Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Bird Box

Cathleen Kralik
Cathleen Kralik Time siden
Well if ur inside you don't have to leave the blind fold on
BlindGirl UK
BlindGirl UK 2 timer siden
*laughs in blind*
josh manloloyo
josh manloloyo 11 timer siden
In Choate
In Choate 21 time siden
0:14 **matpat spells the alphabet**
愛されている天使顔 23 timer siden
Wait what if someone was blind?
•Łučký - Ãlěx•
•Łučký - Ãlěx• 23 timer siden
The last time i saw you was you were making fnaf theories-
Mike Yim
Mike Yim Dag siden
sounds kinda like the SCP shy guy because you can't look at him but it kinda isn't killing you physically so I don't know
Avryl Fernandez
Avryl Fernandez Dag siden
I love when u say "we'll send another posility to the shredder" 😂😂 I was laughing really hard.
Jhustin Playz
Jhustin Playz Dag siden
Is that terraria?
Snoob Dag siden
its just alternate universe SCP-096
steve Jones
steve Jones Dag siden
you said most people commit suiside so are depressed people are imune as wall as the crimanaly insaine
The Mammoth
The Mammoth Dag siden
I hate horror movies I love film theories I hate my life *i love Cthulhu*
swirly pizza
swirly pizza Dag siden
Logan Paul taking of his blindfold when he realizes there’s a bunch of corpses
"i will make that video in a week" me in 2020= i dont think so
WestFuze Dag siden
Kurama isn’t chinese
Princess Keziah Faderan
Princess Keziah Faderan 2 dager siden
now i freaking knoooow. ugh! :
Justin Kam
Justin Kam 2 dager siden
Omg isn't one of the drawings the cursed god from escape the night?
Zacharias * zach *
Zacharias * zach * 2 dager siden
it is the wind
Ethan Pierce Bondick
Ethan Pierce Bondick 2 dager siden
People with sight: Dies seeing it Blind people: You have no power
Banjo Cubing
Banjo Cubing 3 dager siden
The only problem is that's not how we view the rapture as working but it's a good theory nonetheless
Banjo Cubing
Banjo Cubing 3 dager siden
According to our faith only those who are saved will be in heaven it's common misconception that it's good works that get us there but it's not. Take a look at the thief that died on the cross next to Jesus (the left one). With you being a scientist I dare you to examine the Christian faith and see what you think yourself about it. That would be awesome!
Weeb life is nice UwU
Weeb life is nice UwU 3 dager siden
Wow ö
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 3 dager siden
Once they have 2 movies where you Can't speak and one where you can't See they need to make one where you Can't hear. Just like the saying speak see or hear no evil
Fikir Melku
Fikir Melku 3 dager siden
theres a flaw in this story as christ will only let those who follows god will, meaning that the people that die from the thing have to be christen, to go to heaven you have to share the gospel have a narrowed mind and more
Astra 3 dager siden
I lost it at "Octopus Jesus" 🤣🤣🤣
Μαρία-Ειρήνη Σιδέρη
Μαρία-Ειρήνη Σιδέρη 3 dager siden
ENT Primarina
ENT Primarina 4 dager siden
Who remembers when this movie was relevant for like a week
NovaDestry 3 dager siden
Didn't see it till just today
Hannah Kamer
Hannah Kamer 4 dager siden
i just screamed "OH MY GOD ITS CTHULHU"
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 4 dager siden
Why is this my favorite Mat Pat intro.
Kyng 4 dager siden
One thing that suports this theory is that the Biblically Accurate Angels are denomined something that you can't understand, search for some images. They look a lot like something you would freak out if you see them irl.
Faze Nee-Chan
Faze Nee-Chan 4 dager siden
Wait so does that mean the Puca is the horse from the Barclays adverts?
Ryan Lai
Ryan Lai 4 dager siden
No one: Not even a single soul: 13 million people: interesting 🤔
Zincc 5 dager siden
Avenegers music 10:05 - 10:08
Lhenzkie tolentino
Lhenzkie tolentino 5 dager siden
What about the blind people Will they die or not?-
Oni! 5 dager siden
the image has 8 tails instead of 9
Juan Gabriel Lopez
Juan Gabriel Lopez 5 dager siden
Is matpat christian or agnostic Im pretty sure i try to search but didn't see results | | | like if his christian 👇 dislike if his agnostic
Elf 5 dager siden
It's a enderman
Jerry Whidby
Jerry Whidby 5 dager siden
Suicide is not a sin. Look it up. I grew up believing that too, but it's not true.
The Crew
The Crew 5 dager siden
Him: in the moment of this elephant nose…. Me: You gonna get to the point I just wanna know what the freaking monster is you don’t Want to wait 20 freaking minutes I just wanna figure it out Who else is with me
Lani Gacha
Lani Gacha 5 dager siden
I thought it was slenderman (I didnt watch the video first so I will confirm if this stupid comment is real) Nope
KAY Le 5 dager siden
Everyone: wow, I never thought of those theories! Me: hol' up- why's his kitchen upstairs??
