Unlocking The TRUE Ending! | Kindergarten 2 (Final Ending)

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Last time I wanted to collect all the Monstermon cards, but Nooo! It turns out it's only one of the most difficult card games ever contrived! Well, the rage continues today as Steph and I dive back into acquiring a full deck - Kindergarten doesn't know what's coming!
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Special thanks to Con Man Games & SmashGames for providing us with the game!
Find the game here ► store.steampowered.com/app/1067850/Kindergarten_2/
Watch us play the first game! ► bit.ly/2CxizTk
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Osborne Montero
Osborne Montero 3 timer siden
Steven Carenduff
Steven Carenduff 6 timer siden
What’s your fave route ship 1: monty X Carla 2:Mrs applegate X bob 3:nuggetX lily
mm JJ
mm JJ 10 timer siden
Nugget knows how to break the 4th wall.
Mew Magic
Mew Magic 2 dager siden
Wait, how does Cindy get Dusted, but Carla gets Lightninged?
Chandler JuJu
Chandler JuJu 4 dager siden
I dont think at the end when talking about repopulation that both Nuggets are "boys"
Raven Madron
Raven Madron 6 dager siden
Billy lives
M C 8 dager siden
M C 8 dager siden
Skara Dogg
Skara Dogg 10 dager siden
MatPat: Who needs zoom technology? Everyone in 2020: *facepalms*
Chandler JuJu
Chandler JuJu 4 dager siden
That was a good comment
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 11 dager siden
Wait, if these kids can’t read then how do they read the monstermon cards?
SatAngel *
SatAngel * 12 dager siden
I can see it now, KINDERGARDEN: ENDGAME: THE RETURN OF NUGGOS Staring: Stepenine, MatPat, Jason, and jacksepieye
Cloud McWaterVapor
Cloud McWaterVapor 12 dager siden
Imagine going to your new job and saying “Welp. I hate this job. Time to dust away!”
MUTE GAMES 17 dager siden
Lol MaxInfinite a Romanian NOpostr NICE
Nintendo random Switch
Nintendo random Switch 22 dager siden
Nugget: I am nuggos
Awston Agent 47
Awston Agent 47 27 dager siden
I'm so mad that there is not the "du na na na nu"
Ewelina Witek Murdzek
Ewelina Witek Murdzek 27 dager siden
hi game theory
Ewelina Witek Murdzek
Ewelina Witek Murdzek 27 dager siden
Ewelina Witek Murdzek
Ewelina Witek Murdzek 27 dager siden
Springtrap 27 dager siden
I just realized that when nugget snaps it’s an endgame reference
gwen6210 gwen6210
gwen6210 gwen6210 29 dager siden
matpat is lida, and im pretty (lily) sure nugget said "nuggets friends"
Poke Landers-Craft
Poke Landers-Craft 29 dager siden
I find it funny how Nugget has a crush on Lily, yet in 3/4 of Nugget's questlines (digging the Nugget Cave both times and both times you collect all the Monstermon cards), he is the direct cause for her death.
Neth Magdadaro
Neth Magdadaro Måned siden
I never thought nugget could be thanos
golden derp
golden derp Måned siden
When I used to have depression seeing every good persons smile makes me happy 🙂
Jacob Kershaw
Jacob Kershaw Måned siden
nugget pulled a bros before hoes
DJ Heird
DJ Heird Måned siden
Warning: This comment contains spoilers. Watch til the end of the video to not be spoiled, continue reading at your own risk. Was the ending where Nugget kills everyone the cannon ending? I hope not, because then there would be no more ships like Lily x Nugget. (And the ending where Nugget saves Lily, Billy and Adam was my favorite ending.)
VegladeX Måned siden
Why does he keep thinking the "red sky, everyone dies" timeline is the canon ending? The whole of Kindergarten 2 comes from the "rescue Billy" timeline of the first game, so I think, similarly, the canon ending of this one will be the "rescue the other kids" ending.
