How iDubbbz Fell From Grace

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Andrei Terbea

8 måneder siden

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#iDubbbz #ContentCop #Simp
It looks like iDubbbz has made a big oopsie. After his girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, started an OnlyFans account, hardcore fans of iDubbbz turned on him, making memes and calling him a simp. It took him two weeks to finally come out with a response, however it wasn't quite what the fans expected. Today we take a look at why iDubbbz lost subscribers, why so many of his fans have turned on him and what led to the situation he's in today.

Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea 8 måneder siden
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Mitchell midnight
Mitchell midnight 11 dager siden
Women selling their nudes on onlyfans isn't female empowerment but other than that commentary channels are so pointless
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis 17 dager siden
I think your a simp
Vixen is viy
Vixen is viy 20 dager siden
elham Måned siden
Måned siden
Marsha Spell
Marsha Spell 15 timer siden
make a video about how brody became sucess
asmRTPOP 22 timer siden
Lockdown...? Lmao. I’ve been going to work this entire pandemic 😅😅 America cares not for its people.
S Parker
S Parker 2 dager siden
I’m mad. He was supposed to surpass ricegum. I’m mad that the videos that target kids with crazy titles and loud shouting and flexing and overreacting are taking over NOpost.
Make Money Guide
Make Money Guide 3 dager siden
Your channel definitely deserves my subs!
Antonio Rusescu
Antonio Rusescu 3 dager siden
Caiet dictando lol . Esti din Bucuresti?
maebyfunke 4 dager siden
so youre mad because his gf somehow affects his career?
Annika 111
Annika 111 4 dager siden
I hate to say it I don't want to sound ridiculous but I don't know who this man is
Kingglassrat1 2 timer siden
i didnt either
RedboltVGC 5 dager siden
The whole simp idea is honestly just stupid. No idea how that term even started.
Kingglassrat1 2 timer siden
Idubbz isn't a simp. He just had a gf who has an only fans. A simp is someone who throws money at random internet girls for coochie
Lady Fucking Liberty
Lady Fucking Liberty 5 dager siden
Die a hero or live long enough to become the villian.
edward sanchez
edward sanchez 5 dager siden
bro why is this guys videos so bad?? XD i can name 10 better videos that addressed this drama. LMAO XD
An asshole
An asshole 6 dager siden
Master778 Curcio Macola
Master778 Curcio Macola 6 dager siden
。 Aesthetics
。 Aesthetics 6 dager siden
I think the idubbbz guy just got sick of his stupid fans. I don’t blame him.
Rectal Discourse
Rectal Discourse 7 dager siden
Best example of a NOpost Power Couple: *_Arin Hansen and Dan Avidan_*
Rectal Discourse
Rectal Discourse 7 dager siden
Her worst crime was the murder of spelling and punctuation _in clod blood_
Sven Is Cool
Sven Is Cool 7 dager siden
How could you do this Idubbz? You were the chosen one! You were supposed to protect the content, not destroy it!
JackDaChosenOne 7 dager siden
An amazing example of a power couple is Wilfur and Andrei
Golden Gage
Golden Gage 7 dager siden
Cyrus is better
Parmoll Colasurdo
Parmoll Colasurdo 7 dager siden
You know... I think one day I’ll start a channel
Angelo Mordasini
Angelo Mordasini 7 dager siden
Tbh i think we should adress the fact that he couldn't imagine such a reaction. The word "Simp" is a trend, he could he know that having a girlfriend would end up like this
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie 8 dager siden
2019: idubbz will only fall if hell freezes over 2020: idubbz falls Coincidence, I think not.
Philemonster 8 dager siden
Aliyna Sophia Rose
Aliyna Sophia Rose 8 dager siden
I agree with all of this but at the same time... people need to stop being weird about women. Like it’s not ur body it’s theirs they can do what they choose with it, anyway completely agree with this video.
themadhayder 8 dager siden
but like.... who cares if his girl has an only fans lmao
No Creative Name
No Creative Name 8 dager siden
Why don’t you mind your business?
