Felling A "LEANER"

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Top Branch Tree Service

3 år siden

Taking down an OAK LEANING the WRONG WAY!
A few tips and how we do it and using a rope come-along! Hope you all enjoy. Like and Follow for more. TopBranchServiceLLC/

monse rivera
monse rivera 3 dager siden
K bonito pero nosecorta ariba de las chapareras por k tepuedes cortar lasintura
mushenji 14 dager siden
Very Cool
nick acoutin
nick acoutin 25 dager siden
Use to do that over 40 years ago for a City I can remember we used to put out safety cones to see if you could drop it on it .😂👍
B Laws
B Laws 26 dager siden
You can’t move the house but you damn well could move the cars.
Ron Fazio
Ron Fazio Måned siden
You sir, are an artist
The Tree Guy In NC
The Tree Guy In NC Måned siden
Great explanation and good work
dana miller
dana miller Måned siden
It's good to watch these videos to learn different techniques and methods. And other people's experiences... knowledge is good. TY
Ryans Land & Tree
Ryans Land & Tree Måned siden
Flush cut them stumps down in your felling path. Reduces the risk of the butt of the tree bouncing up when felled
David Trutwin
David Trutwin Måned siden
8:09 Blue stain from iron pounded into the tree years back. I have never seen a blue Stihl saw. What model is this?
Davis Black
Davis Black Måned siden
they are clones of stihls or he dyed his plastic.
Jesse Callahan
Jesse Callahan Måned siden
Thanks to your advice I just had a successful cut! Thank you!
roque felix villarruel castillo
roque felix villarruel castillo Måned siden
How to NOT looks gay starter pack hahahahahahahahahahaha
Sean Manwill
Sean Manwill Måned siden
Excellent video Sir! Thank you very much!
Smitty's channel
Smitty's channel 2 måneder siden
lol tell your customer that corvette is definitely not worth 30,000
Pastor John
Pastor John 2 måneder siden
I was wondering why the back cut was made below the front cut instead of above it which is normal. Perhaps I am missing the physics of where you made the hinge. Thanks.
drpileta 2 måneder siden
Woyld like to know name and model of what you use to pull. Thanks!
Popscycle P
Popscycle P 2 måneder siden
Leaner? I don’t even like her!
puppyupper 2 måneder siden
I have a friend who lost an eye by cutting the hinge. He wasn't wearing safety glasses and splinter came back and stabbed his eye. I have wore glasses when cutting since that day. Hard lesson to learn
Aneka Hobi
Aneka Hobi 2 måneder siden
Nice video 😍
Grackle2012 3 måneder siden
If you were to use that come-along to pull some small to medium size stumps, what kind of rope would you use? Static, dynamic? Help.
Eric06410 3 måneder siden
Pro tip move the corvette
first man
first man 3 måneder siden
Is it just me? Why the F would you leave your corvette in the fall line of a leaning tree on the day the arborists come to chop the tree down?
Alexander van Wyk
Alexander van Wyk 3 måneder siden
Always great to see how a pro does it. I have a nasty leaning tree that requires this soon.
Philip Raymond
Philip Raymond 3 måneder siden
Your notch should have been cleaned up in the bottom it could have caused your hinge to have a failure early in the fall. And your back cut was lower than your hinge and should have been above to prevent kickback across your stump. I come to you with this bit of information with knowledge as a former logger. Just trying to keep you safe
Philip Raymond
Philip Raymond 3 måneder siden
Your notch
Philip Raymond
Philip Raymond 3 måneder siden
Two major problems
Joseph Newman
Joseph Newman 3 måneder siden
Don't know why you did all the hard work just to bring the wood down the way did! Like the great white 460! Good understanding of anticipating what trees will do when doing heavy removals!
Jude Three
Jude Three 3 måneder siden
Who doesn’t look before they sit down on a tree stump? Haha
Edwin Park
Edwin Park 2 måneder siden
Someone tired from working all day cutting down trees I suppose.
ali veli
ali veli 4 måneder siden
this guy succeeded it ... leaner than this nopost.info/throw/qraadG3Iz6B-j7s/video
Haigha 4 måneder siden
Good show. Now normally we would chunk that down. Faster and safer in case rope breaks and it pops the other way
thefixr 4 måneder siden
Cut the music out and I guarantee your average watch time will go up.
agentxyz 4 måneder siden
i once had a leaner. Her left leg was 2 inches shorter
Rob G
Rob G 4 måneder siden
Good explanation. Thanks
Travel Philippines
Travel Philippines 4 måneder siden
Slippery Storm
Slippery Storm 4 måneder siden
Why didn’t the guy move his vehicles?
da ne
da ne 4 måneder siden
If customers ask why your price is so high just say the real question is do they have enough experience to properly charge for difficulty.
da ne
da ne 4 måneder siden
It's not profit management it's risk assessment .
