Lanterne Rouge, David Millar and Pete Kennaugh preview the Tour de France

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ITV Sport

3 måneder siden

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Jack Young
Jack Young 2 måneder siden
Patrick is epic! Give this man a full time job ITV!
Paul Oc
Paul Oc 2 måneder siden
First rest day in 7 days all riders will be tested for covid 19 ....end of tour
Super Strada
Super Strada 2 måneder siden
The Lanterne, that is to say Patrick, looked a little "deer in the headlights" as evidenced by his relief with the drink after Ned confirmed his performance. The first is always the most difficult so congrats to Patrick, that is to say Lanterne.
Seth Jones
Seth Jones 2 måneder siden
That launge rouge bloke has got a mullet. IT LOOKS AWFUL
SEAL CYCLE 2 måneder siden
In regards to Geraint, How could this happen? @4:45 . .. simple, he had the wrong attitude, and was not prepared, he assumed they mi=ust take him, and he assumed wrong.
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke 2 måneder siden
Impressive from the Lanterne Rouge - was it me or were some of those other pundits feeling a bit threatened? Can't hold back what's coming.
Nate 85
Nate 85 2 måneder siden
Lantern douche love your channel
Alex Mites
Alex Mites 2 måneder siden
Lennie Nelson
Lennie Nelson 2 måneder siden
Very useful insight there at the end; Bernal has never dropped a rider of Pinot's level below altitude, and Pinot did him in a few times before the Alps last year. Reminds me of Bernal's youth, and perhaps he flew undercover enough last year to avoid pressure. Not to say he got lucky, but he was not the favorite, and G definitely absorbed the brunt of the attention. Egan doesn't look ready yet to dominate as the prohibitive favorite.
Andy Broon
Andy Broon 2 måneder siden
The big question is....Has Pete got his laptop resting on the toilet bowl?
Ed Bracey
Ed Bracey 2 måneder siden
Things we love to see: - LR disrupting traditional cycling media
Joe A
Joe A 2 måneder siden
David Millar @ 09:54 😂 LR looking like he doesn't want to be there 🤷🏼‍♂️
P S 2 måneder siden
Yeah I don’t know what that was all about? Fan of both but seemed a tad passive aggressive from DM...
Daniel Sparkes
Daniel Sparkes 2 måneder siden
I'm here for Patrick Rouge
Tungsten Kid
Tungsten Kid 2 måneder siden
David Millar's vocabulary and delivery is magnificent and I envy him, my own voice sounds like a chicken on helium.
Tungsten Kid
Tungsten Kid 2 måneder siden
@E A As a 72-year-old wargaming champion veteran under my fighting name "PoorOldSpike" I chose the alias 'Tungsten Kid' because as you know, tungsten tank rounds are very very badass..:)
E A 2 måneder siden
Tungsten Kid That’s a shame because in my head, “tungsten kid” sounds pretty badass
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky 2 måneder siden
Holy shit, how is Lanterne Rouge anywhere near a microphone? He just puts you to sleep with that droning, monotone voice. Do yourselves a favor and show him the door and get back to it.
benjamin anderson
benjamin anderson 2 måneder siden
LR - "My boys wicked smart"
benjamin anderson
benjamin anderson 2 måneder siden
LR - "My boys wicked smart"
GlobeHB 2 måneder siden
Froome could be there: THAT IS A FACT, But dancing 💃 is all the trolls want to see. This ain’t over by a long shot.
Bryn Griffith
Bryn Griffith 2 måneder siden
Lanterne needs a serious haircut, he looks like he's in Neighbours back in the Aussie 80s
Jake Brockwell
Jake Brockwell 2 måneder siden
Patrick? Aka LR
Jamie Forbes
Jamie Forbes 2 måneder siden
I like David's jumper :^)
92point5 2 måneder siden
Only clicked because I saw Lanterne Rouge. Then remembered that the ITV crew are also awesome. Smart move ITV. Who's not going to sleep tonight because the World's greatest sporting event starts tomorrow?
