I recorded every toxic player in Rocket League month 2!

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Rocket League players being toxic best moments month 2 is here!
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Martin Bascuñan
Martin Bascuñan 2 timer siden
how can u hate on captain levi?
Caleb Butler
Caleb Butler 10 timer siden
HEY Sunless what is that song at 3:53 just wondering sound pretty cool and love the vids
Pyroify 23 timer siden
Imagine watching this in 2021 and the content is still completely relatable
Charlie Jansson
Charlie Jansson 23 timer siden
Toph:ur blind Me:i have watched avatar and toph is the one who is blind.
sbasgod Dag siden
1:18 hey look its aj from the toxic takedown video
Chris Cox
Chris Cox Dag siden
I had my teammate leave on a down by 1: 2-3 at 2:44. Opponents played until 2-5 then one opponent said I was doing good and gl and left. I brought it back 6-6 OT and won the OT. I tried to friend him to let him know that his sacrifice for me wasn’t wasted but he never accepted. Still felt good. Thank you random dude!
Bonnie Bonnie
Bonnie Bonnie 2 dager siden
The hurt betty qualitatively steer because timer periodically communicate below a misty rub. strong, boorish pea
Half O burrito
Half O burrito 2 dager siden
Toph saying you're blind...
Antonio Marrazzo
Antonio Marrazzo 2 dager siden
Bro.. play 1vs 1
Lazar Markov
Lazar Markov 2 dager siden
Rage quits and mistakes arent fckin toxic
Genjifuel 2 dager siden
Outro song?
Pirachou 3 dager siden
Someone : litteraly misses one action Teammate : *and I took that personnaly*
Voidy 3 dager siden
“LMAO ur such a ballchaser idiot” true but, I WAS LITERALLY IN 1’S LIKE BRUH
Ewa Czapla
Ewa Czapla 5 dager siden
12:10 guys what is this music ?
Aslan Bjanthala
Aslan Bjanthala 5 dager siden
anyone know the song in the beginning??
Connor 5 dager siden
Sunless in his mind: tm8 u good Chat: tm8 ugood
tymekthe cebula
tymekthe cebula 6 dager siden
These vids should be 45mins long! LADS ME MORE TOXIC TO SUNLESS
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 6 dager siden
I dont like what the game has become. Especially the hispanic and russiam friends are very toxic.
Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk
Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk 6 dager siden
My brother is gc 3 and im silver 2 is it worth watching his gameplay even tough he is alot better then me
Neonflame 225
Neonflame 225 7 dager siden
Anyone know the song name at the beginning?
CALEB GUERRIER 7 dager siden
Anybody notice AJ?
Technopanda 101
Technopanda 101 7 dager siden
Exactly why I’m not toxic cause I don’t want to end up in a montage
RL Srayon
RL Srayon 7 dager siden
What was the music when it was “me vs rocket league”
Just Games
Just Games 8 dager siden
2:47 if he's gonna get 30 mins that means he's done it before...
Francesco Bellomo
Francesco Bellomo 9 dager siden
grantzimmer33 a fucking toxic, with his mistakes he blames others
Duke Mabel
Duke Mabel 9 dager siden
How can you get 100% off of free??? At that point, do you like, get money? Hell yeah I'm subbing.
308 Avenger
308 Avenger 9 dager siden
1v1’s don’t really prove anything. Solo queuing team comp matches and being able to quickly figure out everyone’s play style and quickly adapt yours to work with your teammates style. Also being able to change toxic lobbies into wholesome ones by just being positive
Akronox 9 dager siden
some toxic kids said "ff" in chat, it was 2-0 with 3 minutes left. They were going like "just ff ur bad" and stuff. My friend and I score 1 goal and they stay silent, obviously. At the 30 second mark we score the second goal, tying up the game. It was overtime, and I was really tense, I could feel my heartbeat. At this point the opposing team started trying to downplay us with quick chat. "Nice shot!" "Nice shot!" Until I flicked the ball, and both of them missed. I scored, and we won the game. They instantly left the game after I scored. And this was all done by a merc.
SamDaMan777 9 dager siden
We can all admit we’ve been the toxic person
Lava Guava
Lava Guava 9 dager siden
i came to watch the video and it was disliked for whatever reason. i dont remember this happening and it is now un-disliked.
