CHUNKZ and DARKEST BATTLE A 6 YEAR OLD!!! | Home Schooled | Ep 1

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Måned siden
@Chunkz puts NOpostrs to the test against school kids in a variety of subjects.
Is @Darkest Man smarter than a 6 year old? Probably not...
Comment who you want to see on next time.
#footasylum #chunkz #darkestman

Serene 191
Serene 191 Måned siden
FootAsylum never fail tbh. One of the best content creators out there
Queen Iman
Queen Iman 9 dager siden
@YGMillz stfu
SereneDaGamerXD 29 dager siden
Serene you have a great name
Yoanna Simos
Yoanna Simos Måned siden
Agreed 💯
Basil Heiniger
Basil Heiniger Måned siden
dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using insta portal. Just google for it ;)
Gaming with Queen Iman
Gaming with Queen Iman 4 timer siden
Abou Diallo
Abou Diallo 23 timer siden
No 6 year old knows this . He’s just brilliant 😭
Arthur Fjeldgaard Hansen
Arthur Fjeldgaard Hansen 23 timer siden
Lets try all you guys vs 4 year old
Bryan -_-
Bryan -_- Dag siden
Wallahi this yute was reincarnated
Shaban AlSalloum
Shaban AlSalloum 3 dager siden
this kid was there during the london fires
Mr_ ShadowBan
Mr_ ShadowBan 4 dager siden
Darkest asking "r u a frog" 🤣
Faryat Mohammad
Faryat Mohammad 6 dager siden
OMG you beaten by a six 6 years old and 8 10 12 wow and gys have past your gsece but wow !
Shae Chambers
Shae Chambers 6 dager siden
maryann 7 dager siden
he’s so cute getting excited to write his points down
Khloe 9 dager siden
They defo gave hun the answers to practise so he knew cause some of these questions was a bit ❌❌
Adnane Benmazouz
Adnane Benmazouz 12 dager siden
How are these 20 yr old people not ashamed of themselves?
Agaw Liol
Agaw Liol 13 dager siden
He is so cute🥺🤭❤️❤️
Tiiso Tladi
Tiiso Tladi 13 dager siden
Filly should be part of this as well.
Abdel krim Matouti
Abdel krim Matouti 17 dager siden
Don’t be fooled they tell him the answers before.
Local Girl
Local Girl 18 dager siden
Chunkz did a good impression of a teacher. He told Fletcher to “Jot” down his point 😂😂😂 If any of you dont know, a lot of teachers use the word “Jot” so i thought it was funny but thats just my opinion
Local Girl
Local Girl 18 dager siden
9:13 He had double math then double frog 😂😂😂
Local Girl
Local Girl 18 dager siden
Darkest in general looks funny looking 😂😂😂 Btw, I love darkest and his content
Sonia Hampton
Sonia Hampton 18 dager siden
They should do this but with ksi verses a kid lol
Robert Andrews Ofosu-Adoo
Robert Andrews Ofosu-Adoo 18 dager siden
Forget about the answers... the kid can troll 😂😂😂
philip agyapong
philip agyapong 19 dager siden
He actually had banter too 😂😂😂
Zaeden Thijssen
Zaeden Thijssen 19 dager siden
I dare chunkz to go against this 6 tear old chunkz would lose
Timothy Tobin
Timothy Tobin 19 dager siden
16:30 had me dyinggg
James Lewis
James Lewis 19 dager siden
Asking for brain of a 6 year old, that’s low
faisal afridi
faisal afridi 19 dager siden
Need filly on this 😂😂😂😂😂
Arsema Biniam
Arsema Biniam 19 dager siden
I’m done man said pigeons can’t fly😂😂😂😂
Joanna Abe
Joanna Abe 19 dager siden
3:04 Mikes has got me cackling “We’ll see about that sunshine”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Grace Koki
Grace Koki 20 dager siden
I love how chunkz keeps reminding each one of them he is just 6 years old by asking the adorable cute boy, - and how old are you😂
Skidz Ha
Skidz Ha 20 dager siden
Darkest is too funny man 😂😂
Skidz Ha
Skidz Ha 20 dager siden
They teach you about the great fire like year 5 no?😂
rynnai emmanuel
rynnai emmanuel 20 dager siden
It’s not an embarrassment it’s a set up😂😂 y’all won’t allow a little to lose just say det
Sabzs A
Sabzs A 21 dag siden
Omg Mike is killing Me 🤣🤣🤣
Scott Sapcariu
Scott Sapcariu 21 dag siden
The untidy rifle additionally own because front typically pump atop a parsimonious periodical. plausible, magical sprout
Tax Poulos
Tax Poulos 21 dag siden
The laugh of that kid
Tax Poulos
Tax Poulos 21 dag siden
I can answer them but in Greek
G6 Vidz
G6 Vidz 21 dag siden
Man like Einstein’s great great great great great great great grandson
G6 Vidz
G6 Vidz 21 dag siden
“Are u a frog”🤣🤣🤣😭 “can u chat to Frogz”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 darkest is a legend
G6 Vidz
G6 Vidz 21 dag siden
Mikes comedy is DUMBBB
Rancorxus 21 dag siden
“double math then double frog” 😂
Momo Mathebula
Momo Mathebula 22 dager siden
I want my kids to have the attitude and confidence that this boy exudes😂❤️!
robert hardwick
robert hardwick 22 dager siden
Should defiantly have young filly on there aswell as chunks
Cabbij 23 dager siden
0:12 Damn, Darkest man bussin out the Tyrese songs yeah?
