Teofimo Lopez Sparring Gervonta Davis

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A young Teofimo Lopez sparring Gervonta Davis when Davis was 19. Proof that there has always been bad blood between these two.

SUPERXTROID 4 timer siden
i don’t see where tank “turned it up” casuals forget how little and undeveloped we all were at 16. shame. No 19 year old should get tagged up by a 16 year old. Tank turned pro at 18, his amateur career was done already and he was now pro. trying to talk about teo and his coach is just sad man
King Tuna
King Tuna Dag siden
Teofomo is looking alot more muscular like he pumping lots of juice lately. He using snac I bet lmfao pussy
Floyd Sr.
Floyd Sr. Dag siden
Filming is fucking atrocious cameraman must have been having a stroke.
Thomas Rouse
Thomas Rouse Dag siden
Tank to strong..
Backpackslayer 73
Backpackslayer 73 2 dager siden
Teo was so short. To put it to perspective, tank is 5’5. Lopez gotta be like 5’4 here, he grew 4 more inches so the height difference definitely will be noticeable if they were to fight again.
Droo 2 dager siden
I’m like Tank but Lopez schooling him. If he ain’t getting a knockout where he stays down Lopez will win every round on points
Jose Avelar
Jose Avelar 3 dager siden
You realize that teo was 15 and tank 18?? Now teo is much bigger and stronger. You really know that tank have only 1 fight in 135 ans it was againts old chinny Gamboa?? If you still think that tank will k.o Lopez in 135 you have to be a idiot.
Chase Money
Chase Money 3 dager siden
Tank sucks
James Sykes
James Sykes 4 dager siden
WoW just like Crawford vs Spence this is a Super Fight!! Big for boxing!! Add Garcia vs Haney or any combo it's great!!
Jay Delana
Jay Delana 4 dager siden
If this two fight, I think teofimo would not last. Gervonta got fast and heavy hand and also a crafty fighter.
Changa Foxworth
Changa Foxworth 5 dager siden
Tht aint no fucn tank
javier martinez mata
javier martinez mata 5 dager siden
Y quien es Teofimo ??????
javier martinez mata
javier martinez mata 5 dager siden
Quien es gervonta ??????
Lil BrownBoy
Lil BrownBoy 5 dager siden
Gervonta goin like 40 percent if he went anything over 70 he would've knocked lopez down
Lil BrownBoy
Lil BrownBoy 3 dager siden
@iMagicYoshi lmfaooo bro you can even tell
iMagicYoshi 3 dager siden
You wish
Mjr.Mustang302 6 dager siden
Tank don't want that smoke
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 7 dager siden
Hehe hehe hehe hehe papa fimos mouth just keeps yapping . Eveready batteries just keep going and going and going hehe.
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson 7 dager siden
Tank was finna get wit that nigga. He got saved by the bell frfr
Drew 6ixx
Drew 6ixx 7 dager siden
Lopez been acting crazy since his last win, time for someone to humble him.
Daquan W
Daquan W 7 dager siden
Let them niggas fight now. Lopez gives Davis brain damage and Floyd knows it so he won’t let it happen till Lopez is fully comfortable at 140 draining Lopez to 130. Already know the bs at the pbc side.
MERENGUE CR7 7 dager siden
Good Sparring💪💪💪
Joey Rodriguez
Joey Rodriguez 7 dager siden
Is that little Errol Spence on the right side too?!
William Ayala
William Ayala 7 dager siden
Light work . Tank will honestly Ko Teofimo .