No Creative Name
No Creative Name 8 dager siden
Y’all call everyone a simp. Smh incel dudes annoy me.
Alassiel 8 dager siden
Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams
Georgia McAdam
Georgia McAdam 8 dager siden
Just saying he was basically impersonating a cop, THAT’S ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!
Josiah Victor Igne
Josiah Victor Igne 9 dager siden
Andrei stop talking stuff about him, please. He is the fake Iddubz. And the real and not simp Iddubz died from cancer years ago after the hair cake episode.
Josiah Victor Igne
Josiah Victor Igne 9 dager siden
Why Iddubz isn't a simp. The real Iddubz died from cancer after the hair cake episode because Filthy Frank shaved his hair resulting to that disease. Then years later Iddubz started to change in appearance so it is suspicious that he is the fake Iddubz. So that means people are calling the fake Iddubz a simp while the real Iddubz died from cancer years ago.
Josiah Victor Igne
Josiah Victor Igne 9 dager siden
Well, Iddubz is going back at a slow pace.
Spleefy 9 dager siden
...To the darkes possible plomp a man can get to... SIMPSIMPSIMPSIMP
Epic_guy44 YT
Epic_guy44 YT 9 dager siden
I just like to point out that norme simps and anime simps are different
Amanda 9 dager siden
Me watcing this from sweden right after watching an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
chillfilms 10 dager siden
My Sleep Paralysis Demons. 0:23
Jumolea Andrei
Jumolea Andrei 10 dager siden
And alinity. ; )
Andrew Eggsie
Andrew Eggsie 11 dager siden
H3H3 and hes girlfriend
Mitchell midnight
Mitchell midnight 11 dager siden
Sorry bruh but women selling their nudes on onlyfans isn't female empowerment.
Jack Ardoin
Jack Ardoin 11 dager siden
10k after 30 days gotta admit pretty impressive
salamisis 11 dager siden
BeEeEeYyYyYnNnN (sorry I had to add this)
Drome GMD
Drome GMD 11 dager siden
Don’t worry, it’s just a possessive mustache. It’ll all be over soon. He just has to shave.
GoldPaulike 11 dager siden
*3 la 10 lei* lmao
Hammad Hussain
Hammad Hussain 11 dager siden
The great youtube power couple used to be Ian and MaxMoeFoe But those days are gone. Long gone.
Clearlynot Nuclear
Clearlynot Nuclear 11 dager siden
Andrei: pulls up *caiet dictando* Every romanian liked that
Leo Morales
Leo Morales 12 dager siden
lets begin Ad
Mihajlo Radakovic
Mihajlo Radakovic 12 dager siden
10 lei per 3 pumpkins? What is this, the Soviet Union?
Just some Random guy
Just some Random guy 12 dager siden
catware 12 dager siden
4:43 are you romanian?
catware 9 dager siden
@Cry_ bqby Im too lmao
Cry_ bqby
Cry_ bqby 10 dager siden
He is
Coochie Man
Coochie Man 12 dager siden
Honestly, matpat and Stephanie are a pretty good power couple
Spray RBLX
Spray RBLX 13 dager siden
ooo that’s pretty good
shinigami02 13 dager siden
How is selling nudes women empowerment?
Hej Hej here comes Monica
Hej Hej here comes Monica 13 dager siden
Top NOpost power couple: Mykie and Anthony Padilla. Change my mind i dare u Oops u can't
Brazilian Goddess
Brazilian Goddess 13 dager siden
Who are all these people you make videos about and in what world are they relevant?
ionx 700
ionx 700 14 dager siden
Ba tu esti rkman
Whaler Cumming
Whaler Cumming 14 dager siden
He Stopped making Content Cop but mostly stopped working and stopped being comedic
Cris Crușo
Cris Crușo 14 dager siden
Nu stiu cine sunt majoritatea oamenilor despre care vorbesti, dar sunt sigura ca voi afla daca continui sa ma uit. Si asa in topul de pe yt al tarii noastre nu i cine stie ce.
Alexander The Not As Great
Alexander The Not As Great 15 dager siden
He’s a glass cannon
Skeptical 15 dager siden
I think the best power couple is me and me. They are both awesome and cool. Am I right guys?
