Dream DEBUNKS accusations of him scripting the Manhunts

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5 måneder siden

Dream proves he doesn't fake his videos, using facts and logic. He reacts to 'Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Manhunt - Genius or Scripted?' by @TheMisterEpic
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Watch the FULL Uncut livestream here: www.twitch.tv/videos/708855304

TheMisterEpic 5 måneder siden
Just so everybody knows, this is my video and I didn't mean any hate towards dream (He left a positive comment on my video, check it out if you don't believe me). The video was all speculative and made for fun!
Jeremiah Naill
Jeremiah Naill Måned siden
i believe u broski dream team
U M Måned siden
Guys don’t hate on him saying that he’s milking from someone because dream literally did the same thing to pewdiepie (no hate to dream tho
Kuha Gaming
Kuha Gaming Måned siden
fahmi reza algifari
fahmi reza algifari Måned siden
Tristen Coleman
Tristen Coleman 2 måneder siden
Get out of here
Darcy Films
Darcy Films 2 timer siden
I've saw both sides of the argument, I think their is no way in hell that Dream isn't cheating
ORANG Gaming
ORANG Gaming 18 timer siden
Secret ending
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 23 timer siden
If you know about tnt mechanics the tnt wouldn't have blown up like it did. 1) Launched too far when it should have been barely launched. 2) Too long fuse time after first explosion
HunterFuryPlayz Dag siden
omg this is so funny, the clips is so funny and the most funny is the part when goerge get the diamond
Ian the tornado guy
Ian the tornado guy Dag siden
5:49 Georgenotfound donated 25$! "stop making fun of me D:" that made me laugh way harder than it should have.
Crythizm Is Biscuit
Crythizm Is Biscuit Dag siden
i had a 1v1 with my friend he used strength 2 i had iron armour and 1 hit me with a netherite sword
James 06
James 06 Dag siden
8:25 even my little brother can do that
Brayden Kiriago
Brayden Kiriago 2 dager siden
I was watching the video then a adopt me add came up adopt me from roblox that game
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 2 dager siden
Who else saw George’s donation?
Jerry Han
Jerry Han 2 dager siden
LOL!! 14:28 George jumps off after Dream big brains him!
Jason Xie
Jason Xie 2 dager siden
Watch the Mrbeast manhunt video, Dream it’s nothing like the other manhunt vids, Dream doesn’t get super lucky or do anything crazy or suspicious. Dream got killed and MrBeast said he cheats.
Domnic Gamer
Domnic Gamer 3 dager siden
Dream sus 🧐🧐 😂😂😂
Sylvia Pierce-Garnett
Sylvia Pierce-Garnett 3 dager siden
5:58 I feel bad for George :(
Mac Patrick
Mac Patrick 3 dager siden
I am not a hater but your a muffin head but your still nice doe
Mac Patrick
Mac Patrick 3 dager siden
That guy is a big muffin head
CurlyFries 3 dager siden
14:34 *ight imma head out*
Assassin4b 5 dager siden
Like most of the arguments that it it is fake dont even make sence in the first place. I mean he can leave the diamond if he chooses to, that doesnt mean its fake. Tbh, i also was confused that he build the portal in the sky tho.
InkerJ 6 dager siden
I love how at 5:55 George donates with the message “Stop making fun of me D:”
jay yu
jay yu 6 dager siden
I feel like if you are caught up in the moment, you wouldn't really be paying attention to what color the particles are
pochfüq nibba
pochfüq nibba 6 dager siden
It doesnt matter if theyre scripted or not, at the end of the day its entertainment
Dark Runner
Dark Runner 7 dager siden
I love how dream uses gorges colour blindness to his advantage 😂
Red Fire
Red Fire 7 dager siden
Even if it is staged, doesn't make it less fun to watch am I right? 🙈
Pugrilla Eggy 54321
Pugrilla Eggy 54321 7 dager siden
mugo, you literally just stole dream's video
Chris Clements
Chris Clements 7 dager siden
to be honest i dont care if dream is actually fake but its fun to watch how he does it i love his vids
Mythic Madness
Mythic Madness 8 dager siden
Your getting money by straight on stealing his content
AngryDreaam 8 dager siden
Robert Mosack
Robert Mosack 9 dager siden
13:30 creepy
Z1_cyclone 9 dager siden
They actors are so funny 😂😂🤣🤣
Pam Glazener
Pam Glazener 9 dager siden
I don’t know why people accuse you of being a fake in the vids even though they don’t know how you and everyone else is
CodyLodsonPlayzzz 9 dager siden
13:22 Dream: C'mon, c'mon, C'MON!!! 1 diamond just laying there
AssassinNoir 101
AssassinNoir 101 9 dager siden
“It’s easy to tell the difference between fire res and strength” Dream: George is colourblind bad couldn’t see and sapnap was behind George -_-
Scardicey 10 dager siden
11:25 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Shadow 603
Shadow 603 10 dager siden
Gud thing you edited this,other ones didnt do anything,but youdid,and i like it. I subbed😀😀
Im not Abraham :v
Im not Abraham :v 10 dager siden
Don't worry
Tired Doggo
Tired Doggo 11 dager siden
To be fair, being so good at a game, every manhunt you do needs to be examined for cheating is honestly a huge complement.
