Sebastian Vettel - The Ferrari Fable - (F1 Documentary)

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*Some parts have been removed due to the FOM blocking it.*
Full Version with no edited out parts is here:
Driving for Ferrari was Vettel's dream. Being a German driver, his idol was Schumacher and thus wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, his career at Ferrari did not completely go as planned...
This is my first large editing project so please forgive the quality :)
It was also made on shotcut - the best editing software in the world...
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Sisserou Måned siden
Thank you all for everything, liking, subscribing and commenting on the video. Let me know what you want to see next by giving suggestions here!
Skrenyx 7 dager siden
Maybe something about my favorite driver ricciardo ?
Rajat jhamat
Rajat jhamat 13 dager siden
This video is good bro well edited
Sisserou Måned siden
@Alpin Novianus at the end with the Turkish gp and seb singing in Abu Dhabi
Alpin Novianus
Alpin Novianus Måned siden
@Sisserou thank you, may i know which parts are the removed ones?
Sisserou Måned siden
@Alpin Novianus
SoloXFuRy 9 timer siden
This is hard to watch after the recent tumultuous years.
Dux Drive
Dux Drive 12 timer siden
He came in a team which changed even before he came. The team that hired him wasn't the same when he joined. This guy is a legend. He won in 2015 when Mercedes was around their peak in dominance when other hybrid engines were far from anywhere near catching up. He won in second race for Ferrari - in days when it was not imaginable. He carried the inferior 2017 car to being title contender - opposite of the favorite opinion that the 2017 was stronger. That is complete nonsense. It was not until 2018 when it was the first time that Mercedes lost pole position on a track that suited them and in normal conditions. Till 2018, no one had any chance fighting them. Vettel did. 2018 Vettel failed to the pressure on him from multiple sides. Marchioni death. Baku accident the year before, and showing weakness which strongly affected him. Pressure from Ferrari principals. Arrivabene saying on one occassion that "he needs to drive only and leave the rest to the team". The situation in Ferrari was changing. He did not had the support Schumacher had, nor he had the people to create the team Schumacher did - which I prayed and hoped ever since Vettel made debut , that one day too he will replicate what his, and mine, idol did. Sadly that never happened. Long story short - he never has had the support, the one for example Hamilton has had in Mercedes. Vettel only had advantage in 50-50 situations while Hamilton had advantage over Bottas in every situation. I cannot now mention every race where little subtle pieces were falling into Mercedes favor. Monza '18 start, Kimi locking up into T1 fighting for P1? While his teammate fights for title? Where was Ferrari management then? There were too many. Bottas was often used as blockage on road to give Hamilton the required 1-2 seconds to make undercut. Vettel had that when Ferrari had strong races, or when Vettel was evidently quicker. Never in close situations. Vettel in the end logically started making mistakes. But so did Ferrari equally. They messed up the car development in Singapore. Everyone thought Vettel should win the pole and the lap of Hamilton is one of the greatest ever - false. Hamilton had dominant car and that lap in all honesty wasn't anything special. It was the norm - for me, and for those who understand the things at deeper level. The inevitable in the end happened. Mercedes dominanted in the end the 2018 season again. Winning the war not on the track, but in the factory and in the strategies. That is a fact. Whoever has ever said that Vettel threw away the season, is simply wrong. You don't win 4 titles because you are no good under pressure, for 2 out of 4 titles that Vettel won, were won under pressure which Hamilton for one has never experienced. You cannot not drive well under pressure where 2 out of 4 titles are won after you fought back from last to place into big points of podiums. Or drive for pole when it matters most - Abu Dhabi 2010 - and go on to win without a slight mistake till the end. Haters will hate. But in my book, he is one of the greatest ever and without a single doubt, wasn't for Mercedes, undisputably the best driver in the past 15 years. Not always the quickest, but ruthless when you have to be ruthless. Pure old school racer. F1 passionate. Super quick and literally unbeatable when he has the car under him. However you cannot blame one for not delivering when you don't simply have the clues how to work around a certain car without support of a team. That has happened to both Alonso and Hamilton respectively. I will say one thing I always say: If Vettel was driving that Mercedes, F1 was going to be far more boring than it is today. If he won 9 races in row with a car his teammate has won zero, imagine what and how many he would've won in this Mercedes.
-- 13 timer siden
Vettel for me will always be my favourite f1 driver and I’m 51 years old. He’s a multi champion and not a sleazy cardboard cut out.