Fecontiflex97 2 måneder siden
Bardet has a good form, he may do very good
Trent Jansz
Trent Jansz 2 måneder siden
True, I think he said he was hunting for stages/polka dot jersey instead of GC ambitions
arcticchris x
arcticchris x 2 måneder siden
Definitely a fan of LR and think he will grow into this role as he seemed a bit nervous in this format compared to his own presented videos but the knowledge and analysis is beyond dispute. Like how the ITV team can all offer something different and be both approachable to newer viewers whilst still offering depth to keen fans.
trill brown
trill brown 2 måneder siden
Holy shit his name's Patrick. I seriously thought his first name was lanterne.
Michael Gilchrist
Michael Gilchrist 2 måneder siden
Good to see l r moving up putting the work in a long while now and comfortable in the company he deserves to be in
Hedley Kerr
Hedley Kerr 2 måneder siden
I would hate to see Covid deciding the race!
Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore Gravano 2 måneder siden
Bernal does have a back problem. It's not invention.
Totalavulsion 2 måneder siden
LR mixing it with the big boys and coming out looking pro af. Chapeau
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 2 måneder siden
I want a selfie with David more than anything.
Pin Point
Pin Point 2 måneder siden
David Millar is a hero for speaking out. I think partly bcause of him cycling has improved!
Joel Guerin-Simard
Joel Guerin-Simard 2 måneder siden
love lantern rouge comments!
A Mc
A Mc 2 måneder siden
I would imagine the route is SW France heavy to avoid the COVID heavy Northern cities.
A Mc
A Mc 2 måneder siden
@Salvatore Gravano Of course it hasn't. Doh to me.
Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore Gravano 2 måneder siden
The route hasn't changed.
banshee maczero
banshee maczero 2 måneder siden
LOL corporate banned LR's sleeveless denim jacket? F*** the suits.
twyfordlion 2 måneder siden
very unfair to say G was not good enough to be a domestic. He is quiet capable to do that, to send him to the Giro is smart move with his current trajectory.
carlos gaspar
carlos gaspar 2 måneder siden
johan bruyneel called froome out some 3 weeks ago
J J 2 måneder siden
So they recordedon Sunday but published on Friday? Are they uploading using a modem??
Tom Prince
Tom Prince 2 måneder siden
LR is a brilliant addition to the team
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall 2 måneder siden
Lanterne rouge is the MASTER.
Benjamin Mouttet
Benjamin Mouttet 2 måneder siden
Right. Patrick is Laterne Rouge's name. Noted.
Joseph Gokmen
Joseph Gokmen 2 måneder siden
Patrick???? Who the hell is Patrick???
ben dolby
ben dolby 2 måneder siden
Yes lanterrrnnnn
Case Farley
Case Farley 2 måneder siden
Enjoying this commentary but a five day delay between recording and release is too long, especially in this climate.
Joe Trickett
Joe Trickett 2 måneder siden
Patrick. I thought you were called Lanterne! 😅 Man you sitting at the head of the pundit race here man! So good.
Nick Young
Nick Young 2 måneder siden
Awesome team. Credit to LR joining these luminaries.
Rasler63 2 måneder siden
The handling of possible positiv corona tests could become a nightmare. Its still astonishing how the uci cant enforce rules for this and its essentialy up to the aso.
Stephen Blofeld
Stephen Blofeld 2 måneder siden
Patrick's hair is looking sharp! 🧒
erick guzman
erick guzman 2 måneder siden
Please refer to him as Lantern Rouge, not P****
Linda 2 måneder siden
wittiest comment here.
giveitallforcheese 2 måneder siden
LR adding good insight, but good lord he looks miserable. Smile mate, the tour is about to start
Emil Thomasen
Emil Thomasen 2 måneder siden
It was probably late and he was tired. You've got to remember the time difference ;)
Whistler4u 2 måneder siden
Geraint second with a fair margin? It was 20 sec. to Kruiswijk
Whistler4u 2 måneder siden
​@Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux In your dreams it did happen
Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux
Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux 2 måneder siden
@Whistler4u shouldn't have, didn't need. So didn't happen.
Whistler4u 2 måneder siden
@Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux Could've, should've, would've.
Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux
Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux 2 måneder siden
Watch the last mountain stage finish. Geraint could have put 30 seconds into Kruijswik easily, if not more. Kruijswijk looked miserable, completely cooked, and Thomas was fresh and laughing with Bernal as he passed the finish line. Given he had secured second place and his teammate had won the Tour, there was no reason for him to give his maximum, but he was clearly way above Kruijswijk that last stage.
