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Asmongold Reacts to Nubkeks breakdown of Shadowlands Pre-Patch best Specs and classes based on DPS and Healing (Tier List)...
Original Video: nopost.info/throw/tLujqZjf12eSesU/video (BEST SPECS in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch! // World of Warcraft: Shadowlands)
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[Demon Hunter (DH)]: Havoc and Vengeance
[Death Knight (DK)]: Blood, Frost and Unholy
[DRUID]: Balance, Feral, Guardian and Restoration
[HUNTER]: Marksmanship, Beast Mastery and Survival
[MAGE]: Arcane, Fire and Frost
[MONK]: Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker
[PALADIN]: Holy, Protection and Retribution
[PRIEST]: Discipline, Holy and Shadow
[ROUGE]: Assassination, Outlaw and Subtlety
[SHAMAN]: Elemental, Enhancement and Resoration
[WARLOCK]: Affliction, Demonology and Destruction
[WARRIOR]: Arms, Fury and Protection
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Ma nem Jeff
Ma nem Jeff 10 timer siden
Lmao he says thank god for DH being nerved but complains about his spec not being op even though its not as bad as DH
Jeremy Queen
Jeremy Queen 2 dager siden
So he’s a guy that’s only happy if everything is going his way? How tf did I get here?
nicole dalotto
nicole dalotto 2 dager siden
Is arms still better than fury rn?
The Titan Soul
The Titan Soul 2 dager siden
Solution for warriors, "GET GUD!!!! GET A PET!!!!". 😎
d0vla Gameing
d0vla Gameing 3 dager siden
Why do you even cry about warior ,all classes how you say need nerf except warior for him need perma buff Shure . And when fucking war tank do more dmg with one spell on aoe then some medium dps on bfa that was balanced ..... Why all time in any expansion need war to be on top 5dps
Narf 2
Narf 2 3 dager siden
Pretty depressing that a warrior can get his arse kicked by a sneaky boi.
Josh Ambler
Josh Ambler 3 dager siden
🤣🤣 nawww so sad but hey imagine being a windwalker monk being awesome at dps only to have them change to be forever crap 🤔
Dolled 4 dager siden
i have a warrior and im really suffering on 1v1
Knightmxre 4 dager siden
its funny to look back at this video and see how much damage the classes are actually doing. sub rogue being number 1 by a lot.
sidewalk sidewalk
sidewalk sidewalk 4 dager siden
eyebrows bladestorm
Mike Stock
Mike Stock 5 dager siden
Reacting to dps rankings less than a week after launch? LOL
enrique navarro
enrique navarro 5 dager siden
This patch is for shadow priest.
enrique navarro
enrique navarro 5 dager siden
I feel bad for the warrior, my favorite class.🙁
Gary Gates
Gary Gates 5 dager siden
Happy I got my shadow lands refund! Right on!
Trever Oliver
Trever Oliver 5 dager siden
Them eye brows be goin craaaza lol
Victor Martins
Victor Martins 6 dager siden
Funny how his eyebrows follow his mouth when he speaks.
Stuart McMIllan
Stuart McMIllan 6 dager siden
Your eyebrows need locking up 🤣
Nick Regeling
Nick Regeling 8 dager siden
Damn asmon dude control ya eyebrows, they acting like a wild rodeo, when Pilav sit on ya face even he will get thrown off....
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 10 dager siden
wow is for nick gars
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 10 dager siden
what an ugly fart face (both)
El Ner
El Ner 11 dager siden
Now I remember why I cant stand watching this douchebag
Hugheszie 11 dager siden
I mained feral in legion and was an absolute god... now I never login to that toon. :( however I healed as a disc priest so that’s fine I’ll carry on.
Blake Sagdalen
Blake Sagdalen 11 dager siden
it's going to be the same old thing.... classes will get nerfed and buffed after a few updates.