Bidhan Anjeev
Bidhan Anjeev 13 timer siden
Binotto just ruined Seb's career! Such a shame!
Bidhan Anjeev
Bidhan Anjeev 13 timer siden
This is so heartbreaking! 🥺
Moiz Ansari
Moiz Ansari 15 timer siden
Amazing content creation. It hurts to see how vettel thrown away 2017 a d 2018 WDC due to his clumsy and silly mistakes
infinityracing-za 20 timer siden
Lovely video, f1 is cruel at one point Hamilton didn't even have half of vettels stats. Now look
Bojan Marsetic
Bojan Marsetic Dag siden
the music is this video is so wrong.
Steven Hamer
Steven Hamer 2 dager siden
Max Verstappen. 2014 - 2021
vigilhammer 2 dager siden
Vettel love him or hate him, is one of the most down to earth racers in Formula 1
Phillip Risgaard
Phillip Risgaard 2 dager siden
Aston is the British Ferrari
Phillip Risgaard
Phillip Risgaard 2 dager siden
54:18 💔
ARC NEMISIS 2 dager siden
This is excellent,Hey can I use this and translate this into my native language (Hindi, Indian language) by doing a voice over because I want more people to know about F1 ,many till date don't know about it .We used to have F1 grand prix till 2013(Seb won it) but now we don't due to government's strange policies. If more people will know about F1,more pressure can be put on the government to bring this sport back. If you allow.
mgi 12321
mgi 12321 3 dager siden
What's the name of the piano music in the credits at the end?
Sisserou 3 dager siden
Mi Dew
Mi Dew 3 dager siden
10:32 I hear this song every day at work so when I heard it I remembered I have work in an hour. just enough time to finish this documentary
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes 3 dager siden
nice to see him destroying so much ferraris..if i was him at the end i would destroy more
Ddub1083 3 dager siden
Vettel's autobiography is going to be titled "Honestly"
Licensed 2 style
Licensed 2 style 4 dager siden
Great documentary and music. Such high hopes and a good beginning. Then the frustrations started to pile up. Watching this I can’t believe how many situations he had go against him. So many touches that he got the short end of the stick for. Incredible bad luck, being taken out several times. You make your own luck in racing sometimes and he certainly was not! So Ferrari pulled the plug and rightfully so.
Popa Matei
Popa Matei 4 dager siden
seb is so cute and no, im not gay
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 4 dager siden
What's the name of the song on 1:05:13 when Hamilton starts to speak about Vettel? @Sisserou
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 3 dager siden
@Sisserou thanks mate
Sisserou 3 dager siden
Ross Budgen Olympus
David Cedeño
David Cedeño 5 dager siden
You've done a great job! This documentary serves me, and probably some others, as a remembrance of Seb's journey at Ferrari and that everything has an explanation. I think he's ended up burned out by his expectations, the pressure upon his shoulders (he was called to overcome the deceptions from previous years) and the team's mistakes. Now is hard to tell if he'll be able to come back, but what he did in his best years shouldn't be forgotten.
Max Pavlic
Max Pavlic 5 dager siden
I got goosebumps
Max Pavlic
Max Pavlic 5 dager siden
Now Im crying lol
shanefanon 5 dager siden
I am upset with Ferrari ... My 2 favorite drivers - Alonso & Vettel - were smeared as drivers by incompetent managers and poor engineers. Shame on you Ferrari !
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 5 dager siden
That God damn German GP 2018, there was a before and after for Seb since then
Mechanically Creative
Mechanically Creative 6 dager siden
Thank God the consent was mutual, I'd hate for Ferrari to take advantage of anyone.
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 6 dager siden
Great video, very well done, never have been a fan of Seb but still is one of the best in the history and it was sad to see how he was slowly fading off in that team, I'm a McLaren follower and I strongly believe that eventually with Carlos Sainz will happen the same because is how Ferraris work they always have the need to have a clear strong number 1
rebatotem 6 dager siden
So sad that it didn't work out for him to reach a title in red. It was just the wrong time to compete against the OP Mercedes... He didn't deserve that end.
day 2 day
day 2 day 6 dager siden
God I miss these days . I hope he finds his magic again.
