PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware

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Your first look at PS5's internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.

*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

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JuicyGamer Lol
JuicyGamer Lol 11 minutter siden
PlayStation: Releases tear down of their current console Xbox: Fools they are, I shall use this new knowledge and understanding to my advantage
Geiner Chavarria
Geiner Chavarria 46 minutter siden
La consola que todos queremos ese chino la desarmo
Armando Santos
Armando Santos Time siden
Quiero una nueva ps Vita 2 🎮
Thegameryovo775 Time siden
This vid was released 1 day away from my bday.
Aihara_ Yuzu_
Aihara_ Yuzu_ Time siden
Votre mise à jour 8.0 toute peter la mdrrr
Yivani Mantshongo
Yivani Mantshongo 2 timer siden
Anyone else love the way he says "GPU-ha"😂😅💫
Sam 2 timer siden
Playstation could you please make a new software update
IVAN tv MOURIÑO MITRE 2 timer siden
Like los que hablen español
lastpokemon 3 timer siden
Much respect! To Sony! I had PS1 skipped PS2 for original XBOX back to PS3 in 2007 skipped PS4. Its time for PS5. Money saved ready for the release date :)
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
EthanGamer TV from 2015
EthanGamer TV from 2015 3 timer siden
Viraaj Konala
Viraaj Konala 3 timer siden
I hate playstation do i love xbox more because bill gates works in it lol
TzSkiiLs 3 timer siden
Bla bla bla Xbox just k.o this
unVibe. 4 timer siden
When you trust him but but forget how to put them back again.
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 4 timer siden
Looks kinda big and bulky
Maxim Zavrazin
Maxim Zavrazin 4 timer siden
Крайне херовый дизайн, все эти декоративные панели напоминают геймерские кресла, которые никакой функционаности не несут, по дизайну шаг назад
AlphaDream 5 timer siden
ive seen this 5x already
Arav Doorgapershad
Arav Doorgapershad 5 timer siden
Why would you do that to the ps5
F1nn 05
F1nn 05 5 timer siden
PC is better 😂
Massivestrokeee _
Massivestrokeee _ 7 timer siden
Shailesh Kumar
Shailesh Kumar 7 timer siden
Everyone gangsta...until jerryrigeverything tears it down
KUMMING CHANG 7 timer siden
buy ps5 free one game is nice........
WhatIsTime 7 timer siden
This only has one hdmi out port? What about if I want to connect this to a receiver??
BlueSky 8 timer siden
I still playing ps3 in 2020
Altaf S
Altaf S 8 timer siden
Shopkeeper - We finished building your PC. You can come and collect it. my Card - Declines Shopkeeper - 7:01
Fireman Gamespot
Fireman Gamespot 10 timer siden
play station after launch ps5 i hope play station will make another portable device i really like psp but the graphic for now it was so bad i really like when i could play console anywhere
Fireman Gamespot
Fireman Gamespot 4 timer siden
@Zula wdym nintendo switch
Zula 5 timer siden
nintendo switch?
Belgische Pommes
Belgische Pommes 10 timer siden
That type of fan is a terrible idea imo as a customer but we will see.
Best Buds
Best Buds 11 timer siden
Looks like a copy of the Asus rog g20
Vivan Kumar
Vivan Kumar 11 timer siden
I had a feeling that the white case would come off.....
Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe 11 timer siden
I was impressed after seeing the stand at the start. How well thought out was that!
16 12 timer siden
Looks so outdated
bongocat 3 timer siden
looks way better than the xbox
Zula 5 timer siden
your just hatter
Nick pezzetti
Nick pezzetti 13 timer siden
Juan Cruz Raschetti
Juan Cruz Raschetti 13 timer siden
Cuánto va a salir capas que mis padres puedan comprarla
Whispering Kate
Whispering Kate 13 timer siden
Oddly satisfying 😄
Leonardo Escamilla
Leonardo Escamilla 14 timer siden
J S 14 timer siden
When VP of hardware design himself tear down every component and tells what it does or how they are built in , it shows that the product can be trusted 👏😉
Jerome Parnell
Jerome Parnell 14 timer siden
I wonder if sony did this because microsoft had an xbox teardown video on austin evans channel. Cool video though, I love tech.
leandro cueto
leandro cueto 14 timer siden
no entendi una mierda que dijo el hombre pero el video de 10 ufff ps5 todas las cosas que tenes parece pocas piecas pero no lo son jajaj ayy nc que parte vender de mi cuerpo que cuesta mas de 100 mil pesos para comprar la ps5 deahhhh na mentira xdxdxd.
im pact
im pact 15 timer siden
That creamy choco sandwich i'd take i bite out of it. But seriously wow never expected a teardown from ps.