Angelo Duenas
Angelo Duenas Måned siden
Genesis Figueroa
Genesis Figueroa Måned siden
Nuggets dad is thanoes
JetGames Måned siden
they should make a game where it's just monstermon and you can play with cpu online or local
Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones
Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones Måned siden
Agnes sounds like brave 😂
jane louise
jane louise Måned siden
20:15 i dont think this was supposed to happen
Violet Mirror
Violet Mirror Måned siden
Stephanie asking "How is this happening?" Is definitely new level of spirit animal for me.
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson Måned siden
no u
A͜͡s͜͡r͜͡i͜͡e͜͡l͜͡ D͜͡r͜͡e͜͡e͜͡m͜͡u͜͡r͜͡r͜͡
A͜͡s͜͡r͜͡i͜͡e͜͡l͜͡ D͜͡r͜͡e͜͡e͜͡m͜͡u͜͡r͜͡r͜͡ Måned siden
The ending made me think undertale genocide ending
Balloons TNT!
Balloons TNT! Måned siden
Hello welcome to game
Potato Police
Potato Police Måned siden
Billy is alive!
Timoam Patsch
Timoam Patsch Måned siden
Guy Burton
Guy Burton Måned siden
well ‘
Danny Somera
Danny Somera Måned siden
h im new
Danny Somera
Danny Somera Måned siden
Andrew West
Andrew West Måned siden
billy is'nt dead
Salty Sunflower Sugar
Salty Sunflower Sugar Måned siden
I'm just gonna say it, thee kid on the thumbnail kinda looks like Evan Hansen
Jeimy Moronta
Jeimy Moronta Måned siden
TheNotSoSavageOne Måned siden
Random Dude
Random Dude Måned siden
Lily didn’t die.... She was underground and there wasn’t any dirt flying, thus lily didn’t get blasted by lighting
Nova Witherfall
Nova Witherfall Måned siden
Yes, she did. Go back to the scene with Billy and look closely at the stack of boxes to the left. You can see light blue dust fly into the distance, the color of Lily's hoodie.
Maxwell P.
Maxwell P. Måned siden
Nugget used a dab card on you, you just got dabbed on
ɯɐפ_ʇoN Måned siden
Nobody: MatPat's Mrs. Applegate voice: *noT goOd eNoUgH yOu LiTtLe BrAt.*
Unqualified Toast
Unqualified Toast Måned siden
The ending kills anyone that doesnt have the 5 nuggets of friendship
Wheeker Måned siden
to kayden nguyen , no, they couldnt have won by reflecting. They had not enough mana
Conner Steffen
Conner Steffen Måned siden
When Agnes mentioned her dark deck, it kind of reminded me of Agitha and her Ghost type team in Pokemon.
Sploderguy35 Måned siden
It makes me sad that Nugget killed Billy and the pretty Lilly 🥺
Mezzi Måned siden
Super Snoopy Vids
Super Snoopy Vids Måned siden
I would like to point out billy hasn’t died yet... Kindergarten 3 the revenge of billy!
Alex Vance
Alex Vance Måned siden
Use all red to win
King card
King card Måned siden
The hermit frog has agnises hair
Stacy Babb
Stacy Babb Måned siden
Stacy Babb
Stacy Babb Måned siden
Stacy Babb
Stacy Babb Måned siden
Tyra Kristiansen
Tyra Kristiansen 2 måneder siden
Ms.Applegate has an only fans
Isaiah The LEGO Kid
Isaiah The LEGO Kid 2 måneder siden
Maybe the snap only affects people that talk?
Ultra_Latias *
Ultra_Latias * 2 måneder siden
Nugget nugget nugget nugget he snapped twice everyone in the school turned to dust the size as lice or they got struck by the lightning from chapter 1 well here we are the end the world is done
Gamerluna 2 måneder siden
I dunno what's better : Stephanie's Nugget voice or Jack's Nugget voice. I love em both XD
B R E A D 2 måneder siden
Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker 2 måneder siden
look at stevies face after he goes boom
Rodney Lefeaux Jr
Rodney Lefeaux Jr 2 måneder siden
Mollie Siclair
Mollie Siclair 2 måneder siden
There are probably 5 kindergarten games there's 3 more to go and at the end you might be the one to stop nugget
Jayden's Toy Review
Jayden's Toy Review 2 måneder siden
you mean grade 1
drywaldo 2 måneder siden
when was dis?