Henrik 7 dager siden
I really wonder what happened within the team between 2017 and Vettel loving the car and the team and having Raikkonen and then in 2018-2019 and when Ferrari got caught cheating and LeClerc joining.. I really hope we get to know someday and Vettel writes a book or something. It smells so fishy its unbeliveble. Loved Vettel since Red Bull, one of the funniest F1 drivers ever and I admire him even more today as well. I really wish him the best of luck in this season. Really great stuff mate, but please look over audio editing / mixing in future videos! I could barely hear some interviews / clips and other blasted my speakers :)
Arthur Moreira
Arthur Moreira 7 dager siden
Don't care what everyone think about what Ferrari done with him after 2018. He's still responsible for fucking with Kvyat's career for no reason whatsoever. Daniil did nothing wrong in Shangai, and Seb slowed down in the middle of Turn 3 in Russia. He caused both crashes, and blamed Kvyat just because he didn't like him. Still, I don't hope for bad things for Seb. He may be childish, but he is a 4-time world champion and deserves more than what Binotto gave him...
Sisserou 3 dager siden
See my Kvyat video as well then lol. But yeah its amazing how quickly the demoted Kvyat - dealt much harsher than what they did with Gasly - which everyone talks about and forgets him.
Graham Duensing
Graham Duensing 7 dager siden
When will you do a Seb red bull documentary?
Marcos Ascensão
Marcos Ascensão 7 dager siden
This is absolutely epic! Good job @Sisserou! Maybe you can do a "Haas, rise and fall"? Keep up the excellent masterclass like this!
Rome Meister
Rome Meister 8 dager siden
Thank you for your great work! So emotional! Brilliant work!
Graham Duensing
Graham Duensing 8 dager siden
Arrivabene was like a father in some ways to Vettel. It's beautiful the relationship the two had.
Tailspin07 8 dager siden
I cried
Nima Jalayer
Nima Jalayer 9 dager siden
fantastic !!!!!!!!!
Paul B
Paul B 10 dager siden
They would have won if they had kept Maurizio and had Sergio not passed. Pity.
Juanca Oblitas Candelario
Juanca Oblitas Candelario 10 dager siden
Grandioso seb 😧
muhammad akhtar ramadhan
muhammad akhtar ramadhan 11 dager siden
watching this after bahrain gp hits really really different :(((
Baron' S
Baron' S 11 dager siden
first of all congratulations for the video, it was great to see. I started watching formula one seeing Seb fighting with the red car and I was immediately in love with it. I'm Italian, but that's not the point. although he was different from the others, he was impulsive, he raced with his heart, he was a fan even before he was a driver, and for me this counts and will always count more than a world title, because he passed on his true passion to me. perhaps it was precisely his character who was not very forthright about him that did not convince Binotto. You made it clear in the video, since Marchionne died everything changed: Michael was his inspiration, and Seb will be mine. The rider with the most class on the grid, one of the few teammates Kimi has loved in his career (and that says a lot). I will talk to my children about Sebastian Vettel. I have never cheered a driver because I believe you should cheer on a team, but the one with number 5 will always have a special place inside me. “ Grazie Ragazzi “ ... Grazie Sebastian ❤️
Vaibhav Sataji
Vaibhav Sataji 12 dager siden
Really great work 👍❤️
Vaibhav Sataji
Vaibhav Sataji 12 dager siden
1.22.30 full of emotions 🥺🥺
Rajat jhamat
Rajat jhamat 13 dager siden
Those f**kers who were saying seb was so furious after max didn't let him pass after illigal overtake 2016 monaco he was holding him for more than 3 laps what would you want him to do to watch and lose position to ric thats what you wanted and also rb also said to max to stay where he is which was not good and if say this was childish go watch 2021 bahrain gp... Max vs ham
Rajat jhamat
Rajat jhamat 13 dager siden
I think they gave him red coloured haas in 2020 that spined so much without traction i was so crying from the heart the man who put all his heart to devote to his team and they give him fuckin shitbox as a fairwell i think he deserved a lot which ferrari failed to give him if you say red bull do 1 2 driver you are wrong ferrari is doing this for more than 2 to 3 decades and they always throw their drivers away without choice this is just fuckin wrong in 2020 they were using seb to hold back the cars behind charles and were not updating his car not listening to his feedbacks his car was all over the place like mazepin in 2021 i am thinking they gave seb 2020 haas painted in red thats what i was so fucking ridiculous i hate ferrari and i am done with ferrari i loved ferrari because of schumacher and sebs first 4 years with two almost championships which were lost due to some of sebs mistake and reliability issues to this date i think arribane was so much better than binnotto but the thing he and ferrari did to seb in 2020 was beyond forgivness..... I hope carlos dont become 2nd driver because he is a good person and driver and charles kinda hates seb i think so because when seb declared his contract with AM and the ferrari marketing manager i dont remeber her name but she was so rude with seb silivia i think i dont remeber she said that seb has 1 year and beyond contract with AM then charles said' "beyoonnnd!" that was the point he was just a loser for me because the team let him down the crew members let him down the fuckin sbinoto let him down i was not expecting that from charles i dont hate charles but this hurts when you dont understand others situation i hope vettel again becomes sunshine..... And brings more and more race wins in AM and hopefully the 5th title that i think all the people who follow f1 would want to see seb becomes champion one more time or more i hope so🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin 14 dager siden
Vettel is awful and has been for a number of years.