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 11 dager siden
This was a fun video, yes.
destro807 12 dager siden
I love you! Hilarious!
B Cristian
B Cristian 12 dager siden
those rankings can't be accurate, ret is definitely lower... shit like in every expansion, can ret get a fucking expansion where it's not the candy free mmr in arenas fucking blizz? just give it some damn mobility every ret out there asked for it and it just got damage and then nerfed that it has less damage than in BFA ffs! just give it some mobility god dammit it's depressing when you pop wings everyone runs away when wings pass everyone is back to pummel you.
legendary righteous
legendary righteous 12 dager siden
its in the bottom and it should stay where it belongs... on the bottom
Sin Basa
Sin Basa 12 dager siden
No one likes getting nerfed after being op for so long.
Don't Worry about it
Don't Worry about it 13 dager siden
fury deserves to be on the bottom after t21 but that low is a bit much arms needs to be HIGHER. Its been shafted and overshadowed for YEARS by fury until 8.3 and it was corruption carrying the spec. The very MOMENT that someone finds a build to fix the rage starvation of arms, without losing any dps is the moment that arms becomes king amongst all other specs
HyperVideoGames 13 dager siden
QQ all the time, i just wanted to find out the DPS metters so I went to that guys video lol
Sinogy 13 dager siden
You, idiots, give money every month for a game that is not balanced until the near end of an expansion at best case scenario. The saddest part is that this is seen as a norm for years.
Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry 14 dager siden
Yet again Frost DK's get the fucking shaft.....GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BLIZZARD!!! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!
Osamu Dazai
Osamu Dazai 14 dager siden
Asmon Salty AF over how much better UH DKs are
Felipe Demes
Felipe Demes 14 dager siden
Still time to change class!! hahahahahahahaha
David Lugassi
David Lugassi 15 dager siden
i thought you know your shit .... ofc most dmg of BM it's by the pet.,..... thats the all idea of BM
Clément P.
Clément P. 15 dager siden
mate why are you so angry
Ezra Rocco
Ezra Rocco 15 dager siden
warriors are big fat and shitty lmao
jesse spence
jesse spence 15 dager siden
Rogues and warriors can go get fucked is what this comes down to.
Przemysław Mańk
Przemysław Mańk 16 dager siden
3 MELEE classes i've played since start of wotlk(enh, retri, wotlk[ofc from pandaria]) are shits xD only ele can save me
Greg D
Greg D 16 dager siden
i guess azmon feels what its like to be a shammy main for years.
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 16 dager siden
i miss legion feral so fun
ViciousBond 16 dager siden
I will say this dude is probably one of the funniest youtubers i watch
Rene Bock
Rene Bock 17 dager siden
Asmongold is quick to bitch when his class gets nerfed, but is happy as fuck about the demon hunters lol.
CamodaBeast 17 dager siden
I was a mythic plus last night with a fury warrior he was top dps by far! It was weird because I thought all the corruption were gone but his #1 damage was the gushing wounds
Burak K
Burak K 17 dager siden
I dont understand bilizzard they forgot my warrior in dps meter
Lunakai_ 18 dager siden
Damn good thing I play prot warrior.... No damage there anyways 😂
Slobodan Nikolic
Slobodan Nikolic 18 dager siden
love watch you being angry
Michał Synowiec
Michał Synowiec 18 dager siden
Fereals ToT
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 19 dager siden
Woah so angry
Generator ABR
Generator ABR 19 dager siden
Can you finally retire from social media please lol kthxbai
White 20 dager siden
his eye brows live their own life
joeycrow 20 dager siden
When you have 3 of the top 5 dps specs ready to go. SL is gonna be sick.