TheSpakksen 4 måneder siden
I've been binging tree felling fails all day and just had to see a pro do it for once, and with a lean like that to! Just amazing!
Dillons Woodworks
Dillons Woodworks 5 måneder siden
Great informational video. Thanks
Sean Hammer
Sean Hammer 5 måneder siden
So there was a few splinters sticking up. Is that a big deal? The tree went exactly where you wanted it. ???
greg y
greg y 5 måneder siden
awesome job, but why not section it more before dropping trunk??
flyingace49 5 måneder siden
you guys "ROCK"
Donnie Walker
Donnie Walker 5 måneder siden
Good job you tie your rope closer to the tree on your limb you want get that wood in your face be safe and God bless yall
Gy Bx
Gy Bx 5 måneder siden
Correct: "It's not worth the risk". I would rather have professionals do it the right way with insurance if it's near anything of value.
RV Boondocker
RV Boondocker 5 måneder siden
Ruby Cone
Ruby Cone 5 måneder siden
Beutiful tree
JAY BEE 5 måneder siden
What are y'all crying about, it was hooked up to a cable it couldn't fall to the other side 🤷‍♂️
Customized Training Services
Customized Training Services 5 måneder siden
Hey mate,! Why don't you just move the cars?
Jeremy Gobbato
Jeremy Gobbato 6 måneder siden
Nice damn work man! This old dog learned a few new tricks today.
Troy 6 måneder siden
These things can actually poke you in the butt hole and kill you. Yeah, never had that problem while hunting.
SNATCHYDBS 6 måneder siden
Way to many haters on the comments here " .. Fact is we have all made mistakes in the job.. all bar none... we still here becausw we learned from them and never made that mistake again... Id rather have more hinge than not enought ... No one dead no damage to property or cars it was a good day and thats what we want every day. By the way does any one know the brand name of the tackle he was pulling with... ?..
Ngatai Riderz
Ngatai Riderz 6 måneder siden
Nice job man👍
Slippery Storm
Slippery Storm 6 måneder siden
How much was the charge for this service ?
Wattie Newton
Wattie Newton 6 måneder siden
Good on you man now that was really worth watching Your workmanship is excellent Old bushman skills is great to see Not often these days Cheers for thàt
David 6 måneder siden
lol...just for demo purposes I suppose, if he was already up there topping it in all the time it took him to hook everything up an explain everything he could have taken five feet sections off the top and been on the ground already.
Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack 6 måneder siden
Dropped a leaner the other day. It started to go the wrong way. Wedges in the back cut saved me.
Liam Ready
Liam Ready 6 måneder siden
Is there not a Dutchman I see? 👀
Pannonian Lumberjack
Pannonian Lumberjack 7 måneder siden
WizardOfWhoopee 7 måneder siden
I think they got lucky here. 2 cars in the fall zone, and an old geezer 5:45 sitting there between the cars. All relying on a $15 Harbor Freight come-a-long. I'm no Paul Bunyon but but hey, I would move the cars and tell Gramps to stand back. Am I foolish for this?
doubledragon 7 måneder siden
I dont understand why people dont move their cars before doing this.
bones rhodes
bones rhodes 7 måneder siden
----- vehicles left anywhere within the possible fall zone usually become wood magnets as soon as the tree moves off-center
Jay WhoLovesEveryone
Jay WhoLovesEveryone 7 måneder siden
Why would you leave your 'vette anywhere NEAR this site? Anyway, Great Job Guys! Thanks for the lesson.
Norman McNeal
Norman McNeal 6 måneder siden
Cause it’s not paid for?
naughteedesign 7 måneder siden
i dunno this looks a little sexist
Hisslave1 7 måneder siden
Well done! The Maasdam is a great tool. When possible I like to pull back/side leaners with machinery to get a little more speed to get them over center a little faster in case the wood in the hinge is not perfectly healthy. I don't really care about fiber pull as long as it goes where it's supposed to. Nice work!
Papaburf 8 måneder siden
Could not have been a better ending than watching you remove the splinters from the hinge area! You spoke to it and then we see you follow up - outstanding content.
Ramesh Krishnan
Ramesh Krishnan 8 måneder siden
The confidence was astounding. The lean was scary. Could you not have chopped the trunk down from top?
1 Acre Homesteader
1 Acre Homesteader 8 måneder siden
Love the video. Found this video when searching for tips on felling a leaning tree. BTW, you look like one of the guys from the Mountain Deer videos? Any relation?
