Shenmue 3 is a Terrible Game and I’ve Wasted My Life

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Shenmue 3: Life is a Nightmare Don’t Ever Believe in Anything
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Super Eyepatch Wolf
Super Eyepatch Wolf 6 måneder siden
Apologies, song list was a little late on this one: Also, while I'm here, just wanna say big dumb videos like this are only possible because of the support I get on patreon, so if you want to kick in a buck (even a single dollar helps a bunch, the one dollar donations are what keep my income stable!) you can do that here: I love you, thanks for watching my video
Wolraad Wolltemade
Wolraad Wolltemade 19 dager siden
jesus you cant be more a extreme leftist even if you tried unsubbing
Tia Gen
Tia Gen 20 dager siden
isnt the weird convo thing just bad translation tho/goin offscript to fit the lipsync? happens a lot in anime as well (never watch dubs yo)
marinus18 Måned siden
What about other extrinsic reward systems? Like those many RPG's use?
Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper Måned siden
This made me want to play Shenmue 3. Thank you for the inspiration.
Print is Dead
Print is Dead 2 måneder siden
KEEP USING THAT DKC UNDERWATER UNEARTHLY MUSIC PLX LOL AND TALK ABOUT "THE GETAWAY" PS2 GAME that literally and accurately remodels 10 sq miles of downtown london the music and sound in that game is amazing but so is the game once you get down the somewhat clunky yet effective "controls"
Tavian Productions
Tavian Productions Time siden
Astral Chain and Code vein are amazing games with amazing custom characater maker.With both amazing story.Astral chain has a FRiCKIn ANIME LIKE OPENInG and Song.
erictko85 2 timer siden
Suzuki só out of touch... not in the good way. In the self satisfied, old dog not wanting to learn new tricks kind of way.
Pete HrapStick
Pete HrapStick 5 timer siden
12:17 i feel quite hungry.
Buzzard061 5 timer siden
Combat, one punch man training simulator
Mark Shiman
Mark Shiman 8 timer siden
Why is it rated 9/10 on Steam?
Mad-Dash 64
Mad-Dash 64 9 timer siden
Bruh that fan ending you made was awesome
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 12 timer siden
Guys Im gonna go out on a limb and say I think shenmue broke him
temmychan 16 timer siden
The absolute insistence on calling the big strong man 'The Big Strong Man' during the story of your absolutely atrociously arduous quest to obtain the ability to... shove someone with your back, as far as I can see, makes the story so much funnier. Just, all of this utter tedious nonsense and then we are reminded that yes, this is all in aid of beating up The Big Strong Man by shoving him with your body
Animation Park
Animation Park 17 timer siden
69000 people backing up the project How can I fail
dadkwashere 20 timer siden
Mario, can you teach me some Italian *GIORNIO GIOVANNI THEME STARTS PLAYING*
Omega Lynx
Omega Lynx 20 timer siden
69,320 backers We were so close...
Red Shadow
Red Shadow Dag siden
I Was waiting for the punchline, and then i realized.
india j.
india j. Dag siden
The water level
Soda Drunk
Soda Drunk Dag siden
Spoiler warning Me: I'm a pro, I watched Videogame Dunkey
Shane Piegari
Shane Piegari Dag siden
Gotta say, I'm not a fan of Shenmue. I've always seen why people could enjoy it but it was never for me. That being said, your variant ending was really good.
The Man Of Many Skills
The Man Of Many Skills Dag siden
Shenmue 3 is the closest we as mortals can come to replicate Sisphus struggle.
GreaTMaX32 Dag siden
Damn! I really feel so sad to those fans of this game. The story almost did not even move. So, Shenmue 4 should be a training montage to beat lan di. That sucks! I'm sorry but the hype of this game is dead. Unless they do a "Great leap forward" in this game.
Aelius Dag siden
If you're interested in a full playthrough of this, SuperGreatFriend did a pretty good one.
Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK
Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK Dag siden
Is shenmu 3 secretly a way for yu to pay a crippling gambling debt
Vladimir Zhilyaev
Vladimir Zhilyaev Dag siden
You're not allowed to run in a temple because it is considered disrespectful. I guess it is a game about seeing all those details and enjoying them rather than about completing quests.