Bev Moleno
Bev Moleno 5 dager siden
Brenda Renee
Brenda Renee 5 dager siden
Maybe if the monster looked in a mirror or saw it own reflection???
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing 5 dager siden
Hey this sounds an awful lot like Glitchtrap 1. Jeremy, the guy who cut off his own face, is someone we can safely say was driven mad. 2. Vanny was left under his control when she survived being mind attacked by him. 3. Mimicking people is definitely not out of his power, considering he could just easily take them over, too. 4. Very few people know what he actually looks like, as he quickly escaped his game and moved into the mind of the tester.
george tsirkas
george tsirkas 6 dager siden
What if the monster was nyarlathotep.He is related to Cthulhu and could also take any form he chose
Jason Deptawa
Jason Deptawa 6 dager siden
@The Film Theorists I love your videos. I want to note that the picture you used for the "Call of Cthulu" book is actually an image from the book "The Red Dragon" By Thomas Harris. Keep up the great work
HORANGHAE 6 dager siden
0:20 u cut of your hand but its still there
Jack 6 dager siden
The meaning of the meek shall inherit the earth has changed. Meek used to mean those who have swords and know how to use them but keep them sheathed shall internet the earth.
Niemand 6 dager siden
*laughs in Enderman*
Krisi I Marti Neev
Krisi I Marti Neev 6 dager siden
On Netflix Bayblade Burst And Bayblade Burst Turbo is Da Best
Tide Pod
Tide Pod 6 dager siden
How to survive this monster Step 1: be the cameraman
Gvnj G
Gvnj G 3 dager siden
Or be blinded
Kim JOJO 6 dager siden
The monster was thr scp-096.
Federico Gheduzzi
Federico Gheduzzi 7 dager siden
14:14 matpat predicted marbula 1 season 2 (listen to the music)
steve minecraft
steve minecraft 7 dager siden
Me: **looks at birdbox** Also me: wait... Is that a mirror?
Cubing Adventures
Cubing Adventures 13 timer siden
Underrated comment
Ligia 7 dager siden
I haven't finished the vid yet but imma say its Bill frickin Cipher
kiing 8 dager siden
I thought it was the "bible accurate angels"
Hailey Wong
Hailey Wong 8 dager siden
Ur lucky if your blind
Peckin Duck
Peckin Duck 8 dager siden
Tentacle face just reminded me of Count the ways
ZayKelly 473
ZayKelly 473 8 dager siden
Anybody know the music on 8:02??
Commanding 8 dager siden
Little did matpat know the monster was actually a circle
21savage Goode
21savage Goode 8 dager siden
It’s wind
Am not Genji main
Am not Genji main 8 dager siden
Lee Sin: Listen guys, I can explain- Joker: you aren't insane? Blinded psychopath: you have sight or sanity? Green Lantern: You guys can't have both?
*Ana-belle* 8 dager siden
This is practically an enderman
SwaggyBird 2 dager siden
@*Ana-belle* Understandable, have a great day
*Ana-belle* 3 dager siden
@SwaggyBird it's not like I'm an expert at minecraft, sorry
SwaggyBird 3 dager siden
No idea. They don't like being looked at UP CLOSE. They can still be seen from a safe distance.
Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl 8 dager siden
This years Rapture is brought to you by Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath.
Mehboob Ahmed Khalid
Mehboob Ahmed Khalid 9 dager siden
dab dab dabs
Royal Eagle
Royal Eagle 9 dager siden
Maybe it's the scp monster the shy guy but nerfed
MJX OCHOA 9 dager siden
The monsters special ability :MANGEKYOU SHARRINGAN 👁👁
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309 9 dager siden
Everyone: making jokes abt blind people cant see Me: im not blind but i sleep
Yasir popo
Yasir popo 9 dager siden
to the person who said "what if the monster looked at itself" it wouldn't die because its stronger than humans and it can actually take its own look
Aradhana S Kumar
Aradhana S Kumar 10 dager siden
the monster is probably slenderman because if you look at slenderman you dead BUT slenderman can also control people
Jet Lamb
Jet Lamb 10 dager siden
Why can we look but they can’t.🤔
Frazix Gaming
Frazix Gaming 10 dager siden
But it’s like a ninja or something
dragontrainer 900
dragontrainer 900 10 dager siden
I think it's a normal cthulu
Toms Licis
Toms Licis 10 dager siden
The next theory channel shoud be space theory
jame424 10 dager siden
i think you forgot to say its prob god a cluthu because it says '' when the five days of darkness comes you will hear your loved ones shouting to open up or let me in.'' or something like that
Stories with Starr
Stories with Starr 11 dager siden
Octopus Jesus! Lol
Vlogger_10201 11 dager siden
search up "biblically accurate angels" and then the pictures that were drawn by Gary in the movie will make sense.
