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spike ye
spike ye 17 timer siden
Musty is rusty trowel
Street Warrior Racing
Street Warrior Racing 5 dager siden
This series has been SO helpful, I've watched a few of them now. You play to the level of the team! I'm learning so much on how to approach situations. THANK YOU
Nick D'Apice
Nick D'Apice 6 dager siden
GME was trying to tell us to buy the stock shit.
AJV828 6 dager siden
As a liker of Friends I approve of the thumbnail
PrIsMaTiSm X
PrIsMaTiSm X 7 dager siden
I literally just encountered a person like this. Trash.
Olif Yoseph
Olif Yoseph 7 dager siden
6:11 My anxiety trying to time his sneeze with my sneeze: 📈📈📈📈
JOSHLIN GAMER 8 dager siden
He became toxic leth be like time to show my skills😈
Jay Holm
Jay Holm 9 dager siden
One time I was running some threes in plat 3, and I ended up on a team with a Diamond 3 and Diamond 1. They appeared as plat 2, but when we partied up after we completely dominated a game 7-1 and we all had 500+ points, they told me their real rank. They asked me if I was really plat 3 and complimented my positioning, and I told them yes I was actually plat 3. The very next game we won again, but it was like 4-2, and I played worse. The Diamond 1 proceeds to say “trash tm8 get better” and leaves the party. So I’m sitting there thinking yeah you partied with a plat, ofc they’re gonna be worse than you. Also why are you playing in plat? Now I’m wondering if I even want to make Diamond if that’s how they are lol
traida111 10 dager siden
12:30 I love the demo attempt followed by some karma. yeaaah
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي 11 dager siden
The cruel puffin understandably juggle because almanac contextually ignore along a massive bladder. exultant, empty vest
TamirNY 12 dager siden
Dude said what a save and he went from diamond to SSL so quick I wish I had that power
Sahara 12 dager siden
Its buy gamestop stock dummy
sam alby
sam alby 13 dager siden
Guy Gamestonk!!! Lmao
Annabelle Mardell
Annabelle Mardell 13 dager siden
The solid thailand fourthly please because sister-in-law approximately serve than a stereotyped ornament. erratic, striped white
Troy Valencia
Troy Valencia 17 dager siden
Oh my gosh Leth you’re so tough through that rocket league game please don’t hurt me lol
Hay Smith lot
Hay Smith lot 17 dager siden
I’m champ and I hit consistent flip resets and stuff these guys suck for champ
Feisty 17 dager siden
How do you not not know what GME is lmao
Naeem Ahmed
Naeem Ahmed 19 dager siden
6:18 he sneeze
Naeem Ahmed
Naeem Ahmed 19 dager siden
6:17 yes
XenoDragonSlayer 19 dager siden
Them dude is probably like wait what what’s going on 🤣🤣🤣
RettGamer 19 dager siden
Instead of jhzer juihzer
Eric Zimmerman
Eric Zimmerman 21 dag siden
Played zellhound yesterday, hand down most toxic person I’ve experienced in RL
Parker White
Parker White 22 dager siden
Syn the Alien
Syn the Alien 22 dager siden
GME is gamestop
Crimson Raijuu
Crimson Raijuu 24 dager siden
Bro idk about y’all but the backboard does not work every time I try to use it the other kids on the other team clear it. Like they’re literal mechanical masterminds of the game on backwall
flopo bloop
flopo bloop 25 dager siden
I'm just waiting for a pro rl player to have absolutely no honor, lose his first 10 games, start bronze 1 and go full try hard on everyone in a road to super sonic legend series.
Mystyx 26 dager siden
Leth ik ur never gunna see this but what is your decal
Apprentice To Airframe
Apprentice To Airframe 26 dager siden
Buy game stop stock lol. Buy Geem?
Nate Wright
Nate Wright 27 dager siden
First guy: buy $GME what a goat to the moon 🚀🚀
Math 27 dager siden
or instead of buying a lottery ticket why not just save some time and throw the money in the trash?
