The NEW 1 BURST Aug Class! 😯 Try This Setup!

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Måned siden

The NEW 1 BURST Aug Class! 😯 Try This Setup!
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David Lussert
David Lussert 8 dager siden
Ksp and fal
Matthew Teles
Matthew Teles 11 dager siden
What happens to the one burst
FR4CTION YT 15 dager siden
It doesn’t give me the attachments that u have and I upgraded it all the way
ZEROTONINE Music 16 dager siden
Hi, i did not install Cold War, just Warzone and Modern Warfare. Do i need to purchase BO Cold War to be able to use this Black Ops Aug?
RECORDO GAMING 13 dager siden
Caliboy619 22 dager siden
Where are these attachments can't find them in gunsmith wtf
PRINGLES GUY 22 dager siden
Can u stop doing class setups for the aug ffs every game I get in every fuckers using this shitty new aug class
Everett Skornicka
Everett Skornicka 23 dager siden
Who else leveled up the SMG AUG then to realize that they wasted a week grinding to get attachments?!? Only me, yea I'm a fucking idiot
AG - 07CS 758392 Roberta Bondar PS
AG - 07CS 758392 Roberta Bondar PS 23 dager siden
11:48 Lmao totally 1 Burst
James Spencer
James Spencer 24 dager siden
4:55 checkmate😂
Roze Skin
Roze Skin 26 dager siden
RAM 7 is better than m4 Edit: are we not going to talk about how he dropped the serac ( cx9 )
Free Sando
Free Sando 27 dager siden
If that is a one burst I’m black
Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart 29 dager siden
When I use the aug people think I’m cheating 😂
Xbox gamer
Xbox gamer 29 dager siden
Use oden it two taps to the head
Caio Andrade
Caio Andrade 29 dager siden
Haha he has 13 kills in minute 15' and 10 kills at the end of the video haahahhaha 🤔
Austin Schmidt
Austin Schmidt 29 dager siden
Xodean_weeb 28 dager siden
Cause your using the mw aug maybe
agatheopieo 29 dager siden
Poooppppppppyyyyyyy daddy qhh
jrx 29 dager siden
If anyone sees this the FAL competes and maybe kills faster to the AUG with this loadout, Monolithic Suppressor, XRX Marksman, Sniper/VLK, Merc and Burst Perk. Try this out
rob pycior
rob pycior Måned siden
I spent the whole day leveling up the wrong AUG derp.......
Itachi Suspect
Itachi Suspect Måned siden
That bro
Dinger Slinger19
Dinger Slinger19 Måned siden
Nick try the m91 PLEASE.
Saintly TV
Saintly TV Måned siden
It wasn’t a 1 burst wtf
brofanity Måned siden
How did he get a modern warfare site on a cold war gun in the thum nail🧐
Ricky Gutierrez
Ricky Gutierrez Måned siden
Personally half way threw season one I left the Mac 10 and went onto the bullfrog but went back to the mac10 just a few days ago and primary aug
mightyleek Måned siden
the dude is always so freaking scary when he asks to like the video xD
mightyleek Måned siden
I dont own iphone anyways
mightyleek Måned siden
I liked the video i swear to god. even subscribed
mightyleek Måned siden
i feel like i am going to like the video or ill get my pocket emptied and iPhone gone
harl3y official
harl3y official Måned siden
Yo bro love u your the best can u try out the r9 again in season 2
Scott Dunnett
Scott Dunnett Måned siden
LOL! No cheats goin' on here!! LOL!
Johnny Santos
Johnny Santos Måned siden
nick knows about flynt flossy
Andrew Brummett
Andrew Brummett Måned siden
What’s nicks Mac 10 class
Zayd Ibz
Zayd Ibz Måned siden
T3n D0br3j
T3n D0br3j Måned siden
You didn’t have it even maxed out
Stephan Shannon
Stephan Shannon Måned siden
Try the AN94?
Isaac Hinojosa
Isaac Hinojosa Måned siden
Whats your current Warzone PC graphic settings???
MG_reface Måned siden
What are your controls for warzone?
Honnes Kochonnes
Honnes Kochonnes Måned siden
That class ain't goid
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Måned siden
Try kilo again
savagepoopy 542
savagepoopy 542 Måned siden
Witch is it the mw or the black ops aug
Cameron Kelley
Cameron Kelley Måned siden
i got hit from behind smh
Robert Rosario
Robert Rosario Måned siden
Do a ax50 gameplay
Edward Tekaucic
Edward Tekaucic Måned siden
And mix it all around?
Haiti2017 Måned siden
Could you lengthen the intro, pretty pliiiizzzz
Drayden Lawson
Drayden Lawson Måned siden
Riot shield and the sticks with stuns
GSong Park
GSong Park Måned siden
Try the ak47u reactive camo.
Alex Said kauachi
Alex Said kauachi Måned siden
Can you explain to me how you never show the class setup
Servo Måned siden
Ofc ur pretty ☺️🦖
KaoS Tain
KaoS Tain Måned siden
The Rook blueprint for the RAAL that you find in a crate. Seems overpowered? 🤷‍♂️
Damien Ach
Damien Ach Måned siden
nick try using Stoner 63, Agency suppressor, cavalry lancer, Axial arm optic, field agent grip, airborne elastic wrap. tell me what you think.
cashxrs Måned siden
I’ve been running the FAL and I feel like it hits pretty hard both closer and longer distances.
