Incredible Boards From A Rare Cedar

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Fall Line Ridge

11 måneder siden

A very old cedar tree with amazing lumber inside.

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Louis EVAD
Louis EVAD 8 timer siden
Keep your wood thick and wide boys ! It’s hard to move it around but you figure out ways. It’s more valuable that way at least 5/4 on narrow 8/4 on wider. Why not get paid you have a rare commodity.
Louis EVAD
Louis EVAD 8 timer siden
Juniperus Virginiana is actually a juniper. Referred to as Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar,Red juniper, Virginia pencil wood, and here in Wa. State in the Seattle area it’s referred to as Aromatic Cedar. He will have a nice shed wall. Hard work . I worked at a remanufacture mill in Seattle in the eighties we would get rough sawn lumber from all over the states and world . We would carry the Tennessee aromatic cedar . That’s what we called it . Wide widths were rare. 8” 10” Max. Now 5.99 a board ft dimensional lumber price out here. Then a premium of 2.00 for anything over 8” that wood put that load at 1000-1500 out here retail maybe more because of the extra width . That being said , live edge is a huge market right now and rare wide widths and the length would command way more . It’s a dwindling resource. I would have sawn those into 2” thick slabs leaving the live edge. I would have picked the best 4 for myself . Sold the rest on eBay. I would have asked 600 ea. piece for the wide and 400 ea.piece for the narrow Or auctioned all the remaining slabs in bulk starting 2500.00. I would have built two dining tables that I would have sold for 2-4K each. I would have got it. Lots of people out there that are willing to pay for the unique piece of stunning nature. Of course I used to pick out clear 2x4 VG fir out of std and better 2x4s for two bucks ea. In the 1980s. I built my 10x 14 shed out of them. 4K in finish lumber today’s price. So like I said he will have a nice shed wall.
dieselphiend 4 dager siden
Do they make carbide tipped blades for these?
Frank Sulka
Frank Sulka 5 dager siden
My god that is satisfying to watch.
lothar eckstein
lothar eckstein 6 dager siden
schade,das ich keinen Dolmetscher habe...
lothar eckstein
lothar eckstein 6 dager siden
Gute Arbeit ,sehr interessand...Danke fürs Video !!...
Deckedout! 12 dager siden
I wonder where this was ? Your accent sounds like Va. or NC. I live in Mass and we have alot of Cedar trees that size . Light bulbs are going off in my head . What a great floor those pieces would make or a ceiling in a log cabin or Post&beam home, The possibilities are endless. Great work !
H.L. Westlake
H.L. Westlake 13 dager siden
nice ceder, you look all paranoid and so serious when winching if your steeling it haha rock on
ryon benton
ryon benton 13 dager siden
im not a wood worker or anything, so i have to ask how a nail was in the middle of the tree? im guessing when it was younger somebody nailed something to the tree and then the tree grew around it over time?
SuperDrumwolf 13 dager siden
metal detector at harbor freight, probably amazon too.
Piterszczyk 14 dager siden
Such a nice wood for the back of the shed?? wow
Alexander Doan
Alexander Doan 15 dager siden
A portable blower will be good
Paul's Sound
Paul's Sound 15 dager siden
He's cutting same wood back and forth , but I don't know why I keep watching till the end.
Casey Covina
Casey Covina 16 dager siden
wow. nice Cedar wood, I would love to get just one board
Do One
Do One 16 dager siden
too much oil in that mix
SteveK139 16 dager siden
I could watch this all day....oh wait, I did
Buchanan Sleeve
Buchanan Sleeve 17 dager siden
Bet it smelled pretty good cutting that cedar.
L M 18 dager siden
How much are those milling machines to buy?
Sam King
Sam King 19 dager siden
Really nice video
Sone McClanahan
Sone McClanahan 20 dager siden
Masked Dancer
Uncle Hobby
Uncle Hobby 20 dager siden
You can see the nail fly past your truck, next to the passenger side door
Mark Stone Limited
Mark Stone Limited 20 dager siden
Quintin Reeb
Quintin Reeb 23 dager siden
Making it rarer, cut it all down
K Nokten Anghu
K Nokten Anghu 24 dager siden
You got a really nice pieces of meat man.... very interesting, but so sorry for the nail that ruin the blade n the smooth show..
