I Tried Minecraft Block Facts To See If They're Real AGAIN!

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LoverFella 29 dager siden
Support my channel by downloading Heroic Expedition: patron.me/LoverFellaHE. Use this bonus code: HE777 to get 30 Premium Summon Stones. Log in every day to enjoy additional 100 free draws!
Jace Mellen
Jace Mellen 20 dager siden
Pig men can open doors. I’ve seen it
SwissRR 20 dager siden
I'm subbing because you have the same shader as me
Lachlan Brennan
Lachlan Brennan 21 dag siden
@Lonely Pizza jjjjjjjjjjnin
Ernes Enzo
Ernes Enzo 21 dag siden
Ok now in speakable where with two brothers made that data green certain medicine data Science the mouth is
Justin Messier
Justin Messier 23 dager siden
Loverfella can you please make me a house in mincraft
EFC Customs
EFC Customs 2 timer siden
Shave your beard shave your beard shave your beard
Laith Annooz
Laith Annooz 3 timer siden
It only works on the top
ßrayface11 4 timer siden
1:16 bottom left is the bone wearing command
Stephan van der Merwe
Stephan van der Merwe 6 timer siden
You were a bonehead
Miraj Bekeran
Miraj Bekeran 9 timer siden
I literally put me hat on
Gerard’s Things
Gerard’s Things 11 timer siden
2:36, my good sir, that’s a human transmutation circle from fullmetal Alchemist, uhhhhhhh
Marissa Rensen
Marissa Rensen 12 timer siden
Block of diamond
Ironence Personal
Ironence Personal 18 timer siden
Stone walls have a blast resistance of 6, while endstone walls have a blast resistance of 9.
Abyss Paradox
Abyss Paradox Dag siden
Glockenspiel? The picture kinda looked like a xylophone
Abyss Paradox
Abyss Paradox Dag siden
Without a texture pack you notice the water turns light blue in a warm ocean
RTDREGRET_13 ¿ Dag siden
Me jakob
Bomg Chrictopher B. Omega
Bomg Chrictopher B. Omega Dag siden
Lover fella pls tell me your username in herotic adetion sorry I do not know how to spell
Maria Jennifer Manila
Maria Jennifer Manila Dag siden
i played ixt already
Soapy 2 dager siden
I remember when he had only had 200k subs and didn’t even realise he grew so much 😂
RainbowgodTR 2 dager siden
Did you know block facts never lies
Amada Green
Amada Green 2 dager siden
Ive been useing the door fact since 3 years ago
Chris Games
Chris Games 2 dager siden
How much do you hate your brother that you would call him a noob and not by his real name
Olle Rosberg
Olle Rosberg 3 dager siden
That's so apropriate for a square block Me: ...
LaughingMute 3 dager siden
can observers use the enchanting tables as player sensors to ring bells as a perimeter alarm system?
star playz
star playz 4 dager siden
There are more to learn the desert temple's hole on the top is prefect for a beacon isn't it cool?
The Minecrafter
The Minecrafter 4 dager siden
Is the door stair hack on Java??
Korey Prescott
Korey Prescott 4 dager siden
I will be hosting the 2022 fence competition next year
ThunderSth 4 dager siden
i am frome sweden and it is just so funny to here you pronounce smörgåsbord. Btw it means like multiple of different things on one place
Maskatron maskoking
Maskatron maskoking 5 dager siden
I like the green to blue i think?
Nachooo 5 dager siden
PandoLoves Pandas
PandoLoves Pandas 5 dager siden
He keeps blowing tnt ON TOP not on the side thats why he doesnt know if the blast resistance of walls are the same
Toby Shelton
Toby Shelton 6 dager siden
7:48 technoblade never dies
Big Man Bean
Big Man Bean 6 dager siden
idk why but whenever i watch his vids i just think *Minecraft SypherPK*
Nils Nordlander
Nils Nordlander 6 dager siden
He Said smörgåsbord!
Henno Bezuidenhout
Henno Bezuidenhout 6 dager siden
/replaceitem entity @p armor.head minecraft:bone
SPAIDLOWHERMAN 6 dager siden
Max Yang
Max Yang 6 dager siden
U can use /locatebiome
The Giant Creeper
The Giant Creeper 6 dager siden
11:22 EEEYYY, Unspeakable, you're my favorite
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 7 dager siden
0:05 I always saw that it changed color xd
Shaurya Mehta
Shaurya Mehta 7 dager siden
2:39 its just pokemon energies
AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . . 7 dager siden
Noob means New so You can’t be a Noob Forever. I Also Heard the Dideridoo sound in Minecraft before watching this vid. Pressure Plates on top of (Insert Block) on top of TNT makes a Camo Mine.
Izuku midorya
Izuku midorya 7 dager siden
How that pig survive Pig:because technoblade never die
David Silveira
David Silveira 8 dager siden
The prismaRine does not actually change color thats an optical illusion, support the channel thought
Shawn Bordeaux
Shawn Bordeaux 8 dager siden
Can you do an event with me?
