IMAGINE GETTING EXPOSED BY A CHAMP 1... | Road to Supersonic Legend #27

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Lethamyr Måned siden
Thank you all for 800,000 subscribers
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox 28 dager siden
@Jake Frazier and he did that many videos yes but he is doing it as fast as he can, that's just how long it takes to rank up. What do you want from him then? To just do one video on plat and then magically be on diamond in the next video? Lmao he is doing this to help people and he has helped.many improve and move up the ranks if you have nothing to do but complain and ungratefulness then just dont click on the videos
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox 28 dager siden
@Jake Frazier like literally if you dont like it, leave and dont watch the series lmao
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox 28 dager siden
@Jake Frazier buddy guess what, the 8 bronze videos yeah? I believe those were because he was doing challenges for it, and the reason he stopped that was to just win and get the series done as soon as he can with the least games possible, why are you so hell bent on hating on him for helping players improve, your just salty for no reason, I personally wouldnt mind seeing him in my ranked game, even if I lose, it's a chance to improve. I'm done trying to explain to you lol. Think what you will but nobody wants your hate here.
Jake Frazier
Jake Frazier 28 dager siden
@Daniel Cox he spent nearly 8 videos on bronze, 4 videos on silver, 5 videos gold, 5 videos platinum, 6 videos Diamond and 2 videos champ in this series. Do your research. He’s smurfing. Whether “he’s not doing much” or not doesn’t stop the fact that when he stops “letting” the teammate do the everything he try’s and success bringing the game back to him winning. He’s a smurf and he’s causing his fan base to tank games and smurf down at the 8 videos at bronze etc etc. So until he clears that poor bastards rank they have to deal with the masses of sweats tanking their rankings from new accounts or old ones at the start of the season All just to possibly play against or be featured in this slime balls “content”. The game may be free now but I’m sure the thought “I paid for this and craps are smurfing for a NOpostr and ruining my chance at enjoying the game/winning” happens more than once. it’s because every youtuber and their mother does this road to SSL. However by resetting rank you defeat the purpose of ranking yourself at your “‘Main” accounts mmr. It’s a mechanic and rank system so you don’t ruin and grief lower rank lobbies since you’re beyond that skill level. Read what I just wrote again and educate yourself. You’re acting ignorant when the reality is this is 100% happening. You don’t see it yet because he’s not made 8 videos at champ. All the grand champ guys will be lingering and your win percentage will slowly fall over the next half of the season.
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox 28 dager siden
@Jake Frazier so if u cant then you dont deserve champ, probs one of the people who mindlessly chase the ball
Timothy Longo
Timothy Longo Dag siden
You over played your hand with that ceiling shot Leth. Once a player recognizes a mechanic that is uncommon in their rank and used in such a improvised manner there is no hope for argument or appeasement, just play through.
Josh Soper
Josh Soper 2 dager siden
Sorry but what is rule 1?
VeeTeQ 5 dager siden
Diamond in the US is like Gold here in Aus
ArtiGamerYT 7 dager siden
Dude wth how do they know ur smurfing, i litterally do ceiling shots all the time in d2 and no one says that
Call me Jrdn
Call me Jrdn 8 dager siden
Leth I don’t feel like you were doing too much, there was a lot of the game the opponents were just whiffing the ball. @14:17
Eoghain Lebioda
Eoghain Lebioda 9 dager siden
Damn I just realised the how much faster this game play is from my D1 games. I never really saw it before :o
Liam K
Liam K 10 dager siden
I know it’s for learning, so net positive. But from JR’s perspective, he queued into a match he’s 100% not going to win
Iso Your nan
Iso Your nan 14 dager siden
Bruh I genuinely can’t get out of plat 3 and it’s fucking me off
James 17 dager siden
You're definitely not playing to this rank lol but idk if you're even capable. Your reads are perfect every time and you play to space so efficiently it's just a dead giveaway -- especially coupled with the extremely controlled car movements and recoveries. You'd have to start whiffing and double committing to sell it. Oh and your positioning is always impeccable so it feels like you're everywhere at once to them (me)
Luke Belanger
Luke Belanger 17 dager siden
"Smurfs are ruining this game." While I agree with this statement... Dude, leth was doing stuff I have to defend against in diamond 1 still. Nothing he did was smurfy lmao
110ninjas 21 dag siden
Grizzo was alot better lol
One Autumn Leaff
One Autumn Leaff 21 dag siden
I've seen better mechanics/game sense in gold tbh
One Autumn Leaff
One Autumn Leaff 21 dag siden
Lmfao I don't use banners or anything
EpicJoedi 23 dager siden
hey leth love your work! just an idea but you could analyse the games in the opponents' perspective so we'd better understand the mistakes we're used to make!