Be Safe
Be Safe 24 dager siden
RBG0979 24 dager siden
After watching several videos of guys hitting nails, a metal detector would seem to be a good investment.
A. J. Hollins
A. J. Hollins 24 dager siden
Is that Appalachia I hear? Lol. "Roo-ent" gave you away.
lincoln saint
lincoln saint 25 dager siden
Back of that shed is worth a mint,beautiful cedar what a waste!
David Massey
David Massey 25 dager siden
From wood worker's point of view, it must be so rewarding to be able to cut your own boards. Amazing. Thanks for posting. Are replacement blades expensive?
Ryan P
Ryan P 27 dager siden
seems to me that that rare cedar size can be put to better use than boarding up the back of a shed....??
Brian Garner
Brian Garner 27 dager siden
I bet that smells wonderful!
Drive 99
Drive 99 27 dager siden
I can smell it mmm
SIMON MWATHI Måned siden
That witty kitten is so adorable. Nice video
mike nguyen
mike nguyen Måned siden
The salty iran conservatively fence because island baly wriggle plus a phobic bulb. gaping, homely tugboat
Old Memories
Old Memories Måned siden
Love your saw 🎀 Beautiful Cedar ☕
Alex H
Alex H Måned siden
Not sure how strong the smell is of dried cedar vs fresh cut but I really wish we had smellovision..
Doug Bourdo
Doug Bourdo Måned siden
Sweet harvest. Darn good looking lumber there.
sungtae son
sungtae son Måned siden
향나무 같네요. 색깔이 엄청나게 좋네요
Kurt Måned siden
you need a little battery makita leaf blower they work wonders instead of scraping the dust.
So Ca
So Ca Måned siden
nasenbaer Måned siden
These guys are using your thumbnail:
Donald McGarrity
Donald McGarrity Måned siden
Liked the saw
Perry Måned siden
Try using a stud finder to find those nails before sawing.
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins Måned siden
The Beanie won't look like a condom when you put the label on the side of your head!
michael mcgrath
michael mcgrath Måned siden
A rare cedar I wonder why? Come on for fuck sake
Betsabe Perez
Betsabe Perez Måned siden
The slimy memory cosmetically reproduce because acknowledgment inspiringly steer as a sincere edger. straight, ten scissors
Terry Pomatto
Terry Pomatto Måned siden
That one would have been ideal for a Cedar Chest or Hope Chest for the next generation of the family.
Mary Cunningham
Mary Cunningham Måned siden
a real reason to wear a mask
Pradeepan M
Pradeepan M Måned siden
I'm I'll
Gerald Hinson
Gerald Hinson Måned siden
Good adventure ,enjoyed.
Lucy Meyer
Lucy Meyer Måned siden
The tedious iraq fascinatingly turn because vibraphone reassembly challenge except a tawdry viscose. happy, gainful volcano
Frank Måned siden
Scott Måned siden
Not sure how anyone is disliking this video
Cj Pfeiffer
Cj Pfeiffer Måned siden
"RARE" ?
Geoff Hair
Geoff Hair Måned siden
Your office has some great views, lol
tantaluss68 Måned siden
got some beautiful slabs out of it
tantaluss68 Måned siden
I have a 50 year old black walnut that I planted my self my niece has the house now and brought someone out to see if they wanted to buy it the guy said it might have nails in it I almost punched nothing worse then putting a nail in your tree let alone a black walnut you grew from a kid
Jose Victor Morales Risco
Jose Victor Morales Risco Måned siden
Vry good Jose of Lima Peru
jeff fung
jeff fung Måned siden
When I saw the metal I thought he was gonna say it was a bullet. Kind of disappointed when he said it was just a nail...
mrlafayette1964 Måned siden
Wouldn't it be nice if it kept all that color forever.
William Maclin
William Maclin Måned siden
I love working with red cedar but man that wood splits up badly if you don't let it dry right. You might consider getting yourself a metal detector.