Libby Morris
Libby Morris 24 dager siden
"mans moving like its weakest link" i am dead
Yasin Adam
Yasin Adam 24 dager siden
Darkest bro he's Not Six
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed 25 dager siden
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Official Chinz
Official Chinz 25 dager siden
Oi. Fletcher's kicks are WAVY!!!
lith obaid
lith obaid 25 dager siden
very fun to watch but no way that kid is that smart, must be fake?! right ??
Zoned Out
Zoned Out 25 dager siden
Chunkz looks hella fine!!!!
Yk9 Skillzz
Yk9 Skillzz 26 dager siden
Not scripted at all
3amo 26 dager siden
Kid has the answers!!! Facts
Ayzz#DTH 26 dager siden
Bring filly to get humiliated
Ihsan Kabir
Ihsan Kabir 26 dager siden
i thought they were just mocking it during maths but then my man pulls out Samuel Peeps and cheese and wine???
Wior1k 27 dager siden
They probably give them a study guide before hand there is no way.
lisaandlena 27 dager siden
his little laugh nawhhh
Cole world
Cole world 27 dager siden
People are born with nike sweatsuit in UK
Tslavish 28 dager siden
We could be having eintseins on Nike techs in the future yk
Younes Elhamss
Younes Elhamss 28 dager siden
You speak too fast sometimes I need subtitles😂
Leon Appiagyei-atua
Leon Appiagyei-atua 28 dager siden
I honestly thought that Mike's own was bad but I am just thinking how bad Darkest and Becky's own was horrendous lol
DOA 28 dager siden
Obvs they asked his teacher for the latest topics they’ve taught
Selda R
Selda R 28 dager siden
Double maths & double frogs got me weak😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlotte Blevins
Charlotte Blevins 28 dager siden
Darkest man out here looking like the kingdom of the crystal skull and worrying about the frog kid
IbbyPlays 28 dager siden
His laugh is sooooo cuteeee💓💓
M.S 9ine
M.S 9ine 29 dager siden
She’s got a pigeon brain
Dav16th 29 dager siden
This was too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Evelina Kucinskaite
Evelina Kucinskaite 29 dager siden
The kid definitely had the answers 😂😂😂
Ilyas Nur
Ilyas Nur Måned siden
This kid is incredibly smart what has his parents fed him 😂😂
Ibrar Ahmed
Ibrar Ahmed Måned siden
The way they hit the net is so satisfying Edit: wrong video shushhh
Maisha Atiq
Maisha Atiq Måned siden
Mikes comedy darkest chunks and filly just have to do does the shoe fit
Drawing 2.0
Drawing 2.0 Måned siden
Wherrreeee did you come from 😂🤣
Freddy 66
Freddy 66 Måned siden
Yo futasylum I should be on here 6X1000 equals darkest hairline gone
Jin J
Jin J Måned siden
This is making me question my parenting skills...
SAB.A Måned siden
I bet you the kids get a 2 day head start or something. Because some of them he's saying word for word lol. Think about it, it would be a bit unfair to put a 6 year old, and risky for the show if they didn't know it too
ScRaZeX Måned siden
Get filly on this!
ScRaZeX Måned siden
I swear down the kid was einstein and reincarnated into this little kid😭😭
amyx95 Måned siden
that kid was too speedy
UzzyT Måned siden
What a quality yute 😂😂
Sami Sekkak
Sami Sekkak Måned siden
becky a baddie on god
Lindzzz Romé
Lindzzz Romé Måned siden
Why is no one speaking about Mike and Becky cause they made my DAYYY I'm dead!!!
Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds Måned siden
Don’t put LV on here
You’llbemad Plays
You’llbemad Plays Måned siden
Asking a 6 year old for brain wow
africanbellydancer101 Måned siden
9:13 looool
Tj Davis
Tj Davis Måned siden
Mikes is way too funny man he’s grown on man. Such a genuine guy!
Mizzyy Sdee
Mizzyy Sdee Måned siden
Fletcher is soooo adorable and he’s actually a genius 👏🏻 but this video was hilarious on a whole nother level 🤣🤣
#nopride Måned siden
wallahi i didnt know division until i was 10
Jeanz7 Csr
Jeanz7 Csr Måned siden
😭😭😭😭darkest omds😂😂
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Måned siden
6:07 Darkest: “When he was born u were alive and well” 😂😂😂
m __
m __ Måned siden
Fletcher’s laugh is adorable!! 😭😭😭
Antonio Pino
Antonio Pino Måned siden
Memory card in this yute😂😂
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Måned siden
Sorry huh I learnt my time tables in year 4 fully in year 4 🤣🥲🥲🥲🥲
Princess Sasha
Princess Sasha Måned siden
Fletchers laugh is so cute 😂😭🥺
OSM Vision
OSM Vision Måned siden
tooooo funny
kasim A
kasim A Måned siden
“Can I have your brain??” 😳😳
Dayyaan Stober
Dayyaan Stober Måned siden
Congrats on the W’s David Luiz
Ariana's MoOnLiGHt
Ariana's MoOnLiGHt Måned siden
The kid got fresh creeps for doing this. sign me up next
Yoanna Simos
Yoanna Simos Måned siden
“Double maths then double frog” nahhh I’m enjoying this way more than I should 😂🤦🏽
Yoanna Simos
Yoanna Simos Måned siden
“Can you chat to frogs ?” Darkest is legendary m8 🤣☠️
Citygirl 305
Citygirl 305 Måned siden
he is so cute omg🥺🥺
kanari rose
kanari rose Måned siden
“there’s a memory in this yute" 🤣🤣🤣
kanari rose
kanari rose Måned siden
it’s nice seeing mikes n becky again
Sultan Al Touqi
Sultan Al Touqi Måned siden
This six year old answered faster then when my dad left
Hibaq Isse
Hibaq Isse Måned siden
the kid won questions
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