Zula 5 timer siden
Zula 5 timer siden
Amando Chavez
Amando Chavez 15 timer siden
The new Xbox looks like a speaker
XenoContact 16 timer siden
the external storage should've been SATA not M.2
mzamroni 16 timer siden
Sony should formally sell unlock code/app that will make ps5 as regular PC (install regular windows 10, etc.) It can instantly become top pc vendor.
DiggOlive 17 timer siden
That SSD controller being custom designed for the system looks so powerful
Philip Price
Philip Price 17 timer siden
14k dislikes?! What is there to dislike in this video?! Unless every single dislike is from a hardware engineer then I'm gonna have to say its just Xbots who are salty.
hisoka44 hisoka
hisoka44 hisoka 17 timer siden
can i install crome web browser in ps 5?
Player 1
Player 1 18 timer siden
Welcome to the meme world, chinaguy
Robbie 19 timer siden
Is that a M.2 slot for SSD’s at 2:48?
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez 19 timer siden
Soo it can’t lay down like the ps4?
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet 19 timer siden
when is the liquid-cooled version coming out
Nashmann Jango
Nashmann Jango 19 timer siden
Great, now reassemble it back - in "VERGE" STYYYYYLEEE !!!!! 👍🤣👏👏👏
Brian Young
Brian Young 19 timer siden
As you know me, I’m a very PLAYSTATION fan, I support every single PLAYSTATION console.
RzrMaw22 19 timer siden
Missing the CMOS battery.
mert ali ağartancan
mert ali ağartancan 20 timer siden
Ps 6 ne zaman gelcek
iTz_Hyper 20 timer siden
Dislike por la version 8.0 :(
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 20 timer siden
Does the inclusion of dust catchers mean that the console can be thoroughly cleaned without a complete teardown/voiding of the warranty?
minij hooi
minij hooi 20 timer siden
An one Selling their PS4????
Justin Romero
Justin Romero 21 time siden
I cannot wait for this console to release! 😁😁😁
AT WD 21 time siden
So, who forgot Right to Repair in the US and the EU e-Waste regulation in the making??????? Yeah, Sony is awesome 🤔... (It is, by the way), order some of those fans,boys!!!!!!!!!
Jake Stern
Jake Stern 21 time siden
It's enormous. Or the technician is just very small.
minij hooi
minij hooi 20 timer siden
strict PC gamer, but since this defines the gaming market, I follow it.
Michael Donald
Michael Donald 22 timer siden
What a horrible design!
dickster7000 23 timer siden
The RAM is set in a chanting circle to summon the CPU
Khareef 23 timer siden
So will it sound like a 747?
Herr Termii
Herr Termii 14 timer siden
JayShooting Productions
JayShooting Productions 23 timer siden
This is why PlayStation will forever be amazing , Xbox is just not doing this or giving content like this the system is not even out and I know how to take it apart & replace things if needed ahead of time
oren flotech
oren flotech 23 timer siden
How to do you ask in japanese : will i be able to pair my soundbar through the bluetooth or are you going to annoy me with your headphones ,only ?
oren flotech
oren flotech 15 timer siden
@Alexander Scott Thanks!
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 20 timer siden
There are different ways to ask, but I'd go with this one. Bluetoothでサウンとバーと繋げますか。もしかしてヘッドセットしか使えないことにした? Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake, fellow NOpost folk.
メキシコ人お兄ちゃん Dag siden
Like si vives en el 3er mundo y no la podrás comprar así que solo veras al Fedelobo usarla :(
o o
o o Dag siden
Bro... They're so gonna sell the side panels in different colors. :p
JGXJM Dag siden
Cause of the easy white panel removal plasti/color/aero dipping will be easier than ever
PanHunt Dag siden
It’s so big
JGXJM Dag siden
Techrax lost the opportunity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
VISHV Dag siden
Yahi dalte raho ..kyuki ham yahi dekh sakte hai😂😂😂
Operator-chan Dag siden
Ehh getting pushed to xbox/pc with their weird party chat moderation
Whitestraight Pride
Whitestraight Pride Dag siden
If scumbags didnt make constant racial slurs, death threats and engage in other general vulgar behaviors it wouldnt be necessary.