Popularatom 9 dager siden
I love a hundred percent off free. That way it is even free -er.
a pile of exactly 16 foxes
a pile of exactly 16 foxes 10 dager siden
anybody know the name of the song at the beginning? I can’t find it in his spotify playlist
Aslan Bjanthala
Aslan Bjanthala 5 dager siden
me 2
john bhangal
john bhangal 10 dager siden
The wide-eyed burn formerly chew because scorpio collaterally dam notwithstanding a kind crow. physical, cool support
Tlarkin8832 10 dager siden
That last play is a power move lol Before he talks about his sponsor
Matthew Lidgett
Matthew Lidgett 10 dager siden
What is the song called at 3:48
seandee from the chi
seandee from the chi 10 dager siden
The only time i ever really just leave a match is if its like 0-7 and like 2 minutes left. Even still 2 minutes is a long time to try and help make a comeback.
Pop Corn
Pop Corn 10 dager siden
whats the name of the song at 3:38 thats a good song
WhiteGoodness 10 dager siden
1:52 Holy shit that was the most evil thing one can do 😂😂😂😂
Buzzto 11 dager siden
3:44 what music is that?
Marieke de Jong
Marieke de Jong 11 dager siden
Love This edits
Akemi Games
Akemi Games 11 dager siden
14:56 music ?
GD Muffin
GD Muffin 11 dager siden
Supasmurf more like supatrash
Cole Spillman
Cole Spillman 11 dager siden
Worst excuse ever: **getting beat by loads** "oh I don't even play ones" Why you playing ones then?
Steel 11 dager siden
that intro hurt to watch.
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab 12 dager siden
2:36 look at chat
DExorcist 12 dager siden
8:08 I see you unlocked from the ball for a split second to make that roll go where you needed it to. that’s such a handy play for the back pocket 🤙🏻 But say you didn’t unlock and tried that exact shot, would being locked on mess up the direction you wanted to go?
ilikecheese123 12 dager siden
Fantasy Chicken
Fantasy Chicken 12 dager siden
Me: reads the title Oh so he recorded every game. This’ll be a long video
Project Skull
Project Skull 12 dager siden
for the people who fore-fit remember you can only get good if you play with really good players it is an honor to play against good player. :D have a nice day
Florian0879 12 dager siden
The 2-3 at 0:03 i would also ff or wait till its over
cheesecake boi
cheesecake boi 12 dager siden
Mr perfect was in 2 clips one on ur team and one on the other
Megu Lag
Megu Lag 12 dager siden
When he forfeited I feel like that wasn't warranted, the guy thought they were about to lose, 3 seconds left and it was 2 - 3, so in my opinion, sunlesskhan was being toxic in that moment, not the team mate
Lucas Stup
Lucas Stup 12 dager siden
I already have the sponsor
SAGE- Dark
SAGE- Dark 12 dager siden
If tu didn’t know toph is a character from avatar the last airbender and she is blind but toph tells his teammate that he is blind lol 6:17
WEEB NATION 12 dager siden
6:14 No one messes with Levi Heichou
Vic 13 dager siden
Does anyone know the music that starts at part 9? ( 12:09 )
Mazlx 12 dager siden
Dog water
Chris360 12 dager siden
have you figured it out yet? plz let me know what it is if you did
Kirill Zhalo
Kirill Zhalo 13 dager siden
Dorian Harnett
Dorian Harnett 13 dager siden
What’s the music from 12.11-14.03
Hi I'm your friendly neighborhood Loser man
Hi I'm your friendly neighborhood Loser man 13 dager siden
Toph: Are you blind Me as an avatar fan: bruh
Horror Lad
Horror Lad 13 dager siden
Y do ppl get mad when u say retard or retarded
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson 13 dager siden
opponents when they score a 5 min overtime goal:
Jett Sheridan
Jett Sheridan 13 dager siden
I love me a good dose of 9999999999nping in the morning
Swift1 Gaming
Swift1 Gaming 13 dager siden
The song at 3:38 is All For Me by Swif7 Ur welcome :p
Faisal 17 timer siden
ily man have a good day
Swift1 Gaming
Swift1 Gaming 22 timer siden
@Elliot what
Elliot 22 timer siden
Hmm your names look similar
T_P 200
T_P 200 8 dager siden
Nathan Bouffard
Nathan Bouffard 13 dager siden
Im not proud from emil2k to be in this vid
harry piskel
harry piskel 13 dager siden
the jamie o’brien intro song is on point
End Slayer
End Slayer 13 dager siden
You know what’s funny Toph in avatar the last air bender (and Kora) is blind
Maxime Coste
Maxime Coste 14 dager siden
Mason Diggs
Mason Diggs 14 dager siden
there is no code
Machintosh 14 dager siden
I was randomly unsubscribed
Ádám 14 dager siden
alternate title: "I recorded myself being shit in the game and being confused about my teammates being toxic at me"
Shark toothz
Shark toothz 14 dager siden
Anyone notice before the intro mr.perfect was toxic and @4:41 he beats the same dude but now he isn't toxic
AlexifeuLP 14 dager siden
I clicked subscribe for the price of *F R E E*
Ryan Games
Ryan Games 14 dager siden
3:38 is a good song if anyone knows the name can you tell me?