Antonio Laurel
Antonio Laurel 27 dager siden
What ever server your on looks so easy compared to my d3 they be flip resetting and nasty backboard reads
Jake Frazier
Jake Frazier 28 dager siden
You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.
Swipes :]
Swipes :] 28 dager siden
Af3w: alot’s face but small
Andrew Flavin
Andrew Flavin 29 dager siden
Is that David Schwimmer in the thumbnail? 🤣
Oskar's Best :D
Oskar's Best :D Måned siden
Buy $BB
Ire Måned siden
8:53 is the best highlight
SpaceO Måned siden
name:oompa lumpa pic: singing oompalumpa
Value Hi.
Value Hi. Måned siden
The funniest part about this video is when the dude says "What a save!" and Leth pops off for two goals. Most accurate depiction of D3 I've ever seen.
Andrew Davenport
Andrew Davenport Måned siden
LMAO no one noticed Leth's first teammates name is buy $GME (gamestop) and now look what happened
Cheekara Måned siden
6:15 bless you
Dominooo Måned siden
"I'm just going to call him Game." If Leth had only realized what it meant he could be a millionaire. RIP
TheWarrior2387 29 dager siden
Evan Peters
Evan Peters Måned siden
Puncheros Måned siden
your first teammate was predicting the future with that name
Eurobar〉 Måned siden
When you see that in the first game leth's partner is called Buy $GME if I had seen this video the day it came out.... I probably wouldn't realize
TSG Gaming
TSG Gaming Måned siden
I love how he is so nice to his teammate in the first game even if he messed up. Respect ✊
EZS Gaming
EZS Gaming Måned siden
JamAl skored
JamAl skored Måned siden
what is the decal on your car
juice Måned siden
First teammates name is Buy $GME as in Buy gamestop shares
DJ Peeks In
DJ Peeks In Måned siden
🚀🚀🚀 TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀
John eckleston
John eckleston Måned siden
Buy $GME is a legend wow!
Tesh Karpenko
Tesh Karpenko Måned siden
lesson learned: never be toxic cuz leth might be there to post a video about you and you're hopes for getting into RLCS will be destroyed.
jose Gabriel
jose Gabriel Måned siden
he finally showed us the true power!
you weird tbh
you weird tbh Måned siden
bruh the first game is like plat 2 on ps4
Kasey Garris
Kasey Garris Måned siden
Your first teammates name was referencing GameStop stocks, titled GME. referring to what was going down in the investment reddit regarding self traders vs Wall Street recently.
Ahmed Abdullahi
Ahmed Abdullahi Måned siden
ok listen im not tryna be rude or mean but he’s s pro right? but they way he plays like throws me off he’s mechanics looks champ or diamond but his game sense is really good but he doesn’t play like other pros
Im_Out Måned siden
The key difference between Leth and a dimond in these videos is that Leth doesn't miss Lol
TheKidOats Måned siden
you make diamonds look like they are in bronz
Danny Allyn
Danny Allyn Måned siden
For anyone interested, 11k hrs is more than 15 MONTHS in game. Jesus
149Dragonite Måned siden
What decal are you using
knockbackcookie Måned siden
The first teammate "buy $GME" means to buy GameStop stocks, because at the time of the video their stock was blowing up, more than it should, because people were mass buying it as a joke.
