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12 dager siden

Security has been bolstered around the US Capitol, following serious concern over a breach that led to a mob of Donald Trump supporters storming the building earlier this week. More than 6,000 National Guard troops will be in Washington DC, where a state of emergency has been declared until the day after Joe Biden's inauguration later this month. Meanwhile, authorities have announced new arrests and charges, and the FBI has appealed to the public to help bring more rioters to justice. And Twitter has become the latest social media giant to lock Trump out - permanently banning the president from the platform, citing the risk of further incitement of violence.The violent scenes of a few days ago have made way for this: a state of emergency, an unscalable fence, and more than six thousand National Guard troops. Stricter security measures are due to remain in place until after Joe Biden's inauguration this month.DC Residents, meanwhile, are still coming to terms with Wednesday's riot. Dozens of those who stormed the Capitol have now been arrested, with more arrests expected in the coming days. The FBI has appealed to the public to help bring more rioters to justice.House Democrats are pressing ahead with an article of impeachment on Monday, a move which would make Donald Trump the first ever President to be impeached twice. It could also mean that Trump would be unable to run for public office in future. It's a move that has received support from some Republicans, but critics say their turn against Trump has come too late. As for President Trump, he's now been banned from Twitter as well as other social media platforms, who're quoting concerns over inciting further violence. Tech giants and members of Trump's own party may now also be turning against him, but across the country, there's still no shortage of people who support the outgoing president.Subscribe:
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Siva Sankar
Siva Sankar Dag siden
I actually searching her(this news reader) news. Simply superb voice. Like to hear from her more and more news.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 dager siden
A leader who can’t listen his advisers is doom to fail . A strong man control is tongue and speak wisely.
Kang Kang kang
Kang Kang kang 3 dager siden
Trump you are the winner. We support you Trump, our lives are for your victory Trump, we are ready to die for you trump.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 dager siden
Closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag siden
Watch to the end, it gets funs :)
Kularb Johnson
Kularb Johnson 3 dager siden
For those who condem Trump,becareful what you ask for.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 dager siden
Its the New Socialism style
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron 4 dager siden
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron Dag siden
@sehhi vooty 😂🐄
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag siden
I have learnt a trick to have you adjacent seat empty while taking a plane- wear a MAGA hat.
Rhonda Smith
Rhonda Smith 4 dager siden
TRUMP made Twitter. I won’t be using it anymore.
eric oxner
eric oxner 5 dager siden
Oh I feel so sorry for him and his supporters. NOT!! The people that done this are not that bright.With the way technology is today.The ones that broke in trashed the place and stolen things.Right in front of video camera. They are gonna be looking over their shudders for a while.Nervous about every knock on their door or door bell.And breaking out in a cold sweat every time a police car goes by! Wonder if trump supporters ever thought about the fact he was not ther with them? With him being a very petty man.He set the match and thrown it on a power keeg.So the tech companies kick him out.They do not want any thing more to do with himThere private companies when you sign up with themThere are rules and if you break the rules.They have every right to show you the door.So its nobody fault but his own.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 dager siden
myriad ways
mike robinson
mike robinson 5 dager siden
To Darn LATE, they saw those posting and did nothing A lot of them gave to the Republican Party trump go look at the list Patriots My Butt I guess I'm getting Suspended
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dager siden
What a good friend ????
Mike G
Mike G 5 dager siden
Mike G
Mike G 5 dager siden
Giulia Malvassora
Giulia Malvassora 7 dager siden
Lo Stronzone
John A-S
John A-S 7 dager siden
US govt is based on lie felonies & illusions. As Pompeii said, we “Lied Cheated & Stolen”... We've the US-CIA & NSA’s Ground terrorists almost all over the globe, most of them are in the middle east, they took safer places in Israel Saudi Arabia Bahrain Egypt UAE Jordan & Qatar to kill innocent civilians in Syria Afghanistan Iraq Libya & Yemen, so let's say pretty active terrorists for chaotic mass destruction, violence genocide & killing innocent civilians newborn babies, as they've kept killing right away at Yemen Iraq Syria Libya & Afghanistan. Don't forget that.
John A-S
John A-S 5 dager siden
@sehhi vooty he forfeited totally.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dager siden
Trump just went back to landline phones
Rituraj Singh
Rituraj Singh 7 dager siden
I think they are a bit scared that he may run again in 4 years so impeach him and ban from public office . He will go on his own in few days anyway
doliio volay
doliio volay 7 dager siden
Rick Chung
Rick Chung 8 dager siden
Racist fascist White supremacy cult cultureis problem to the world....