Emanate 23 dager siden
Sat here watching you play super slow in my rank and the guy complains about smurfs - Here to stick up for the diamonds man, We're inconsistent but we can pop off sometimes
cmdrfunk 3 dager siden
The main thing is that Leth rarely messes up the basics like the rest of us do. The evidence of 100 wins in a row is proof enough. The smurf accusers in this video never called out any one play that "people this level can never do."
BODRA 25 dager siden
17:17 true fucker vs a legend
Herb Michael
Herb Michael 25 dager siden
Just found this hope he likes this :)
Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith 26 dager siden
so close to a million!!!!
Hunter Luis
Hunter Luis 26 dager siden
I thought smurfing was bannable? Thats what someone in Gold 2 told me, because we got smurfed on by 2 people, who were free styling against us... In gold 2... lmao
Stickley 27 dager siden
Man I'm sitting at C1/C2 and play mostly how Leth is playing in this video. Pretty sure that guy is just in the mindset of "they're not playing how I expect AND they're beating me, they MUST be a smurf." They're not getting out of that rank with that attitude.
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley 27 dager siden
His teammate broke rule 1 because he's such a ball chaser he couldn't bare to be still for more than 5 seconds 🤦‍♂️
Cadent Nova
Cadent Nova 27 dager siden
Legit, I am high Plat - Low Diamond and the only real difference I see between my games and these ones are that the Champs are more consistent, I have hit quite a few of the shots that are hit at this rank but it's usually a fluke, so consistency is my main issue right now
spyder000069 28 dager siden
I'd rather watch coaching of someone in low ranks to a higher rank. This is a bit like going to a superman movie and pretending we don't know who the victor will be. Plus as someone who also dislikes spending time trying to grind up a rank only to have to face people well beyond my skill level who have created new free accounts I can feel these guy's pain. They should allow you to turn off free account matches the same way as cross platform.
God of Disco
God of Disco 28 dager siden
Honestly leth, the smurfing is not cool
Rocketrules00 28 dager siden
you deserve 1 million you one of the best creator on the platform you consistent amazing content is bound to get you their
chase Fox
chase Fox 28 dager siden
Hey leth
unkown 28 dager siden
Bro i been watching you for 2 months and havnt subbed but i did now im so sorry
Ryan All
Ryan All 28 dager siden
I love this series not only because he's teaching so much but because he's so complimentary when his team mates or his opponents do something right.
Mjeezy 1334
Mjeezy 1334 28 dager siden
Well the guy is not wrong lol u are hard smurfing
Jake Frazier
Jake Frazier 29 dager siden
You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.
Nathan Shadix
Nathan Shadix 3 dager siden
@cmdrfunk so you quit after getting slapped in one game? I get dumped on by smurfs in almost every ranked session I play, but I would hardly call that game breaking. Since I am truly the rank that I currently play in, I just earn those points back. I will admit it gets really bad at the end of every season with people coming back to play and get rewards, but that situation in itself is reason enough to not come after Leth for genuinely climbing the ranks. He's doing what hundreds of other people already do and is just a reality in online gaming, so to come into a comment section spouting off at a guy making a living doing this is actually just completely ill thought out and pointless.