Obvious Gamer
Obvious Gamer 8 dager siden
Idk why but you look like mysterio from spiderman far from home
Lucky Youtuber
Lucky Youtuber 9 dager siden
I love you're vids
Rudi Kiyanfar
Rudi Kiyanfar 9 dager siden
hey stupid lover fella so you’re not stupid you’re awesome but here’s a little tip prison marine does actually change color every five minutes what more black facts I can prove that very easily if you get your eyes so corrupted with watching TickTock‘s or NOpost you will see that I’ll change color
SandyLandy 9 dager siden
He knows technoblade but not mcyum
JasonIsTinyMan 9 dager siden
I don’t know why but women aren’t aloud to use didgeridoos
Prince Lion III
Prince Lion III 9 dager siden
So, Zach, how many cursed thumbnails would you want?? Zach: Yes
Mae Bernal
Mae Bernal 9 dager siden
im on mobile
Mae Bernal
Mae Bernal 9 dager siden
play mine craft with me on poket edition pls
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis 10 dager siden
Stone Henge
Stone Henge 11 dager siden
Try fish
Saile Nub
Saile Nub 12 dager siden
Damn I used to watch Loverfella when he made ark videos
J̐̈u̐̈d̐̈a̐̈h̐̈ ̐̈K̐̈o̐̈o̐̈l̐̈e̐̈
J̐̈u̐̈d̐̈a̐̈h̐̈ ̐̈K̐̈o̐̈o̐̈l̐̈e̐̈ 12 dager siden
loverfella don't know how to place cacti Minecraft rule number 43: cacti cant be placed beside other blocks
Errxrnxtfxund 13 dager siden
Croc-bite plays
Croc-bite plays 13 dager siden
door parkour was big in 2016
Georgij Maksimov
Georgij Maksimov 14 dager siden
Marcus Ooms
Marcus Ooms 14 dager siden
The tnt dint break the fence bc it was in it so the fence stops the explosion damage.
Supermemelogan 14 dager siden
9:19 SUS how is the redstone still powered before the barrier was placed
DEADLY MAN 14 dager siden
Cursed block 8:06
James Day
James Day 15 dager siden
Loverfella you should try making your character to a zombie and go to a iron golem
Meagan Carroll
Meagan Carroll 15 dager siden
Yeah it I saw change
Jaime Adkins
Jaime Adkins 15 dager siden
Good video
slime world
slime world 15 dager siden
First you have to tell your phone number
slime world
slime world 15 dager siden
I know who is he
slime world
slime world 15 dager siden
Hey loverfella can i tell you a secret from dream
King fearless over lord
King fearless over lord 15 dager siden
Door climbing is old school bruh
Phúc Minh Quân Hà
Phúc Minh Quân Hà 15 dager siden
13:53 First things first. I'ma say all the words inside my head I'm fired up and tired of The way that things have been, oh-ooh The way that things have been, oh-ooh
Denis Goulding
Denis Goulding 15 dager siden
Shave It
JOJO FAG 15 dager siden
/replaceitem entity @p armor.head minecraft:tnt Is the command ima use for my head
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton 16 dager siden
Wrong the stone wall and end stone wall may look like the same resistance but in the code the end stone wall has a higher resistance than all the others
frank carrillo
frank carrillo 16 dager siden
Thando Manana
Thando Manana 16 dager siden
That ad transition was so smooth 😂
Evan's great Wonderful World
Evan's great Wonderful World 16 dager siden
0:21 it looks blue
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 16 dager siden
wtf is a a issac noob
Hamish Hickey
Hamish Hickey 17 dager siden
You do too many challenges everyone knows about the color change for prismarine
Ali Mohammad Rajput
Ali Mohammad Rajput 17 dager siden
10:53 naah its work in 1.8.9 I try today
Suhani Baid
Suhani Baid 17 dager siden
I love the video but he is sooooooo trash at the game
Ayaans Gaming Portal
Ayaans Gaming Portal 18 dager siden
Are all of these on java cuz I just bought Java yesterday
ranjita sabar
ranjita sabar 18 dager siden
Make an impossible house
Recolor Sans
Recolor Sans 18 dager siden
wood fence look like farbic
berndylan Buñag
berndylan Buñag 18 dager siden
I make the a so cool music using noteblock in minecraft
berndylan Buñag
berndylan Buñag 18 dager siden
What about you wear a glass you be a astronaut
Raphael Tsil
Raphael Tsil 19 dager siden
Minecraft Viatr
Minecraft Viatr 19 dager siden
This guy actually didn't know prismarine changes color XD
xV3cR0 alt
xV3cR0 alt 19 dager siden
Pumpkin seeds
Marco’s World
Marco’s World 19 dager siden
Wrong you said block hacks it is block facts
ANIL SAKLANI 19 dager siden
Prismarine changes coclour
Barabas Egeland
Barabas Egeland 19 dager siden
Why does your water look like that so cool mine doesn’t because I’m on console
Ruseño Sambo
Ruseño Sambo 19 dager siden
You didn't ad the heroexpedtion link
Trevor Buote
Trevor Buote 20 dager siden
Did you know that observers can detect enchanting tables so you could add red stone to shot an arrow at a bell
Aaron Asuncion
Aaron Asuncion 20 dager siden
Luqman animo Sabah
Luqman animo Sabah 20 dager siden
Joël Koot
Joël Koot 20 dager siden
LoverFella: how do i find a coral biome me: JUST USE F3
AyushDaGamer Dag siden
Or /locate
Random Stuff :/
Random Stuff :/ 20 dager siden
Every youtuber: thx to todays sponsor- Their viewers: *Spams 10>>*
Beast Mango
Beast Mango 20 dager siden
samuri Gaming 80.0 roblox
samuri Gaming 80.0 roblox 20 dager siden
Cod Players
Cod Players 20 dager siden
Warm ocean has coral and is shallow
Fallen king
Fallen king 20 dager siden
He’s saving my people fish!
proBOTrj 20 dager siden
LoverFella: So u say u can jump over walls using doors? EVERY OG: Yes obviously
proBOTrj 20 dager siden
LoverFella: why is that steve have a moustache? McYum; allow me to introduce myself
ZeroPancake9759 20 dager siden
I just got rick roll on ur server lol Edit: omg loverfella learns about the noteblocks lol
Michelle Fields
Michelle Fields 20 dager siden
Raid shadow legends be like: UH OH we have have competition... Then I be like: nope ibdont want either
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