David Neko
David Neko 8 dager siden
Disregard who he was or is, Nation owes big to Donald Trump for revealing true face of our two party system of government, which is more like MAFIA organizations than political parties. In this day and age our country deserve a true democratic with multi party system of government and not a system established 3 centuries ago by landowners and slave keepers.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 dager siden
I have learnt a trick to have you adjacent seat empty while taking a plane- wear a MAGA hat.
doliio volay
doliio volay 7 dager siden
Over the weekend, trumps phone became a two thousand dollar flashlight!
Nenad Cubric
Nenad Cubric 8 dager siden
Its the New Socialism style
Tiffany Hammond
Tiffany Hammond 8 dager siden
This republican will always stand with president trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽
Lucio Agelvis
Lucio Agelvis 9 dager siden
In the Soviet Union and Maoist China they banned Persons from existence. (erased from History) Even those in the very top. One day one or any of you could get banned in myriad ways
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 dager siden
Modi Nia USA leaders Israel leaders work together Hindu rashtra agenda in India loot divide and rule policy
joingain joingain
joingain joingain 9 dager siden
The keen heart enthrallingly glow because pheasant preauricularly breathe beyond a soggy karen. reflective, silent motorboat
silversurfergw 9 dager siden
the flies got scared by the noise but they can't resist rotten meat for long.
Brian Stamper
Brian Stamper 9 dager siden
This is the demarcates fault they never stop... 4 years and go just like the Eveready bunny they keep going an going .. Trump 2024
alida flus
alida flus 9 dager siden
this ban action too little too late. These companies made money created this atmosphere and now playing hollier than. Trump used people These social media used Trump
h z
h z 9 dager siden
All American proletarian gangsters will unit together to create a equal society, where wealth is distributed very evenly.
Rita G
Rita G 9 dager siden
Trump just went back to landline phones
S S 9 dager siden
Who controls our opinions?
alida flus
alida flus 9 dager siden
somehow the fence dosent look that secure
menuhin 9 dager siden
2015 - Twitter & Mark Zuckerberg, etc.: the "White Helmets" is doing a good job to promote civil war in Syria, we promote their accounts! 2020 - Twitter & Mark Zuckerberg, etc.: Trump is 'dangerous' for the US 'democracy', we don't want armed protesters in gather in our capital on our the US land... (and banned Trump) While all these social media shunned Trump from his usage within a few hours - as if there is a coalition and an order behind it - they said they promote "freedom of speech"; and whether Trump's speech and posts actually can be ruled as criminal acts is yet to be determined by the court of law. Twitter & Mark Zuckerberg (with these Democrats etc. forces behind them) continue to label themselves as politically non-biased companies supposedly protecting "freedom of speech" according to their standard.
thenet0120002 10 dager siden
Pelosi is 100% responsible for the Capitol breakin her "son in law" was with them on groups of vans that were filled with protesters flagged into the Capitol building they went in thru the locked side entrance which was unlocked by Pelosi's son in law to allow access to the inside Capitol halls where they headed right to Pelosi's unmarked office to breakin . She orchestrated this to prevent any chance of a Audit that would reveal they modified Dominion machines with help of a data specialist in Italy tied to a Military Contractor there. This guy has admitted in Italian Court what he did on transcripts. Most of this is on video or transcripts. Pelosi used this to frame a standing President and block any Audit that would reveal it's truth. Senator Jim Clyburn a Democrat said this was a set up. He saw what happened with no police ,open barriers ,unlocked side doors and posed the question How did they know which unmarked office was Pelosi's? to break in they went right for it. They knew what and where everything is. It's a scam ! Treason ! Pelosi's son in law was in a photo beside the man with the horns as they came in to the Capitol grounds.
thenet0120002 10 dager siden
Censorship is garbage it exists to silence opposing views soon Democrats will join the group when they start protesting which they always do when lied to. Viet Nam was one of their examples of going from LBJ's landslide to the hate of his War that is Biden's road.
Richard 10 dager siden
Parker blocked for being a free speech platform that isn’t promoting any violence. Welcome to the new world CCP. I better goes read 1984 to see what else I’m in for.