Manual Lopez
Manual Lopez 11 dager siden
kk i am done i can only see 8:00 minutes lol
WittenTheKitten 11 dager siden
Also he can immatate voices
WittenTheKitten 11 dager siden
could it be siren head
Sohail Jaswar
Sohail Jaswar 11 dager siden
Irish Intro Alliteration: my english teacher is gonna be proud
Emerson Obordo Jr
Emerson Obordo Jr 11 dager siden
The bird box monster was like a baby-faced monster with a bulbous, vein-covered head, swollen ears, no teeth, and a snake-like body meant to be created using CGI, the creature is what Malorie would have seen in a nightmarish scene that was ultimately scrapped from the final cut of Bird.The film depicts its unseen creatures as supernatural, in one way or another, with an ability to drive insane anyone who sets eyes upon them. It's the same effect triggered in Lovecraft's stories by 'Cthulhu' and all the 'Great Old Ones.
Emerson Obordo Jr
Emerson Obordo Jr 11 dager siden
I watched this movie many many times
Suprised Pikachu
Suprised Pikachu 11 dager siden
what if it was scp 069 or shuy guy just had telekinetic powers or something
Frenchwarthog1 11 dager siden
lets just hope this isn't what 2021 is gonna be like. If 2020 is allready this bad, this is probably the next worse thing :(
Anton Harrits-Nielsen
Anton Harrits-Nielsen 11 dager siden
I might sound silly, but what if the monster shows them the schoking truth of the meaning of life, and that is to much of a weight to carry.
TheWolfsJustAPup 11 dager siden
Ok look i love this theory but it's just that Cthulhu only sends people insane but doesn't make them commit suicide
OneStepBack 11 dager siden
MatPat: *cuts off arm* Also MatPat: OooOhhH... Tis but a scratch.
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309 9 dager siden
Me getting papercut last year: AHHH&HHHHHHHH Me bleeding this year: i feel nothing
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 11 dager siden
No no no no Dragon can't be bothered be because only marine lives matter. To Cthulhu we're like frog eggs are to baby yoda. But cthulhu had a mindectomy so he sleeps, and you should be thankful that he sleeps perfect sentiment for Thanksgiving I think that's a wrap. Edit: Radiation would get closer but still not be perfect. Did you say rubber because cthulhu is described as being made of plasma maybe I need to read up a little more but I'm sticking with plasma for now. In the cthulhu mythos it says no spell is cast people just go crazy when they look at or think about him too long. A sky scraper sized being made out of plasma sounds like it involves a high amount of energy and anytime you have lots of energy in one place in our world you have some form of radiation spilling off from it. I'm not super well read on radiation but losing track of time is a potential side effect of exposure that's a significant way in which someone is losing control of their mental facilities so i wouldn't rule it out that they could lose control in other ways. I see no reason why it couldn't be refinded and focused so that sterility and sloping off flesh and hair and eventual fatality less likely as results of short term exposure. Maybe the horrifying abominations that you see are the criminally insane wielders of whatever is emanating this radiation thats causing the insanity and its affected them physically. Maybe reason is compromised for every one but the horrifying sight of a severely fucked up radiation victim smiling at you like a televangelist is the final push for you to either embrace the beauty of chaos or seek the absolution of death.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 7 dager siden
I just realized that it auto corrected dagon to dragon but I'm leaving it in
Dekota Rhodes
Dekota Rhodes 11 dager siden
No actually Northwood Is an elementary school
Daniel Longpre
Daniel Longpre 12 dager siden
Props for all the research for that video but really i think the author didn't think that far and just did the artist thing where you die with a secret and people make theories about your book for generations even though there is no answer to start with. The main plot point is left to the reader's interpretation (or viewer's in this case). It hits all the point for critiques as well even though it leaves the audience confused. In the end it makes for good analysis like this and hours of fun theorizing with friends!
mooglemania 12 dager siden
You call them criminals at some point, but forget that they're criminally insane. Perhaps their brains are just more pliant as they're presumably undergoing therapy and counselling and that's why they reacted differently to infinity/Cthulhu monsters or whatever. What to other people looks like insanity, to them might seem like something they can comprehend. Something 'sane'. To others, a monster, to them, a saviour.
Carmelo Mallari
Carmelo Mallari 12 dager siden
People in bird box when they see someone die: oh what's that I'm gonna die ok👌
Mr FiniBoi
Mr FiniBoi 12 dager siden
Anyone else notice he had a swastika in his glasses at 4:12....
bed soar bear
bed soar bear 12 dager siden
It's not a monster. The movie tells you what it is.
tommyZ _YTgaming
tommyZ _YTgaming 12 dager siden
To cthullu is part of this then
Ruby Sunn
Ruby Sunn 12 dager siden
How to survive Bird Box easily: *Gouge out your eyes.*
SansFighterX Yeet
SansFighterX Yeet 13 dager siden
The monster:If you look at me you die The blind kid:I AM INVINCIBLE,INVINCIBLE
banana Studios
banana Studios 13 dager siden
What of the monster is a simple gas a bio wepin
Funtime Candy
Funtime Candy 13 dager siden
Guys we are on day 250 of quarantine This comment was written on November 22 btw
Kay MHC 13 dager siden
Has anyone else ever thought about how they might know him exactly who he is at movie theaters bc of what he does
Mint Éclairs
Mint Éclairs 13 dager siden
I just got Netflix and I just finished this movie. Now I can finally, finally watch this episode!!!!
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