Film Theory: How A Tiger King Disposes of a Body!

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7 måneder siden

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The Netflix documentary Tiger King has taken over almost every corner of the internet, from memes to theory channels alike! One of the big "mysteries" of the series, of which there are arguably a TON, is the question of whether or not Carole Baskin fed her husband to their tigers. Joe Exotic certainly believes she did and tried some... questionable tactics to make his point. Today Theorists, I am dipping my toes into the world of true crime to see if it is possible to get rid of the remains by feeding them to your tigers - or rather the big cats that the couple had on their property at the time of the "disappearance". This is about to get REALLY weird!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Josh Langman, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

otterodderdude 11 timer siden
ok but what would stop her from just dipping him in acid?
Jacob DeAquair
Jacob DeAquair 13 timer siden
I like how he used a heist with markiplier.
Nina 18 timer siden
But, what if Don suffered from osteoporosis??
Ghost Cactus
Ghost Cactus Dag siden
1:57 kindergarteners after the field trip to the zoo
RoseMarie M
RoseMarie M Dag siden
Carol has septic tanks or something on the property that have never been checked & are suggested to be where she dumped the bones & whatever else may have remained of Don.
permeus 2 dager siden
17:53 her zoo was searchs 3 times I think they would have found something.
permeus 2 dager siden
5:06 yes but there's a bit of difference between allowing visitors to come and see the tigers and breeding them for meat. Also if you look into the background of most the people against Carol in the show are outright lying or hiding part of the truth like the husband's personal assistant who in the show claimed she was fired for on reason, well apparently she was skimming money off of the husband for years and when Carol took over she spotted what he had been missing and fired the woman that had been stealing from them for years and yet the thief as the one acting like she had been wronged.
Elliotts- Vibes
Elliotts- Vibes 2 dager siden
One day I wanna see this mans history
StarLight Reviews
StarLight Reviews 2 dager siden
so u has beard now
Chris Bowker
Chris Bowker 3 dager siden
Maybe look into the BARF diet for dogs and cats, bones are food for animals and they eat them all the time.
ALIENS! AT NOON 3 dager siden
The chances of mat pat killing you are not high *but never zero*
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 3 dager siden
Stapping a bone isn't the same as eating it... a dog could eat that bone...
da ki
da ki 3 dager siden
also if you need a quick body disposal plan pigs will eat everything skin, flesh, and bones your welcome
Andrew Stonerock
Andrew Stonerock 4 dager siden
Her brother was a cop... Just saying...
Isabella Anderson
Isabella Anderson 4 dager siden
I'm seeing this video at a very strange time as I live in Tampa, Florida, and every now and again I see Carol biking around in the flesh.
Yugioh Hero
Yugioh Hero 4 dager siden
Self report
Landon Smith
Landon Smith 4 dager siden
Just bury the bones
Brookiebean !
Brookiebean ! 5 dager siden
Wait why did I cry 😂😂🎉
the redprawn
the redprawn 5 dager siden
When he was talking abt how things spiralled out of control I was like "sounds like jojo" I mean stuff goes from family feud to bizzare in an episode
Nidhi Patel YT ツ
Nidhi Patel YT ツ 5 dager siden
Now we just need Phineas and Ferb to make another animal translator
JJ_and_ friends
JJ_and_ friends 5 dager siden
12:34 lol this gave me flashbacks from early quarantine.
MAQS 5 dager siden
am i the only one not thinking about the tigers eating the bones. obviously it's impossible the only way you can dispose of the body through Tiger King's theory is if Carol fed his husband to the tigers then collected the bones and dispose of it. the land is way too big to cover, i want to know exactly how they searched that land. this video is kind of useless you just stated what's already should be common sense, it's not the kind of tigers, how many there was, or how much psi it takes to break a bone
Bfdia51 5 dager siden
One thing matpat is forgetting is growing big cats just like big dogs eat alot when they are young. I have a great dane puppy she is roughly 5 months old and weighs only 85 pounds eats MORE than my 160lb male great dane. Same is true for adolescent tigers. The young eat alot of food. So if Carol had 2 younger tigers they possibly could eat a great amount of person in 24 hours plus all the other exotic cats. I just learned about Carol Baskin and tiger King but that is a detail that is crucially missed
AandLscalise 6 dager siden
Why are lions called the king of e jungle; they live in savanna’s not jungles
Zeynep Tepe
Zeynep Tepe 6 dager siden
Alexplaysminc .-.
Alexplaysminc .-. 7 dager siden
0:04 goodness you scared the life out of me who's watching this after a scary theory about living cartoons and demonic neighbors-
diegobear6916 7 dager siden
She could have just throw it in the forest or just put it in the ground.