Richard Driggers
Richard Driggers Måned siden
Those logs came your way through the blessings of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Your heart is good and his blessings continue to flow your way.
Solely Soul
Solely Soul 14 dager siden
In his name millions across the world have been converted and deracinated by aggression and deceit.
Lawrence Rasmus
Lawrence Rasmus Måned siden
I see guitar tops ,back and sides
mwj5368 Måned siden
I could hardly believe it when you said you're using this on the back of your shed, wow!
Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche Måned siden
That would make some beautiful furniture
Marcleyson Rodrigues
Marcleyson Rodrigues Måned siden
That is some beautiful wood for going on a shed pretty ritzie saw mill shed
Taylor Nest
Taylor Nest Måned siden
They're awesome
Taylor Nest
Taylor Nest Måned siden
I love it this is awesome these videos are awesome thank you
Dick Smith
Dick Smith Måned siden
You need to have your helper wear a mask for all that dust your creating
木村剛一 Måned siden
Hi! Cat.
Sadaf Naushad
Sadaf Naushad Måned siden
why am i watching this
Paul Tylet
Paul Tylet Måned siden
A easy way to remove nails is to drill out with small hole saw like 1\4 in. And glue in dowels with same material. Keep up the good work. I'm sure wife is proud of you ha_ha. Your better than watching a movie. Lol.
Mackey Hensley
Mackey Hensley Måned siden
How much does one of those blades cost you?
Disgruntled Vet Gaming
Disgruntled Vet Gaming Måned siden
LoL cat
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther Måned siden
rare cedar
daryl deliva
daryl deliva Måned siden
Beautiful wood
Ideal Direct Home Improvements Company
Ideal Direct Home Improvements Company Måned siden
Great video 👍🏻
Karla Brewster
Karla Brewster Måned siden
Oh, man...that second log is a wood turners dream
Jack Mortimer
Jack Mortimer Måned siden
Could a metal detector find nails in trees so you would know about them before you start cutting?
Tomorer Måned siden
Wood-Mizer! That is the final tool after chainsaw for building a log cabin ;()
Don Brown
Don Brown Måned siden
Mel TC
Mel TC Måned siden
Please show the shed you are using the Cedar for, seems a beautiful tree's lumber like cedar would be made into furniture, or inside a home. Anyway have fun and please post the shed.
Dik Burns
Dik Burns Måned siden
how come the black guy gets no PPE
Jacob Varghese
Jacob Varghese Måned siden
I am not sure if it works, maybe use a metal detector to find nails in wood before using saw?
Linda Phillips
Linda Phillips Måned siden
Those beautiful boards!! I bet it smells wonderful!! It's sad that old wood like this is hard to find anymore.
Paul Johnstone
Paul Johnstone Måned siden
Trees that have been used as target practice by aircraft and rifkes over the years...Ahhhh...
Joseph Chan
Joseph Chan Måned siden
God bless you, bro!
Peter S
Peter S Måned siden
As soon as you see the Echo saw go in the truck you know you are going to see a pro in action.
Rino Wahyono
Rino Wahyono Måned siden
One man show.... Great!!!
Ndomai Peecee AKA Big Daddy
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василий мозулёв
василий мозулёв 2 måneder siden
оборудование мечта. слов нет
Mike Sahle
Mike Sahle 2 måneder siden
Thank you great video. Loveable dust . may cause you coughing, sneezing, if mix with food ha! Nice wood slicer, brave & knowledgeable person, till then keep smiling with lol politely ,healthy & safely slice 'em
David k
David k 2 måneder siden
You should invest in a metal detector..
Ernur Wolf
Ernur Wolf 2 måneder siden
Me personally would run a medal detector over the log looking for lead bullets and old fence nails.
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PdrMarc 2 måneder siden
Aeromatic cedar... Your shed will smell great.
thechief762 2 måneder siden
Folks they cut cedar like that every day in Arkansas.
عبد اللّه
عبد اللّه 2 måneder siden
you r like a tree thats have no fruits. no body job from you.👎👎👎👎👇
IlPalli 2 måneder siden
You shouldn't use the Guide Bar upside down.... 0:20
Kus Fiyati
Kus Fiyati 2 måneder siden
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