How Large Can a Bacteria get? Life & Size 3

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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In and out, in and out. Staying alive is about doing things. This very second, your cells are combusting glucose molecules with oxygen to make energy available, which keeps you alive for another precious moment. To get the oxygen to your cells you are breathing.
Breathing is an answer to a very hard problem: How do you get the resources that your cells need to survive, from the outside, to the inside of your cells? Every living thing has to solve this problem and the solution is surprisingly different depending on one of the most important regulators of life: Size.
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 2 måneder siden
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UMUT ERTAN KÜÇÜK 9 dager siden
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster 10 dager siden
Kian Umandal
Kian Umandal 20 dager siden
I wonder what if where smaller in size what would our technology look like
UMUT ERTAN KÜÇÜK 29 dager siden
Nicollette Mitchell
Nicollette Mitchell 29 dager siden
Aaron Arterberry
Aaron Arterberry 14 timer siden
Laws of physics ~ But nothing in life is free
BERGAZ ZSHZRD 16 timer siden
shrink up corona add this boat a bit more heft a razors edge god particles enhanced by light shadows sticky solarsystem flight
김혜진 Dag siden
The quixotic jail obviously brake because rise externally raise forenenst a annoying suede. jagged, tender tense juice
Thomas The Tank Engine
Thomas The Tank Engine Dag siden
nobody: not a single person: Kurzgesagt: explains an entire topic in under 10 minutes
Asif Malik
Asif Malik 2 dager siden
Your. Method is good 😊
Willem tolsma
Willem tolsma 2 dager siden
i love the narrator
Galaxy X
Galaxy X 3 dager siden
I have I question how do I say kurzgesagt I always forget
*Legendary Pro Strikes again! *
*Legendary Pro Strikes again! * 3 dager siden
best video!
Gorem 3 dager siden
Or just, y'know, it was designed to be this way when the Lord made us as we are because Evolution is false and we are the same as we always have been
Jon Do
Jon Do 3 dager siden
The janitor bird : aww man really did you need that big catorpiller that's gonna take for ever to clean up
Jon Do
Jon Do 3 dager siden
Man. I just went into manual breathing mode again at the start of this video
Lucas Anonymous
Lucas Anonymous 3 dager siden
Ferdinand Shilo ong
Ferdinand Shilo ong 5 dager siden
told ya so
James McDonald
James McDonald 5 dager siden
i have questions .... 1. on the first vid about this yes i can eat all dat big mac 2. what is the inside of a blood sell...and what is inside dat..and so on and so on
Luxury halo .-.
Luxury halo .-. 5 dager siden
I love how they added birds for the mascot 😌
Shridhar Naik
Shridhar Naik 5 dager siden
Please make videos, explaining fundamental forces of the universe, special and general relativity, quantum mechanics (in a nutshell).
Michael Turner-Smith
Michael Turner-Smith 5 dager siden
No matter how big you make something, you'll never see a plank.
Wazock 7 dager siden
I wish my science books were as cute as these
dark_ Toxic
dark_ Toxic 7 dager siden
Did the people who disliked get triggered by being called animals
Kellie Watts
Kellie Watts 7 dager siden
4:32 not this again!
Kellie Watts
Kellie Watts 7 dager siden
0:47 🦖
Anwita Malladi
Anwita Malladi 8 dager siden
This is making my ocd worse but who cares
Lakotah Myall-Laqua
Lakotah Myall-Laqua 8 dager siden
Yoooo we get some respiration right out the gate let's go
clutzicon 8 dager siden
Kurzkabdjdjshsj: and life loves free stuff Me: and that’s what a human is!
Gie Kang
Gie Kang 8 dager siden
As always, awesome video!!
Jaydon Jude-Anuraj Year 7
Jaydon Jude-Anuraj Year 7 8 dager siden
Edoardo Ceci
Edoardo Ceci 9 dager siden
This is the best channel in NOpost, your content is amazing, your "lessons" are fluid and understundable to everyone and the grafics are INSANELY good to me and others......i subsrcibed right the moment i saw the design of the video. P.s. The shop is amazing, i will buy the Space Explorer Notebook and the World Map Poster, it's beautiful. I hope the best to you.
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 9 dager siden
"Staying alive is about doing things" I have immune system from staying alive
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 9 dager siden
mom: Go get everything in the market me: 1:18
My name is Micah
My name is Micah 9 dager siden
Who else wants an evolution theme game by kurzgesagt
Nanda Sanger
Nanda Sanger 9 dager siden
I learnt this in my bio class
Cliff Cardi
Cliff Cardi 9 dager siden
Right, so I may have missed it, but the largest bacteria on Earth is Thiomargarita namibiensis, which is just barely, barely visible by the naked eye.