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Dag siden
0:00 Me when Dangerous Driving released
Cruss Teasock
Cruss Teasock Dag siden
Woah, tennings has been doing pushups
GR 83
GR 83 Dag siden
Just so you know, I disliked this video because it was really really boring. This video just feels like a really long and awkward tangent that gets weirdly dark sometimes for no reason. I would have loved to have watched the whole video to process my thoughts better, but my brain was literally melting due to its more "random documentary you would have never cared to search about" rather than a well crafted and in-depth video. Like I was wide awake before watching this video and I fell asleep midway through but only awoke due to random attempts at Loud=Funny humor attempts. If you actually do see this comment, take into consideration if you would actually watch this video again. Your other videos are usually really good and keep my interest, this one just really missed.
NotAGoodUsername 360
NotAGoodUsername 360 2 dager siden
Reject Shenmue. Embrace Yakuza.
GUNNY MARU 2 dager siden
That final battle Body Check idea was pretty much perfect tbh
A Groovin Black Sheep
A Groovin Black Sheep 2 dager siden
"here's we'he at" no. "here's where we are." stop listing to peoples garbage English. at doesn't work.
Imilai 2 dager siden
Unexpected 2 dager siden
Ouch. So much wasted potential with this franchise... I've never played Shenmue, and I like the idea they were going for, but the execution seems atrocious. That's a shame.
Misogi Kumagawa
Misogi Kumagawa 2 dager siden
You know, having started to play shenmue 1 and 2 thanks to your video, I think that the issue with this game is that you are meant to incrementally increase how much money you have by doing other activities. Idk if this game has any side objectives
Sofia Galitski
Sofia Galitski 2 dager siden
I'm not generally against making video games easier, since I'm bad at them (although making multiple difficulty levels is better than just making a game easier/harder imo), but combat consisting of mashing random buttons seems like an absolutely insane idea to me. Why would you do that?? I barely ever enjoy combat, but when I do, it's because I understand what the hell I'm doing and am good at it! And leveling up combat skills via unrelated mini-games? What the hell were they thinking?
EL R 2 dager siden
This video is simultaneously incredibly funny and incredibly sad
bongos mcDongos
bongos mcDongos 2 dager siden
Am I a shenmue fan? No Have I ever seen shenmue gameplay? Hell no Have I heard of it before? Once in like the back of a chrono trigger manual (I think). Am I still bout to watch a forty-eight minute video one why a passionate fan is dissatisfied with the new one? You bet your sweet bippy I am Edit: holy shit button mashing is an official mechanic? That doesn't draw me in at all. It's fine to have that as a separate setting for other people but oh my God. Edit2electricboogaloo: I'd like to know how much chopping would would earn you in terms of money. Is gambling REALLY worth it?
ucseal 3 dager siden
I still have hope that Shenmue can be completed. After all the dissapointing things in Shenmue 2 and Shenmue 3 did wrong. Yu needs to listen to the fans and grow. Part of that growth starts with going back to basics while trying to understand what modern gaming does right and wrong. The game isn't meaningless. As someone that not only waited this time but also as a backer I still hold onto the hope. The story isn't finished not as long as we are there to tell it.
MsGen ÒxÓ
MsGen ÒxÓ 3 dager siden
I’ve never played a Shenmue in my life and even I feel disappointed.
Dillon Bullock
Dillon Bullock 3 dager siden
Yakuza was the real follow-up to Shenmue, even just in spirit.
