Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#1: Season 7 Begins!

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10 måneder siden

Minecraft Server. Season 7 of HermitCraft is here, and we are here with it! Today we keep things simple and just focus on exploring the new map, collecting resources, and getting geared up for the new season.
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
#hermitcraft #etho #minecraft

SpaceBro 2 dager siden
Etho you know you can sprint under water right to go faster? It also decreases your hitbox so you can fit through 1 block gaps.
Prix 4 dager siden
Hey is ur skin kakashi hitake?
Georgia Mark
Georgia Mark 5 dager siden
Is it just me or does his skin look like Kakashi Sensei from Naruto?
bernard dame
bernard dame 6 dager siden
Anne Hathaway
TechNoah3346 11 dager siden
I thought is was funny that almost everyone went in the same direction
Create Challenge
Create Challenge 11 dager siden
Beef plays creative on hard mode LOL💀
Enderboy 1619
Enderboy 1619 20 dager siden
Scott Peacock
Scott Peacock 21 dag siden
you were on the miselium team
Claire Yang
Claire Yang 24 dager siden
Now elys remix of resource gathering is stuck in my head the normal version is kinda weird tbh
No 27 dager siden
Naruto skin amazing
Mason Morgan
Mason Morgan 29 dager siden
Your voice is so soothing for me. Anyone else?
Mason Morgan
Mason Morgan 29 dager siden
4:03 do you know you can swim now?
me_maybe_idk Måned siden
Etho be like Dr Seuss
Yui Him Ryan Chan
Yui Him Ryan Chan Måned siden
start of hermitcraft season 7: the grass! now: mycelium!!!!!!
Reuben Singleton
Reuben Singleton Måned siden
Joshua Christian Agustin
Joshua Christian Agustin Måned siden
I got this on my recomended after watching etho's latest episode :V
wynaut Måned siden
Tyokomon X
Tyokomon X Måned siden
On the outside he’s a ninja teacher
Peanut Poodle
Peanut Poodle Måned siden
Has a pretty good singing voice! I like it!
N0n3nt1ty Måned siden
Hillarious start
Travis Wilkins
Travis Wilkins Måned siden
why are you not swimming away..........
SomeGuyOnTheInternet Måned siden
12:40 and i'm not used to people saying that
Zakcasipe1771 YT
Zakcasipe1771 YT Måned siden
The most chill man killing creepers
Chit Su
Chit Su Måned siden
l am new and omg you are pro you like 2" dream ;)
TheBurningWarrior Måned siden
Trident drowned need to be nerfed. Moving base 100k blocks over, and I lost all my stuff. Got back to it to recover and the same trident was there along with a new trident friend. Llama train starts getting picked off and I die a second time and basically have to restart.
Myra Daukas
Myra Daukas Måned siden
First vid of etho’s I’m watching, and wow, dat editing budget tho. Am coming from Grians vids
Peanut Poodle
Peanut Poodle Måned siden
Weird? That is EXACTLY what i am doing. (I alsi watch mumbo, scar, impulse, and sometimes tge girls
JAZimation YT
JAZimation YT Måned siden
JAZimation YT
JAZimation YT Måned siden
Colt Suedmeyer
Colt Suedmeyer Måned siden
Joins mycelium resistance episode one I love grass
Lucas Harvey
Lucas Harvey 2 måneder siden
I came from ElyBeatMaker
Crazy Lady Wix Gaming
Crazy Lady Wix Gaming 2 måneder siden
New subscriber here. Awesome video!!!! I'm barely past the dirt huts so you are way more advanced than me lol
Stfuae 2 måneder siden
I just started watching eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetho and he has the most calming voice i have ever heard
Nash Fernsler
Nash Fernsler 2 måneder siden
Etho 1st ep. i love grass in jungles Etho now: I hate grass Myceleim for the win
frahooser 2 måneder siden
anyone else got this in their recommended randomly after watching this whole series xD
Jackson Johnson
Jackson Johnson 2 måneder siden
Can't tell if he is calling false beautiful or what
Julian I
Julian I 2 måneder siden
Great stuff, but it often baffles me how people who do minecraft are oblivious of the simplest things. I'm a casual player and even I know that you can crouch on magmablocks to not get hurt and you can, you know, swim, to get places faster in the water. Haha. I wanted to scream SWIM to him
No One
No One 2 måneder siden
5:04 *ely intensifies*
Patst1005 2 måneder siden
damn ... just came back from the Ressource Gathering track ... shish ... Feb feels like it was just last year or so xD
Sloopy 2 måneder siden
I just got this recommended and I can’t believe s7 started 8 months ago.... that’s crazy
Kier Daniel Chavez
Kier Daniel Chavez 2 måneder siden
Does anyone miss phython tho
Finnegan Whitehurst
Finnegan Whitehurst 2 måneder siden
•*pa ran pa pa na na , recourse gathering*•
Zero_Gravity58 2 måneder siden
Professor Beef's annual return?!?
