Cruz
Lolo Cruz 3 dager siden
So we are just not gonna talk about how they confirmed that electro is going to be in Spider-Man 3
Joaquin Flor Andan
Joaquin Flor Andan 3 dager siden
How about "Spiderman Stay at Home" bc yknow....... everyone knows he is spiderman now and he needs to stay home bc people yknow......... like fan stuff or somethin..... 😂😂😂
Shady Studio
Shady Studio 3 dager siden
How about: Spider-man SoneyRuinsEveryoneLives
FootsNotFeet 3 dager siden
Wow the Prowler and the Tinkerer hmmmmmm sounds familiar
yo Maaz
yo Maaz 3 dager siden
It doesn’t make sense flash said that he loves Spider-Man
Luis-Cruz Rocks
Luis-Cruz Rocks 3 dager siden
Just to say you could be right about flash they just trying trick us
Jetjk7 Games
Jetjk7 Games 3 dager siden
Also we have seen to many goblins and all of them are pretty trash the first was good the second was trash the third was meh
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman 4 dager siden
You’re definitely right about the first 5, but I think Venom is gonna be there and not Jackal. It’s possible that Venom will somehow get to the MCU and fight spider man
Aiden Dodge
Aiden Dodge 4 dager siden
I give you Agent carnage do u know who it is an anti hero who identity will be okay hear me out ... is Ned leens
Aiden Dodge
Aiden Dodge 4 dager siden
About vulture protecting Spider-Man I agree but what if marvel changes things up and brings up a new villain that hasn’t been in any comics and marvel could profit off symbiote Spider-Man so he might not be the green goblin but they are defiantly setting the goblin up but also setting up I believe agent venom .. but agent venom is a hero pretty much which leaves the goblin but if vulture is against one other spot wich is an entirely new avengers threat villain that’s only after Spider-Man sun dun DUN ... plot Twist
Aiden Dodge
Aiden Dodge 4 dager siden
So many guys uh oh what’s this an even more shock the demonic-18
Aiden Dodge
Aiden Dodge 4 dager siden
4/6 mysterious could still be Alive he’s a trickster
giona elya
giona elya 4 dager siden
just saying docter octopus is the leader of the sinister six
Alan Padilla Campoy
Alan Padilla Campoy 4 dager siden
14:21 I could have sworn he said "The sinister six needs its new lead singer, its headliner we need ourselves either GAGA or more likely the green goblin." If it weren't for CC I wouldn't have gotten it.
Maul 4 dager siden
You also got electro thats going to be played jamie fox again
Anika Faiza
Anika Faiza 4 dager siden
I loved that he goes like "Peter and the rest of his friends were just erased for 3 years from thanos's snap WOOPSEEE"
The Guilded Ring
The Guilded Ring 5 dager siden
I can see the prowler being in the 6 if this theory is true due to spider-verse
Alister Snow
Alister Snow 5 dager siden
Who is here after John cena kinda confirmed that he will play sandman
Duds Pops
Duds Pops 5 dager siden
Who is here a year later when the thinkerer is confirmed to be in the movie?
MagmaGamer21 5 dager siden
18:59 wat is dat
XxRebel LightningxX
XxRebel LightningxX 5 dager siden
Next thing you know Mat Pat is gonna have a comment from Marvel asking him to take this theory down XD But it's been a year so I think we're good
XxRebel LightningxX
XxRebel LightningxX 5 dager siden
14:28 I was so excited when you mentioned them i was like "YESS!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!" XD No but seriously I was getting some real anxiety when you haven't mentioned the Green Goblin or Doc Oct XD
carealoo744 5 dager siden
"These guys have had more reboots than the Spiderman movies have." # of Spiderman reboots- 2
carealoo744 5 dager siden
You dont need to be married to cheat on someone
aleqsandre yuloshvili
aleqsandre yuloshvili 5 dager siden
mat pat dimitri is a popular name in russia so it may be just a normal russian character
MARQUIS WHITE 5 dager siden
How about spider man stuck at home.
Wilhelm Ramirez
Wilhelm Ramirez 5 dager siden
The film theorist and game theorist
Zeno sama
Zeno sama 5 dager siden
In the end of far from home we can see a ester egg for agentes of shiled Progect Tahiti
swornim Shrestha
swornim Shrestha 5 dager siden
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez 5 dager siden
"Jamie Foxx is also returning as Electro"
WILLIAM ANDERZON 6 dager siden
Marvel movies 50 years later
S- HOST 6 dager siden
Alexander Ledesma
Alexander Ledesma 6 dager siden
Ummmm mat pat you do know Flash Thompson is also venom right
Occoris Natividad
Occoris Natividad 6 dager siden
0:10 Dude ngl he looks like Beast from the X-Men.
Mauro Quinones
Mauro Quinones 6 dager siden
Wtf is the start of the video.
chiku saxena
chiku saxena 6 dager siden
Why don't you make. Game Theory
Maegan Newmon
Maegan Newmon 6 dager siden
Just dropped an insane video on Will Hartzell, you might know him as LeBarn James from TikTok! This dude has an incredible story, if you want to watch something dope today, check it out >>
NONIS_ GAMING 7 dager siden
No No i got a point its me and the bois
Juan Ignacio Echeverri
Juan Ignacio Echeverri 7 dager siden
Boo Brotha!
Boo Brotha! 7 dager siden
You know what's really bad? The fact that Spiderman new generation films aren't on any of the top platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and EVEN DISNEY PLUS. That's right, Disney Plus and Marvel do not fundamentally think Spiderman the next generation films are remotely Marvel Related. It's the same with Harry Potter. I CAN'T FIND HARRY POTTER ANYWHERE ON THE VARIOUS TOP PLATFORMS. And I coulda sworn Harry Potter was disney related. ANYWAAAAY, big butthurt I can not find spiderman homecoming or far from home on marvel disney plus.