Jonny Maldonado
Jonny Maldonado 3 dager siden
Wow the way he picks up those apples. . . 🦾
anon neymous
anon neymous 3 dager siden
Just license the new Dragon Engine from Sega that was use for Yakuza 7 . Problem solved. Also shpuld have played in original voice act. They probably spent nothing for those intern voice actors.
beckeko 2007
beckeko 2007 3 dager siden
The health is like Minecraft mechanics
whiskeyii 3 dager siden
This is my second time watching this, and while I heartily enjoy your take on the ending, I do feel like the writers needed to find a way for Lan Di to get his hands on the dragon mirror, so about the only thing I would change is that rather than having Lan Di walk away for "reasons", have Wren burst in at the last minute, see Ryu unconscious on the ground, and barter the medallion for Ryu's life. I think that accomplishes what appears to be the original narrative goal of this scene without diminishing the really good emotional payoff of what you've constructed.
proteininja 3 dager siden
This video demonstrates the mindset of a person who can't escape an abusive relationship perfectly.
The Happy Rat
The Happy Rat 3 dager siden
Not gonna lie, your ending have me chills
Swancorner 3 dager siden
Never played Shenmue, don't really care about it, but at the end of this video, my chest said "ngh"
Lee C
Lee C 3 dager siden
I loved the original shenmue games. Couldn't wait for the 3rd installment. But omg what a terrible game. Graphics and sound etc based on the older games I can live with, but it's so dam slow. I have up after it took about 30 mins to check a few drawers in a house. It felt like a military operation just to pick up an apple.. Cutscenes for taking shoes off is too much..
Windy 4 dager siden
32:00 Maybe the true goal of the game is to ward people away from gambling 😂
Windy 4 dager siden
28:33 This is also the only way to speak to me
Thugnificent718 4 dager siden
Anybody who wanted an updated version of shenmue could have just played the yakuza series
Mr. FoxHat
Mr. FoxHat 4 dager siden
When a AAA game company offers a game through Kickstarter, then you should already be suspicious.
Introspective Noodle
Introspective Noodle 4 dager siden
Taking from what you said about the combat in this game, and how you have to get better by training on dummies and objects. Think about it like real life and how gyms use the same concept to mislead you into thinking your getting better. A modern day gym is filled with machines and treadmills, these are useful, but they can also severely damage you in real life situations. The machines at the gym are developed for the conceptual mind to grab hold of, like you used a machine with levers and wires to lift something, rather than using your intermuscular systems to ACTUALLY deadlift a real fucking weight... If you did that you would literally tear a muscle or break your spine lol. Its almost like when they say "we want something that appeals to everyone" is giving you a scapegoat that only realistically DAMAGES you later in life. By this games model, its trying to convince people that using machines makes you on the road to mastering your technique. When the REAL breakthroughs happen when you FINALLY take those training wheels off... My main point, videogames are, and used, as an outlet for learning, expression, and a degree of mediation. If we keep appealing towards things that are BRAINWASHING us than we are going to continue to produce more and more people that are susceptible to being brainwashed. If you have a game that is trying to teach you something or take itself seriously to some degree. Than make sure what you are doing can actually be beneficial to your fellow man. Also as a contradiction of myself, my own point is not to censor future creators. No, its to just point out the level of awareness that your creation can have over people that play it. There are lots of people in the world that are like clay that is just waiting to be molded, if you manipulate that clay in a malicious way... you are going to get malicious clay. If you do it lazily that you are going to get lazy clay... Like make sure that you are the one playing the game, and not the game is the one playing you.
Sagenerd 4 dager siden
The NPCs don't wanna do the lv up mini games either 🤭
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 4 dager siden
imagine eagerly waiting 2 decades for shenmue 3 just to get this dog crap. Yeesh.
Gimel Hines
Gimel Hines 4 dager siden
Just finshed the game kinda pissed im starting to feel like lan di is somehow his dad or somthing
antonio capillo
antonio capillo 4 dager siden
Code vein and astral chain are actually great games btw
Vincent 4 dager siden
Mario,can you teach me some Italian?
J-Leaf 4 dager siden
Well Parents usually say that games are a waste of time, space and money, I guess this game proves that they were rriiii- that they were riiiiiiiiig- that they weren't wrong
Robin 4 dager siden
He couldn't even hit him once 😂
MuchMercy 5 dager siden
dw destiny is a bigger time sinkhole to waste not only your life but money
1Am_ blank
1Am_ blank 5 dager siden
You say that you wasted your life on shemnue 3 but isnt that the point of games
Anna Carson
Anna Carson 4 dager siden
Ik ben je oma
Ik ben je oma 5 dager siden
Heavy rain is a freaking awesome game!!!!