Aditya Tiwari
Aditya Tiwari 9 dager siden
Are you still watching? Someone's daughter and someone's son 0:01
Shadow 64
Shadow 64 9 dager siden
It's cool how so many people understand how the concepts explained in your videos work. Too bad I can't say the same for Minecraft's Redstone community, I don't get how people don't understand how it all works.
ARPIT Awasthi
ARPIT Awasthi 10 dager siden
Can you make a video on bird 🐔 flu 🤧
Rıdvan Kaya
Rıdvan Kaya 10 dager siden
Can u please add the Turkish language
Furkan Aydın
Furkan Aydın 11 dager siden
turkish translate plz. I dont understand what's the tell about
TARIQ ALI 11 dager siden
Nothing makes everything, the worst lie
Phucthegamer 11 dager siden
who is still watching this in 2021 please have a like
Monsieur Bacteria
Monsieur Bacteria 12 dager siden
if bacteria looked like the way they look in Kurzgesagt, I'd let the them all into my body
JOHN NGO 13 dager siden
The heavenly heavy hellish scent intraoperatively drip because shrine gratifyingly settle via a tacky birch. xenophobic, knowing mall
TempeX UndertaleFan
TempeX UndertaleFan 13 dager siden
The information on this channel became very handy during these pandemic, when a lot of news sources try to mislead or produce panic in masses. Thank you, honestly. Would you believe if I said this information helped me to calm down my friend? almost got depressed ( not the right word but you know what i mean). Interesting, isn't it?
Hamma Bomber
Hamma Bomber 14 dager siden
5:50 Man, they just could not get those cells to blink both eyes at the same time, could they?
-The_ Emperor-
-The_ Emperor- 14 dager siden
I know life is just a mistake desperately using energy in the war against entropy, yet it fascinates me how everything works so perfectly together.
Jonathan Yao
Jonathan Yao 14 dager siden
I love Kurzgesagt, and I can't wait to get the Ocean Explorer Notebook!
Mr. MT
Mr. MT 14 dager siden
Bro I learn way more on kurzgesagt than my science class smh
9:26 the croods: NOOOOOOO
The Lyceum Podcast
The Lyceum Podcast 14 dager siden
Life finds a way
lydia wang
lydia wang 15 dager siden
the background music is so charming
The Wolf himself
The Wolf himself 15 dager siden
That info about the lungs was very interesting and because of that I think that you should make a video about smoking and how it affects our lungs & bodies, it definitely will help me with quitting that nasty stuff.
TejithBellamkonda1 16 dager siden
I love this video 😀😀😀😀😀 my mind is 🤯🤯
Among us Gamer
Among us Gamer 16 dager siden
Your graphics in this video and all videos are like in bow master
Greg Schoellhammer
Greg Schoellhammer 16 dager siden
Bacteria have never looked more adorable.
Nice Flowey
Nice Flowey 16 dager siden
Kurzgesagt: Diffusion of materials can only sustain a certain amount of inside. Duck: Maximum! (1 millimeter) Kirby and all the other amoebae, other protists, free-roaming bacteria, bacterial colonies, and unicellular fungi and plants that are easily seen visibly: Are we a joke to you? Me: okay, well, first off, the tardigrade is NOT one cell. It is many billions of cells, and is actually so small you cannot see it, and so small it hides in your fingerprint grooves! Also large, easily visible cells have multiple nuclei or nucleioids so yea. Plus there are actual protists that are so large, you can see them without a microscope ON THIS PLANET! Just saying. Know what you talk about before you speak. Think before you speak. Quintuple-check your sources before you say anything that conflicts with known science. Kthxbai
JRodgesevant 17 dager siden
Bacteria! We begin with only one! Bacteria! Two is what then we become! Bacteria! Each of us becomes two more! Bacteria! We are stronger than before! Bacteria! We keep growing at this rate! Bacteria! No longer shall we wait! Bacteria! The Plan now unfolds! BACTERIA! WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!
BloodyRain2k 17 dager siden
1:18 me in a nutshell: tired
람쥐썬더 18 dager siden
자막 가독성 시발적이네
Anjum Ali Shareef
Anjum Ali Shareef 18 dager siden
there is bacteria on mars i think
Jacob Andersson
Jacob Andersson 18 dager siden
How do you pronounce kurzgesagt
Sebastien Hill
Sebastien Hill 18 dager siden
is time real ?
CavCave 18 dager siden
You are now breathing manually
-Avalon -
-Avalon - 19 dager siden
Size of life 2 was made like 3 years ago, this took a while....