Boo Brotha!
Boo Brotha! 7 dager siden
@Donovan Johnson but it's still marvel. Marvel made it. And so, why can't marvel obtain it. Its like everything else cool that Sony owns. Its proper place in the universe is no longer proper. Lmao its nerve recking.
Donovan Johnson
Donovan Johnson 7 dager siden
Sony owns him
Bored Cookiemonster
Bored Cookiemonster 7 dager siden
Wasn’t flash venom in one story line so he could end up becoming venom to try and gain his parents approval? Or just trying to gain Spider-Man’s approval? But I don’t know if venom is one of the sinister six...
Appleby Kids
Appleby Kids 7 dager siden
doc oc is going to replace vulture
Tanner Freeman
Tanner Freeman 7 dager siden
Next villain will be a shocker
Michelle gable
Michelle gable 7 dager siden
I hope he realizes that quite a few of the six gangs was run by octavius
SAJI KJ 7 dager siden
I don't think vulture could be part of sinister six and probably kraven the hunter could be in the team and now on the recent report we have electro to appear in spider-man 3 so he could probably join the team in place of chameleon. Kraven the hunter could probably lose in spider-man 3 and take his revenge on spider-man by joining the sinister six. I think spider-man 3 will introduce electro, kraven the hunter and osborn , and all these things could be a set up for spider-man 4 were we get the sinister six
Denim The gacha tuber
Denim The gacha tuber 8 dager siden
hey Matt I watch stranger things today and when I watch the end there a villain called mordo he one of the villains in Sinister 6 so is he gonna be in spider man or you don't know who mordo is the Karl mordo
Maxwell Black
Maxwell Black 8 dager siden
Me who’s just waiting for flash to become agent venom and join the guardians of the galaxy
Logan Boyd
Logan Boyd 8 dager siden
I havent watched it yet nor seen confirmation on who the villains are gonna be but my guess is Vulture, Doc Oc, Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, and I have no idea who the 6th could be but maybe lizard or shocker since he was shown before
gabriel wallace
gabriel wallace 8 dager siden
but isent prowler not a bad guy?
Shady Studio
Shady Studio 3 dager siden
Prowler is a villain especially in the Ultimate Spiderman
Majid Hassan
Majid Hassan 8 dager siden
Oh yea the prowler is not a big supervillan smh
samex _
samex _ 8 dager siden
I would like dr. Octopus to be in sinister6
Y did i shit myself
Y did i shit myself 8 dager siden
This is what i hope: in Spiderman 3, peter will meet miles morales, they are going to be friends and miles becomes the second Spiderman, because maybe Sony wants the succes of Spiderman into the spiderverse, so they will fight the sinister six, peter dies, and miles will fight them in the movie or in Spiderman 4
Victor Pacheco
Victor Pacheco 8 dager siden
11:07 a "batman × spiderman" combination would be GREAT for comic book history
Shaunne Rey Daciego
Shaunne Rey Daciego 8 dager siden
lmao tinkerer was supposed to be a girl right? well nvm about that it was in the video games so yeah
PandaPlayz 8 dager siden
I believe Venom was confirmed for the next Spider-Man
Brandyt890 8 dager siden
You're not wrong, there are so many versions of Spiderman.
Wolf XE
Wolf XE 9 dager siden
I think the movie will go something like this: movie starts
Wolf XE
Wolf XE 9 dager siden
Then the build up for the villains then the fight vulture realizes he is doing the wrong he goes to Spider-Man’s team he makes a sacrifice spider man winns he is at the grave movie ends end credit scene is probably gonna have doctor strange and lay out what’s next
Spearmint 69
Spearmint 69 9 dager siden
I just really want to see rhino and doc oc. Spider-Man ps4 gave me a little chub.
BasketballKnowledgeExtreme 9 dager siden
do ferris bueller BUT DONT DISS IT
Harry 9 dager siden
(cough) (cough) ned
Joseph Biddle
Joseph Biddle 9 dager siden
Who else thinks that Marvel, DC, or SOMEONE needs to hire MatPat as a consultant?
Kirito Killz
Kirito Killz 9 dager siden
Maybe they will make a movie that selects the six, then another one that will show the showdown between Spider man and the six
Dhinboys Gaming
Dhinboys Gaming 9 dager siden
who want spider man into the spider verse 2
blackflex 2
blackflex 2 10 dager siden
He is definitely ripping off Pitch meetings and it is nowhere near as good this is my first time seeing this video and it is definitely going to be my last
Shady Studio
Shady Studio 3 dager siden
There is a difference between stealing a video and using an idea from someone else
Amanda Shortsle
Amanda Shortsle 10 dager siden
What if his 1st name is Thompson? That far into the year even the teachers would know he goes by flash. What if his real name the name his parents (and their employees) are the only ones that use his real name.
Noah Bauman
Noah Bauman 10 dager siden
Wow he got it right!nice one lol
The Lion
The Lion 10 dager siden
Marvel is now upset that this theorist is completely right. They have to change the movie now!
Gabriel pastore
Gabriel pastore 10 dager siden
You are meaning to tell me doc ock will NOT be in the sinister six?
Koen de Graaf
Koen de Graaf 10 dager siden
David Chalmers
David Chalmers 10 dager siden
Whoopsie daisy. Looks like the Six is about to become a bit.... Sparkier.
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