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► Listen to a Podcast featuring me and my Moderator team! nopost.info/throw/rtSSjIHYq2qhg5Y/video ►Subscribe - goo.gl/izJQ3s ►Support Dansg08 on Patreon: goo.gl/xvvDJD ► What's on the channel? - goo.gl/MXVaf1 ---- Welcome to this 24/7 stream of all of the Final Fantasy games I have ever played on the channel. CURRENTLY this 39 day mega-loop of content has Final Fantasy 7-15 including 7R. This is a place for us to gather and celebrate the greatness of a franchise that has been producing some of the most unforgettable gaming experiences of all time. Without the community, this stream serves no purpose, so please engage with us and help us build this place into a go-to hangout for Final Fantasy fans worldwide! I was inspired to do this after seeing how successful the 24/7 Lofi study/relax music streams were. Many people over the years have enjoyed having my walkthroughs on as background noise so I figured I would give it a shot! Whether it be background or to actually watch and engage with, I hope you enjoy it!
► Meet The Moderators! - bit.ly/2Usz41a
► Listen to a Podcast featuring the Mod Team! - nopost.info/throw/rtSSjIHYq2qhg5Y/video
Stream schedule: FF7 ► FF7R ►FF7 ► FF10 ► FF8 ► FF8 ► FF10 ► FF9 ► FF9 ► FF10 (Pbirdman Mod) ► FF10-2 ► FF12 ► FF10 ► FF13 ► FF13 ► FF13-2 ► FF13-3 ► FF10 ► FF10-2 ► FF15 ► BACK TO START
►To find links to EVERY game I have played on the channel, check out this video: goo.gl/Xk3Vko
► This video also explains why I've done this - nopost.info/throw/yqzHg464q5yTma8/video
►Check this video out to watch the story of how the stream came about and how I was able to set it up and keep it alive more than 9 months later - nopost.info/throw/sqrGfnu-sZ1iipI/video
►Here is the 1 year stream anniversary birthday video featuring entries from our community and even Hedy Burress, Yuna's voice actress! - nopost.info/throw/rp6SfXfYr6-Ykrc/video
► If you want to refer to a specific Walkthrough part or just want to watch it as individual videos, you can find all of my FF Playlists below:
VI (Not yet complete) - nopost.info/throw/0pjRmKK0sWmZY7M/video
VII - nopost.info/throw/u8WZZKzNtIuelMU/video
VII Remake - nopost.info/throw/r6nWgo3V3H-ad9E/video
VIII - nopost.info/throw/qeC7Zniql3hypdE/video
X - nopost.info/throw/lZmplIGysn-Hh80/video
X Pbirdman Mod - bit.ly/ffxpbirdmanmod
X-2 - nopost.info/throw/t6i6oaLE05hmotU/video
IX - nopost.info/throw/zpe2lp-9yqppns0/video
XII - nopost.info/throw/1smZdJeStoF0d9U/video
XIII - nopost.info/throw/0a-UaGa5rYR4j6s/video
XIII-2 - nopost.info/throw/1KuUrafUvmiUe9E/video
Type-0 - nopost.info/throw/3dmoeKKyqZ6Zppo/video
XV - nopost.info/throw/yL24iWWesHp_c8U/video
► Thanks to the excellent response to the stream so far, and the help of NOpost user Topher, I have been able to carry this stream onto a cloud VPS. In simple terms, it should be in nice, crispy quality, and reliable. This is now hopefully a stream that never sleeps! An additional shoutout to my Moderator RehlDeal who dedicated his time to helping write a new program to run the stream with some improvements to Topher's original one. Without the help of the community this stream would not be where it is today, thank you all so much!
► If you would like to support this project to keep the stream alive and growing, please either consider throwing a tip into the jar via Superchat. Every little helps!
Any further questions, me and my awesome team of mods should hopefully be able to help you. Don't be shy to say hi!
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