Keith Abe
Keith Abe 7 dager siden
Matpat: I can’t believe Netflix released this!! Cuties:**nervous sweating**
Im a furry
Im a furry 8 dager siden
Carole Baskin ate her husband
Sleepy_ Gurl
Sleepy_ Gurl 8 dager siden
Boiii there's a murder here in my house i will freaking hire youi'm not even jokingliterally i will fly towould ever that the heck you are and say hey you want to solve the mystery
Zahmiir Boyer Bevans
Zahmiir Boyer Bevans 9 dager siden
is that Shaquille O'Neal 12:03
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 9 dager siden
There's a picture of Don with a leopard or jaguar can't tell close to the end of the video
Suz G
Suz G 9 dager siden
Carol baskin... Killed her husband wacked him... Can't convince me that it didn't happen... Fed him to tigers they snacking, what's happening, CAROL BASKIN If you see this plz don't comment anything mean or rude, I am fully aware that probably a lot lot of other people posted something like this, you don't need to tell me.
Babybill videos Idk
Babybill videos Idk 10 dager siden
This should be a food theory video
Maanie Singh
Maanie Singh 10 dager siden
There was 1 but I don’t know when
DragonRage1113 YT
DragonRage1113 YT 10 dager siden
uhhhh... ghost adventures?
joe mama
joe mama 10 dager siden
I feel like mat could be a FBI agent
the weirdo
the weirdo 10 dager siden
The intros are always the best
Marie's Little play world
Marie's Little play world 12 dager siden
The police watch this it will really help ju find de colprid
Bruno Buccirati
Bruno Buccirati 12 dager siden
Also u seem like you would be a good detective
Delphox 13
Delphox 13 12 dager siden
Carol became so obsessed with cats she became one and killed her husband 😆
Abbie Good
Abbie Good 12 dager siden
She did have a jaguar she says it in the first episode. 🤔
Drswag 007
Drswag 007 13 dager siden
the perfect crime. but a better perfect crime is...well i don't know what would top that.
Ayana Bananas
Ayana Bananas 13 dager siden
Matpat saying dramatically "IN THE 40 ACRES OF LAND" me who lives on a 300 acre Australian property: pathetic
Dominic 5082
Dominic 5082 13 dager siden
Carol Baskin is such a hypocrite.
Dominic 5082
Dominic 5082 13 dager siden
Carol Baskin Killed her husband waked him can’t convince me it didn’t happen Carol Baskin feed him to tigers they snaking what’s happening Carol Baskin
JTrickster 13 dager siden
Logan Black
Logan Black 13 dager siden
make a heath theory
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz 14 dager siden
Imagine if Tiger King was a rip-off of the Lion King
Cottony Sensation
Cottony Sensation 14 dager siden
Okay but’s Florida...what about alligators? And given all the shady people in the industry isn’t it possible so enlisted some one else to help her dispose of the Boyd using their cats? Is there any evidence to indicate that sort of connection?
S OC 14 dager siden
Don could have had a secret plane and put his van in the airport and left for carol to get arrested maybe he even hid a body
EK THE PRO 15 dager siden
12:34 caveman matpat is my favourite
STEPHEN BERNAT 15 dager siden
So matpat if your reading this your right she’s guilty of murder
STEPHEN BERNAT 15 dager siden
She’s guilty
STEPHEN BERNAT 15 dager siden
The patters are unmistakable
STEPHEN BERNAT 15 dager siden
That picture that don was kissing a big cat he was kissing a Jaguar.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 15 dager siden
What about trees? Roots are strong.
v4pxr2 15 dager siden
that intro actually gave me a pain in my heart dam that spooked me
Perry the Blyatapus
Perry the Blyatapus 15 dager siden
Florida you knew it was gonna be weird When he said Florida
BuncGaming 15 dager siden
Hes feeds it too the lion!?!? The meme is real!
Magnus Ferguson
Magnus Ferguson 16 dager siden
Twist it was matpat he took the bones out of the cave !
AleckoGecko 16 dager siden
Tiger King was Crazy, but it was Not as Crazy as 2020
Xzeno Xzeno
Xzeno Xzeno 16 dager siden
A tornado I saw it
Randall Batson
Randall Batson 16 dager siden
She killed him the world knows
NezuKamado 16 dager siden
Me: why are people into this show Show: 5:19 Me: ohhhhhh
Moppy Robot
Moppy Robot 16 dager siden
Was that matpat dressed as a caveman
Turtle 17 dager siden
My neighbors were joe exotic and carol baskin
Nicola Eriksen
Nicola Eriksen 17 dager siden
The most elusive creature on this planet: JOE EXOTIC! And here we see him in his natural habitat, a crazy Netflix show. Easily identifiable by his mullet you may spot him in the wild. He now lives in captivity where he is well taken care of by government officials. He is well fed and watered daily. You may visit him for conversation and observe his insanity. As the only of his species when he comes to the end of his life there will be no more like him.