20000plus Rpm
20000plus Rpm 21 dag siden
Jeebus christ they nerfed the absolute hell out of sub rogue, it used to be S-Tier in the beta (i know beta means nothing but still T.T)
Xamiakass 21 dag siden
first and foremost... warriors were are and will be meatshields. that is literally their purpose in life. calm your nipples, miss :D *hugs his boomkin* not the top dps? who cares.. i'll ninja through the bits i don't want to fight, then boom the living anima out of those i need/want to and will heal my feathered butt in between and/or during the fight. BOOMkin, baby! :DDDD asmon, reroll time, baby :D asmon's feeling how vanilla fire mages felt when they started messing up fire mages :D and no.. arcane got good AFTER tbc. in tbc (hellfire citadel), arc fire was top by damdest far :D hell, stack the scorch debuffs and simply anihilate anything thrown at you with those ridiculous crits and afterburns :D
AmazinglyGayPhil 22 dager siden
Warriors are Trash. Won't make a difference for Asmon.
Sean Avila
Sean Avila 22 dager siden
You guys like listening to this guy? lol
Ezaxkiel The Fallen
Ezaxkiel The Fallen 22 dager siden
Poor kid.....cry me a river!
Fernando Soberano
Fernando Soberano 22 dager siden
Lol. This is funny. Why get mad? Just adapted
Steven Blancher
Steven Blancher 23 dager siden
Low at start of xpac, rediculously OP at end of xpac. Pretty tried and true. Prolly some crazy loot in last tier.
Sammysapphire 23 dager siden
I can't believe people still look at arbitrary charts and rankings instead of just looking at logs themselves.. looking at all bosses doesn't say anything.
Alonso De Regil
Alonso De Regil 23 dager siden
I quited wow years ago because warriors are constantly trashy. Rogues used to be easy with macros and stance dancing in wrath of the lich king, that and Mortal Strike was the only reward i was getting in PVP to get arena master, since then nothing got better, warriors are cluncky and dependant of baby sitting and that is the way blizzard want them to be.
Zarchov 23 dager siden
8:33 lol tru
Jeremy Kingston
Jeremy Kingston 23 dager siden
Seek help.
Feileri K
Feileri K 23 dager siden
I don't get this I WANT TO BE OVERPOWERED! Mentality... Why can't we have fair and balanced classes so I can play the one I want instead what is good?
PurpleTylenol 24 dager siden
Why does it feel like everything that happens just HAVE to suit Asmongold? like he is the ultimate judge of everything that happens, and what he doesnt like gotta be seen as some trash, automatically?
Yorashy 24 dager siden
fuck warriros, what about feral druids?
DrOinkman 24 dager siden
Fury warrior: wield 2 giant weapons and swing them around like a madman and someone shooting an arrow from behind deals more damage, people stabbing giant monsters with daggers do more. seems legit.
Javi 25 dager siden
First of all, I'm main fury warrior. However, I can't understand why people lose it with this things. This dps meters are based on the first raid (I think) which is notably for ranged dps. Even if this chart makes it with almost no changes through the patches, what does it matter? If you love your main and your classe, just fucking play it! Yeah, maybe you can't go hardcore, I understand, but you can still pretty decent gear and eventually get really far. Just enjoy your class, guys. This is just my opinion, btw. Don't go all hate on me now xD
Seb Bou
Seb Bou 26 dager siden
Asmond's eyebrows are the reason his hairline was devastated.
Ryan Hoseth
Ryan Hoseth 26 dager siden
It kind of hurts watching this guy. So disconnected and clueless.
Darth Sithis
Darth Sithis 26 dager siden
my Frost DK .... :( whyyyyyyyyyyy they deserve better than this dammit
Dariuzcm 26 dager siden
Man , I've dreaming with a priest dps holy making holy dps since long time ago and this is the closest , think about it, if a feral druid can tank ando dps, why don't a holy priest dps?
Tishtishaka 27 dager siden
Not trying to be bash on ya by any means and I love your content and watch your stream quite often... But why are you getting so upset, crying over being lower on the DPS rankings this expansion? I think you've just been spoiled as a warrior class over the years and blessed with high DPS... Try playing an ele/enhance shaman as a main. More often than not, we're always one of the lowest DPS classes. I play my Shaman because I love the class and the style play and not once ever really bitched about the "DPS Rankings". You finally get a taste of being on the lower end of the spectrum and you get all butt-hurt.