Water Gate
Water Gate 10 dager siden
Over the weekend, trumps phone became a two thousand dollar flashlight!
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
All Indian TV channels r Modi fraud in India
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
Modi kills innocents indians in prisons
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
Modi Nia USA leaders Israel leaders work together Hindu rashtra agenda in India loot divide and rule policy
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
9/11 was inside job of USA leaders
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
Modi Nia Israel mossad USA leaders cia did terrorist attacks in India they work together
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
Indian court judges involvement in rapes gangrapes of Indian girls whatever is happening in world USA leaders Israel leaders plus Indian leaders r doing
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
I have secret files of USA Corana virus
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur 10 dager siden
Google made NOpost taken trillionaire bribery from Modi for deleting videos comments from NOpost
ARGENTINA MEXICO 10 dager siden
Trump has his wall for "himself"
julie rogers
julie rogers 10 dager siden
somehow the fence dosent look that secure
Alia From Pirates-inc
Alia From Pirates-inc 10 dager siden
"We will build a wall in canada and USA will pay for it." - It was a joke like 2 3 years ago in here, now people are talking about a real wall to keep american on their side, because it's getting too dangerous to be neibor with them.
#GodsWordJesus #da_m00n Stambolian: Biography
#GodsWordJesus #da_m00n Stambolian: Biography 10 dager siden
Is Pelosi inciting a riot by tearing up the president's speech ?
Will Cameron
Will Cameron 10 dager siden
We'll need a wall for Trump supporters eventually.
Atheist Edge
Atheist Edge 10 dager siden
Excellent reporting. Danke shöen.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 10 dager siden
I did not have sexual relations with that woman Nancy Pelosi, I was going in undercover ! !
Pietje Puk
Pietje Puk 10 dager siden
Poetin rules
Mike G
Mike G 10 dager siden
Henry Quah
Henry Quah 10 dager siden
Patriots must rid their party RINOs n reform their Republican Party with Trump n other like minded patriots.
Kieran Daly
Kieran Daly 10 dager siden
Trump must be exiled. There’s no other way. Unfit and unsafe for America or society.
Michael DAntonio
Michael DAntonio 10 dager siden
Rick Marks
Rick Marks 10 dager siden
Talk about a Liberal Nation becoming Communist and Socialist!!! The media platforms that are blocking the President's social media and all conservative media sources are breaking the law of the Constitution of the the United States of Freedom of speech!!!😡
Benjamin Stewart-Garic
Benjamin Stewart-Garic 10 dager siden
If you support Trump u r a lunatic
Josh Hodkinson
Josh Hodkinson 10 dager siden
Trump 2024
imso smart
imso smart 10 dager siden
Now I get it! I just found out DW news is coming out of Germany, home of the Holocaust! No wonder you're happy about Free Speech being censored!
Devil Dog
Devil Dog 10 dager siden
Sometimes it takes a “crisis” to find out who your friends really are.
William Bednarz
William Bednarz 10 dager siden
William Bednarz
William Bednarz 10 dager siden
Elected?? To represent??!
Laпа Belazska
Laпа Belazska 10 dager siden
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Laпа Belazska
Laпа Belazska 10 dager siden
Трамп, вперёд. Светлые силы, вперёд. Ура!!!Ура!!! Ура!!! Слава богам и предкам нашим!
Today's Rules
Today's Rules 10 dager siden
WAIT!!! NOW they "shun" him?!!! NOW?!!!! You, the Press and TV news, is just as guilty of embracing him when he initially threw his racist hat into the ring for president, even after you saw what he was... So lame and pathetic!
john biggins
john biggins 10 dager siden
Trump hasn't lost his supporters...they know what is happening....they are angry at the Congress.. Congress would/should be sh#tting themselves now
Sofia Wils
Sofia Wils 10 dager siden
Biden had been in his basememt for many day. Next week he plants to stay surrounded a metal fence & his supporters decided this human being is suitable for governing the country. Do they think with their bellies?
dolita windo
dolita windo 10 dager siden
expect republican politicians to return to backing Trump, and blaming Biden and basically repeating whatever lie their base want to hear.
