Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets | WIRED

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During the Cold War, surveillance in Moscow was the most difficult kind of surveillance that the US had encountered around the globe. Moscow had its own set of rules since it was such a difficult place to work. Former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez talks about some of the tactics, gadgets and disguises CIA operatives used in the field during the Cold War.

Check out Jonna Mendez’s most recent book The Moscow Rules or find more information about her on her website on

Moscow Rules:

Archival images courtesy of the International Spy Museum (SPY) in Washington, DC, a Guinness World Record recognized nonprofit with the largest collection of spy artifacts in the world. At the Museum, you can see firsthand some of these spy gadgets:

Additional Archival Images Courtesy of:

Clint Emerson’s Five Second Mask, also courtesy of International Spy Museum
Image of Trigon courtesy of the CIA who does not endorse the contents of this production
Crypto Museum:
Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division
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Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets | WIRED

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Me, not understanding the comments before watching the video: -👄- Me, understanding the comments after the video: 👁👅👁
Uriel Waknine
Uriel Waknine 5 timer siden
She is like the American M
Cj Falco
Cj Falco 7 timer siden
A "operational act" probably murder
y e e t
y e e t 8 timer siden
how about this: ‘former cia agent plays bo1/bo2’
Brahden Blackburn
Brahden Blackburn 11 timer siden
The cia scares me
NXT 11 timer siden
now i see why schizophrenics get the idea that they are being followed and stalked by like the russians or sum.
Vianey Arreola
Vianey Arreola 11 timer siden
Wait so what I’m getting at is that the “ surveillance” she talks about is the enemy?
Stick Warrior
Stick Warrior 12 timer siden
Woah this is like a spy movie but behind the scenes and irl
C28 The DJ
C28 The DJ 15 timer siden
Classified information/technology is typically only released when it is inferior to modern tech. Think of the crazy sh*t that could exist now.
Пётр Квилкин
Пётр Квилкин 16 timer siden
The amount of people cheering for this woman. Crazy. You guys know the CIA were NEVER the good guys, right? Not during the Cold War, not ever.
Artur V
Artur V 19 timer siden
James Bond does not look as glamurous after discovering those rectal gadgets
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this woman should be in jail
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I only clicked to say.. I was scrolling by when I thought I saw an image of a "black person" wearing "white face" like a Dave Chapelle sketch. I was insulted at the notion, even as a fellow black man. Especially in today's time and climate. Which to my delight was not to be what I presumed.. Which also, as I punch these very words in.. I'm realizing the strength of the Apple Fritters I've browned down 💨 Sheesh 😅😅😅😅
Bradley Kynoch
Bradley Kynoch Dag siden
Bruce Willis = John Durham
no nav
no nav Dag siden
Really, She's a penguin
NxHart Dag siden
Why did it show balls on there and where was the rest of the human!!
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Jon B Baca
Jon B Baca Dag siden
I love that this somewhat frail looking older woman was involved in such hardcore high stakes espionage. Great video
Ryan Terrillion
Ryan Terrillion Dag siden
Imagine making a movie about this
MrStuckwithyou Dag siden
the scary part is the CIA have only improved their techniques to avoid surveillance and detection or they would not have released this video
ThriftJunkGaming Dag siden
At what point does this get to the bioluminescence tech you guys were working on circa 1999
killjoy cola
killjoy cola Dag siden
imagine being that guy accidentally picking up someones dead drop and finding houndreds of dollars and a passport in a fake dead rat
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Dag siden
cyanide starves cells of oxygen, so I'd imagine it would take a couple mins before you die die
R H Dag siden
You aren't the gadget people you are the corrupt government agency that needs to be shut down.
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex 2 dager siden
Authors: write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!
Takln Trash
Takln Trash 2 dager siden
Alyssia Smith
Alyssia Smith 2 dager siden
Y'all really ended with the hairy balls?! 🤣
Liam Miyar- Mullan
Liam Miyar- Mullan 2 dager siden
this is childs play lolz... dumbshit
TheIgnorantPotato 2 dager siden
Her : “U can fit a lot in a dead rat.” Me : “That means we can make dead rat grenades.”
Al Bar
Al Bar 2 dager siden
The allies put dynamite in rats and put them in german trains. So when the germans would throw the rat into the engine to get rid of it, the rat would explode and destroy the engine.
Hong Hua
Hong Hua 2 dager siden
I would have most certainly accidentally died because of my habit of chewing on my glasses frame end stick thingies
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Kat 3 dager siden
S o u p
S o u p 3 dager siden
When in doubt, dead rat.
Marcelo ?
Marcelo ? 3 dager siden
What kind of operational stuff hmm?🤔
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Tyler Wright 3 dager siden
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Joey Read
Joey Read 3 dager siden
Can’t belive activision interviewed her
Wolf WRLD 3 dager siden
Me watching this video •.•
qwerty keyboard
qwerty keyboard 3 dager siden
CIA: Spies on country. Country: Ugh! How rude!
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page 2 dager siden
kgb (soviet union version of cia) did the same thing in Washington dc, and there probably still are some Russian agents there. Tons of CCP agents too I bet