Amin DragonSlayer
Amin DragonSlayer 27 dager siden
So that's why sylvanas beat bolvar!!! he respeced to frost...
Vykyng Blå
Vykyng Blå 27 dager siden
Top answer your question, Arcane was last #1 during Cata, when you could nuke spam arcane missiles, and had like 3 buttons to mash.
HueLOLHue 28 dager siden
You'll be bottom of the meters regardless.
Kevin Ki
Kevin Ki 28 dager siden
kinda was hoping warrior be more down on the list
98Bones 29 dager siden
I was a feral main, he's talking about his class being at the bottom
hvd iv
hvd iv 29 dager siden
Class balance is gone on retail wow.
TheDementor64 29 dager siden
This guy cracks me up. I love it.
Kasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen 29 dager siden
Druids are struggling in everything :P
Nathan Greaves
Nathan Greaves 29 dager siden
the fact that this dude even gets views tells me people probably just missclick that shit... after watching this clown for 5minutes i already hate him, his eyebrows piss me off and he acts like a salty child... really? watching these videos for 20+ minutes HECK no.
PoeTatoe 29 dager siden
I think the best thing to do is mix up things from patch to patch so that every class can get highlighted from time to time... I know that all this is subject to change if it didn't already, but it'd be cool to see the underdogs shine from time to time. Make it a rotation, you know?
michael wolejszo
michael wolejszo 29 dager siden
Vilkas Måned siden
that dps meter means nothing you can be the last one and beat the first one easy
Rusty S
Rusty S Måned siden
At the bottom? Welcome to ret paladin life.
MrTacitGrunt Måned siden
This list is off, SV hunter is one of the best melee DPS, get real
itbearmi Måned siden
about time Shadow Priests got some loving. They've been unplayable for at least two expansions...
Bodycounter Måned siden
Shadow Priest already got nerfed and will get further nerfs. Blizzard would never allow them to be the number 1 spot in terms of damage. On top of that: He said at the beginning that it's Shadowlands toolkit combined with BFAs borrowed powers. This gives zero insight how they will perform on level 60.
Mardus Venter
Mardus Venter Måned siden
They should nerf those eye brows.
Daniel stubbs
Daniel stubbs Måned siden
your warrior days are done .the end
A Lounge Moogle
A Lounge Moogle Måned siden
Game has been out for 16 years and Blizzard has never been able to properly balance it.
Thewestisthebest Måned siden
thats what happens when you make changes every patch, and nearly revamp every xpac
Gaming for adults Adults only
Gaming for adults Adults only Måned siden
Well was gonna come back but when my main is at the bottom as a fury warrior I’m like wtf. Just fuck wow I guess I ant coming back
Amanda Valente
Amanda Valente Måned siden
That guy's eyebrows are trying to jump off of his face!
Karol Pirog
Karol Pirog Måned siden
Extremaly unbalance, hope will get fixed
Smartex Måned siden
Blizzard hate druids
Velvet Blue Productions
Velvet Blue Productions Måned siden
Damn it Pint
ionuț nedelcu
ionuț nedelcu Måned siden
Shit like "they have 3 abilities, Y does everything". That's what makes wow players limited. There I said it. I saw max geared BM hunters who were shit. Then I met mediocre geared who were exceptionally good. A class is not only about the abilities. Asmongold literally knows shit about other classes in wow. Shut tf up. And play your begginner's class
Vasich lolcode
Vasich lolcode Måned siden
Enhancement shamans cucked for another expansion. whatever ill wait for the next one then xD
Walter Orwig
Walter Orwig Måned siden
They want to be number 1...don't you want with your fury warrior.
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