Anthony Polaczuk
Anthony Polaczuk 5 dager siden
You have no rights to my profile picture.
HeavySandvichGuy1 5 dager siden
Going epic exclusive already shoes what developers thought about the game
StubenhockerElite 5 dager siden
Eyepatch wolf is slowly turning into a higher class channel awesome content creator lol
MarioMalifi 6 dager siden
I don't know why, but I want to play this game more now! I think I might actually like it.
Charlie Orellana
Charlie Orellana 6 dager siden
He walk on the stage and said.....I need money.
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 6 dager siden
What if this same feeling of wasted time ends up being the whole point of the series? My idea: when the final game comes out in about 2036 it will be set in that year, ryo finds Lan Di for a final time. Ryo is now a man in his late 60s and Lan Di is approaching his final days whether or not ryo finds him. Ryo puts up his fists and tell Lan that this is where it finally ends, however, Lan Di through laboured breathing struggles to stand up. Ryo looks at the man who killed his father, now an elderly immobile sick man and realises that like Lan Di he can't kill a man who can't properly defend himself no matter what. Ryo puts down his hands and just leaves Lan Di to live his final months in peace and a now much older Ryo must go away and contemplate the fact that he wasted 50 years on a revenge quest that never got fulfilled and that maybe, by forcing ryo to waste his entire adult life while getting to grow old himself, Lan Di has won and it's too late to do anything about it
Leon 666Leon999
Leon 666Leon999 6 dager siden
Good god I would never being able to complete this game on how slow and drawn out everything is. I usually hate open world games because I have to run to everything while nothing happens most of the time but this game is on another level haha. This game is not for everyone. Great video tho
Stefan Radebach
Stefan Radebach 6 dager siden
I think that in my opinion that they should have probably ended Shenmue with this game. I mean let's be honest this game wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for crowdfunding considering how Shenmue 1 sold very badly despite it being a revolutionary game that would create a popular and beloved franchise like Yakuza. What they should have done was learn from their past games strengths and weaknesses, take elements from Yakuza, build up the villain Lan Di as the final villain of the series by developing his character through dialogue and backstory, have him defeat Ryo early in the story in which Ryo afterwards has to learn all the skills and training he needs to defeat Lan Di that leads to the climatic showdown between them that results in Ryo finally defeating Lan Di and spares him because he doesn't want to become like Lan Di and show that he's above that which makes Lan Di realize that he failed his father because of his actions and mindset and decides that he shall become a better man and gives respect to Ryo for beating him. Sure it may not sound super deep and it is a little bit cliched but it's still a lot better than the story that we got that did nothing for the main character, did nothing for the villain and was a complete waste of time which is downright infuriating. Although i still like your version of the ending of Shenmue 3.
AstrayCuriosity 6 dager siden
34:40 man I lost my shit so hard my guts oh god man
Darkbeast42 6 dager siden
For me, the worst part of Shenmue 3 is that I never felt strong. The first two games were power fantasies where Ryo would take down groups of enemies at a time. The QTE's were so fun because it made Ryo feel like a badass. In this game the combat system is stiff and makes me feel helpless. I can barely take on one enemy at a time. In the story, Ryo keeps losing to these no-name generic buff guys even though he took down far more intimidating enemies in the past games. I also hate that they got rib of grabbing/throwing attacks. Those were the coolest attacks in the past games.
Mondo Prime
Mondo Prime 6 dager siden
Genuinely think if they'd done the sequel in the original clunky Dreamcast style graphics, using the original engine, people would have been a lot kinder to this game.