Jauan Davis
Jauan Davis 7 dager siden
Lopez better stop asking for Tank!! No 🧢
rich mind
rich mind 8 dager siden
Tanks power got teo thinking lol
iMagicYoshi 3 dager siden
In ur dreams
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble 8 dager siden
Tank was about to put him to sleep at the end. Too much power
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble 3 dager siden
iMagicYoshi we’ll see once they fight marshmallow boy
iMagicYoshi 3 dager siden
You clearly don’t know shi bout boxing 🥊
The First Supper
The First Supper 8 dager siden
All messycans do is be drunk and get messy. Tank ko Teo any day of his classless life
The First Supper
The First Supper 8 dager siden
And Teo think he can win with no headgear??? That man was drunk after one punch at the end. And I peep loma tried the same tactic but it failed because he lacks power and intimidation
Wallace carter iii
Wallace carter iii 8 dager siden
Gervonta was only working on his defense at first Teofimo wasn't strong enough to hurt him but was definitely faster now im sure right now Lopez now has the power with the speed. I say both these guys fight each other Loma fight Devin the winners meet up and unifying all the belts which I think will be Tank Vs Devin , Devin winning it all Best out of the 4 and the other 3 all scared of Devin Loma already vacated and gave Devin 😉 the belt not to fight the Mandatory, Devin approach Teofimo Lopez strongly stated the fight won't happen now 😉 maybe down the line and Tank basically 😉 lives at the same Gym wants no smoke Mayweather Dad is Devins trainer and Coach
HondaJabroni Comics
HondaJabroni Comics 9 dager siden
Tbh Davis need to step his weight up to welterweight quit fighting these smaller guys already
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon 10 dager siden
Tank looks about 20 lbs heavier that Lopez.
Dandan Jalagat
Dandan Jalagat 10 dager siden
No talent in boxing 2 guy
Imil Sherrod
Imil Sherrod 10 dager siden
Tank was definitely giving Teo a chance to show him something.
i said what what
i said what what 10 dager siden
After beating loma, I can NOT freaking wait for this fight! Make it happen fellas! Give the fans what they want.
Deezy Vercetti
Deezy Vercetti 11 dager siden
That’s not G.D
Stan Anderson
Stan Anderson 11 dager siden
When Tank was hitting him Teo was flying around the ring from the punches!!! Tank got bricks for hands!!!
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan 11 dager siden
3 year difference at that age is a world apart physically and skillfully. Big balls on Teo
ACE THOMAS 11 dager siden
Tank sparred the right way he didn’t give away much just in case they faced each other down the line
Helmer Erazo
Helmer Erazo 11 dager siden
Teo body wasnt develope like now i think Teo would rock him now
Jacquavious Tinnyhill
Jacquavious Tinnyhill 11 dager siden
That’s not tank
Edwin Cepeda
Edwin Cepeda 12 dager siden
Tank must beat loma first before getting to teo cause every body ducked loma until teo beat that ass
CFG Properties LLC
CFG Properties LLC 12 dager siden
Playing around with Teo. He knows his days are numbered
Brandon Villatuya
Brandon Villatuya 11 dager siden
Teo was like 17 years old here. Look where he is now
SuperSpaceman25 12 dager siden
Teo was still a young kid & tank on the brakes. Nothin to see 4real.
Adam K
Adam K 11 dager siden
@SuperSpaceman25 dont think so teo was a kid still gave him problems imagine now
SuperSpaceman25 12 dager siden
And Yes Tank would hurt him still to this day!
Ancient Technique
Ancient Technique 13 dager siden
Lopez was brought in to spar Davis because Davis needed to work on his defenses a little. Lopez is an easy sparing session with minimal risk.
MVP 14 dager siden
teo always looking forward
Denchik Benderzadynaiski
Denchik Benderzadynaiski 14 dager siden
Ha-ha-ha Lopez 🤡🤡🤡
Mr Humble
Mr Humble 15 dager siden
I think I can beat both of them
julifer9211 15 dager siden
Davis is no joke he could of hurt the guy but was nice. The hits behind the head... Not a move from a professional boxer. But I seen homeless people do it all the time though maybe he learned if from them.🤔
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez 15 dager siden
Tank was about to put him to sleep 💤
lalo 15 dager siden
147 VS 130?
Dalvin Padilla
Dalvin Padilla 15 dager siden
I wanna see that fight now
box tech Nepal
box tech Nepal 16 dager siden
After seeing this sparing Davis lose respect from my side. Stop being pussy fight like real champ don’t clinch Lopez’s hand
vellyvell33 17 dager siden
Yeah teo is a different fighter today..a feared one at that... Tank.. floyd's protege is a somebody.. otherwise other fighters wouldn't call him out
awolican337 16 dager siden
Tank will destroy him. He's way more exciting to watch too.
