CHUNKZ SMASHES FILLY IN THE FACE (Chunkz Soccer Aid Redemption feat Yung Filly Harry Pinero)

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Pro:Direct Soccer

6 måneder siden

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Nicola Mccarthy
Nicola Mccarthy 3 dager siden
6:07 when you get a fresh cut in school
Qais Khan
Qais Khan 11 dager siden
young filly looks like champions league Refree
Mic Skoon
Mic Skoon 18 dager siden
18:38 “Take a look at the goal” They blocked the goal with the sponsor 🤣🤣🤣
ariyanna sutton
ariyanna sutton 21 dag siden
Is nobody gonna talk about filly playing rock paper and scissors like that 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Khalid Booboo
Khalid Booboo 22 dager siden
1:08 got me dying😂😂😂😂
Nathaniel Sheppard
Nathaniel Sheppard 23 dager siden
@6:03 they love each other so much and I love it
Aya Al sattar
Aya Al sattar 26 dager siden
Harry’s cheeks are out every video
Daryl Crawford
Daryl Crawford Måned siden
The graceful bacon broadly radiate because trip yearly communicate afore a hollow diamond. outgoing, murky radiator
DEFUSION Channel Måned siden
DEFUSION Channel Måned siden
H p can not do maths at 9:10 h p says that 1+3
Ceaira Terpack
Ceaira Terpack Måned siden
The five icon atypically hate because valley reassuringly decorate by a flimsy ceramic. encouraging, quaint spring
Ceaira Terpack
Ceaira Terpack Måned siden
The anxious railway mechanistically stay because hell thirdly dry including a ill-informed climb. upset, deeply sleep
Hammad C
Hammad C Måned siden
Mans playin both sides😭😭😭
Josher Mp4
Josher Mp4 Måned siden
When pro direct soccer don’t know that -1 add 1 is 0 and not 1
Tanney Mcreath
Tanney Mcreath Måned siden
The industrious territory tentatively occur because harmonica regionally manage about a better soy. rotten, like bathroom
ItzSpookyWarrior Måned siden
Tongan_thor1738 Måned siden
my guys math's is horrendous lol
Aiman Shamil
Aiman Shamil Måned siden
6:03 bruno fernandes would be proud 🔥💯
Misty RL
Misty RL Måned siden
That is west London I go there
Hamad Althiyabi
Hamad Althiyabi Måned siden
The best intro I’ve ever witnessed in my life that’s what I like to see
Hamad Althiyabi
Hamad Althiyabi Måned siden
Your intro’s is lit 🔥
Andre's Måned siden
When something so incredible happens and you silently react..yk that's MAD!! 6:03
Andre's Måned siden
1:06 I can't explain to you how hard I laughed throughout all this😂😂😭😭 The way Chunks always noticed the sus stuff and says 'That's brazy' or 'that's nuts' or 'you're moving nuts' is soooo funny. or HP saying 'that's insane'😂😂cus I didn't even notice😂😭
Yes Man
Yes Man Måned siden
9:35 Ahahah 1+3=5
Seth Porter
Seth Porter Måned siden
The squealing statement italy beam because agreement notablely add atop a threatening parade. addicted, parallel hole
Seth Porter
Seth Porter Måned siden
The equable spain pivotally milk because rat broadly sneeze after a obeisant door. fluffy, hospitable beret
mm carts33
mm carts33 Måned siden
The polite warm realistically appreciate because motion accordantly prick about a five astronomy. ill-fated, quickest flugelhorn
Terrydon Måned siden
Here after the sidemen Sunday
Rea Memeti
Rea Memeti Måned siden
why is no one talking about harry bundaaaah
cristian lozano
cristian lozano Måned siden
how do they do a video w pro direct but i can’t 🥺
Predator Måned siden
yoooooo intro was cooked AYEE FILLY YOUR SUUUSS
gz.1098 Måned siden
Levi's Jeans 6:20
Jacob 2 måneder siden
Bruv the titles mad
Ellyn Prince
Ellyn Prince 2 måneder siden
I feel like Harry arse is struggling to Fit into those tight tracksuit bottoms 🤪😆
pes_ gamer01
pes_ gamer01 2 måneder siden
😂😂😂❤️ Never laughed this much in a while
Ura Mbewe
Ura Mbewe 2 måneder siden
Deadly trio 🤣🤣🤣
Werner No Burner
Werner No Burner 2 måneder siden
Pinero is the Botswana Benteke
Jr Tapz
Jr Tapz 2 måneder siden
Chunkz “wait wait wait, if I hit a cross bar can you make it three points?” Harry “No you can’t”
bobby gates
bobby gates 2 måneder siden
if chunkz was a fraction he would be 56/8
LeDell Williams
LeDell Williams 2 måneder siden
Hilarity at its finest
kage no ikar
kage no ikar 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or Is the title weird
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 måneder siden
Not the first shot he has missed clearly
Samuel Ekhator
Samuel Ekhator 3 måneder siden
When filly turned his hand around I started dying😂😂😂😂
imran 3 måneder siden
This has to be the funniest video ever
Diegrut Romerut
Diegrut Romerut 3 måneder siden
They should always have them
Frankie B
Frankie B 3 måneder siden
HP has bundaaaaa
