Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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Tiger Måned siden
Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎
Logan Booth
Logan Booth 14 dager siden
I need help please I want something I want to NOpost oh well life house to happen XOXO Logan
Nigelicious 28 dager siden
i wish that come true🥺🥺
Yeah awesome!!
Raven Mattheus Lasala
Raven Mattheus Lasala Måned siden
Br invite you to my Facebook page and I hope you can read this email as soon as possible and please tell me what you think
Runa De
Runa De Måned siden
@Assad Wink congratulations you have received 106 subs in two weeks
WaySon Gair
WaySon Gair Time siden
WaySon Gair
WaySon Gair Time siden
Taje wkx
Taje wkx 5 timer siden
I've been watching you guys from I was a kid now I'm 17
Cherisa Lara
Cherisa Lara 8 timer siden
Debbie Blandford
Debbie Blandford 8 timer siden
Im 10 why did you do it?
Lil Rose
Lil Rose 8 timer siden
I’ll be waiting for the day you guys come back together because I still watch those old videos with you guys 💜
Jack Barker
Jack Barker 11 timer siden
Will you ever upload with them again
The Gaming Legends
The Gaming Legends 12 timer siden
U guys were my childhood
999 13 timer siden
Will you come back?
Breanna Carriere
Breanna Carriere 14 timer siden
It would be nice if you playn with them
Satya Narayana
Satya Narayana 17 timer siden
You guys made my childhood how could you do this to me
Destiny Morgan
Destiny Morgan 11 timer siden
K A S P E R MP.4
K A S P E R MP.4 17 timer siden
Heres what i feel and what i was always told. If they truly wanted you and enjoyed you they wouldnt have replaced you with someone else idk the whole story and it isnt my business but i can say im glad you moved on and grew from all this
1Noob1Gamer1 17 timer siden
I unsubbed :( cuz of this i woukd love if they were 4 of them or maybe 5 cuz maybe tiger woukd join them
Ahnaf FDX
Ahnaf FDX 18 timer siden
I literally spent 3 of my years from 2011 to 2014 ish years watching each of your videos day after day ang begging my parents for a computer to play the games you guys played
Viinavasara 19 timer siden
i still don't know why you left?
abbubakar gudade
abbubakar gudade 21 time siden
The bloxian pal
The bloxian pal 22 timer siden
I wish u will make video with them again
Piyush Verma
Piyush Verma Dag siden
Speechless Jordi
boy's are funny
boy's are funny Dag siden
When i started watching this i cryed.
Akash Panchal
Akash Panchal Dag siden
Please please please please join theme back please join theme
Redgamer KT
Redgamer KT Dag siden
Help me 😅
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Dag siden
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Dag siden
Tiger help jordi
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Dag siden
I loved you guys i love you guys nooo i tiger
Dgordonful Dag siden
I don’t like you in their videos anyway
The Silver Surfers
The Silver Surfers Dag siden
Y’all were my childhood but I agree with your decision bro. love you God bless you bro!!!
abdulrahman alaa
abdulrahman alaa Dag siden
Kwebbelkop we love u so much
Gelmin Portillo
Gelmin Portillo Dag siden
I’m stupid
Shashu Gaming
Shashu Gaming Dag siden
As I a subscriber for a year I support you for everything if I knew you had depression I and other fans would do everything to help you
Jason Munoz
Jason Munoz Dag siden
Please come back
Danny DNF
Danny DNF Dag siden
Just at least one more try not to laugh pls 😔
Sarah Mastrangelo
Sarah Mastrangelo Dag siden
Jordi you are my favorite NOpostr
TheGameBoi Dag siden
You guys were my childhood but I guess we need to move on. Sorry for the depression but it was nice how it got better. Not only for you, but you did it for us.
TheGameBoi Dag siden
those people who disliked this are dummy's and don't unstand
Hammy The hamster_XD
Hammy The hamster_XD Dag siden
Jordi every time when I get sad I just watch u and I get happy and I subbed to u for making me happy and stuff.
Xenocrius Dag siden
he is somewhat similar to anthony padillda.
Jackson Jahns
Jackson Jahns Dag siden
i used to watch u when u cussed and do u still?