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin 14 dager siden
He is shit
Balraj Tavanandi
Balraj Tavanandi 15 dager siden
Harin Fonseka
Harin Fonseka 16 dager siden
fucking amazing job on this m8, well done
Rebel Bon
Rebel Bon 16 dager siden
mfker max join F1 for fck seb and ferrarri team he never cant champion but great do it misiion and fck ferrarri every 2 race
Rebel Bon
Rebel Bon 16 dager siden
After seb yu cant see this mercale Start Seb never dont Normle start he do BAD Anytime but when he do good is best on race . never Normale starting Seb back man . ferrarri year after year bad and bader but hamilton lucky sht man all time redbull and max hit ferrarri all race ferrarri 1 car out and hamilton never crash not for he good for redbull and max love hit vettel and all car fire hamilton non . when hamilton out other driver wins hamilton is best lucky driver
ExactT Exentic
ExactT Exentic 18 dager siden
Nice Documentary , guess youre vettel-fan ? he a good driver. but in 2021 max verstappen will be in the best form of his live. since schumacher came into formulaone , im schumacher-fan :D
J G 18 dager siden
Oooof that music... why ruin the whole thing by having awful music super loud all the time?
day 2 day
day 2 day 19 dager siden
Dude the music was way overkill
Samuel _
Samuel _ 20 dager siden
This video makes ma wanna hate Hamilton even more, Vettel deserved more than him, plain and simple
Espen Liebak
Espen Liebak 20 dager siden
Hahaha what a move in Baku by Vettel😂😂 great driver but a temperment problem som times😂
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 20 dager siden
Really amazing video buddy. I really enjoyed it but it was also pretty sad to watch😞👆🏼
EverythingTechPro 21 dag siden
Ferrari messed up big time with team management , with the car performance.
Gab Camino
Gab Camino 22 dager siden
Great stuff! I love how you used the Interstellar soundtrack for 2016.
Alex Math
Alex Math 22 dager siden
What would you do differently? What does it matter?
Aj decosta
Aj decosta 22 dager siden
he deserved to be champion in 2017, ferrari reliability ruined it for him and 2018 was just a few too many mistakes
FastestRacer282 24 dager siden
Amazing documentary! Thanks for sharing
Tania Buzgau
Tania Buzgau 25 dager siden
Of course there were moments when Sed let his emotions get the best of him , but there were so many more things that happened that prevented him getting more wins. I don't know what to think, if all theories are true, but since Binotto is team boss, Seb really seems to be set aside in the team. Horrible behavior from Ferrari. I really love Seb and wish all the best to him! I would love nothing more than him finally getting his 5th title.
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 25 dager siden
Sebastian King of Singapore GP
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 25 dager siden
Perfectly Done 👍👌
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 25 dager siden
Arrivabene was Great Boss
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 25 dager siden
this is FLoz calibre work
EmotionGamingRO 25 dager siden
a dream that turned into a nightmare.. even with illegal or at least questionable parts, they still could not win the championship... now that's got to hurt!
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago 26 dager siden
What’s more impressive about Vettel in 2015 is that the gap between Ferrari and Mercedes is larger than Red Bull and Mercedes in 2020. He won 3 races, and dominated 1 race. Nearly got pole position in like 3 or 4 occasions. That’s the prime Seb right there in the flesh.
PoV Zocker
PoV Zocker 27 dager siden
Grande Sebastian 👏🏻 Fire Binotto, bring back Arrivabene! Forza Ferrari, Forza Seb! Btw: awesome Video! Big shout out for you mate 👌🏻✌️
djowel 27 dager siden
played it 5 times in the background to thank you for the google drive version ❤
Иван Колодкин
Иван Колодкин 28 dager siden
fuck hamilton
Parth Modi
Parth Modi 28 dager siden
Ferrari needs the triangle with leaf back for good luck...