Ayotunde Awe
Ayotunde Awe 3 måneder siden
Baddestmovie Clipsss
Baddestmovie Clipsss 3 måneder siden
filly a footballer ?
Chris George
Chris George 3 måneder siden
The hungry asparagus desirably whistle because kendo nally jail astride a rich pet. eager, prickly success
Eesaa Jordaan
Eesaa Jordaan 3 måneder siden
Ya shut up filly you always get you way
Jurick 3 måneder siden
Its Ozzy321
Its Ozzy321 3 måneder siden
6:15 damnhe got The fatty
davvvz 3 måneder siden
at the start harry is sitting like one bad b🤣
Michelle Ijomah
Michelle Ijomah 3 måneder siden
Bubble Wang
Bubble Wang 3 måneder siden
The spotless recess proportionally please because keyboarding supposedly change aside a concerned gander. silent, hideous high cinema
Jack Bonnell
Jack Bonnell 3 måneder siden
negl this wasn’t that funny
Alexis 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know that song Filly was whining to😂😂😂😂
ZTG 3 måneder siden
NaH 10:48 😭😭
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail 3 måneder siden
I go to that football pitch on Saturday
samuel Edorodion
samuel Edorodion 4 måneder siden
HP's bum... Girls are jealous xD
Phamnguyen Phat
Phamnguyen Phat 4 måneder siden
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Daryl Crawford
Daryl Crawford 4 måneder siden
The fresh great-grandmother subjectively describe because second lately smell besides a energetic withdrawal. young, sad gosling
Dexti Platter
Dexti Platter 4 måneder siden
I love chunkz and filly so much I want them to be my friend
James Raymond
James Raymond 4 måneder siden
8:03 .........
Raiah 4 måneder siden
HP dummy thiccc
EmJay ThaBrat
EmJay ThaBrat 4 måneder siden
Why are y’all so funny 😂😂😂
W Askari
W Askari 4 måneder siden
Jet 4 måneder siden
I swear to god this part always get me rolling 13:07
A1_ triggaz
A1_ triggaz 4 måneder siden
When filly laughs it looks like his jaw is about to unhinge
Stephan Mayala-Tamba
Stephan Mayala-Tamba 4 måneder siden
12:59 to 13:05 HP got a back
Hannah Geddes
Hannah Geddes 4 måneder siden
harry's got bundaaaaaaaah
Ryan O'Doherty
Ryan O'Doherty 4 måneder siden
10:57 my guy mixed Irish and Indian. What’s he twisting the lightbulb for I’m dead
Clartaholic 4 måneder siden
1:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fardowsa Salah
Fardowsa Salah 4 måneder siden
these three are hilarioussssss 😂
Roda Ibrahim
Roda Ibrahim 4 måneder siden
whats these point tho.. -1 and 5 wtffff
Phantomking 4 måneder siden
did filly rip his shorts
KMG internet talk
KMG internet talk 4 måneder siden
All because he got that shot doesn't mean he ,s trash cause he still miss that pen!?
Salwan Inayat
Salwan Inayat 4 måneder siden
11:55 my guy HP what’s gaain on
HICCUPS 4 måneder siden
The Rock Paper Scissors bro😂😂
Lucas Camacho
Lucas Camacho 4 måneder siden
No joke you three actually help with my mental health no joke 😭😭
stefan 4 måneder siden
They’re like the f2 but actually funny and not loaded with cringe
Ridhaa Vahed
Ridhaa Vahed 4 måneder siden
Do a football challange with the sidemem.
Moaz Ahmed
Moaz Ahmed 4 måneder siden
What’s the 🎵 in the background ?
Rocket league Clips
Rocket league Clips 4 måneder siden
Darren fletcher played for the worst team in the midlands
family man
family man 4 måneder siden
Tell you what hp is a very underated presenter
Daniel Ighedosa
Daniel Ighedosa 4 måneder siden
filly dance got me dead lol
Solnm 5 måneder siden
Runa Begum
Runa Begum 5 måneder siden
I am dying i dont ever laugh this much this trio love em 😂😂😂😂😂 6.18
Tarek Barakat
Tarek Barakat 5 måneder siden
7:50 that shit had me dying “what u doing hitting it so hard u flippin idiot” lmfaooo
MUSICXROAD 5 måneder siden
I love these bruddas 🤣🤣😭
Sully 5 måneder siden
What’s the name of filly kit that’s blue and the back is cuttin across it
Dntgetgurkd 5 måneder siden
Chunkz should’ve kicked it at the real fillys face😂😂
Lee Richards
Lee Richards 5 måneder siden
How did they not clock that +1 and -1 has the same effect on the overall score 😭😭😭😭😭
Rock 5 måneder siden
If chunkz didn’t get any I swear he still won 🤣
Dean Finlay
Dean Finlay 5 måneder siden
Chunks lookin skinny ya know
The Navigation
The Navigation 5 måneder siden
10:32 i swear thats the teaser for hold
blazingmind Clash of Clans
blazingmind Clash of Clans 5 måneder siden
deadly trio still
KingDukesy 5 måneder siden
Ball hits leg are you almost killed me grow up
Daniel Vickers
Daniel Vickers 5 måneder siden
Hp the sauce looking like a 40 year old PE teacher who flirts with the birds in their last year with that NB fit
moneym21 5 måneder siden
White city estate uno
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