cmdrfunk 3 dager siden
@Nathan Shadix People are less likely to play if they are hard locked into games they cannot win and aren't having fun because you will be punished if you drop the match that is no fun because you're being smurfed. I've been in games before in plat where some smurf is in there air dribbling goals repeatedly into my net while mocking us
Nathan Shadix
Nathan Shadix 24 dager siden
how is it breaking the game?
lonedri 29 dager siden
leth, diamond and c1 have a superpower, they can recognize a smurf really easily, because on 6 game there will be at least 2games with smurf
lonedri 29 dager siden
mechanic doesn't make it all, you can recognize a smurf on his decision making and consistency like all your flicks were good and enough powerful while in diamond when i can do a flick i'll fail 7times for 1 successful one
03USMCAssault51 29 dager siden
"I dont feel like I was doing anything that crazy" Proceeds to get bumped on the wall cleanly lands on the ceiling and transitioning seemlesly into a ceiling shot over the opponent to set up his teammate who isnt there, then turns around and scores lol
Enzo 25 dager siden
@Keem I completely agree that leth wasn't making mistakes like people in that rank, but the person who I was responding too was talking about the ceiling shot being crazy, not the gameplay as a whole.
Enzo 25 dager siden
@03USMCAssault51 It's probably just because I give people the benefit of the doubt, but if someone were to hit the "seamless" shot leth did I'd assume they've been practicing it a for a while and thats why they could hit it with ease. I'd also assume that's the reason they're in that rank in the first place because they're practicing more flashy shots. I'm in D3/ low C1 and while ceiling shots might not be as common as C2, getting bumped perfectly for a ceiling shot wouldn't be as hard for someone in those ranks especially if they practiced ceiling shots, but this isn't the case in this situation. My comment was mostly meant to snarky, so I can see your reasoning.
Keem 25 dager siden
@Enzo it doesn’t matter it’s that he’s not making as many mistakes like players do at that level
03USMCAssault51 27 dager siden
@Enzo I agree the bump was pretty generous, that doesn't change how smooth and seamlessly he took a bump and transitioned into a ceiling "pass" over the next guy challenging. I play in champ 2 and while those individual skills are in the rank, pulling it off so effortlessly after a bump is a very clear indicator of someone playing below their league, hence why the guy immediately called him a smurf... Which he was correct about.
Enzo 27 dager siden
Lol kind true but he got perfectly bumped onto the ceiling he didn't do anything crazy
Lol Lolzers
Lol Lolzers 29 dager siden
Mike byson Photo mike Tyson’s face on a byson
Paris Ledog
Paris Ledog Måned siden
Omg what are he chances that at 6:15 the dude has the same pfp as me
OnionWarrior Måned siden
What decal are you using? I don't recognize that octane decal?
Una Rogg
Una Rogg Måned siden
If the other team breaks a rule 1 you should go full try hard mode the rest of the game. Though this time it was definitely the person on your team :(
Fernando Amezcua
Fernando Amezcua Måned siden
Leth is pretty bad at being bad
BAS ically
BAS ically Måned siden
Second guy kinda has a point, surfing is really scummy
Mission J
Mission J Måned siden
Thirst killer First killers face on a water bottle
ConsciousProphit Måned siden
The only thing I will say is kind of smurfy about you in that second game is that your aerial touches were a little too consistently accurate and you scored a couple of goals off of it. The maneuver itself isn’t smurfy just the accuracy of the touch and the consistency.
Victrollingtin Mc bottomburgr
Victrollingtin Mc bottomburgr Måned siden
Kronovironi kronovis face on a pizza
SlipMage Offical
SlipMage Offical Måned siden
So what I learned from this is just be patient and take your time and good things will come of it in time.
Mr Frost
Mr Frost Måned siden
At 8:10 he does some kind of weird flip and cancels his momentum, can someone explain that
xd yes
xd yes Måned siden
The fact that it was your teammate who broke the rule 1
Andy Hamlin
Andy Hamlin Måned siden
You get these lobbies in C1 and I get plat teammates against champs in my (unfortunately currently) D2/3 matches 🙄😒
Afgalo89 Måned siden
How did you get your mmr to show on the game type select screen? Is that part of bakkes mod?