Trap Evolution
Trap Evolution 17 dager siden
One about tank the minute you make him feel like he in trouble that “BodyMore Maryland”come right out!
J M 17 dager siden
Dats not tank
Mike Burton
Mike Burton 17 dager siden
It is bro..this is old
Joe Mack
Joe Mack 18 dager siden
Teo looks much smaller than Tank
Leonardo David Chow
Leonardo David Chow 18 dager siden
Esa es una pequeña Muestra de lo que es Teofimo López .
miguelbinha 18 dager siden
Even at this age I reckon Tank was already aware of a future fight with Lopez. Took what he wanted to take from this and didn't give much away of his atack moves.
Earl Maye
Earl Maye 19 dager siden
Davis was going light working on defense while Teo sr wanted his son to go hard in sparring like Haney’s dad be doing. But tank breaks the noses of his sparring partners. And Sr. Almost got jr. A beat down. Would be interesting to see who would win now
Louis X
Louis X 19 dager siden
Teo alot bigger now .............
Ramiro Mata
Ramiro Mata 19 dager siden
Damn crazy how teo has improved like crazy teo vs tank would be a great fight
Alex Lilano
Alex Lilano 19 dager siden
Tank looks big. I thought Teo was way bigger than Tank.
NoEsB8 19 dager siden
Sorry but Teo would knock out davis now, hes a monster and better fighter tbh.
BunnyBadAzz 18 dager siden
Fuck outta here 😂😂
chris collins
chris collins 18 dager siden
No he wouldn't Tank has God giving strength you see it!! The Fight needs to happen know!! Time will tell!!
Kevin S
Kevin S 19 dager siden
Tank is like a broken robot 🤦🏽‍♂️
Samson F.
Samson F. 19 dager siden
Dam Davis really punching back of head intentionally 🤦‍♂️
Mike Burton
Mike Burton 17 dager siden
That was teo
Davon Mayfield
Davon Mayfield 19 dager siden
Tank will stop teofimo ass
leo jilka
leo jilka 20 dager siden
2:54 / 3:40 Teofimo Lopez's foot work ......
crevcydus 20 dager siden
thats not tank !!!
Jorden Deardorff
Jorden Deardorff 20 dager siden
Lol the guy recording teofimo corner does not know his right from left 😂 left jab lands look at that right hand baby hahah looks like tank got the best of him tho by what I seen with my two eyes
Brand New
Brand New 20 dager siden
Tank checked him
REVSUNN C.F 20 dager siden
That last trade off after the hit to the back of the head 😬 tank caught him with that left hook got Teofimo leaning 🙃
grafitismaster mares
grafitismaster mares 20 dager siden
Pero que clase de boxeo le dan a teofimo 🤣🤣🤣
Cedric Bright
Cedric Bright 21 dag siden
What year was this?
Randy Bernard
Randy Bernard 21 dag siden
Teo better stay away from tank if he wanna keep them belts.
kayto osinuga
kayto osinuga 21 dag siden
Gervonta is a good one.
Cole Nelson
Cole Nelson 21 dag siden
After Tank put on a good show during the Cruz fight, one in which I was rooting for Cruz, I came away impressed with Tank. This Teo here is a lot smaller than the current one, however Gervonta was getting the better of him late. Would be an interesting match up now, with Teo being bigger, however Tank has improved quite a lot. I wouldn't mind this on some PPV.
Steal Peterson
Steal Peterson 21 dag siden
This is old and teo was younger but you can obviously see tank wasn’t going that hard at all let’s be Fr 💯
Anzwar The Great
Anzwar The Great 21 dag siden
Funny how somebody win and pick up all these new fans.... Teo dodging Tank at 135lb I'm telling you. Tank's scratch is different. I'm telling you. Just like all you DCAFs thought Loma was somebody and he wasn't even #3 in the class.
