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An attack from Roglic’s Jumbo-Visma team-mate Sepp Kuss inside the final five kilometres made a decisive split, with the likes of Carapaz, Dan Martin and Hugh Carthy following but Tom Dumoulin and Alejandro Valverde among those left behind.
After they crested the climb EF Education First’s Carthy struck out for glory on the short descent to the finish but could not distance his rivals and it was Roglic that made the winning move as they passed under the flamme rouge.
“It’s nice to win,” Roglic said. “I’m really happy. The team showed again that they’re all really strong. They worked perfectly through the whole stage and in the end I was able to win so it’s a beautiful start.
“It’s a strange season so I’ll just enjoy the leader’s jersey, starting from tomorrow, and the fact that we’re racing, hopefully it will be fun to watch at home.”
With bonus seconds applied, Roglic takes a five-second lead over Carapaz and Martin third, a further two seconds back, while Carthy sits seventh with a 14-second deficit.
Enric Mas and Esteban Chaves also kept themselves in contention, 11 seconds down in the general classification.
But Dumoulin and Valverde are already a minute down while the likes of Thibaut Pinot and Aleksandr Vlasov suffered even greater deficits.
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Allan Måned siden
Doumulan is finished with the sport I'd say.
adredy adredy
adredy adredy Måned siden
where is sound :/
Duke of Istria
Duke of Istria Måned siden
Why would you be surprised? He is a vegan
yohansen79 Måned siden
So *bloody* insightful ! I subscribed 🔔
NB protocol
NB protocol Måned siden
If Froome didn't have a supersized ego he would have retired after that dumb crash that was his fault.
dr Måned siden
great analysis
MarathonMan Måned siden
Show the FroomeDog some respect
MarathonMan Måned siden
@Stefan Kucera lol like he is the only one
Stefan Kucera
Stefan Kucera Måned siden
no to dopper
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt Måned siden
Carapaz will win
santiagobenites Måned siden
Thank you once again another fantastic race analysis. You never fail to pick up on and highlight those small and detailed moments of the race that make the difference, and I never fail to be impressed. Cheers!
Bert Delf
Bert Delf Måned siden
anyone but ineos
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma Måned siden
thing is roglic folded last year on mortirolo and agliru is same if not worse. if he can get unharmed through angliru, red is his
Felix Newstead
Felix Newstead Måned siden
Awesome analysis - thanks ITV and LR!
Nefas1986 Måned siden
Whoever is managing this channel should make this a thing, LR analysis of cycling races that is. I bet it’s gonna show in the channel numbers while delivering the best at doing this kind of stuff to us watching Great job!
Dave Samsung
Dave Samsung Måned siden
Ok, Froome's pre-race numbers may well have been good but being race fit is another story. I don't think there was ever a possibility of him being a serious contender.
Sunbather Måned siden
Awww yeah its Lantern a España time
epincion Måned siden
Excellent analysis. Pity you could not do this (Commentary along with video footage) every day.
Bill Brand
Bill Brand Måned siden
Best cycling commentary in English bar NONE - this guy knows his stuff and is so articulate, eloquent, and concise.
ajollygoodthing Måned siden
Quite agree with comment below...coverage of the giro is TERRIBLE. Rob Hatch is the worst commentator EVER !! Here the commentary is intelligible, informative, unhurried and grown up. Eurosport must be so embarrassed about how they have covered the giro.
Chris Ko
Chris Ko Måned siden
It's hard getting used to watch an LR analysis when the footage isn't 144p.
Chris Ko
Chris Ko Måned siden
Podcast is great, if you haven't already, check it out. Great overviews, analysis and some speculation, banter and laughter.
Jason Riley
Jason Riley Måned siden
Get'em Sepp!
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille Måned siden
Inject this content into my veins yes plz
Ryan Måned siden
Froome will come back in the 3rd week
Jack B
Jack B Måned siden
Definitely not he's finished
Stopcrazydance Måned siden
LMFAO!!!! Love it!
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ Måned siden
Nice analysis. 👍
Wargey Måned siden
Is this a symbol that Ineos are going to go aggressive they know froome isn’t fit enough to race for GC are they maybe going to throw froome up the road and force JV to chase the race because if ineos can then leapfrog to froome that could be a really strong 2 up TT
Sashimi Tuga
Sashimi Tuga Måned siden
Can we just notice that Lanterne Rouge managed to plug his own podcast. What a madlad !
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman Måned siden
Well spoken as always LR
roonie laconsay
roonie laconsay Måned siden
Did Froome back in Ineos?
Andrethetiny Måned siden
Fantastic analysis
farrier53 Måned siden
Awesome breakdown of this stage, in my opinion, the best on the net! Keep'em comin. Röglic, one smart rider!