Scar Silver
Scar Silver 28 dager siden
Seb speaking 3 languages in one radio transmission is impressive. and none of them were german.
IamSully 28 dager siden
SEB , will come through for us trust me ,
Andres Zuluaga
Andres Zuluaga 29 dager siden
Why am I crying?
Thomas Fairhurst
Thomas Fairhurst Måned siden
I am really glad I found this video this is incredible wow
Paul Lenarts
Paul Lenarts Måned siden
please quit your level 0 so called dramatic music
KingCornholio Måned siden
1:10:00 dude becomes God when it's istanbul2020 everyone was spinning while he was driving smooth.......
James Middleton
James Middleton Måned siden
I'm sorry but Lewis did brake check him, he very suddenly slowed his car, you do not use your brakes when bringing down the pace upon the exiting of a safety car, you come off of the throttle to give the people behind you time to react.
Dustin 32
Dustin 32 Måned siden
Where did it all go wrong?
Alone1am Måned siden
Ferrari did nothing but just sat there and watched as mercedes poured money to make a very good car and make a dumb ass win 7 championships. Ferrari destroyed some very important time of Sebastian. Hope AMR21 must rub shoulders with w12 and put lewis back where he belongs.
Nelson Acosta
Nelson Acosta Måned siden
I’m so glad he’s out of Ferrari that environment is so toxic. I’m glad he doesn’t get to go out like that... and see what he can do an Aston Martin
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin Måned siden
NICE AWES0ME G00d_ 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Nikoxion Måned siden
10:32 In case someone is looking for the song, it's L'Italiano by Toto Cutugno.
Jeff Kett
Jeff Kett Måned siden
You sir... deserve a career in video editing. The depth and scale of what you have captured here is exceptional. Fantastic work mate. The fact that this is your first big project is remarkable. Ive always been a fan of Seb, and this video confirms my thinking that he has a good heart as a person. I think Ferrari did him wrong, but damn I cant wait for the 2021 season to start.
Herbert Daniel
Herbert Daniel Måned siden
Hold on... this is the same concept with the BBC season review... you're even using they're footage. What the fuck?
lissy de haas
lissy de haas Måned siden
wo what a review of vettel best ever thanks
Nikhil Seenivas T K
Nikhil Seenivas T K Måned siden
how have you got only 232 subs this si awesome
AP LXXXI Måned siden
This was amazing! I really enjoyed watching this! One of my favorite drivers of all time.
roseland64 Måned siden
This video is absolutely fantastic please don’t ever remove it I will watch it again and again. A tribute to a wonderful driver who will hopefully be back on the podium in 2021. Thank you.
Vic H
Vic H Måned siden
Man this is a professional level documentary. So glad i found this since I'm still new to F1 history
Martin Solberg Andreassen
Martin Solberg Andreassen Måned siden
Vettel always has the most beautiful overtakes!
david42na Måned siden
"for the first time leclerc wins the grand prix, he won in spa, he wins in monza" how does that makes sense 1:02:52
Oskari 21 dag siden
different clip dude, first was spa then was monza.
Joe L
Joe L Måned siden
The British Media piss me off with how much they underrate and slate Vettel. He would have been a deserving champion in 2017, but lost out mainly due to the development race, a slower PU than Mercedes and a few niggles with his car here and there towards the end of the season. The races where Hamilton was nowhere, Bottas stepped up and won with Seb right on his tail - Austria, Russia for example. Mercedes also massively held Seb up in Barcelona by not pitting Bottas so Hamilton could catch up. Not to mention Canada where Seb was in a class of his own and probably would have won if it was not for Verstappen running over his front wing. Hamilton didn’t have these problems in 2017 and was supported more by his team mate. Raikkonen was generally nowhere for Seb. The non glued up fans just think Seb spins all the time but I always felt he had to push a slower car harder to try and make up for the deficit to Mercedes. He was their only challenger between 2015 and 2018 and still managed to beat Bottas and almost Rosberg in 2015.
Arka Mandal
Arka Mandal Måned siden
This is such a nicely composed compilation. I don't understand why 23 people disliked it. Edit : 49
loki gamer
loki gamer Måned siden
What's the song at the 50min mark?
Sisserou Måned siden
Disclosure - Boss
Ádám Kovács
Ádám Kovács Måned siden
ferrari was very disrespectful with him in 2020 leading with harrypotter. hope Seb will them up with aston martin
Diego Scarano
Diego Scarano Måned siden
A fable without the happy ending
chicken6000 Måned siden
Mi senti? Mi senti?
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