Dream’s Son
Dream’s Son 18 dager siden
How to break the femur, um big hammer or saws that cut medal
Navneeth Menon
Navneeth Menon 19 dager siden
If you can, may i know the name of that person whose cutout matpat showed in 00:15. it's just that he has been one of the most frequently appearing cutouts in the animated parts of the videos, and i am a bit curious.
Tracey Kays
Tracey Kays 19 dager siden
The truth be known this was all a set up from the beginning to stop Joe exotic from calling out the elite for mishandling donated funds to live lavishly, to stop the lobbying to have laws pass that only benefit the rich and standing up for the american people's freedoms and rights. Wake up people. The person telling this story falls right into the main media's bullshit to get u to believe what benefits them.
Dre 6ands
Dre 6ands 19 dager siden
Free joe exotic - Sada baby😭
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 20 dager siden
Matpat new theory channel: Tiger Theory!
Creative Realm
Creative Realm 20 dager siden
Would matpat make a good president? *#MatPat4President2024* I'm not sorry for commenting this 👍
Matthew P
Matthew P 21 dag siden
Isn't there a jaguar in the picture with Jack Lewis on the Cold Case flyer?
Stelar Spider
Stelar Spider 22 dager siden
Well she forges the signature and changes to the will of don and screws his own family out of all his fortune and she gets all the money. Hmmmm
goldgodking 132
goldgodking 132 22 dager siden
Carol basket killed her husband *gasp* (if you know were I got this you are smart)
Cherngel Axcel Fundador
Cherngel Axcel Fundador 23 dager siden
What was that 12:34 in the video
Aaliyah 154
Aaliyah 154 23 dager siden
I’m doing a persuasive speech on this topic and this video is a really big help!
Alexandra Majovska
Alexandra Majovska 23 dager siden
and where should she have those animals? in kitchen? Its obvious they need to be in cages but it depends on how they r big. Big cats rescues smallest enclosures are 1,200 square feet and those are for smaller animals like bobcats. Its huge difference between them too and u should have done better research. They are treating animal differently, she was exploiting them but doesnt aloow to touch the for hours from random people. She obviosly needs money if she want to conserve animal species but the animals are living their best lives as an wild animal can live in captivity. I dont think, she ist the best and she hasnt done bad decisions but she isnt like him. If he truly love his animals, he wouldnt euthanize them for bringing more, he woulnt explout them and let them be touched for hours in malls, he would done better for them. But things changed and his priority became money not saving his big cats.
Niezel Vargas
Niezel Vargas 24 dager siden
Ah ah im confused
Wolver Claw
Wolver Claw 24 dager siden
0:21 do you have the feeling that matpad is gonna be weirder if he's becoming a president
Elijah Ed1
Elijah Ed1 24 dager siden
Matpat needs to become a detective!
Jaila Stinnie
Jaila Stinnie 25 dager siden
Carol baskin killed her husband whacked him can't convince me that it didn't happen fed him to tigers they snackin they snackin what's happenin.This is a tik tok song and it is supposed to be the tiger king singing.
Zev :
Zev : 25 dager siden
Dammit my grandparents are floridian
Zev :
Zev : 25 dager siden
CaroleBaskins logic: Oh arrest this man he is aiming a gun at that small child ....... Ten days later: I'm not aiming a gun at my husband no no !!! I am being gentle and nice
oddeyesies 25 dager siden
Very possible that she could have just taken the body, put it in a woodchipper and then spread it around the land. In about a month or so, all the small animals such as ants would have done it.
Blazing Fox
Blazing Fox 26 dager siden
I'm pretty sure bones are very easy to get rid of
TheHachebe 26 dager siden
the authorities didnt find anything but caroles brother war a cop right? like obviously he forged it.
Blake 456789
Blake 456789 26 dager siden
Wait... couldn’t they check the feces of the tigers to see if she did actually feed him to the tigers?
WeirdCatCoaster 123
WeirdCatCoaster 123 26 dager siden
1:00 I think that’s the chillest into in the history of intros on this whole channel ever
Antonio Tancredi
Antonio Tancredi 26 dager siden
There is a memorial for a jaguar so its not impossible. Actually it is plausible
Trousle person
Trousle person 27 dager siden
When I was watching anime, I saw an ad talking about how they were going to check this lake near by the summer home and further investigate it because they think there is something fishy there.
Eleanor Garrett
Eleanor Garrett 27 dager siden
“You would never imagine characters like this exist in real life.” Have you been to Florida??
Estela Bolanos
Estela Bolanos 27 dager siden
my grandma was Carol Baskin for halloween
keyblade280 27 dager siden
May Patt screaming in the meat grinder just made me laugh milk out of my nose
EYYY Man 27 dager siden
president matpat the best one
Rev3rsetookmyname 28 dager siden
An opportunity for a COVID joke was wasted as an intro
olamiposi Akande
olamiposi Akande 29 dager siden
Mat pat you posted a video the day my grandma died
unlimibit 29 dager siden
mattpat you are a great detective
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