MrLemonGg Måned siden
love quadss
Quentin Taylor
Quentin Taylor Måned siden
Hey Nick you play better than you can sing that's for sure.. just cutting up with ya brother keep doing your thang...
Dylan Stanley
Dylan Stanley Måned siden
I’m run the double aug setup and I’m loving it
BIGV46 Måned siden
Please do a hand cam vid
nathan davey
nathan davey Måned siden
ram-7 please
IIMB JAY Måned siden
imagine cod adding a 223
winglessmetal Måned siden
4:25 lol
TGrampage Måned siden
Is the AUG better than the m16 in Cold War???
Jamie Moana
Jamie Moana Måned siden
Is that the Milano????
Boston Lay
Boston Lay Måned siden
HA!, true.
Ronny Måned siden
@NICKMERCS because of this video, the whole Warzone is using the AUG. It's pretty annoying!!! Everyone is just one bursting each other, LMAO!!! Que Pasa?
Chris_ CringleTV
Chris_ CringleTV Måned siden
Why have u done this to me power stopping Aug pain all I hrr is pretty and I'm dead
Darren Yu
Darren Yu Måned siden
17:50 is that auto-aim I’m seeing?
SeannyGotBank Måned siden
Yep of course now every single piece of trash who plays this game is gonna start using the aug now
Nick D
Nick D Måned siden
yeah thats pretty true
Life With Dahomiemark
Life With Dahomiemark Måned siden
Tim is funny af bro Tim as the UAV bro I’m done
PV2 STARKS Måned siden
“True, that’s true” 😂😂😂
Quinton Davis
Quinton Davis Måned siden
I know how you feel nick no comms no communication!!! Help me boy out
vib.wit. Tim
vib.wit. Tim Måned siden
So no ones gonna take about him saying yala is he muslim
Travis Lockwood
Travis Lockwood Måned siden
I'm using AS Val and I finally unlocked the bruen after 1million tries (I don't play enough as it is LOL) but I usually stick with old and faithful (M4) and the MP7. They work for me so it's all good! NICK YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! "Que pasa!"
Malcolm Isham
Malcolm Isham Måned siden
They finally fixed the cold war suppressor's
miguel viau
miguel viau Måned siden
As per JGOD's tests the Strike team is the best Barrel to use on the AUG right now instead of the Titanium.
SnowXD Måned siden
Tough game but you guys can't out on top!
Christian Orlando
Christian Orlando Måned siden
Did this man just drop the scorpion for a common FFAR
MrBobby7194 Måned siden
It clearly doesn’t one burst you idiots
- SethTaylor61
- SethTaylor61 Måned siden
9:25 sus af man
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Måned siden
What about the striker .45 i swear on it for my life. Give it a go Nick. And upload it plzzz
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Måned siden
The new ar
Jasper Leeming 2
Jasper Leeming 2 Måned siden
is this class the best? haven’t tried it yet
Jerimiah Starcher
Jerimiah Starcher Måned siden
Try the Fara and LC-10
Nate Torres
Nate Torres Måned siden
Use the LC10 its amazing
YURI M710 Måned siden
yes you look pretty
Adrian Kwiatkowski
Adrian Kwiatkowski Måned siden
I like how when Nick gets up to say, "like the video!" and somehow stays the same height
I love silver news
I love silver news 23 dager siden
MLZ! Sparky
MLZ! Sparky Måned siden
Need them Nick Mercs Song Covers 🥴🤣🤣
MLZ! Sparky
MLZ! Sparky Måned siden
My class Streetsweeper X Stoner
omar Hammami
omar Hammami Måned siden
1:01 oh he said Yallah !! didn't know nickmercs know arabic words
Hatim Ramadan
Hatim Ramadan Måned siden
Trey Duncan
Trey Duncan Måned siden
New smg isn’t bad
Brison Tuberville
Brison Tuberville Måned siden
Frar 83
Cristian Presents
Cristian Presents Måned siden
Bro why don’t I have this gun. It says it’s unlocked but I don’t see it. Can someone lead me into some knowledge on how to unlock the weapon
213– BeeRow
213– BeeRow Måned siden
Lol cenk always says of course
Feital Måned siden
Is this the BO AUG or the MW AUG? Because the AUG I use and customised is the BO one.
Jay Maestro
Jay Maestro Måned siden
this season is nothing but bug fixes and more bugs to be discouraged, just far behind on almost all of what the newest meta calls for
Alex Duran
Alex Duran Måned siden
Sage Tapner
Sage Tapner Måned siden
Try the bizon nick
Lance Jay
Lance Jay Måned siden
Try the ram!
Ryan Ellington Heisler
Ryan Ellington Heisler Måned siden
I’m using the og kilo shmudilo😏😏😏
T3H TYLER 43 Måned siden
Try the doof doof it's ment to be viable now
Creighton Angus-Morrison
Creighton Angus-Morrison Måned siden
Ur the only one I can trust on loadouts🚫🧢
angel velez
angel velez Måned siden
Randy Hicks
Randy Hicks Måned siden
Picks up the best gun in the game immediately drops it for a green FFAR. Disgusted
Christian Borunda
Christian Borunda Måned siden
Does anyone know his new mac 10 class
Jalyn B
Jalyn B Måned siden
@timthetatman @NICKMERCS You guys should start a podcast and just have hella features. This a fantastic idea am I wrong? Repost until this is seen in for real😂😂 It’s would hilarious.
Jethro Jacinto
Jethro Jacinto Måned siden
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Tim: I WON MY GULAG!
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