Light 2490
Light 2490 15 dager siden
Things that give people power: Money--- Status------------- Understanding the Romanian sentences or words Andrei sneaks in his animations -----------------------------------------------------------
Rainer Tristan
Rainer Tristan 15 dager siden
Idubz pretty muvh did this= see's a mirrror, see's himself "OH shoot, i gotta shoot this guy" Sho0ots the mirror, bounced back, hit him " How is he not down yet?" shoot again and repeat
Tinu Ivu
Tinu Ivu 15 dager siden
Doar 10 lei 😮 vreau 12
Lanai Les
Lanai Les 15 dager siden
-this starwars meme starts playing: No you were the chosen one you were supposed to destroy simps not join them...
Imaberealwithyou Bro
Imaberealwithyou Bro 16 dager siden
“You think it was cool for running around in a oversized cop outfit” Me: yes yes I do
Katherine Rose
Katherine Rose 16 dager siden
This video is ridiculous. Idubbz isnt allowed to have a gf because his fanbase is so sexist that having a relationship with a woman is bad for his brand. That's pretty much what you said before even bringing up OF, and I'm not even pro sex work. Maybe we should stop bashing idubbz and his girl and instead address why millions of male teens hate women so much.
itzzgur gurzzy
itzzgur gurzzy 11 dager siden
I'm sure that idubbz's fans just don't really see a guy that is pretty edgy and acts dumb to have a girlfriend. I watch idubbz ( i respect women and men)
Legendarne Teme
Legendarne Teme 16 dager siden
Hi Andrei if you read this please help Serbia in fight ageinst Suarez16 he is worst youtuber like 2nd serbian morgz
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 16 dager siden
7:40 women empowerment? She sells her body, that is the opposite of female empowerment. Also, you miss the point, no one hates on only fans women in general, but we complain bc she is taken. She is straight up cheating.
FootLucy1013 16 dager siden
ok here me out: i havent kept up with the situation, but watching your video with the context of jenna marbles leaving youtube, maybe thats what idubbz was trying to do to an extent. like joji, his online personality no longer fits him, so he can either: leave completely or destroy what came before and denounce it. he'll lose followers, but only those that were there for the content he is disowning. and now he can gain new audience by distancing from those old vids. idk just a thought
Fahmy Magdy
Fahmy Magdy 17 dager siden
0:00 say hi first!
_Chariko_ 17 dager siden
Best power couple is lilypichu and Michael Reeves
Robert Branch
Robert Branch 17 dager siden
lizzo truth hurts
Pedro Balby
Pedro Balby 17 dager siden
good example of a power couple? leon and nilce
Icy’s alt
Icy’s alt 17 dager siden
Grayson Carpenter
Grayson Carpenter 18 dager siden
At what point did thinking girls with boyfriends shouldn't sell their nudes on the internet become discriminatory against s*x workers and contributing to sexist stigmas? bruh
luqmaq ay
luqmaq ay 18 dager siden
not gonna lie i think just having a girlfriend is not a problem.
Simz Zxy
Simz Zxy 14 dager siden
thats not the problem. its the fact that his girlfriend was selling nudes. i mean, if it was an open relationship. he could have said so. but he went and did something pretty stupid instead.
Gh0stRunner 16 dager siden
Whoa that's a really hot take there
Ke Tho
Ke Tho 18 dager siden
and ppl still get girlfriends, wifes and children.. i don't get it... but life ur life like u like.. :D
GogbordPro 19 dager siden
IDubbz and Pink Guy is unbeatable
Tabasco Puffen
Tabasco Puffen 19 dager siden
Bruh, or you can just not care
Meyou Bnm
Meyou Bnm 19 dager siden
I think he’s blinded by his love for his gf so he’s acting like a total douche for her
Gonzi ATCH
Gonzi ATCH 13 dager siden
he just had a girlfriend, she got an onlyfans, and the interned flipped him. He is clearly defending himself very passionately, but the was passionate too. Anyone can look like a douche when is angry
Bill Nye the Russian spy
Bill Nye the Russian spy 15 dager siden
No People are acting like douches toward him Idubbbz is in the right The people calling him out are in the wrong #idubbbzdidnothingwrong
Jessica Pantiliano
Jessica Pantiliano 20 dager siden
green day
Rocket-GW149 YY
Rocket-GW149 YY 20 dager siden
I don’t see why people bully people for having a girlfriend or just being friends with a girl Simping is literally just being nice to someone and I don’t think it’s okay that people bully Simps #Justiceforsimps
DJ ThatPlush
DJ ThatPlush 20 dager siden
The problem isn’t the fact of being nice. At least how I define it, to simp someone is to be nice/defend a person just to get in their pants. (Which I don’t think Idubbz is specifically doing but to each their own) Though that’s just how I see it/define it.