Spartus War
Spartus War Dag siden
Will the ps5 be able to do CD media burning and flash drive media upload like the ps3 did? Can someone please answer this???
Spartus War
Spartus War Dag siden
@Whitestraight Pride how so?
Whitestraight Pride
Whitestraight Pride Dag siden
Probably not.
The Radiant
The Radiant Dag siden
liquid metal is going to dry and cause thermal problems after just few months. Sony always has some flaws while launching new PS
Whitestraight Pride
Whitestraight Pride Dag siden
Says the Professor with a degree in mechanical engineering. Oh, wait ........
LOoOn ARTs Dag siden
Looking like one, is it running Android ice cream sandwich? I still think the PS5 overhaul is better engineered than the Series X. Terraflops and clockspeed isn´t everything relevant, I´m confident the all over faster memory and quite faster SSD will be more important for future games than raw performance. *Not a fanboy, don´t even have any consol, strict PC gamer, but since this defines the gaming market, I follow it.
NavaIMTutorial Dag siden
"Then... He forgot how to Put this on Back.." -Game Over-
Rimbaud Art
Rimbaud Art Dag siden
arturo brito
arturo brito Dag siden
Can we make a travel whith the console on a bus or airplane or it's gonna be so fragil?
arturo brito
arturo brito Dag siden
¿Podemos llevar la play 5 en un morral y tomar un avión y llevarla como equipaje de mano o será muy frágil y no se podrá hacer?, la serie x si permite llevarla con nosotros, ¿será que la play 5 si se puede o será muy frágil?, la Xbox cada vez suena mejor compra.
ADR Hindi Gaming
ADR Hindi Gaming Dag siden
ps5 must give 2 hdmi port
عبد الله XX R
عبد الله XX R Dag siden
اين العرب هنا 😊
T Copeland
T Copeland Dag siden
I’ll wait for the PlayStation 5 slim
MJP Dag siden
How we supposed to get 120hz with no Display Port?
I Enjoy dead memes
I Enjoy dead memes 20 timer siden
HDMI 2.1 supports 4K 120Hz
khwaja moinuddin
khwaja moinuddin Dag siden
This is what was like when my father broke and completed broke my phone
Peter Fernandes
Peter Fernandes Dag siden
Peter Fernandes
Peter Fernandes Dag siden
Dank Memes
Dank Memes Dag siden
Looks decent
Calitascopez Dag siden
I feel like the Xbox would fit better in my room cuz this thing is to tall
Calitascopez 18 timer siden
Imagine doing console wars. Couldn't be me
Bharathi PR
Bharathi PR Dag siden
Ok xbot
Easy web word
Easy web word Dag siden
I can't understand ,his language but i watched full video 😂🤣
Easy web word
Easy web word Dag siden
Khol khaak kurai diyo🤣😂🤣
Finn Harreidsson
Finn Harreidsson Dag siden
"Hey guys. Let's put the single most important maintenance part at the very bottom, so when they need to clean the fins for dust, they have to pick the entire thing apart." Everyone knows that the fan isn't the main dust hazard, it's the packed wall of dust on the rad going through it. And I saw no solid dust filtering in this video. Disappointed that they can't get such a simple design logic prioritized. But I guess they want idiots to buy new ones when the old starts sounding like a boeing.
Nayla Hadiatullah
Nayla Hadiatullah Dag siden
I never tought it was that big
Whitestraight Pride
Whitestraight Pride Dag siden
Ive heard that myself on occasion.
Güllü Kurt
Güllü Kurt Dag siden
Im wait you HITMAN 3
Hanzo Reiza
Hanzo Reiza Dag siden
Your dog 6:58
6ix 9ine
6ix 9ine Dag siden
can we use sound blaste g6 with the ps5
Emy La Gargola
Emy La Gargola Dag siden
*Man..... I didn’t know it was gonna be that big!*
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