Jtrg17 Måned siden
You Could have said u were using a bakkes mod banner
JesterJ Måned siden
Leth , it was your gameplay IQ / lack of panic / consistency that can give it away your are a higher rank. I would be able to tell if i was d3 playing you.
Elias Ramos
Elias Ramos Måned siden
Ferret g
Caleb Eichler
Caleb Eichler Måned siden
I’m just stuck in c3 couldn’t get out for 3 seasons so I uninstalled
FluffBallFusion88 Måned siden
name: Breathamyr Profile picture: Garlic Bread
SG Playz_NRG
SG Playz_NRG Måned siden
Leth use the SGSUCKSATRL
Tilen Måned siden
It was at 9:55
Johnzombi Måned siden
6:46 that slide off the wall was super clean
Johnzombi Måned siden
*Leth just finishing his intro* "Hope you guys are enjoying the episode so far. Let’s get into the next one" 0:53
Dylan S
Dylan S Måned siden
Smurfs are ruining this game. Doesn't matter you're not doing anything crazy. You can tell a smurf trying not to make it obvious. You are no better then the toxic smurfs. Not giving a chance for the other team to win either way.
SG Playz_NRG
SG Playz_NRG Måned siden
Use the name SG sucks at rocket league
Layssty Måned siden
17:16 beersykins broke the rule 1
Liam Koseck
Liam Koseck Måned siden
omg so im a silver or gold or bronz idk but uh i had that guy in one of my matches and he got mad that he got beat by prolly a bronz btw i carried my champ team8 jr was th one btw tat i beat
JDude TheNoob
JDude TheNoob Måned siden
Leth its easy to tell ur a smurf because of your movement and your consistency, even though you dont do anything mechanical
Jared a.k.a. GetOutOfDodge
Jared a.k.a. GetOutOfDodge Måned siden
6:30 I love that you told him lmaoooo
Ein Google-Nutzer
Ein Google-Nutzer Måned siden
Playing smart and wait is smart. But if my mate doesnt go for the self played mid passes i kinda dont like it. So if u can get a free shot on the almost open net then pleasr take it
J Dawg
J Dawg Måned siden
Its so insane how just Leth's game sense wins him so much, sure he does show good mechanics but still it is all the game sense. I want it
Nick1223 Måned siden
man ive been in diamond for 4 months:/ I’m so inconsistent, some days im really hot and should be champ, and other days where i literally drop doown to plat lmao. you’re helping alot because my champ buddy that I play with said my rotations are getting a lot better and im dribbling the ball more. You the goat leth 🐐
Gvleg Måned siden
i honestly don’t know where you find these players the mechanics and plays are just questionable here i get tryhard opponents and a bronze tm8 lol
dloodle Måned siden
Stay waith the ball on the wall yyey ye ye
Dimez Måned siden
It is his presence, his patience, his positioning, his consistency. He has obvious advantages in certain areas and pulls out. I'm in C1/C2 currently and yes, some people have awesome mechanics. But patience and positioning as a majority still are cheeks. He can tone down his mechanics but his ability to read the ball, read the opponent, attack the 50s in certain ways... If you can't see those details those are the things that separate him at all levels I absolutely LOVE these videos, they have been extremely helpful. But yeah, even without trying it is obvious smurfing, when you look at the minor things -- which most people are only judging based on mechanics
Tyler Morin
Tyler Morin Måned siden
Do John clam man..??
Michael Fruge
Michael Fruge Måned siden
You’re movement is just cleaner than an average C1. I could imagine playing you and getting suffocated by how you position and make every commit count, any mistake I make is a turnover and likely a goal
Soepro90 Måned siden
lol my friend literally thinks 90% of the teams we play are smurfing.