Mamoun Da Silva
Mamoun Da Silva 6 dager siden
It feels like the cheap version of sleeping dogs
Buff McLargeHuge
Buff McLargeHuge 6 dager siden
Shenmue, known in certain circles as "Yakuza, but garbage"
TK Wong
TK Wong 6 dager siden
Shenmue 1 was overhyped thrash that killed SEGA and the Dreamcast. I hated it then, and same now. If SEGA have spent that 45millions(rumoured Shenmue development budget) on something else instead, Dreamcast might not be SEGA's last console. I can't believe there are still people believing in this overhyped thrash today. The game was just pure hype and NO GAME. Endless walking around in a world with nothing much to do, and the fights are are so short and far between. Gameplay in the game was simply non-existent. It was just endless walking and opening empty drawers. Wake up people! If you want a "real" Shenmue, play the Yakuza series instead. If the 45 millions was spent on a Yakuza game then, we might still have SEGA in the console business today. I am sad Suzuki-san still can't move on with life with this crap that destroyed his legacy. He should be remember for all the fine Arcades he created with the pinnacle being the Virtua Fighter series. He used to be at a godly rock star status equivalent to Miyamoto of Nintendo. Now he is just a shadow of his former self.
ink 6 dager siden
I don't feel like it was the backer's faults for this game being the way it is. You were one of them and you expected the game to have modernised somewhat - wanting a story finished isn't the same as wanting the old gameplay again with no real refinements. I don't want to blame Mr. Suzuki either, though, he certainly wanted to put this game out earlier and that would've certainly softened the blow. I hope that Shenmue 4 is good and how you want it, I could imagine it being made from scratch as 3 was always loosely made throughout these 19 years, so 4 could be a new start.
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson 6 dager siden
Not all long things that started good will end well... it's a very painful and terrible reality
paperclip95 7 dager siden
They could literally make conversation goes on in real time like any other video game existed now, instead of stopping the game to a halt just for delivering unimportant dialogues. The fact thay Ryu Suzuki never play any other games probs caused this lmao.
silos201 7 dager siden
This game tastes like 'memberberries
Dr BadAss
Dr BadAss 7 dager siden
None of the characters are the same
Mackie Messer
Mackie Messer 7 dager siden
dislike for saying something positive about a david cage game.
Nathaniel Beau
Nathaniel Beau 7 dager siden
Sir ! You made me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Very effective review 😌
Stauche zjo
Stauche zjo 7 dager siden
Good analysis. This maybe can explain Shenmue 1+2 success is due to SEGA involvement rather than a person's own contribution. I still love 1+2 and played a lot.
Nordinarensvenne 7 dager siden
The game would have been a huge success if only it got 100 more backers. 69,420
WickedSpooky 7 dager siden
Honestly the wine and buns saga had me dead 😂
Luke Urbanski
Luke Urbanski 7 dager siden
I was expecting Animal Crossing to be used as a prime example of the mundane rather than Heavy Rain but that's a good choice too.
Katie Heys
Katie Heys 7 dager siden
Despite watching this, reading the reviews and realising after just five minutes that this game is arse, I bought it and played it and I...hated it. Shenmue upon release was amazing! It was innovative in ways I'd never seen, the awkward voice acting and aimless searching could be forgiven, it was a product of its time. Then came Yakuza. I've only played one Yakuza game (I think 3 or 4?) Although I own zero and like a dragon (it's a busy time for us non lockdown people workwise) and it, for me, did the whole innovative thing again, here it was I thought, Shenmue 3 would be like this if it was ever released. Cue the hype train! Omg, Shenmue 3 is going to be released! Download, play! ...why is Ryu still running like he has a stick up his bottom?'s NOSTALGIC. Why can't people actually have proper conversations?'s NOSTALGIC. Why can't I get some clear information on what I'm supposed to do?'s NOSTALGIC. I firmly believe if Shenmue 3 was released as it is now, without the pretty graphics of course, a year after Shenmue 2, then it would've still been seen as amazing. It's moved on. I moved on. Games now have changed. I expect certain things and feel lost and confused when they aren't there. Nostalgia can be great, the metal gear solid dream sequence in mgs4 was brilliant, it was such a cute little scene, but a whole game that suffers all the bad parts from a game from many years ago and seemingly takes pride in them...not for me. Despite all that, I'm glad I played it. It was a short part of an extensive journey. I think I was like 20 when Shenmue came out, I'm 37 now (don't quote me on numbers, I'm just guessing) so maybe when I'm 54 and ultra realistic VR gaming with literal plug in and play is a thing, the frozen disembodied head of Yu Suzuki will released Shenmue 4...complete with awful dialogue. We can only hope.