3MRSPACELY Mathurin 2 måneder siden
ctodd122 2 måneder siden
I agree Bernal left uninjured.
dodgydd 2 måneder siden
I started to fall asleep each time Lanterne Rouge started speaking.
Mick P
Mick P 2 måneder siden
LR is very switched on , never new his real name "Patrick" and I follow his channel, great stuff as usual mr Lanterne
Michael Steele
Michael Steele 2 måneder siden
Who is Patrick and why is he imitating Lantern Route? To be fair Lantern Rouge has a better accent than Patrick :P
Braveheart 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge as DS for Ineos?
Cycling Pulse
Cycling Pulse 2 måneder siden
LR listed first in the video title: ITV know what's up
Christopher Nicolson
Christopher Nicolson 2 måneder siden
Maybe Geraint was given the choice? Domestique for Bernal at TdF or lead at Giro
MrMojoRisin 2 måneder siden
Wish Pinot had a decent team behind him.
Trent Jansz
Trent Jansz 2 måneder siden
He didn't have Gaudu or Molard in the Dauphine, both which are cruicial climbing domestiques for him, but they will be with him at Le Tour
MrMojoRisin 2 måneder siden
Well he always seems to be on his own on the climbs.
Gerard Vermaat
Gerard Vermaat 2 måneder siden
He has quite a goos team behind hin to be fair
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming 2 måneder siden
ITV sport. Rivalling GCN and bringing on LR was a stroke of genius!!
linglingjr 2 måneder siden
GCN has sucked so far this season. Zero coverage and zero recaps of any races outside their paywall.
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
Loving all the support in the comments everyone, it is awesome for us to see. Shout out to Joe for putting the edit together and the Millars’ dog for going nuts at the microwave
Anthony Homer Cycling 尤薩
Anthony Homer Cycling 尤薩 2 måneder siden
i am here to listen, after all those LRCP ..oh boy it was all wroong hehehe happy to see you here as always LR.. i am so excited for SEB BERWICK this 2021 season! he will go for tour also right?????
Hardcheese Yer
Hardcheese Yer 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast my bad. Might have been a glitch with the VPN 😂😂😂
Hardcheese Yer
Hardcheese Yer 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast yes i watched both but now they don’t appear on my feed. I will double check. The level of analysis is still awesome even when you are posting just a few hours after the stage. I previously thought you would have needed a few days prep for your content. Keep it up 👍🏼
Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast
Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast 2 måneder siden
Steven Green which one? Stages 2 and 4 each have videos on this ITV sport channel which can be viewed by those in the UK
Hardcheese Yer
Hardcheese Yer 2 måneder siden
What happened to your end of stage video LR? Seems to have been taken down
JM 2 måneder siden
All about watt/k 💥
rahul dimri
rahul dimri 2 måneder siden
Patrick 😁👍
HWoodModelling 2 måneder siden
Let’s ignore Buchmann... sure enough
Blog4Justice 2 måneder siden
Interesting analysis all round. Let's hope covidiocy doesn't sabotage it.
gnarlybruzz 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge merch > CHPT3 kit
JM A 2 måneder siden
DM with head in hands! Oh dear.
Yves Trembleau
Yves Trembleau 2 måneder siden
Patrick ou Patrique? C'est bien le Tour de France
StoryeTime 2 måneder siden
C'est fantastique ! Non sans dec, je suis aux US et je vais suivre sur France Info ou je sais pas ET Patrick Rouge haha
k p
k p 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge really knows his stuff! IMPRESSED!
Angelpen 2 måneder siden
@Daniel Kol at least I'll get
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 2 måneder siden
Watched him for 2 years at least and only just found out his real name. Some of the best cycling content in the world from him.
Daniel Kol
Daniel Kol 2 måneder siden
Lad has the best cycling channel on this platform
Herb.itall.bivore 2 måneder siden
Niall Condren
Niall Condren 2 måneder siden
Mr. Rouge to you and me
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Fans - I’ve followed LR since early days and I’m excited to see him here too - but let’s not make grandiose statements like “no one else here is on Lanterne’s level.” An outspoken overeager fan base will give Patrick exactly the reputation he doesn’t want, being such a subtle and astute fan of cycling himself. Peter was in all of this himself practically yesterday. And if you don’t know who David Millar is, you just show that you’re a noob cycling fan. Which is great - welcome! - but best to not say anything at all if you don’t know.
