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Leonhart 2 måneder siden
*Thanks for 1,000,000 subscribers!*
Seth Brooks
Seth Brooks 9 dager siden
u will never seksed
catriona roberts
catriona roberts 9 dager siden
great job!!!!
K Kishore
K Kishore 18 dager siden
ryan joachim
ryan joachim 19 dager siden
I found 1995 binder of collection Pokémon cards including charizard how can I see there worth or sell them
MxInstelar 22 dager siden
Yes sirrrrr
Vishw Gotmare
Vishw Gotmare 2 dager siden
from where you get the first edition packed
Joseph Adkins
Joseph Adkins 2 dager siden
How was the holo snorlax only worth 35? I thought jungle snorlax's holo were worth thousands?
Willy_ Boi
Willy_ Boi 3 dager siden
Don’t get me wrong this guy makes great content but I’m subscribed because he is such a good person
Ricardo Medina
Ricardo Medina 3 dager siden
Better buy these cards instead of lottery. 😅😅
Victor Andrade
Victor Andrade 6 dager siden
What tripod do you use??
Gohan Mohmed
Gohan Mohmed 8 dager siden
You can visit our store now: www.redbubble.com/people/WinCool/shop?asc=u
Kathrin Jenner
Kathrin Jenner 8 dager siden
That lick killed me😂😂
Rob6795 8 dager siden
10:10 card are false
Kyle Wiegand
Kyle Wiegand 8 dager siden
Epic video Leonhart! Absolutely epic!
ShatteredKnight 8 dager siden
Wait so if there’s a gray 1sr edition it’s even rarer? Cause if so I might have accidentally cut a Pokémon card with that gray stamp :p.
Canadianbacon 8
Canadianbacon 8 9 dager siden
He starts opening them at 8:10
chris taylor
chris taylor 9 dager siden
Coming back to the game because of you.
Mark van der Linden
Mark van der Linden 9 dager siden
I have it
Kevin Beaudoin
Kevin Beaudoin 9 dager siden
Looking for advice on a collection I'm trying to sell. Anything from you would be awesome! Thanks! Kevin
Jason dyna
Jason dyna 9 dager siden
Why the drawn out beginning? Just pull them out and open them. End video.
Romeotje 9 dager siden
@Jason dyna I disagree with your comment. But your reply to your own comment was kinda funny, so I have to give you that.
Jason dyna
Jason dyna 9 dager siden
We have the same name btw 😏
Jason dyna
Jason dyna 9 dager siden
I said the same thing 😊
Jason dyna
Jason dyna 9 dager siden
Good call jason
Jose luis Placeres
Jose luis Placeres 9 dager siden
Bruh just bruh
The Sub
The Sub 10 dager siden
What was going on at 21:12
Jack Jasper
Jack Jasper 10 dager siden
7:58 ok
Armani McKoy
Armani McKoy 10 dager siden
It’s crazy how big your nose is. And it sits right in the middle of your face 🤧
Nathan 10 dager siden
Wow he easily made back on his 10k investment and massive profit with just a few cards. Thats crazy. Congratulations on your subs man
Daryl Bays
Daryl Bays 10 dager siden
Ok stop before you have a hart attack I wish people get excited about church like this
Daryl Bays
Daryl Bays 10 dager siden
No way your voice is getting annoying stop screaming it ain't that exciting I like Pokemon too but dang
3s kklg
3s kklg 11 dager siden
Bruh what a virgin
Callum Branch
Callum Branch 11 dager siden
Subbed legend
Bhangra Gamer
Bhangra Gamer 11 dager siden
8:00 that's when the card opening actually starts 👍
BoD R-Dub
BoD R-Dub 11 dager siden
Hey I pulled possibly a psa 10 reverse holo charizard from evolutions...can you review 2 pictures and what you think it's worth
Zachary White
Zachary White 11 dager siden
he opens up the first pack at 15:05
Nyne1x 12 dager siden
Whered u get the booster pack from
Imagika 12 dager siden
Congratulations 🎉
Anony Mous
Anony Mous 12 dager siden
You're entirely too old to be getting that excited about something this dumb.