Damian Schmelz
Damian Schmelz 2 måneder siden
If you break the treasure chest it won't make a duplicate map for other ppl
Aadi Kothari
Aadi Kothari 2 måneder siden
Etho : ‘I really like the colour of grass’ Etho (Later in the season) : I guess I’ll join the mycelium resistance and beat HEP!
patrick aherne
patrick aherne 2 måneder siden
wait where did doc go
W4-11 v2.0
W4-11 v2.0 2 måneder siden
I got a ton of iron once and my friend said I cheated
Krish Patel
Krish Patel 2 måneder siden
This guy who says that he likes grass, joins mycelium resistance in future 😂
Lauren C.
Lauren C. 2 måneder siden
True. But it's about the principle!
Chloe Wade
Chloe Wade 2 måneder siden
Ew someone who uses sword over axe
Deborah Louise Pooley
Deborah Louise Pooley 2 måneder siden
i use sword over axe
Alex V
Alex V 2 måneder siden
As soon as I heard “It was at this moment that everybody started to panic” I started humming elybeatmakers song
freddy 2.0
freddy 2.0 2 måneder siden
foxeethefox 2 måneder siden
it was at this moment when everybody started to panic suddenly the jarring intro caught everyone off guard pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na (check this out) listen to my jabbering about the resource gathering my never ending stamering as im resource gathering Donna's beef some mothering he's no longer smothering is just me mastering my laddering as im resource gathering pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na "A-ha yup yup so that's the story everyone of how we ended up in this jungle" "incredible right?" "what a journey it's been to get to this point" amazing [music] ohhhhhh yeaaaaa listen to my jabbering about the resource gathering my never ending stamering as im resource gathering Donna's beef some mothering he's no longer smothering is just me mastering my laddering as im resource gathering pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na pa ra pa ra pa pa pa ra pa ra pa pa pa pa ra na na na na na na na na
Aiham Ali
Aiham Ali 2 måneder siden
Saw a creeper within the first 5s, subscribed instantly
Mason Jackson
Mason Jackson 2 måneder siden
did anyone else see that there was prop 4 on the boots that he passed up?
Fizzy Lemons
Fizzy Lemons 2 måneder siden
You all need to re watch 5:12
VGaming 2011
VGaming 2011 2 måneder siden
5:04 here’s the part that everyone needed :)
Hi its Keqing
Hi its Keqing 2 måneder siden
5:09 Gold's useless btw Yes it is an aphmau reference
KingBeast 2 måneder siden
Where was grian
CHRISTIAN FALLER 2 måneder siden
Anybody wondering why Ethos wearing a kakashi skin.
Galer Gutiérrez
Galer Gutiérrez 2 måneder siden
And my favorite song from Ely has born here😂
Matthew Erwin Force Esterhuizen
Matthew Erwin Force Esterhuizen 2 måneder siden
Gaming Random
Gaming Random 2 måneder siden
Beef even played creative on HARD!? What a legend, i don't even know that's possible :)))
AJ The Ender King
AJ The Ender King 2 måneder siden
5:05 music
Landen Kiviniemi
Landen Kiviniemi 2 måneder siden
I finally realized why his skin is Kakashi Hatake, it’s because he sounds just like him
mindofTJ 2 måneder siden
Etho. I cannot bear your beautiful voice.
chuco 3 måneder siden
Lol etho talking about vintage beef like that always makes me crack up, watched this ep like 10 times already
puffy craft
puffy craft 3 måneder siden
v: çãť :v
v: çãť :v 2 måneder siden
Wax 3 måneder siden
Omg that song was beautiful
Shambles 3 måneder siden
Does he know how to swim
Digger John
Digger John 3 måneder siden
Nicholas James
Nicholas James 3 måneder siden
Is your skin kokoshi from naruto ???????