Ekam YaBoi
Ekam YaBoi Dag siden
my childhood :' (
xxxtentacion 40
xxxtentacion 40 Dag siden
Nooooo please please go tell them Let's be friends again please
Mira Milosavljevic
Mira Milosavljevic Dag siden
Cristy Santos
Cristy Santos Dag siden
I mean in
Cristy Santos
Cristy Santos Dag siden
Kebwelkop go ni san vicente
Music Kids31
Music Kids31 Dag siden
same jordi same as me
archiel magallanes
archiel magallanes Dag siden
jordi would make a great dad
Dead feelings
Dead feelings Dag siden
Bruh it’s so different without you three recording 😭😭😭
Khadija Griguer
Khadija Griguer 2 dager siden
I Hate you
Luke Bethel
Luke Bethel 2 dager siden
All of ur channels are dog literally the best example for child exploitation channels
keiko lewis
keiko lewis 2 dager siden
I lost me dad to when the year I was born BTW I’m 7
Jeffrey Muya Lee
Jeffrey Muya Lee 2 dager siden
wow this encouraged me a lot
seabastian pozos
seabastian pozos 2 dager siden
jordi had a big fat juicy glow up
Rival Revival
Rival Revival 2 dager siden
My Channel is Officer 1K81, and I want to have a huge NOpost family, but can't seem to find the path
Dalton Jennings
Dalton Jennings 2 dager siden
Can you play to get her more plaese
Chance Richards
Chance Richards 2 dager siden
Pls 🙏 record with them again
Swag Gaming
Swag Gaming 2 dager siden
I’m gonna miss Green, Orange and Red😢😔
COLD _clan
COLD _clan 2 dager siden
the unknown gamer
the unknown gamer 2 dager siden
I wish they could just make videos as a 4
Bryiana Fips
Bryiana Fips 2 dager siden
“Well sometimes i don’t” i felt that
Paanda16 2 dager siden
Potato Man
Potato Man 2 dager siden
Now is for ssundee to do his
Potato Man
Potato Man 2 dager siden
Ayy found u again
Louie City boy
Louie City boy 2 dager siden
You’re rubbish
Kanedgy456 2 dager siden
Notice that he only replies to ytuber comments
Wiseplays Roblox
Wiseplays Roblox 2 dager siden
I really need your help :)
Jj Jj
Jj Jj 2 dager siden
The fact that he hid his feelings like we didnt even tell in his older vids
Fxshy 2 dager siden
You three fit perfectly together :(
Tiana Albee
Tiana Albee 2 dager siden
I have one question you have not films A video with crainr
Namreh TV
Namreh TV 2 dager siden
im miss you playing them together😔
Mikhael Joaquin Deen
Mikhael Joaquin Deen 3 dager siden
Zakia Qasemi
Zakia Qasemi 3 dager siden
This is so sad
Zakia Qasemi
Zakia Qasemi 3 dager siden
Eyad 123E123
Eyad 123E123 3 dager siden
Well then why don't you start again
tersir -
tersir - 3 dager siden
As soon as I soor this vid I subscribed back to you
Marløn Ibarra Cabral
Marløn Ibarra Cabral 3 dager siden
Damn I’m gone for about 2 years and come back to this
PrinceAlvin Alejandro
PrinceAlvin Alejandro 3 dager siden
I wish you well Jordi
Me Bro
Me Bro 3 dager siden
Pls join them again Tiger if he wants
Kasandra Rivera
Kasandra Rivera 18 timer siden
Please stop its his life its his choices
Kasandra Rivera
Kasandra Rivera 18 timer siden
Please stop its his life its his choices
Gipson BMX
Gipson BMX 3 dager siden
I miss you
Naruto uchiha
Naruto uchiha 3 dager siden
I watched you then my brother watched you then I had another brother and now he watch’s you. Thx for everything jordi
Benjamin Bentley
Benjamin Bentley 3 dager siden
I am sorry about your dad
Nonstop Incubus
Nonstop Incubus 4 dager siden
You guys were literally my childhood
John Lovejoy
John Lovejoy 4 dager siden
allso do u have any tips to cure dipresions
Shawn Gudat
Shawn Gudat 4 dager siden
Jordi could you help me get a camera I wanna be a gamer like you I try and try to ask my mom for a pc or ps4 and i know she'll get me one soon but all i need is a camera will you help me please i want to be just like you
Gaming Panther hd
Gaming Panther hd 4 dager siden
So is kwebbelkop has depression as an mental illness or hes just going through a situational depression for a long time??
Few DarilplayZ
Few DarilplayZ 4 dager siden
No need to fear Your fans will be holding you But I still miss you in the team
BLΛDΞ 20641
BLΛDΞ 20641 4 dager siden
This was so wholesome, but I gotta say I'm going to miss the three of you guys!!
Javon Moore
Javon Moore 4 dager siden
But this ruined my childhood I love yall but it’s hard watching yall not doing stuff together y’all should link and start making vids together
Javon Moore
Javon Moore 4 dager siden
I love kwebble coo
ZahraVonX 4 dager siden
Gary Mcelfresh
Gary Mcelfresh 4 dager siden
I loved your videos when they were together kwebllkop
Nicholas Aguilar
Nicholas Aguilar 4 dager siden
U all were the best I wish I can see one more video with all 3 of u all
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid 4 dager siden
so you are going back with them after covid?
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid 4 dager siden
then play with them
R O S E 4 dager siden
I’m just happy your happy jordie ❤️
xsRaider 4 dager siden
Wait a minute u have a secret company man can ya help me in my videos I've never spoken to a yt btw or done a duo vid
XxJakewithdafreshNIKESxX 4 dager siden
Why did you lave them😩
Baydat 4 dager siden
I litterly searched short odd looking guy and got this
xxxtentacion xxxtentacion
xxxtentacion xxxtentacion 4 dager siden
play with them on GTA5
Kingz Zee
Kingz Zee 4 dager siden
U don't love to see it
ThePineapple 4 dager siden
This video made me cry
Alternate 4 dager siden
Because your time is over
3CHO CHAZ 4 dager siden
Why don’t you join back and play as a 4
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