DjoleGamer99 4 dager siden
The officer that saw the dog everytime be like: *WELL SHI-*
you're cringe
you're cringe 4 dager siden
I refuse to believe "chief of disguise" was her actual job title 😂
Eric Paul
Eric Paul 4 dager siden
So it's no wonder Russia loves Trump he is perfect target .
JOS3HUA6 4 dager siden
8:55 False scortum Im frm india here also some gang members use this technique to hide thier durgs Thats weird i knew
J Vip WTPNN 4 dager siden
Go Figure the cia plays with dead rats go figure
J Vip WTPNN 4 dager siden
Funny I thought they knew what was gonna happen and what was planned. I guess they don’t see everything then. Lol
Eddd 4 dager siden
Plot twist: she's using the semi mask
Joker 4 dager siden
Takes off her face and Rick Astley appears
feza uçar
feza uçar 4 dager siden
Who let the dogs in?!
Daniel 4 dager siden
"You can fit more into a dead rat than you might think" did not expect to hear that to be honest
Mojo Deadman
Mojo Deadman 4 dager siden
So the CIA had a Ringo Starr mask.....ingenious????!!!! MI5 kicks CIA because why would you admit this crap
MindsEye 4 dager siden
LMAO! Rectal toolkit.
Ernie Murdock
Ernie Murdock 4 dager siden
There are some people who just can't keep there mouth's shut.
codeNINE 4 dager siden
Imagine that you are imaging imagination.
Justin S
Justin S 5 dager siden
KGB watching this: 😐
yara 5 dager siden
the criminals watching this : 👁👄👁
Houndoom 1000
Houndoom 1000 5 dager siden
Her voice is really scratchy at times. It makes me feel uncomfortable
Jhon Badalof
Jhon Badalof 5 dager siden
howd she get the job?
Aslhax 5 dager siden
I think I’ve seen this like 3 times but yet it still shows up in my recommended here and there
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Rick Wensel
Rick Wensel 5 dager siden
Just watch Congress they operate with the cia.
Our Eye
Our Eye 5 dager siden
Buenos AIRES!!!
Ookey Bookey
Ookey Bookey 5 dager siden
These type of videos are super interesting
Joey Sausage
Joey Sausage 5 dager siden
God 5 dager siden
When you ask grandma if she‘ s ever killed someone but she doesnt wanna say the answer directly:
God 5 dager siden
All my friends could be CIA agents, my dog could be a CIA agent, the pigeons across the street could be CIA agents
ShadowSpaceProductions 5 dager siden
"Another method of losing surveillance was using one of our SAMs" Me, a DCS player: Im sorry.... WHY ARE WE USING SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILES
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 5 dager siden
Big Brain thousand IQ grandma
Tintin milou
Tintin milou 5 dager siden
not sure if its intelligent to share these tradesecrets like this
God 5 dager siden
They probably use different methods now
Alexis Moreno
Alexis Moreno 5 dager siden
I knew he was a man but as soon as he started talking I had a hard time believing he wasn't transgender
God 5 dager siden
Huh? She’s a he?
Marcus Munn
Marcus Munn 5 dager siden
This gonna have me paranoid if I ever see a dead rat lol
Yoink Sans
Yoink Sans 6 dager siden
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OD WAYS VLOGS 6 dager siden
Hopefully knowing these ppl are agents will help with my bills
caio pdesousa
caio pdesousa 6 dager siden
she’s “Q” !! 😎😍😍😍😊😊🙏👍
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Sean Griffith
Sean Griffith 6 dager siden
J4vurmywumccscnm *Werbung*
J4vurmywumccscnm *Werbung* 7 dager siden
Embassy surveillance. Mmh. The US Embassy is everywhere foreign territory. That means foreign to the surrounding nation, sweetheart. The US Secret Service well sent propa craftsmen to check the buildings build on US soil. I give you a hint Mss Sherlock. It was not the KGB listening to you. And thanks to you Secret Service guys, guys like me off any organizations caught inbetween crazy clandestines super blond agents would have slept a lot better knowing that these Übermenschen Super Dooper Secret Special Master Agent Spies are actually on a dam leash.... #hangover
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Adam Feldtkeller 7 dager siden
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Waseem Khan
Waseem Khan 7 dager siden
11:30 ohh man, a true patriot.
Sagnik Das
Sagnik Das 7 dager siden
Even she is in disguise
Snart 7 dager siden
I'm gonna start looking inside dead rats
Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984
Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984 7 dager siden
Incredible woman. Where do I meet a woman like this?
Ivan Goring
Ivan Goring 7 dager siden
What a joke.!
John Basedow
John Basedow 7 dager siden
How about mk ultra?
Лана Ryjova
Лана Ryjova 7 dager siden
da men
da men 8 dager siden
she is acting like they don't track everything we do nowadays
Marlonisaacs Isaacs
Marlonisaacs Isaacs 8 dager siden
Yeah make that pyramid with your hands to let us know who your master is!
ἔθνος ἔθνος
ἔθνος ἔθνος 8 dager siden
Two russian farmers (Dimitri& Vladimir) where bragging to each other. Dimitri shouted to his daughter: put an apple on your head then walk hundred meters away and he shot the apple with an arrow then sayd:Hahaa Pecos Bill. Vladimir dropped his trousers and had four balls and sayd:Hahaa Chernobyl.. ✌️ Have a great 2021!!
Jimon Anesca
Jimon Anesca 8 dager siden
Russians: hmmh...
capegold12 8 dager siden
It's amazing how many people are chopping up her videos and posting segments everywhere
Name not found
Name not found 8 dager siden
So the CIA used the word “doggo” before all of us huh. Man they really were playin the long game.
Noah 8 dager siden
Lol the thumbnail makes it look like she’s taking cyanide
Spacetime John
Spacetime John 8 dager siden
Still not been able to take me out yet 👁😂🖕👌🤣😉
Manu Ivan
Manu Ivan 8 dager siden
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