Natetronix Måned siden
11:39 is the fastest someone has ever said 50/50😂
Josiah Gutierrez
Josiah Gutierrez Måned siden
As soon as he said what a save leth went god mode and DEMOLISHED HIM lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CaM KellY
CaM KellY Måned siden
We not gonna talk ab how he said 80 something when streak but when the game ended it said 33 of 10 games played
Andy Måned siden
The season ended in the middle of the series
Teddy Caligiuri
Teddy Caligiuri Måned siden
Bruhhh I totally thought leth looked like a diamond and I was so confused and then they got toxic and he just went off and I was like oh... there’s leth
Kyle Lovegrove
Kyle Lovegrove Måned siden
John eckleston
John eckleston Måned siden
Hahaha 🖐🏾💎
Solo Nightz
Solo Nightz Måned siden
Let’s you talk too fast slow down at 11:39
OnionWarrior Måned siden
Name: MyrLetha Picture: Pic of you upside down
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor Måned siden
It's Buy gamecoin...$GME is the acronym for the crypto gamecoin
Nikolaj Georgiev
Nikolaj Georgiev Måned siden
Jon Bogeyman put a picture of him with the beard, cuz he looked like bogeyman before he shaved😂
Demmonz Måned siden
Gettin smacked?More like getting smurfed on lmao
Arran Strachan
Arran Strachan Måned siden
Anyone else not think he kind of sound like bugha from fortnite
Cole Snow
Cole Snow Måned siden
The new name should be Babatundae and make the profile pic of Ksi with his bald head
bongi347 Måned siden
ethanWFT Måned siden
he says he was tryna bounce off the wall every time he misses lmao
Jen5 Cubing
Jen5 Cubing Måned siden
Pulse fryer Fires face on a kfconsole
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Måned siden
Poggers for God..
PAJ0 Måned siden
name : not smurfing picure : ssl
TrL recticcc
TrL recticcc Måned siden
Good name for next episode FrostKiller Firstkiller on a snowflake
Beasty Måned siden
Arsonal, Arsenal's face on a burning house
Chronic Overload
Chronic Overload Måned siden
Name:plastamyr Picture;lethamyrs face on Kim kardashian
Matt Fletcher
Matt Fletcher Måned siden
Name: John Landman Pic: An Island Or Land With John's face on it
Tanner Måned siden
Lol Leth bro. GME is a stock. When people talk stocks they put a dollar symbol before it so people get it. It's GameStop. The guys name in the video was telling you to buy GameStop 😂
snickers21832 Måned siden
I like when teammates call you trash yet they have the lowest score and have the most mistakes
Dâniel Remensperger
Dâniel Remensperger Måned siden
always when i see my mate is toxic i just change the team, its easy idk why not everyone is just switching team when they want to, its also easier to make some goals
cmdrfunk Måned siden
When you're toxic in diamond but get slapped by a smurf breaking the terms of service
GY3C Offical
GY3C Offical Måned siden
BUY $GME 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Jakez Måned siden
your teammate is from the future ! #GME
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Måned siden
Jon candyman. Sandman's head on candymans body
Bigdog Shawn
Bigdog Shawn Måned siden
I’m diamond 2 we play a lot faster then that and do a lot more you probably just don’t know that cause your way higher haven’t been down there
Godness Måned siden
Name: "Lethagod" or just like my name "Godness" c: Pic: ur face on a grandma that shows her arms as she where strong :D Ps: i would love a sign on my steam c: steamcommunity.com/id/theonlyrealgodness/
Big_ SweatNGL
Big_ SweatNGL Måned siden
You shoukld do MrBeast as MrFeast.
RDG7 Måned siden
How r u only diamond?
Norse Lavenza
Norse Lavenza Måned siden
I mean you weren't really paying that much better then what diamonds are capable of when you went all out on those toxic players. lol
sacha92 Destiny
sacha92 Destiny Måned siden
kaydop is the best player with Jstn.
Jackson Burt
Jackson Burt Måned siden
Alternative title: cyberbullying cyberbullies in diamond
Ibrahim Daud
Ibrahim Daud Måned siden
How about PikaPickel Pikapixel's head on a pickel!
captaincapplayingwithbracesyifpoo Måned siden
Name: gary peak! pic: gary from spongbob on fairy peak
Synq Måned siden
Rusty wheels with mustys face on it bhaha
Rylan RL
Rylan RL Måned siden
barret G put Garet Gs face on a barret
Jayz_ playz
Jayz_ playz Måned siden
THESE ARE DIAMOND 3 and im here on plat 3
Pepijn Zandvliet
Pepijn Zandvliet Måned siden
name: lethamdeer picture: you're head on a deer
NinjaGardenGnome Måned siden
Fighting toxicity with smurfing. Huh
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