Quetoda 7 dager siden
Imagine how stupid fire it would be if Kojima made this or even a real open world game kinda similar. Every thing about this would be better 😭
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers 7 dager siden
I like your ending. I think Lan Di would spare Ryo for a different reason tho. I think he would spare him because of that glimmer of potential that he saw in that one move Ryo managed to land. Lan Di is a peerless fighter who has long forgotten what it's like to feel the thrill of battle, nobody is at his level. Now, he sees Ryo as a diamond in the rough, so he spares him because he wants to see Ryo at his full potential, in hopes that he can become strong enough to fight him at his level. To remind him what it's like to fear defeat again, and what it's like to struggle to obtain victory. Only then he'll be willing to kill Ryo, to assert himself as a better fighter than Ryo could ever become.
Trauma 8 dager siden
Yu Suzuki: *watches **38:33**-**41:33* "This guys a hack..."
Kuro Nyra
Kuro Nyra 8 dager siden
2:03 ... Wait... There's a problem with the last third of FF7R? .... Because I'm starting to get near that point... é_é
Keith Segovia
Keith Segovia 8 dager siden
Looks like no one has actually played a terrible game in the comment section including the reviewer himself. These are the type of misguided reviews that kill enthusiasm for new releases and the fact that this was a kickstarted project funded by fans makes the effect of bad reviews even worse. I played Grand Theft Auto and didn't bother to finish it because it wasn't for me and the appeal fizzled out. Was it a bad game? Well I was disappointed I didn't like it enough to continue playing and I stopped caring after realizing its a giant sand box of side quests and crappy cutscenes for a story I don't care for. Shenmue isn't like other games and takes you need to be in the mindset of strolling as opposed to walking. Its like trying to read a book when your mind is racing and you're distracted, you stop caring about the story and just call the story horrible and boring in your impatience. If you can't get into it fine, just stop nitpicking. Playing minigames to collect a goal of 5,000 yen is a challenge and that was the goal, not to spend it on a move scroll. You should have been happy you can spend that 5,00 yen on another in-game item.
Yelloweyeball 8 dager siden
"I got a fever! And the only prescription is MORE WINE AND BUNS!"
May Everlast
May Everlast 8 dager siden
Super Eyepatch Wolf: *Reviewed Shenmue 3* Me: "So basically its Shemue 3: Sanity Boogaloo."
Werty Sensei
Werty Sensei 8 dager siden
Waiting 19 years for a filler episode.
Arowmorth 8 dager siden
SinHurr 9 dager siden
Hey you know what *isn't* a huge waste of my time? This video
Gaming 4U2BE
Gaming 4U2BE 9 dager siden
Okay I finished watching video: (Ending 1) Would be cool if after fighting Lan Di and learned you weren't worthy enough you get the opportunity to fight one of his henchmen as Lan Di escapes, then the Shenmue 3 logo appears (It was an intro)...then you have to fight all of them to get to him. or (Ending 2) After Lan Di Kicks Ryu's ass....he looks down on him and says "Ryu.....I am your father." (Dramatic music, Credits Roll. LMFAO)
Gaming 4U2BE
Gaming 4U2BE 9 dager siden
I trained so hard in Shenmue one (Dreamcast), made my moves evolve and that final mob fight was so satisfying, part 2 was hella good too.....but after watching this video makes me hate Lan Di even more now. lmfao
M S 9 dager siden
Coming from someone who played Shenmue deep into the night when I should have been sleeping for school in the morning, I can say Shenmue always sucked.
Jirujan 9 dager siden
26:00 can anyone tell me the name of the song?
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers 8 dager siden
Darude - Sandstorm
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 9 dager siden
Outcast was the first open world game ... get your facts right
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers 8 dager siden
That's what the Obama administration would have you believe.
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