Benjamín Arellano Gaete
Benjamín Arellano Gaete 19 dager siden
This is so beautiful
Funny Guy
Funny Guy 19 dager siden
Another great video! However, the question wasn’t actually answered. “How large can a bacteria get?” i.e What m2 or m3 size is just big enough to render diffusion an ineffective means of nutrient exchange in a bacteria 🦠
Funny Guy
Funny Guy 11 dager siden
@pupiegod The figure is quoted at 7:28. I don’t think that answers the question I’m asking, though. That’s the “effective length of diffusion” for oxygen exchange inside the human body. That doesn’t quite answer how big a bacteria can get. Not sure I’m explaining this right...
pupiegod 12 dager siden
Here: 4:12 it said it was “1mm” I’m not her to judge if thats true or not I’m just answering your question
Metin Dinç
Metin Dinç 19 dager siden
Please add turkish language
Eden Schwenk
Eden Schwenk 19 dager siden
0:00 kurzgesagt meditation video?!
KrylonGeek2 20 dager siden
in with the good shit, out with the bad shit
Zach Pipher
Zach Pipher 20 dager siden
So would the Enlargement machine create more atoms or increase the distance between the atoms? Because it would be interesting watching an animal explode as it got larger.
Trayaurus_the_pro 20 dager siden
4:31 this poor bird
Kashyap gajera
Kashyap gajera 20 dager siden
It would be really cool to watch similar videos of how the human body's different systems work.
DJCTE 20 dager siden
You mean a bacterium
Eur Shut Up
Eur Shut Up 20 dager siden
The air needs to go to the gym to be thicker so bacterium needs more air
Sienna Gonzalez
Sienna Gonzalez 21 dag siden
Never thought I would say it, but this video made me miss AP Biology :,(
Shraddha Yadav
Shraddha Yadav 21 dag siden
The elephant in the end was very cute.
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan 21 dag siden
The reminiscent lynx supply work because dentist namely sparkle throughout a miniature objective. outrageous, alleged relation
Davide Cracking
Davide Cracking 21 dag siden
7:20 Nice, now i have to breathe manually
Tearing_Force 21 dag siden
What I’ve been learning the past weeks in a nutshell
Doyle Traci
Doyle Traci 21 dag siden
The special blizzard oppositely inject because cotton concurrently pine unto a daffy roadway. skinny, marked food
Tiger Hodzen
Tiger Hodzen 21 dag siden
The satisfying soldier supply drop because shame histopathologically crash into a real river. daily, cute cirrus
vlharris1 22 dager siden
A bacterium
Tropheus Anims
Tropheus Anims 22 dager siden
Does food/juice pass ur lungs too? Or does it go straught to ur stomach
AldZ G
AldZ G 20 dager siden
@Flameo Hotman Lmao
Flameo Hotman
Flameo Hotman 22 dager siden
If food or liquid gets to your lungs you ded
D4 - Gaming and Stuff
D4 - Gaming and Stuff 23 dager siden
Me when make baby: 0:01
Superman Lol
Superman Lol 23 dager siden
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive
Superman Lol
Superman Lol 23 dager siden
"Staying alive is about doing things" *You know, I'm something of a zombie myself.*
Tejas Dixit
Tejas Dixit 23 dager siden
Women: 2+2 is 4 Church: burn her on the stake. Tree: make sugar out of thin air. Church: this joke would had been funny if you knew about photosynthesis
Guantum_lol 24 dager siden
Well, huge bacteria=more work for the mopping bird.
Grace 4 All
Grace 4 All 24 dager siden
God created life. Not a rock In space. Wake up people.
Hero brine
Hero brine 10 dager siden
If you call this waking up I'd rather sleep
Probably Gentle
Probably Gentle 22 dager siden
I like the rock
TAILƎS LUONG 24 dager siden
5:11 me too bacteria... me too.
zhess 4096
zhess 4096 24 dager siden
Fucking physics ruining my giantess fetish
SupremeYT_Gamer79 24 dager siden
This channel posts tons of random videos no one expects to be on NOpost EVER
h8GWBî 25 dager siden
Life is *stealing* nature's entropy!!! THIS CRIME WILL NOT STAND!
Aiden Tedeski
Aiden Tedeski 25 dager siden
Who is disliking these? Crazy people, that's who.
Anushan Priyanath
Anushan Priyanath 25 dager siden
Thank you so much in a nutshell, I am a big fan and thank you for making these videos
Matheus Cisar Cavinato
Matheus Cisar Cavinato 25 dager siden
When you watch this video and forget how to breathe
Tom Gaukin
Tom Gaukin 26 dager siden
The amazing Migs
The amazing Migs 26 dager siden
All I heard was "science,science,science"
Yehia Rizk
Yehia Rizk 25 dager siden
8 had this in school im in grade 8
Melih Youtube
Melih Youtube 26 dager siden
Why is there no Turkish subtitles?🙌🙌🙌🙌
Fulcruman 26 dager siden
I realized that I was breathing during this video.
Mafijul Bhuiyan
Mafijul Bhuiyan 26 dager siden
4:35 That poor bird
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