Cathal Lawlor
Cathal Lawlor 2 måneder siden
@B Blutarsky he is much more energetic on his own channel. He might be restricting himself a small bit on ITV to not seem too noisy or over the top.
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky 2 måneder siden
@Paul Wolf He definitely has knowledge of the sport, that much is clear. I just think he either needs to work on his energy level or find a different profession. Can you imagine having him commentate the final climb in the Tour live on tv? You'd be asleep before they reached the top. Cycling can sometimes be boring, especially the flatter stages where there are hours of nothing much happening. You have to be able to hold the audiences' attention even in those moments. And when the final sprint, or the final 1k of a big climb comes around, you have to make the viewer believe he's there watching it live. He needs a lot of work in that area. That's all I'm saying.
Paul Wolf
Paul Wolf 2 måneder siden
I´m only into proffesional cycling, because of LR. He´s the one who shows the greatness of the sport to the people and you understand it at a completely different level, which is what makes watching his stuff so interesting. Your comment is probably completely true, but i think you should have rephrased the last sentence. Even if you're a pretty big noob when it comes to cycling or your only source of information is LR, i would still like to state my impressions on the topic. The tone is important tho and i think it´s disrespectful to the other participants in this video, if LR is painted in a superior light. Cheers
Linda 2 måneder siden
@erick guzman perfect rebuff!
hibrid timetrial
hibrid timetrial 2 måneder siden
David Millar one of the best TT specialist ever 😉
1classified1 2 måneder siden
Great to see LR on tv!
Rocky Runs
Rocky Runs 2 måneder siden
Why was the guy in orange top laughing at LR whe he was talking about Carapaz going in breakaways? Ineos brought him for that, besides Thomas being in a bad form. That's the only way to try to crack TJV
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 2 måneder siden
@Ryan S Having met DM a couple of times, waaaay wide of the mark. Lovely guy with a lot of time to talk to people. And certainly ex doper, but at least he has engaged with the whole thing after getting popped rather than dying for years or just carrying on as if nothing had happened.
Rocky Runs
Rocky Runs 2 måneder siden
@Brainjock Thanks for your advice, but I'm no doper 🤣
Rocky Runs
Rocky Runs 2 måneder siden
@Lanterne Rouge ok ok, I'm chilled, everybody chill! 😁
continuousminer 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge we’re happy for ya! And keep it goofy on national TV. They like that. Hoping this is the first of many invites. Congrats!
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
@Rocky Runs There was a dog in David's house causing a ruckus, that is why he was laughing. Can everyone chill out pls
chuck lacey
chuck lacey 2 måneder siden
Got to give it to the aussies in the mullet department America held the torch in the 80’s/90’s
matprlz 2 måneder siden
Here only for LR.
K R Runs
K R Runs 2 måneder siden
Couldn't help notice David Millar, head in hands after LR spoke just before 10mins into the video... i may be wrong but I suspect he feels a little threatened by the new kid on the block? Or probably just being discourteous...
Paddy Scott
Paddy Scott 2 måneder siden
Millar's tactical analysis is peerless.
Guy Napthine
Guy Napthine 2 måneder siden
@Ian Hardicker I was shocked by his foul language in an interview in this issue of Procycling and he reminds me of that cocky Norwegian Utuber Harald Baldr, but hey, it takes all sorts and credit to LR for not being riled.
TheOne ThatGotAway
TheOne ThatGotAway 2 måneder siden
Yeah you are wrong , I guess you only know LR
JM A 2 måneder siden
@Ian Hardicker and fresh/clean blood!
Joe Szwed
Joe Szwed 2 måneder siden
Been heavily chopped down and edited so wouldn't read anything into that. A dog was trying to get involved if you watch the full version on itv haha
Kieran Biggar
Kieran Biggar 2 måneder siden
Pete is a bit of a moron #dumbdumb
D F 2 måneder siden
Great insights from Pete, as much as they all have knowledge you can't beat hearing from someone who's recently been on a bike racing at that level.