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 12 dager siden
Hi I have been waiting for pics and info on the last email you sent to my email and password for my computer p
Dan Pierce
Dan Pierce 12 dager siden
When he said chansey i remember i used that card to makr motorcycle sounds on my bike and I cant belive I was that dumb
Caiden Cox
Caiden Cox 12 dager siden
Pog champing
Elite The Top Hat
Elite The Top Hat 12 dager siden
Someone please respond how much is a charmander 2016 go for because I have one and I'm see people sell it for like 3 dollars up to 50 and then I see other selling it 100 up to 1000
jadeshay1 13 dager siden
So wholesome!!!! This is making me really nostalgic and I'm so happy you got such a great card!
giorgi games
giorgi games 14 dager siden
hey leon , what up m8? can i ask something about pokemon cards? old pokemon cards on medium + condition if yes tell me and i will show u about witch ccards i am alking about
James Angeles
James Angeles 14 dager siden
I remember drawing on my 1st edition squirtle when I was a kid. The regret is killing me
Brandon McGillis
Brandon McGillis 14 dager siden
Pulled a blastoise after hockey practice when I was 6 , it was the best feeling I’ve ever had when pulling a card , I never pulled a charizard but blastoise was my favourite card none the less
Brandon McGillis
Brandon McGillis 14 dager siden
This is my definition of a real influencer !
Gravity Chamber Openings
Gravity Chamber Openings 14 dager siden
That would be hard to have those packs and not open them until now.
evan delgado
evan delgado 14 dager siden
Don't really comment much on NOpost but your a cool dude,very much respect what your doing here.
toxic Yt
toxic Yt 14 dager siden
Bro I want that rainbow char
GunnarView 14 dager siden
Omg you got a first edition blastoise!!!!!! That's my dream card And a first edition squirtle that's a card I really want ur lucky
x6lex 15 dager siden
it looks like he has a hole on his throat
Chad Pack
Chad Pack 15 dager siden
A little late but congrats on 1m
Jimmy92swe 15 dager siden
Congrats!! Awesome videos, love the reactions
GHOUL Unlimited
GHOUL Unlimited 16 dager siden
Ive havent been seens day 1 but my cousin told me about these channel and ngl best thing ive seen ill be here until the long run. Hope to see the 2 million celebration soon 😊
Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers 16 dager siden
Does doing this pay more tha being a lawyer # ???
Liam Ohare
Liam Ohare 17 dager siden
Kakuna length length misprint
godzilla 17 dager siden
Does he reply to fans 🤔??
Nerdy Hillbilly
Nerdy Hillbilly 17 dager siden
blation dragons
blation dragons 17 dager siden
My name is Blaine, but its spelled blayne lol
Aric Justice
Aric Justice 17 dager siden
I love the sheer emotion and passion in this video so I'm going to tell a brief story about my misadventures with Pokémon card growing up that'll make your hearts hurt. When I was 4-5 years old Pokémon was still new and at it's height which meant all the kids in our neighborhood had a ton of all the commons and uncommons and so on. Being destructive children it got to the point where we wondered what we could do with those excess commons. One day, a kid discovered that if you get the front of a card just wet enough you can get it to peel off then dry onto skin like an awful temporary tattoo. Looking back, I realized we did this with either a base set or base set 2 squirtle amongst other cards. We were monsters.
LifeHealer ZR
LifeHealer ZR 9 dager siden
Sad bro
theoverlordification 17 dager siden
Charizard is basically his shrek daddy
Ornella Konstandis
Ornella Konstandis 17 dager siden
Will Pokémon cards hold their value going forward ?
Seronin Aran
Seronin Aran 18 dager siden
I can't think of anyone more degenerate than him. Look at him- a grown ass man in a little girl's room getting excited about shiny pieces of cardboard. *sigh*
eleetmatt 18 dager siden
Your reaction to that blastoise, even though you have probably every card imaginable, is just so wholesome and very representative of how it feels to pull a great card. Love your channel. Been getting back into pokemon lately, since I collected and played in tourneys as a teenager. Lost my entire collection in a storage unit my mom couldn't make the payment on. Had 160 something holos, whole base set, jungle and fossil sets, most of rocket and gym sets. I love the nostalgia I get from watching other people open packs, especially vintage packs, but I cant afford to keep up with the good sets with really valuable cards. All these resellers hiking up the price just makes it difficult to collect. Feelsbadman
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 18 dager siden
Leonhart, I love your display shelves in the back where did you get them?
SlaveOfLunacy 19 dager siden
I still have my holographic Charizard and Blastoise cards but not sure what they could be worth since they're not first edition.
Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts 19 dager siden
*Why does this have more views than subs* *Not everyone watching has subbed...*
Samuel S
Samuel S 19 dager siden
Noticed that last Kakuna from the last pack had “length” twice with no “weight” text.
Anunnaki III
Anunnaki III 19 dager siden
This makes me sad, I sold my WHOLE shiny pokemon 1st editions for £30 on eBay 5 years ago...
