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People often ask Doug DeMuro which cars I most want to review. Today I'm going to go over the 13 cars I most wish to review, and I'll explain which cars I am especially excited to review. I'm also going to explain why I want to review each of these cars.
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Fredrik Byström
Fredrik Byström 47 minutter siden
14:00 The Columbus actually looks awesome. It's like a yacht but it's a car.
Nightstalker314 Time siden
How many of these cars have been in the early Need for Speed games?
Matthieu Cleijne
Matthieu Cleijne 5 timer siden
I owned both the Multipla and the Avantime. Multipla's visibility is like nothing else, (both from inside looking out and looking at it). it corners better than you'd expect and the dashboard is one of the ugliest you've ever seen. It has a lot of room for its dimensions. The Avantime (time is pronounced English, not French) is super comfortable in every way. And it feels very spacious because it is glass everywhere. In both cars people with the same car wave at you. "Hi there crazy fellow!"
Dhamotharan Kumaran
Dhamotharan Kumaran 6 timer siden
There is a Maserati MC12 in Malaysia, at Naza World in permanent display
PETER ZARI 6 timer siden
What about the Presidential Beast (although I seriously doubt you would be allowed to do so.)
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty 17 timer siden
No 72 pinto on the list? I call shenanigans
Longterm Car Media - Best Choice For You
Longterm Car Media - Best Choice For You Dag siden
Blackwood 👍
BubblePuppy Dag siden
Doug, have you considered getting out of your pajamas and putting on proper cloths for your reviews?
YBODiver 1409
YBODiver 1409 Dag siden
In the UK Fiat multiplas are the average granny car which they think look “cute”
AP Poland
AP Poland Dag siden
The mega cruiser is hilarious you need to find that And that dominator, that’s sick
H S Dag siden
he doesnt deserve to review the eb10 or the Brunei cars
Subhadip chowdhury
Subhadip chowdhury 2 dager siden
5:57 doug said "the hate is gonna come in" no daddy doug.....the hate is never gonna come in..... we love you and always will...
LaserChair 2 dager siden
Doug. Hungary. Hungary Doug.
dudu999 2 dager siden
I think Doug himself is the only one who wants to see him review Mercedes G50 landaulet
Mr. Meaner
Mr. Meaner 2 dager siden
I was expecting the Lincoln futura and 59 stingray vett concept cars
Thomas E
Thomas E 3 dager siden
The AvanTime is dope!
blame stormer
blame stormer 3 dager siden
Check out for a NSU RO80. Was the car of the year in Europe in 1969 and is basically the first "modern" shaped Audi
blame stormer
blame stormer 3 dager siden
For the landaulet just ask the pope 🤣
TexanTube 3 dager siden
My family owned and daily drove a 91 Dodge Grand Caravan. It had some engine problems when we got it, like it would do this weird jerking thing when you drove in rain. But despite that, that SOB would just keep going. It was a little on the ugly side, but we had to so long and it was so reliable that once we sold it to a scrapper, I cried. It felt like part of the family. It was a weird gray-ish blue base wrapped with fake wood trim from the front to the back bumper.
K-Man Sports
K-Man Sports 4 dager siden
17:04 "I would kill" Finally all pieces come together :D @LessDougDeMuro if you need a good line for your videos and you accidentally missed this one out: you're welcome. 18:23 Doug's wife be like: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
Joe Zwei
Joe Zwei 4 dager siden
Hey doug: dont forget the 2005 - 2009 peugeot 1007 with the sliding door ;D
rod22lt 4 dager siden
For to see ip one of the GM dream bus from the ‘50’s
Spider Jerusalem
Spider Jerusalem 4 dager siden
Doug´s favs: -90s Concept Cars. -90s Super Cars. -Minivans. -90s Concept Super Minivans.
sarajevo83 4 dager siden
No Rimac on the list??
sam001125 5 dager siden
I never expected to see sangyong
ISPOD ISTINE 6 dager siden
Renault Avantime is not UGLY Doug is different and with Huge Design Ideas...and the Value is slowly rising up here in Europe.
Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange
Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange 3 dager siden
That's one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen.
Dustin 6 dager siden
Ford GT90 is in a museum according to Google
Quickfragger 6 dager siden
Surprised BMW Nazca C2 or M12 isn't on your list as far as concept cars go. Unless you have actually reviewed them.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 6 dager siden
Italdesign Columbus needs to be in Forza Horizon
Etienne Peyre
Etienne Peyre 6 dager siden
There is actually a French NOpost channel called Vilebrequin who is making a very very special Fiat Multipla which will have 1000 hp. Yes. 1000hp. You're gonna ask why ? Because.
Miha Kopusar
Miha Kopusar 6 dager siden
Renault Twingo is a europe cult legend
Jackson Piazza
Jackson Piazza 6 dager siden
Who agrees for the 4 million subs he should review his first car
watchingitallhere 6 dager siden
I hope you can review the Vector M12..very cool.
Stable Genius
Stable Genius 6 dager siden
I would also travel to Brunei of all places to review those cars but there's one massive elephant in the room, he's a brutal dictator who has built a cult of personality around himself Not a cool dude, I definitely wouldn't go out for a nice coffee with him if I had the chance
Draklorm 7 dager siden
I used to have a Multipla made in 1999, one of the first ones imported to Hungary in fact. They are not the most beautiful, i freely admit, but it is the single greatest family car ever made. Both the diesel and the petrol engine, is really well built and practically bulletproof. Mine went over 200000 miles with minimal service before i had to do anything major to it, and that was only because i forgot to change oil for three years :D The two rows of three separate seats are spaceous and amazing for roadtrips. And the back row not just folds down, they can be taken out completely. Insanely practical, insanely reliable. The best car i ever owned, period.