James Oetker
James Oetker 8 måneder siden
Nobody keeping constant pull on the rope after it starts to break? The comealong only pulls at the beginning of the break. Anyways, doesnt matter cuz I would have chunked down pieces into the yard AND had guys loading them up in the truck- FINISHED- before you even got the comealong hooked up. Keep it simple stupid
Whitetail Obsession
Whitetail Obsession 8 måneder siden
Your the real deal. Seriously great job!
Daniel M
Daniel M 8 måneder siden
just cut it down 4Head
SYNAPSE ON 8 måneder siden
Is this plunge cut only for the professionals?
Andrew Ashton
Andrew Ashton 8 måneder siden
Respect!! You are the man!!
Cheggley45 8 måneder siden
Very interesting and informative video. I would love to have the straight grained lumber from those oak logs!
Spencer Robertson
Spencer Robertson 8 måneder siden
How does the leftover wood on the stump that you called the stickers potentially kill someone
acer arb
acer arb 8 måneder siden
wots best bottle jack or this tecnic
john Mutton
john Mutton 9 måneder siden
Tidy work! Well done.
Douglas S
Douglas S 9 måneder siden
DID THE SAME THING used a winch to make sure it went the safe direction
Dan Latta
Dan Latta 9 måneder siden
It is obvious this guy knows what he’s doing but I still would have moved the Corvette out of the way.
davecpgh 9 måneder siden
Job well done!
Jimmy Lindström
Jimmy Lindström 9 måneder siden
Music double the volume than speach.... thumbsdown
Geoffrey Ris
Geoffrey Ris 9 måneder siden
Lol. You have no idea what 90 degrees is
S_L_H 9 måneder siden
That was some of the most professional service I've ever seen!
SNATCHYDBS 9 måneder siden
Im not even gonna bother to read the comments.... I usually do but as an Arborist on this occasion i will pass .. I think you did a good job mate .. tree down brashed up and all groundies safe, no damage thats a good days work ... For all you so called proffesionals who takk bs please dont bother me with some half ass come back these lads did a decent job safely... thats alll that matters. 👍👍👍
Eric Early
Eric Early 9 måneder siden
Great job boys !!!
М-72 9 måneder siden
Молодец! :)
Jennifer Maiden
Jennifer Maiden 9 måneder siden
Nice to see guys that can drop a tree most of the time its we gotta get the crane and make it more expensive than it needs to be
Fish 9 måneder siden
3:51 That's less than 90 degrees.
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 9 måneder siden
I was looking for this comment because it's a whole lot less than 90 degrees and I'm trying to figure out if he meant less than 90 degrees or if he cut it wrong.
Funny Jo
Funny Jo 9 måneder siden
real men use an axe only, others use chainsaw
Jason Nester
Jason Nester 9 måneder siden
Why not keep sectioning the tree all the way down instead of felling that much Makes no sense To me
Wade Patton
Wade Patton 9 måneder siden
There was a video to make. I want to see the guys who change fall paths by wedge cuts not ropes, but I do respect what the fellow was teaching here.
Chris Wesney
Chris Wesney 9 måneder siden
They could kill ya?
Cputt&CammedSierra 9 måneder siden
Geeze👌👌👌👌top notch no bs video man. Very much appreciate your time and teachings.
Paul Watts
Paul Watts 9 måneder siden
I cut 80 ft Douglas firs for fire wood. I don't have to miss a house, just don't get it buggered up. I have got them buggered up, but never left one. I love leaners because when you are in the forest alone it is comforting to know which way it is going to go. Not sure where it wants to go on a windy day, a little more anxiety.
Charles Forney
Charles Forney 9 måneder siden
Those spikes on the stump could kill you!?!?
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards 9 måneder siden
Great video, I think you do a great job at explaining the process.
Mary Abbott
Mary Abbott 9 måneder siden
Good vid. Stay careful.
Pall Mall
Pall Mall 9 måneder siden
what was the green and orange saw in the intro?Pimped out Husky?
Sveno Mick
Sveno Mick 9 måneder siden
Great work
Scott Warren
Scott Warren 9 måneder siden
I really wish I owned a pair of balls which would allow me to climb a tree like you. FML.
tinezilla 9 måneder siden
That was slick Right on the money!
Edward L.
Edward L. 9 måneder siden
I just felled about 15 old alders for my neighbor... they all fell where I wanted them to fall but I didn't have cars and homes to deal with. You are a true professional! Thank you.
bill shockley
bill shockley 9 måneder siden
video cuts out the crucial portion where the come-along pulls the tree out of its lean and begins to fall. Many degrees of pull are missing. That's what I waiting to see. "tree will begin to fall when it is one inch beyond vertical".
CUERVO BLANCO Jiménez 9 måneder siden
Good joob ,but just one think to me you make your knots too far to where you cut of the branch when the ground man lowers the branch slow you may have the ond of the branch come towars your chest or your face if the ground man does not lower the branch fast enough, the rest is good explained
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