Michael Zimmermann
Michael Zimmermann Måned siden
Why is Ineos choosing Carapaz over Bernal?
Biker Boy
Biker Boy Måned siden
Cause bernal showed that he wasn't ready for it during this years tour
Jacob Kilby
Jacob Kilby Måned siden
Wonder if Froome will go into a similar role to Pavel Sivakov/Carapaz role at the Tour staying low and quiet in the first two weeks and then start to infiltrate breaks in the 3rd week
Wargey Måned siden
Yea he’s going to make it look like he’s riding a training ride out of fitness and will attempt to get up the road as a springboard
Gaulois Refractaire
Gaulois Refractaire Måned siden
Lucky for IGD Carapaz joined their team in 2020. Other GC contenders were disappointing. If he can hang on with the Top 5 thru the first 2 weeks, then who knows. Kuss looks really impressive. Clearly a new generation of leaders have booted out the old dogs in their 30s. Ouch!
Surreal Gamer
Surreal Gamer Måned siden
@Slahudeen Hussain No point arguing with this dickhead , These trolls will never learn
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Måned siden
@Simon Rano your logic sucks , if Ineos have always been about british riders to win GT no matter what , then why did Bernal win the tour last year? , Why wasn't he working for Thomas? Why were they both co leaders and not Thomas as the sole leader? Why didn't Thomas and Froome take drugs so they could compete and win the tour this year?
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Måned siden
@Simon Rano the brits have always been the best in rowing and the brownlees carried the brits to their triathlon results as did farah in distance running all of these guys havent failed a doping test once
Simon Rano
Simon Rano Måned siden
​@Slahudeen Hussain Sure, that is why an average European country had the best results ever in VO2 max based sports the same year. Road and track cycling, rowing, triathlon and 5000/10000 km runnin. Even during the spanish blood doping programm they didn't get 3 GT with 3 spanish riders the same year... It is so outreageous. Not mentionning the fact that all this happend while both UCI and IAAF where ruled by British people...
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Måned siden
@Simon Rano when did yates say that?
Carl Reyes
Carl Reyes Måned siden
Roids is outdated
roadracer1584 Måned siden
More blather. You're basically telling us what we can see for ourselves.
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie Måned siden
Maybe next video an analysis of what's up your arse is in order?
TTate Måned siden
Roglic still has the potential to break in the third week, but Jumbo's strategy is impeccable this time. They clearly learned from their mistake at the tour which is great to see
Pitt Viper
Pitt Viper Måned siden
LR , Where's the mullet gone? Glad your back!
Adam West
Adam West Måned siden
You could really learn a thing or two from the official giro broadcaster NOpost highlights. This has way too much actual race footage and analysis. We don’t want to see it. You didn’t even have a close up of what shoes Roglic was wearing.
Ray Cathode
Ray Cathode Måned siden
@Chris Ko read the last sentence and ponder whether its a legit concern
Chris Ko
Chris Ko Måned siden
@Adam West I think he just wanted to take it to the next level. And YOU didn't get it ;-)
Adam West
Adam West Måned siden
@Nathaniel Longmir someone’s obviously never watched the atrocious giro highlights lol.
OhhBummer Måned siden
*sarcasm warning*, for all those oblivious out there 😂😂
will dunnett
will dunnett Måned siden
Eugenijus S.
Eugenijus S. Måned siden
Very good review, always enjoy the analysis of the riders strategies. Thanks Lanterne Rouge.
Raphael Tiziani
Raphael Tiziani Måned siden
Really hope that Roglic can take at least the Vuelta. Feeling still sad for him because of the Tour.
Pushkar Kulkarni
Pushkar Kulkarni Måned siden
Roglic wins red, Carapaz & Kuss on the podium.
Slahudeen Hussain
Slahudeen Hussain Måned siden
* Carapaz and Martin
Glen Måned siden
Really hard to watch Froome suffering like this
Andrew Forrester
Andrew Forrester Måned siden
There you go then !
Duke of Istria
Duke of Istria Måned siden
@Glen yes
Glen Måned siden
@Duke of Istria Really?
Duke of Istria
Duke of Istria Måned siden
Its his own fault. He went vegan
The Terminator
The Terminator Måned siden
Today was much better👍
thats numberwang
thats numberwang Måned siden
Gonna be pretty hard for carapaz
Stradri Måned siden
God's back
Steve Cullum
Steve Cullum Måned siden
Man - you are prolific Roglic untouchable I think with Kuss in support.....
Nimanzer Måned siden
That's all people were saying during the Tour as well, and look how that turned out...
Ray Cathode
Ray Cathode Måned siden
seemed like that at la tour though