Christian Matheron
Christian Matheron 2 måneder siden
D F 2 måneder siden
@Christian Matheron hehe wouldn't expect any respect on NOpost comments section
Christian Matheron
Christian Matheron 2 måneder siden
Exactly. Some disrespect shown in these comments towards the people who have made cycling their career for decades. I love the addition of LR, and think he’s a skilful analyst; but I would always welcome the opinions of riders like Millar and Pete, who have competed at the very highest standard and can speak intelligently about the inner sanctum of world tour racing.
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey 2 måneder siden
They forgot my boy giulio ciccone
Conor Verbruggen
Conor Verbruggen 2 måneder siden
Great point by Lantern about Carapaz. The man is going to clean up stages like nobody's business
martinmartin400 2 måneder siden
Amazing knowledge by Lantern Rouge
Phantom _Nuke
Phantom _Nuke 2 måneder siden
4:35 Ineos aren't paying Geraint to be a Domestique, they're paying him to contest GC on Grand Tours, and giving him an extra month to get into peak form to do that seems like the best option for him.
Thomas W
Thomas W 2 måneder siden
Our boy LR making waves in the cycling media. Congrats mate.
MAX__Apex 2 måneder siden
Lantern rouge is on a different level to these other guys 😂
MAX__Apex 2 måneder siden
TheOne ThatGotAway It’s 2020 sunshine
TheOne ThatGotAway
TheOne ThatGotAway 2 måneder siden
Are you judging on this clip or do you know anything about David Millar ? Maybe you are too young
MAX__Apex 2 måneder siden
Brainjock Whaaat..... intellect and analysis sunshine
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer 2 måneder siden
Patrick aka The Lanterne Rouge is the very talented and detail-savvy sports analyst here with his own special skill set, but the retired pros bring their insider perspective and that’s extremely valuable. This is a good panel with a variety of viewpoints represented.
Kyle Barley
Kyle Barley 2 måneder siden
MAX__Apex so true, when he speaks you listen
Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman 2 måneder siden
Gabithewarrior 2 måneder siden
@Cathal Lawlor I know, I just wanted to bring it up in case someone is actually wondering
Cathal Lawlor
Cathal Lawlor 2 måneder siden
@Gabithewarrior alright so it's lanterne Broe then My comment was in humour :)
C B 2 måneder siden
@Gabithewarrior He is a paddy after all!
Gabithewarrior 2 måneder siden
@Cathal Lawlor Patrick Broe
Cathal Lawlor
Cathal Lawlor 2 måneder siden
Patrick Rouge.
Jordi Rothkell
Jordi Rothkell 2 måneder siden
Here because of Mr Lantern Rouge!
Pepijn Versluys
Pepijn Versluys 2 måneder siden
@Patrick V have you seen his jeans jacket?
Patrick V
Patrick V 2 måneder siden
he's straight from the 80's, needs a mo' and some aviators!!!
Ryan S
Ryan S 2 måneder siden
sunday, but released on friday - that's some delay
J J 2 måneder siden
I said the same. I will stay with Eurosport, Orla, Lloyd, Stephens, that's a proper line up
The Big Ugly Gamer
The Big Ugly Gamer 2 måneder siden
itv "care" about cycling ?! bloody hopeless.
fionn malin
fionn malin 2 måneder siden
Patrick rouge is it? 👀
Allan 2 måneder siden
John Bouttell
John Bouttell 2 måneder siden
@Charles Cheesman Econometrics allows economists to sift through mountains of data to extract simple relationships. Paul A. Samuelson and William D. Nordhaus, 2004. Economics. 18th ed., McGraw-Hill, p. 5.
Charles Cheesman
Charles Cheesman 2 måneder siden
I really hope the Masters in Applied Econometrics means there are going to be some cycling related economics papers hot off the press soon
John Bouttell
John Bouttell 2 måneder siden
@Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast Thanks for the update Patrick
Harry McGuinness
Harry McGuinness 2 måneder siden
Haha Ned couldn’t bring himself to say it
Burt Douglas
Burt Douglas 2 måneder siden
Who is this Patrick dude and where the fuck is LR?!
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