Xylo Plays
Xylo Plays Måned siden
You didn’t do to much he’s just salty
Bailey Mccloy
Bailey Mccloy Måned siden
Leth sounded so sad when the guy called him a smurf
tim howe
tim howe Måned siden
Summmm weak smurfing 0.o
ReganADHD Måned siden
2:29 Lethamyr.exe has stopped working
h lopez9
h lopez9 Måned siden
Na not even close maybe they can notice your positioning is better or something. Also I've played in d3/c1 level and there were many faster more mechanical players than when your holding back sometimes you go to fast tho
Virologiclmp Måned siden
Don't worry about getting exposed by a champ one, rizzo got exposed by silvers.
Nolan Souders
Nolan Souders Måned siden
ur always gonna be a smurf at lower ranks no matter how much u play “down to there level” because you are just insanely consistent and obviously a former pro
Josh Altom
Josh Altom Måned siden
I'm champ 1 and I've never seen so many whiffs from other players at this level before.
Josh Altom
Josh Altom Måned siden
Leth: "Thats what got him?" No, that's how he got you! lol
Kai Fakhouri
Kai Fakhouri Måned siden
Leth: "Here's a good chance" Also Leth when there is an open net: "Let's pop this off the backboard"
the funny gamer mr
the funny gamer mr Måned siden
Why do u have to cut it like that kinda threw off the whole video
BigBallzRob Måned siden
Love your videos! You were talking about the flips leveling you out... do you know if anyone has figured out how to modify that behavior for a custom map that I am making? That is one of my limiting factors and is beyond my expertise! I would love a chance to show you my idea and see if you can point me into the right direction.
Kar-98K Måned siden
if anyone sees that team mate the broke rule 1, throw on pourpose
Clayton Wilson
Clayton Wilson Måned siden
The reason they call you smurf is your account probly only has one game and a few hours but your champ 1 already.
Johnathen Wagley
Johnathen Wagley Måned siden
Yall got to understand that leth is not smurfing just to get more wins. Hes seeing how fast it will take him to get from bronze to super sonic. Imagine if every time we had to re rank we all started at bronze.. would that really be smurfing?
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Måned siden
Name: Sypitcold Pic: on a pint of beer, or other tasty beverage
Dany Mota
Dany Mota Måned siden
10:25 how are yall smurfs tf they just dont belong in c1 im d1-2 and play like yall
Carlynz Måned siden
Lethamyr: It's like a circus out here! Every D3 and C1: *honks nose* First time? edit: MASELBAC = CABLESAM ... It's a code. WHAT DOES THE CODE MEAN MASEL?!
Max Herold
Max Herold Måned siden
"Playing to the level of my opponents" would mean that theres the possibility for you to actually lose. This is not happening, because you are not doing it. Instead you always play a little better than your opponents while looking like you are not really trying and could do way better. And then you wonder why people get upset. Here, have a downvote.
Dylan Yost
Dylan Yost Måned siden
Ok I'm D3, and I'm facing double taps and ceiling shots every game. The 2nd champ game was full on whiffs and double commits... I give up trying to understand
Standard Made-
Standard Made- Måned siden
Kiwi Killa: Scrub killa on the face of a kiwi
Soul Vune
Soul Vune Måned siden
It was actually your teammate who broke rule one
Oliver Goodman
Oliver Goodman Måned siden
Carsenal a scarab with arsenals face on it
Garrett Paul
Garrett Paul Måned siden
I’m stuck in champ 1 bc I solo queue 2s and get the teammate that throws 30 seconds into the match EVERY SINGLE GAME
Malakhi webb
Malakhi webb Måned siden
I wish my diamond games were like this
Avery Hamilton
Avery Hamilton Måned siden
Name: Sizzle Pic: Sizz's face in a frying pan filled with bacon
Lucky Arrow
Lucky Arrow Måned siden
May he be sentenced to 30 losses and an additional 84 for lying. no parole.
Zac Mills
Zac Mills Måned siden
Imo yes technically you are smurfing but in no way were u doing too much yes your recovery is better but honestly seemed more like my level of gameplay in d2 again imo but for some reason always seem worse when I watch others compared to my own maybe cos I'm EU servers who knows
Arham Khan
Arham Khan Måned siden
Who else just saw this guys chillness and subbed
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