CeejaySzn 17 dager siden
CeejaySzn 17 dager siden
Lmao that made me laught sorry
CVL 19 dager siden
Iv just dropped a old 1st edition Pokemon collection video people. If you wouldn’t mind giving it a watch I’d really appreciate it, love
Martin Krums
Martin Krums 19 dager siden
How do i find 1st edition cards? Speciel website?
ryan joachim
ryan joachim 19 dager siden
I have I binder of 1999 Pokémon cards in my moms basement I came across charizard and more amazing cards can u tell me how I can sell them get some money from them?
CarBroKnight 19 dager siden
21:12 lick
CarBroKnight 19 dager siden
DGL 20 dager siden
You hyped me up and didn't dissapoint
Ailin Petre
Ailin Petre 20 dager siden
Legend. Subscribed at 200,000
Fortnite Fun
Fortnite Fun 20 dager siden
I would trade my whole binder for that card......l
Haider Virk
Haider Virk 20 dager siden
5 mins was a intro lmao that’s long
JackBoy 21 dag siden
I am glad I found this channel or else I would be watching cringe 2 year old ali a Pokémon go videos 😂
Simon Van Liew
Simon Van Liew 21 dag siden
E reader cards are so shit
gaara kazekage
gaara kazekage 21 dag siden
I have 1st edision charizard
JackBoy 9 dager siden
@gaara kazekage that is very cool
gaara kazekage
gaara kazekage 9 dager siden
My father is a collector
gaara kazekage
gaara kazekage 9 dager siden
I have
LifeHealer ZR
LifeHealer ZR 9 dager siden
No you don’t okay
JackBoy 21 dag siden
Really? Holographic?
Ferdy van Os
Ferdy van Os 21 dag siden
Michał Belka
Michał Belka 22 dager siden
Fisch scale, I can see it :>
Slowsti05 22 dager siden
Legit question.. does anyone know who grades beanie babies? If anyone?
hiep nguyen
hiep nguyen 23 dager siden
bro u just hit 3 holos in a row. god mode
Joey Norberg
Joey Norberg 23 dager siden
Leonhart, I would do anything if you sent me 1 base set unopened pack!!! Like It is my dream to have the nostalgia of trying to pull a blastoise or charizard from one of those packs from my childhood!!! And my birthday is November 6th lol, I hope you see this comment , I literally would die happy!!! Yours truly , your biggest fan!!!
ManOfCards 23 dager siden
I come from Germany. You make the best videos. I love it 👍
Hmm? 23 dager siden
Imagine getting robbed
Gorbzz. 25 dager siden
Only the ogs remember when he used to go to the park and open packs with his nephew or neice
Rafael Haas
Rafael Haas 25 dager siden
Bro I love ur reaction
Anita Claudio
Anita Claudio 26 dager siden
Leonhart when’s your next video.Also what time?
Alfonso guitierrez salazar
Alfonso guitierrez salazar 26 dager siden
Total fake: Blastoise = 20.000€ Magneton = 500€
Zelthy belong to panda
Zelthy belong to panda 27 dager siden
So lucky
Michael Abarca
Michael Abarca 27 dager siden
What’s the difference between becket and psa grading? Sorry I’m new to this.
WataBug 28 dager siden
@Leonhart ATTN : EX HOLON BOOSTER BOX (SEALED) $1400! I just started a channel bc I plan on buying the booster box but don't have enough for the box. If you want go in half on it we will split the box let me know if you're interested or anyone else that reads this if @Leonhart doesn't see this! Everyone like the comment so he can see it if you want him to get the box if interested but it's a no brainer.
Casey Inscoe
Casey Inscoe 28 dager siden
It looked like there was a printing error on one of the energies from the first Base Set pack
Elvis Monroy
Elvis Monroy 28 dager siden
Living all my childhood fantasies. Thanks for making and sharing all these videos.
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas 28 dager siden
I want to collect cards as well, I had my collection stolen (baseball, basketball,football) and I got discouraged in collecting again. I want to start collecting pokemon cards. Where do I start I need help.
Z tron
Z tron 29 dager siden
Ok I haven't been subscribed since 500k but I've been watching you since 500k
john brackenbury
john brackenbury 29 dager siden
That kakuna has the length mis-print. 🍻
gervacio santos
gervacio santos 29 dager siden
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro 29 dager siden
I'm Chris
I'm Chris Måned siden
21:10 POV: 10 year old me seeing a charizard for the first time
Mental Pumpkin
Mental Pumpkin Måned siden
There should be an epileptic warning because of the background
Spongy yt
Spongy yt Måned siden
My pokimon is blastoise
Yeah Buddy Dad
Yeah Buddy Dad Måned siden
Yeah Buddy! Super proud of you brother! You found your niche and are dominating! 1MM subscribers! I can’t wait to hit 1,000......wait...did you have a can of Surge?!?
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