Anzwar The Great
Anzwar The Great 21 dag siden
Tank waaaaaaaay more effective than buddy. Ain't no tired when Tank turns on that mode. To start shoulder rolling pretending to be Floyd when he hasn't even perfected the style properly yet. He gone get waxed.
Anzwar The Great
Anzwar The Great 21 dag siden
Good editing job... Keep Teos damage low in film ups his value...
davian cooper
davian cooper 21 dag siden
The fight to make
Rajyavardhhana ye
Rajyavardhhana ye 21 dag siden
WAR. Ironically these 2 could destroy any of these “boxing experts” in this comment section 😭
alan gowen
alan gowen 21 dag siden
Tank knocks out a guy who usually fights 126 and folks act like hes the second coming. Teo will destroy him if they fight. Teos alot bigger n stronger now.
Big092ML BOA
Big092ML BOA 21 dag siden
Cmon now, tank smart, he not giving no free game, but he smart dont forget that, he a still snap like nun
Eric Prewitt
Eric Prewitt 21 dag siden
Here is the correct and honest assessment: Tank is far more advanced than TL, then and now. The same amount of time has passed for both. Tank is stronger than TL, then and now. Tank has a higher boxing IQ than TL, better footwork, better defensively, more power. I do think it's an entertaining match up because Tank gets bored during fights and allows himself to be hit, just to taste his opponent's power, then when he's ready to go home, he ends the fight. There is no boxer on God's blue earth (80% water) at 130 or 135 that would have a chance of surviving 12 rounds (don't say Gamboa Tank was working out he won 12 rounds to 0) let alone winning the fight against Tank. What will ultimately happen and me more, is they will not at either of those weights. Either a catch of 137 138 or 140. Tank still washes him but slightly more competitive. You're welcome all
Cole Nelson
Cole Nelson 21 dag siden
Teo is 15, 16 at most here. Gervonta was already passed his pro debut. This Teo and the current one are different boxers entirely. What you saw at the end was Gervonta getting mad at getting popped by a kid who couldn't drive and have to turn the heat up a bit. If Gervonta sticks his chin out like he normally does on the current Teo I guarantee you it will be Broner all over again.
SSChicago73RD 21 dag siden
Steven Valdez
Steven Valdez 21 dag siden
Teofimo only 15 years old tank 19
Julian Ortiz
Julian Ortiz 21 dag siden
Teo would easily beat tank and Mayweather knows it. He just to scared to lose his fighters
kamiSama Tv
kamiSama Tv 20 dager siden
Ur delusional
werthy is my name
werthy is my name 22 dager siden
Unfortunately there’s a lot of politics in Boxing 🥊 ugh let’s them fight.
Jimmy 2 Times
Jimmy 2 Times 22 dager siden
Lopez filled out bigger since then
YoungMoz 22 dager siden
Teo is technically sound but if Tank catches you its a wrap,
Scott Burbridge
Scott Burbridge 22 dager siden
Dont care who you are if tank catches you clean you go night night
SWNUP 22 dager siden
Were they sparring in the middle of an earthquake? Camera man my guy, STAY STILL!
savedbythebarber savedbythebarber
savedbythebarber savedbythebarber 22 dager siden
tank got them hands teo has improved alot since this clip
Ozzy Mendoza
Ozzy Mendoza 22 dager siden
Teo wasn’t even fully grown yet 😂
Xavier Perkins
Xavier Perkins 22 dager siden
Tank before the neck tattoos. Both got better since then. But tank has way more power than Teo.
David Arauz
David Arauz 22 dager siden
Thats not gervantis davis . Davis is 4 ft 3 😂😂
hardhitter puncher
hardhitter puncher 22 dager siden
I so dislike Gervonta Davis Haney please knock this fool spark out
M R 22 dager siden
whos here after davis cherrypicked santacruz
Jovhonte Jones
Jovhonte Jones 22 dager siden
They bot was younger in this video so the both learned more since. But Tank was playing wit him
Emal Nottz
Emal Nottz 22 dager siden
I swear Lopez was like 15-16 here. His bodies matured and he’s much bigger now.
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