BupDuppers 14 dager siden
Most of these aren’t toxic they’re just trash talk which is part of the game and if you don’t then you’re probably a snowflake I don’t make the rules I just spout facts. Trash talk is perfectly part of the game
Trey Trevino
Trey Trevino 14 dager siden
i come back to this gem every day
Yeah8oi 14 dager siden
And 1 yessir
Loex. 14 dager siden
Is saying lul instead of lol not just my thing.. damn
drummer boy
drummer boy 14 dager siden
To be fair there's multiple reasons he could've left due to personal/family reasons like chores or something
Best Pats Fan
Best Pats Fan 14 dager siden
KYKY 14 dager siden
3:38 does anyone know what this song is called??
Spirit__y_t 14 dager siden
Bro I used the there is no code and it worked even 7 months later
xienair_ 14 dager siden
The most original ask for subscribe i have ever seen
IgnitedIce 15 dager siden
When players what a saves me, I reply with thanks.
DerValiser 15 dager siden
07:49 Easy reason: Mom called for diner/bed. the majority of the players are certainly under 14 years old.
Reilly Todd
Reilly Todd 15 dager siden
I was playing the other day, we were losing 3 to 0 after 40 seconds, teammate left me and the new random won, 7-4 😂
Brizzy B.
Brizzy B. 15 dager siden
that was a beast move, scoring your team into overtime and then ending the game
Jaden tan
Jaden tan 15 dager siden
was I the only one that got excited when he said Captain Levi (weebs will only understand)
ZboXGD 15 dager siden
There is no code... Because There's is No GAAAAAAAME!
Max Anderson
Max Anderson 15 dager siden
I'm in plat, and in the tourny about 2 hours ago I got teammates who expected a dia or champ, and called me a bot. After both missing 3 open nets
Dunks_4_Days 15 dager siden
That and1 made me dye 😂😂😂
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares 12 dager siden
What color?
jay Rise
jay Rise 15 dager siden
i think i played against sunless in the second clip lol
Pyrorock8 15 dager siden
You should do a whole month toxic video except you are toxic back
Beans'n Øak
Beans'n Øak 16 dager siden
Whats the song at the end(numbr 9)
N3w_g4m3r 16 dager siden
Maddog: your slow be faster Me: hol up, I’ve seen this before
Martin Howard
Martin Howard 16 dager siden
The best bit was Mr.Owl whiffs 2 times, takes like 5 seconds to recover, rotates back, and refuses to save the ball. What a guy!
Gh0sty66 16 dager siden
I mean, Sunless is terrible at rocket lol
Backstreet Mage
Backstreet Mage 16 dager siden
"Have you ever seen someone get mad for taking boost" Yes. Almost every game. That is just plat and gold.
Max Anderson
Max Anderson 15 dager siden
Yeah that's pretty true lmao
CoolboyChr1s 16 dager siden
I just had a game in ranks were we were down by 2 and still had 3 mins left. Teammate tried for the ff and I declined it and I won the game. The kids now a days are way to rage quit happy...
* Canbeattheprit *
* Canbeattheprit * 16 dager siden
What's the song that he played when he was talking about the subscribe button?
Jeremy Winters
Jeremy Winters 16 dager siden
One time I was playing and it was 5-3 my team was winning my teammate was toxic since the start I had enough I bumped him 2 times they won the game we made sure to what a save him
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