Agnello Affonso
Agnello Affonso 10 dager siden
Deutsh wella
Hartel Visha
Hartel Visha 10 dager siden
Trump 2024
Hartel Visha
Hartel Visha 10 dager siden
Nothing wrong of trump
Hartel Visha
Hartel Visha 10 dager siden
Donald Trump good man
dolita windo
dolita windo 10 dager siden
Guys imagine if trump is banned from McDonald’s and KFC
Norbert 10 dager siden
Attention seeking evil man. I think the media should just ignore him altogether and let only his kind follow him around, plus the FPI
Human being
Human being 10 dager siden
Technology 🗣️has ALL the hoomans🐑🐑🐑🐑 on scared status 😱
Kris Alexander
Kris Alexander 10 dager siden
Who cares...let the small hands, soulless munchkin fall into oblivion...
Yuri Duran
Yuri Duran 10 dager siden
Trump , some Republicans and the Social media did a very bad damage at the US Democracy, against the Stability and the other important United States interest Around the world.
Somnath De
Somnath De 10 dager siden
Worst President in US History.
Meme Sariles
Meme Sariles 10 dager siden
Trump just opened Hi5
Meme Sariles
Meme Sariles 10 dager siden
Such a peaceful transfer of power
Tollah Tv ferkah
Tollah Tv ferkah 10 dager siden
While censoring trump might be necessary .A precedence is being set here. In the not so distant future more and more accounts will be censored or block simply because they don't agree with someone or share a different opinion. It doesn't matter if you are left , right or neither. Free speech is for everyone and too much power has been afforded to big tech who will always sway to political organizations in power. Think about it , would these social media companies censor trump if he was re-elected ?
Creative & Colourful
Creative & Colourful 10 dager siden
Trump and his Evil son in law,s final destination will be Jail.
eaglesclaws8 10 dager siden
No shortage of fools, there fixed it for you😆
Wandering Star
Wandering Star 10 dager siden
Nothing is as it seems including the "riots".
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Lars Saint Morning Glory 10 dager siden
He should have been rejected unilaterally 7 years ago
Likhith Kumar
Likhith Kumar 10 dager siden
Guys imagine if trump is banned from McDonald’s and KFC
Jo Sé
Jo Sé 10 dager siden
Trump =Hitler
liberty&freedom 10 dager siden
Why did they not ban joe when the left burnt down cities busineses trump supporter shot dead from the rioters went on for 4 years nothing from the media can anyone tell me whats the difference?
Jerry Vida
Jerry Vida 10 dager siden
Who are this people kidding! There will never be a fair election. Communist is forever!
Zra J
Zra J 10 dager siden
I find it funny how Trump passed a bill for '''foreigners'' to go through social media checks and now he is banned from social media..... lmaoo
Peter 10 dager siden
Can you imaging what will happen if US experiences same fate as Iraq, Libya and Syria?
Francois Piguet
Francois Piguet 10 dager siden
During 4 years, he has been throwing water in the air and now looks surprised to be wet!!!
Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler 10 dager siden
Except it wasn't water. It was that brown, smelly, sticky stuff !!!!
Gixellia 10 dager siden
Republicans have shown their lack of spines. Cowards, all of them.
Lynn Sims
Lynn Sims 10 dager siden
DJEDJI Louis Wizzy
DJEDJI Louis Wizzy 10 dager siden
⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases Washington D.C. United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash!... 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾
Rhonda Love
Rhonda Love 10 dager siden
jerry stephen
jerry stephen 10 dager siden
MAGA is officially a Treator and a Terrorist Groups
travel fox48
travel fox48 10 dager siden
How it begins is how it ends .Think Boston
Tia Guerra
Tia Guerra 10 dager siden
He not my president!!never was!!
Alan S
Alan S 10 dager siden
The media is making more of this than there is. I know lets interview a bunch of Democrats to see how they feel. Gasp...they hate Trump.
Ertjies B
Ertjies B 10 dager siden
So... They want to distance themselves now..? After they allowed/supported/defended him for 4 years? That is what is called "a little too late". Whatever happens in the future is partly or mostly on them. He should have never been allowed to be president in the first place. He has no political background or knowledge except calling out presidents for things he himself has now done in the last 4 years. He is a failed businessman, who has been declared bankrupt how many times? Why would you think that is a good person to run the country? If you can't even work with or increase your own money, how will you be able to do it for a country? But since he did become president they should have removed him when he was impeached. They are all complicit and should face consequences.
칼인오조슈아 10 dager siden
Trump should try using TikTok and talk to his supporters thru there. 😂
칼인오조슈아 10 dager siden
Trump should try using TikTok and talk to his supporters thru there. 😂
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