Squad Sisters
Squad Sisters 11 dager siden
Look at 2:35 at what the potion is called 🤣🤣🤣
frxy 11 dager siden
im inside bad lol
LEGO Guy 11 dager siden
14:36 George decides since he cant find Dream, he'll quit and jump off the world 😂😂😂
Arunima's Corner
Arunima's Corner 11 dager siden
Take this vedio down or el
Mr Milkyway
Mr Milkyway 12 dager siden
Wait dream is actually stupid when hes showing that the falling and landing on a horse is easy and he can do it first try watch the chat it says he did it multiple times
Mr Milkyway
Mr Milkyway 12 dager siden
Also he says they didnt even know they could craft end crystals even tho they did in another video i dont remember it it was before though if thats the case then hes exsposing himself
Reevmrap Mandaher
Reevmrap Mandaher 12 dager siden
Dream is faking his manhunts because he didn't open the cap when he drank the fire res (haha I'm joking
Merica Man01
Merica Man01 13 dager siden
You can hear how pissed he is about people saying his vids are staged. Love you Dream
ddshoo 10 dager siden
@Merica Man01 trillions of simulations disagree
Merica Man01
Merica Man01 12 dager siden
@- bruhh no he didn't
- 12 dager siden
he mad cause they are staged, he cheated in his speedruns.
Poop Loop
Poop Loop 13 dager siden
14:35 George: Ight I'ma head out
Mr. Sega
Mr. Sega 13 dager siden
His 1.16 speedruns were fake His SMP is staged Would be surprised if the man hunts were faked.
Linc NW
Linc NW 13 dager siden
does anyone else hear breathing at 13:29
illsakc 14 dager siden
he came up for the tnt like 3 weeks... *and so all the script*
Péter Sziráki
Péter Sziráki 15 dager siden
Bad sees it, Sapnap hears it and George is colorblind...
pooja dipak
pooja dipak 15 dager siden
I have a question why are you so smart ?
Not Xam
Not Xam 15 dager siden
5:57 Poor Gogy :( , He even donated 25$
Abigael Hailu
Abigael Hailu 16 dager siden
“The hunters never improve” *And I took that personally*
RAZOR Breeze
RAZOR Breeze 17 dager siden
The guy who made the theory must be embarrassed watching this lmao
- 12 dager siden
no he got outed for cheating on his speedruns
MEGA _:D 17 dager siden
MEGA _:D 17 dager siden
Gurshaan Dhesi
Gurshaan Dhesi 17 dager siden
14:34 I love how George just kills him self
Cherry_Cinnamon Tree
Cherry_Cinnamon Tree 17 dager siden
Are we just going too ignore the fact dream said: "Bad says it, George sees it, and sapnap heard bad say it and George see it" HOW DOES HE HEAR GEORGE SEE IT-
Pepper Gaming
Pepper Gaming 18 dager siden
idk man, most of these still are kinda sus
Nr Astro 22
Nr Astro 22 18 dager siden
I heard some breathing in the cave part and it sounded kinda like a zombie breathing
IDoNtKnow IDK 19 dager siden
1:05 wtf 3v1...even if Dream drink a point of strength he wouldn't be able to 3v1
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
@Outcastsage9033 true
Outcastsage9033 17 dager siden
Strength 2 does as much damage as an iron sword,meaning dream will do twice as much damage.
Mr The weird one
Mr The weird one 19 dager siden
If people send hate to a guy who likes making videos and did this one ironically you should stop i mean dream even aproved so what the hell are you fighting for
h i t m a n
h i t m a n 20 dager siden
fuck, dreams too good at minecraft let’s spread some fake shit for fun bc i’m jealous
- 12 dager siden
he cheated
kim areum
kim areum 20 dager siden
8:43 Dream just indirectly called them/us a noob or indirectly saying he's a god
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 21 dag siden
Bro George know what fire resistance potion look like what you trippin about just say you script these nobody's stop watching this
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
Gorege hes colour blind so he doesn't know
Beerus 21 dag siden
Let’s be real, even if dream did fake it( which is like 0.000001 %) it’s still entertaining 😌
- 12 dager siden
Videogamee 21 dag siden
well this... aged. I can't tell if it aged like wine or milk tho
moonrise 21 dag siden
That man is just jealous of dream,nice vid mugooooo
KolbLucky 21 dag siden
okay so either this guy is dream in disguise or hes a GREAT FUCKING VOICE ACTOR
Daxton 22 dager siden
13:22 demonic growl
Conner G
Conner G 22 dager siden
You know he could’ve put in a certain seed and have the cords or something for the manhunt right?
SpeeDude 016
SpeeDude 016 22 dager siden
Dream: Strength is the most dumb overpowered thing in Minecraft history Instant Damage: Allow me to introduce myself
KareyKids Amies
KareyKids Amies 22 dager siden
Dream is like my teacher saying you impruved
BadBoyHalo 22 dager siden
The videos are,t fake!
Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan 22 dager siden
Is Mugo dream?? pls reply
Eclipse 23 dager siden
What I find funny is that I hit the MLG horse 3rd try so it’s not that hard. Oh man I hope dream sees this video
Phoenix’s Nest
Phoenix’s Nest 23 dager siden
I feel like some clips or runs are put together. Which I personally don’t hate since it’s probably just for entertainment
Orange Gamer
Orange Gamer 23 dager siden
13:03 look at dreams hot bar he is holding dirt in his hand but his hand should be holding a diamond sword a new casual minecraft bug
Dave Timothy
Dave Timothy 24 dager siden
"It's not that hard" Me: *Sees chat saying Dream fell from a high place*
Pro Panda gaming and animation
Pro Panda gaming and animation 24 dager siden
Its so funny with that kid's serious voice when he's just making himself sound so stupid🤣 especially with the part with the invis pot "bad had diamonds so he could have made armor" WHEN HE HAD ONE DIAMOND!🤣🤣🤣🤣
shelly_kay01 24 dager siden
Why is everyone saying that George, Bad, and Sapnap is over reacting? I mean have u even seen ANY of Dreams vids or other Man Hunt vids? He has different plans each time. Don't start talking shit and saying that Dream cheated when he literally makes vids explaining why or what he was doing. Who ever watches Dream knows how unpredictable Dream really is. Actually watch the vids BEFORE talking shit or starting unnecessary drama when u don't realize how unpredictable he is. I would be scared asf too to go against Dream: a Minecraft player that has really good ideas and plans for traps.
Duarte Oliveira
Duarte Oliveira 24 dager siden
Why would he simply turn around to drink a fire potion with 1 heart. It's just not conceivable to me.
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
And they only hit him once and they think he has 1 hearts he could of regenerated the time he hit him
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
They don't k how many health he has
ConBon Chon
ConBon Chon 24 dager siden
bro fake it said a potion of fire resistance
Vash 24 dager siden
Now I'm thinking these really are fake. Dream's pretty toxic and a pathological liar.
ReMeZ :D
ReMeZ :D 25 dager siden
5:35 LOL
TheBeaverInHD 26 dager siden
You can’t really say that it’s his fault he can hop on a horse. I tried it myself and got it every time it’s not that hard, you can’t accuse someone because your bad lmao.
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
@Mac it did it 3 time in a row bruh it easy af
Mac 25 dager siden
you do realize its luck based
Xavier Alexander
Xavier Alexander 26 dager siden
So, *Fear* is Dream's ultimate weapon.
Thicc Boiz Gaming
Thicc Boiz Gaming 27 dager siden
14:54 I think another reason they stood on that side was so they could attack him from behind catching him off guard. When dream went in he was facing the direction of the island. They put the blocks behind them so even if he did hit them they wouldn’t fall off.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 27 dager siden
They literally had so many chances to kill him it’s actually embarrassing how people believe this stuff
John Escovidal
John Escovidal 27 dager siden
This is the smartest response
Whoops 27 dager siden
Everyone’s talking about George not telling what he’s drinking because he’s colorblind, but the truth is, who has memorized the particles of potions, because I haven’t. Or maybe that’s common since and I’m just really dumb
Dungus Glumbus
Dungus Glumbus 27 dager siden
Even if the manhunts are scripted I wouldn’t care. Its entertaining either way. I love when Dream pulls off crazy stunts and jumps and stuff. For the first time in a while, the Minecraft community has really well put together and entertaining videos to watch and I love it
Sachith Sandeep
Sachith Sandeep 27 dager siden
ngl tho i feel like the horse trick was fake
the king adam
the king adam 15 dager siden
Sir i have to eat you.
Sir i have to eat you. 24 dager siden
Its easy to do lol
PosionNec 27 dager siden
They are not good actors, it’s scripted. Also dream is over explaining which is a lying tell. Honestly I thought it was common knowledge these videos are fake.
H3xad3cimal Dev
H3xad3cimal Dev 27 dager siden
The 10 block reach one and the mlg horse is stupid just because you suck at doing it doesn't mean everybody else can do it. And the 10 block reach line c'mon
Scuffed 27 dager siden
“The hunters don’t seem to improve” *Dream didn’t like that*
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 27 dager siden
I love how George at 6:05 donated in the middle of explaining to say stop making fun of me also I am now thinking that it’s not that he thinks dream is faking it it’s that the guy is bad and doesn’t think right
Pato Chu 07
Pato Chu 07 28 dager siden
Plot twist: He scrippted his defense to scripting manhunts
Pato Chu 07
Pato Chu 07 28 dager siden
this manhunts are just: Dream is low, everyone acts safe and don't atack Dream has strength potions netherite armour etc, Everyone goes after him and atack How is this not fake
YT Forscher
YT Forscher 28 dager siden
DAYUM! this guy is not even that popular and it has 6.5 million views!
Confused Stick Anims
Confused Stick Anims 28 dager siden
Just one comment on dreams argument. Wouldn’t George know the difference between the potion colours even if he was colour blind?
Shinzo 28 dager siden
Who is watching this after Dream Actually cheating?
King'SAnimus07 28 dager siden
Petition for this guys to be one of the hunters.
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