Mel-lonely Human
Mel-lonely Human 20 dager siden
Safiya and Tyler are so adorable istg
The Timeless Thing
The Timeless Thing 20 dager siden
H3H3 then iDubbbz , back in the days they made me laugh when they made fun of themselves but they exposed their true colors for using their new notoriety to talk down people . I am worried for my boys Cynical & Jamari walking the same path due to their thematic being similar but they have more brain cells than those two arrogant clowns ever did dream having .
General Bill Nye the russian spy
General Bill Nye the russian spy 20 dager siden
Idubbbz is an arrogant clown for not having 15th century relationship standards How evil of him How dare he doesn't agree with your oh So gigantic brain You would never let a girl ha the freedom to choose for herself, you'd beat her like the alpha giga chad you are
Ektor Iliadis
Ektor Iliadis 20 dager siden
I want back the old iddubztv no fucksgiven ian
Conner Heyl
Conner Heyl 21 dag siden
Omg the drawing of Atozy at 3:40 is just gold
Arman Jadoon
Arman Jadoon 21 dag siden
I would think that idubbbz didnt know how to say his shit and started talking random words. but thats my opinion.
Bill Nye the Russian spy
Bill Nye the Russian spy 15 dager siden
You obviously haven't watch his video
wesley baron
wesley baron 21 dag siden
watching this months later in the uks lockdown 2 sp all of these jokes are still relevant
lieutenant_ idli_sambar
lieutenant_ idli_sambar 22 dager siden
I only liked him in Filthy Frank the rest I don't really like
General Bill Nye the russian spy
General Bill Nye the russian spy 20 dager siden
Then you obviously didn't watch it
Bhuvan Patchala
Bhuvan Patchala 22 dager siden
andrei be like: i know ur in lockdown right now . then i getting ready to rewatch this in 2021 after lockdown is over i be like: imma gonna end this mans whole career
ClickBaitEr 22 dager siden
Arthur Laurentino da Silva
Arthur Laurentino da Silva 22 dager siden
5:04 eat her hair ... EAT HER HAIR
lazy boyz
lazy boyz 23 dager siden
I just think its degeneracy and wont support that garbage
The Andrei that pops out because of the pronunciation makes me feel satisfied and akward at the same time
Ezra Smith
Ezra Smith 23 dager siden
i know a great outward power couple... dantdm and jemma
DANTE PLAYS 23 dager siden
the mad pepe
the mad pepe 24 dager siden
The thing is that idubbz is simply not caring becuase his gf is making money and he's not intimidated by simps that are willing to pay for nudes
Young Deece
Young Deece 24 dager siden
Ima pimp slap the creator of onlyfans fuckin up the game takin my merchandise THEY TOOK MY JOB
Stefan Raul Mihut
Stefan Raul Mihut 24 dager siden
Hope 24 dager siden
I mean, he tried to defend saying the n-slur and the f-slur by saying "yOu EitHer sAy nOnE, oR aLl oF thEm" which is kinda 😬 not good
General Bill Nye the russian spy
General Bill Nye the russian spy 20 dager siden
No Its true And he wasn't even defending them He was saying you can't tell him not to say something and then say something worse And I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you're unarmed
Jovany Jeune
Jovany Jeune 25 dager siden
Tbh I didn't even know who idubbz was till this video💀
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