Ben Wrycraft-Jane
Ben Wrycraft-Jane 3 måneder siden
The start really had me nostalgic about his old modded crackpack minecraft war series
Anthony solache
Anthony solache 3 måneder siden
How you get the kakisha skin in minecraft
davide song
davide song 3 måneder siden
ok guys hello those are the first secs of the first ep already richer than me after half a week gameplay on a new survival world
turtle_1078 jj
turtle_1078 jj 3 måneder siden
Cyber Memes
Cyber Memes 3 måneder siden
kakashi sensei
DJ Drack
DJ Drack 3 måneder siden
I just realized Ethos' head is modeled after Kakashi Hatake, and I find that both hilarious yet cool.
Burkenator 3 måneder siden
Etho: “how did we get here?” Me, the jacksepticeye fan I am: “do you have 90 minutes?”
Max_Knows_Facts 3 måneder siden
Does Etho know how swim? Just sprint like you’re on land but in the water
FRED FRED124 3 måneder siden
5:04 hi
brickin boy
brickin boy 3 måneder siden
Etho is the only person i know who would put corners on his lava portal.
Burkenator 3 måneder siden
brickin boy yeah I just read this before he made it so I didn’t understand lol
brickin boy
brickin boy 3 måneder siden
@Burkenator You know, like when you use lava, and water to make a portal instead of mining the obsidian?
Burkenator 3 måneder siden
L- lava portal?
thestereostorm 3 måneder siden
I'm late but this man really walks around in a Kakashi skin.
Elena Co
Elena Co 3 måneder siden
This is how mumbo got his odea idea
Belgian Tributes
Belgian Tributes 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one seeing that you missed diamonds? Otherwise great video!
Replenish with Zenith
Replenish with Zenith 3 måneder siden
I felt my old Minecraft playing heart beat when he said Reeds instead of sugercane
PUGZ DTR 3 måneder siden
You do be kakashi tho u do be buetyful
Alexander Carlick
Alexander Carlick 3 måneder siden
Hey spawn
Anju Chathli
Anju Chathli 3 måneder siden
rick and morty season 4 episode 1
Carl Sto Tomas
Carl Sto Tomas 3 måneder siden
Kara JohnsonSmith
Kara JohnsonSmith 3 måneder siden
give me 1 like please
Fishin'Sam 3 måneder siden
he didnt swim to escape the drowned
The Egabdf
The Egabdf 3 måneder siden
Remember watching you from mindcrack. Hermitcraft is the new mindcrack but not as good lol
i is bored
i is bored 3 måneder siden
Etho, while traveling to the jungle: Hey there are not enough treeez Etho, in the jungle: Hey there are too many treeez
Minhkha Dang
Minhkha Dang 3 måneder siden
5:05 for those who are looking for the remix.
Anish Kalyan
Anish Kalyan 3 måneder siden
Coffee lover Milky
Coffee lover Milky 3 måneder siden
Where is grian?
Kayla Bennett
Kayla Bennett 3 måneder siden
Where all my bro’s from grians episode where he told us to go watch etho
Vika Aleynikov
Vika Aleynikov 3 måneder siden
For those who came for elybeatmaker's remix: 5:04
Louis Davio
Louis Davio 3 måneder siden
Nelson Stewart
Nelson Stewart 3 måneder siden
David Foster
David Foster 3 måneder siden
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy 3 måneder siden
Etho: why did I settle in the jungle? Me, expecting him to say smth like “there’s lots of hermits here to interact with” or “there are plenty of cool resources” Etho: I like the colour of jungle grass :)
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