Dabo2321993 2 måneder siden
if there's no ms applegate in kindergarten 3 i think there will be a riot on gtlive :D
SAMASU Mecha-Form
SAMASU Mecha-Form 2 måneder siden
26:53 Dark Magician From Yu-Gi-Oh
SAMASU Mecha-Form
SAMASU Mecha-Form 2 måneder siden
40:19 50:00
Joshua Hemme
Joshua Hemme 2 måneder siden
billy did not die.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora 2 måneder siden
Is there a 3rd
Chrissy Okeefe
Chrissy Okeefe 2 måneder siden
OK this is kind a like Pokémon bite their monsters
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida 2 måneder siden
characters in the endings she survives be like :congratulations you won the game may i congratulate you clap clap clap
Jordan Venegas
Jordan Venegas 2 måneder siden
Matpat: I'm bad at card games. Me: (The sound of unleashing slivers).
Danger_Scoops 2 måneder siden
I dont think that the "Thugget" ending was the true ending because it did not switch days. Personally I think that the true ending will always have you switch days and they did not make you switch days because they are not sure if they are going to make a 3rd game.
Susannah dai
Susannah dai 2 måneder siden
What about Billy. Billy is also alive.
Nova-Gacha Studios
Nova-Gacha Studios 2 måneder siden
Oreo_Overlord_70 2 måneder siden
Penny pulled a Peter Parker saying I’m scared I don’t wanna go
Harold Cornish
Harold Cornish 2 måneder siden
Harold Cornish
Harold Cornish 2 måneder siden
Hannah Fenn
Hannah Fenn 2 måneder siden
The Principal is Deadpool. Deadpool: Go home sugar bear, go home Principal: Go home Stevie, just go home
The Wild Side
The Wild Side 2 måneder siden
Nugget left billy but killed lily
The Wild Side
The Wild Side 2 måneder siden
Theory if you fade away then it's a good or semi good character or if lightning then bad or semi bad
The Wild Side
The Wild Side 2 måneder siden
Agnes is the easiest go beat nugget is the hardest to beat
Ben P
Ben P 2 måneder siden
misses applegate i dont feel so good
Kid Corner
Kid Corner 2 måneder siden
“Who needs Zoom technology” Umm... Who’s gonna tell him?
jason reynolds
jason reynolds 2 måneder siden
Nugget: (collects all the monstermon cards ), me: game theory logo in 50 years
Gaze SpiritREW
Gaze SpiritREW 2 måneder siden
49:02 Oh my Matthew how DARE you?!?!?!?
Tylor N Potvin
Tylor N Potvin 3 måneder siden
Attack on biscuit -
Attack on biscuit - 3 måneder siden
Matt should play "I became a dog" for there next game like this "I became a dog just reminds me of "kindergarten"
Randomness Fox
Randomness Fox 3 måneder siden
Kind of spoilers if you've never watched I guess: I've been rewatching gtlive videos, especially these, and I've noticed a lot of stuff. Namely that it seems like the thanos snap isn't the only reference at the final route. What happens after that seems a lot like the end of ready or not, the horror comedy movie..
darkpandispljessi star
darkpandispljessi star 3 måneder siden
Nugget : Break 4 Wall * me: Dont break The 4 wall in the halls
Sebastian Bălșanu
Sebastian Bălșanu 3 måneder siden
Carmela DS
Carmela DS 3 måneder siden
Nugget killed pretty Lilly....
The banana Who makes gachas
The banana Who makes gachas 3 måneder siden
Calculated risks are mistakes waiting to happen
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke 3 måneder siden
Benathan Saxophone
Benathan Saxophone 3 måneder siden
nuggets deck is red because he bled all over it
skontjie 3 måneder siden
i never heard mat say a no no word XD
NUR UMAIRA MAISARA BINTE RAHMAT student 3 måneder siden
funny that nugget is the most important character...
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