Eanna McNamara
Eanna McNamara 7 dager siden
Doug you should really see if you can find a Renault twizzy to review. Its an oddity to say the least.
Harshit Tiwary
Harshit Tiwary 7 dager siden
14:50 747 of minivans
Jack Convex
Jack Convex 7 dager siden
Here in australia those ugly ssangyongs are everywhere still
Regular Pat
Regular Pat 7 dager siden
Was hoping to see the Isdera Commendatore 112i on the list. Gullwing doors, same v12 as the zonda, first car with an active airbrake, periscope rear mirror insead of side mirrors, etc.
LeCoureurDesBois 7 dager siden
I want him to review MR2s
Michael Vedda
Michael Vedda 7 dager siden
300zx Like if you agree
Andrew O'Neil
Andrew O'Neil 8 dager siden
Doug Demuro Grand Tour but instead of going to Switzerland or Dubai to use a Porsche 918 he goes to Hungary to review the Fiat "ugliest minivan of all time" Multipla.
Zubr Bydle
Zubr Bydle 8 dager siden
hahahahahahhahahahahahha Multipla ultimate source of jokes in Poland There is a youtube guy who owns Avantime and Multipla -> "Moto doradca" (but in Poland :-)). (
Luca Capuozzo
Luca Capuozzo 9 dager siden
Fun(sad) fact: the Italian advertising for the Multipla, was starring Michael Schumacher
Liam 9 dager siden
I’ve seen a lot of those concept cars in a concept car book I had as a kid in the early 2000s :)
Diogo Laroca
Diogo Laroca 9 dager siden
in the petersons museum there is a darkblue only MC12
pu muckl
pu muckl 10 dager siden
Don't come to Hungary.
pu muckl
pu muckl 10 dager siden
What about the Audi A2?
sva60_ cyyz
sva60_ cyyz 10 dager siden
Where is the Coda? Literally doomed from day one!
Giobatta Perosa
Giobatta Perosa 10 dager siden
I’ll update this list as Doug gets to review these cars. 13. Lincoln Blackwood ✅ 12. SsangYong Rodius 11. FIAT Multipla 10. 1st Gen. Chrysler Minivan 9. Renault Avantime 8. Vector M12 7. Toyota Mega Cruiser 6. Bugatti EB 110 5. Maserati MC12 4. Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet 3. Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR 2. A Concept Car 1. A Sultan of Brunei’s One-off
Noah Pehowic
Noah Pehowic 10 dager siden
He was able to review the Blackwood and can check that off his list! The viewer prolly saw this video
It is OG
It is OG 10 dager siden
What about Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 2013 ?
WhiteTree 10 dager siden
6:14 We have shitloads of those where I'm from. They're fucking terrible and retarded. Don't know why would anyone buy one
Saif Salim
Saif Salim 11 dager siden
Review Audi 2021 sq8 please
Michael Degani
Michael Degani 13 dager siden
Oh I noticed from your other video that the blue car is your Ford GT.
Michael Degani
Michael Degani 13 dager siden
What is this beautiful car behind you Doug? It looks gorgeous. Please let me know or show it on one of your shows.
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore 13 dager siden
Didn't take long for the blackwood
Andres Ramirez
Andres Ramirez 13 dager siden
Travel to South America, Colombia and I can get you some Renault cars to drive. I have a Renault twingo, and I am friends with people of the local Renault dealership. My parents are about to buy a Citroen c4, but they haven't decided yet. Probably you will never reply back, but at least I tried
52 Shades of Spades
52 Shades of Spades 13 dager siden
Guys don't waste your time watching this, all you need to know any shitty designed car NOT DESIAREABLE OR something which we would buy after watching the review, is the car that doug will review since he will make as much fun as he wants and he can sleep with satisfaction at night.
Rogerztheurbanlegend 13 dager siden
The Multipla looks like a normal minivan that someone partially deflated.
The Rascal King
The Rascal King 14 dager siden
The Renault avantime is an odd beauty. You want to hate it for what it is, but end out loving it for what it is able to accomplish. First time I saw one, I thought it was a megane "xl" version
flyingfiddler 15 dager siden
#13 done, lol...
MR. Kildal
MR. Kildal 15 dager siden
There was alot of rodius's in norway. I always think its a poormans mercedes R-class
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson 15 dager siden
some of those cars i haven't even heard of!!! But would be cool
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson 15 dager siden
13:43 That looks cool az
Luiz Fernando Abdala
Luiz Fernando Abdala 16 dager siden
17:18 Jaw drop alert: a Ferrari shooting brake! The Sultan of Brunei is a madman.
Luiz Fernando Abdala
Luiz Fernando Abdala 16 dager siden
I had to pay for gas in a Twingo one time. A cheap-ass friend would take us four to a college research about instruments used in fluids Industry. He was so cheap and broken that if I knew we would be cramped in the back of that thing for 3 hours, I would have gone with my own car. The car door is pratically the entire side of the car, to be honest. Let me say that again: 4 large dudes. In a twingo. At least the gas was cheap.
Jay Garrett
Jay Garrett 16 dager siden
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Petit Juhlin 16 dager siden
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Matt 16 dager siden
guys whats the color of the Bimmer he's filming with in the cars and bids plug? that beauuutiful green?
Maxim Avstriyskiy
Maxim Avstriyskiy 16 dager siden
Seen Maybach Landaulet 2 years ago and was shocked what a bizarre thing it is.
Ian Pleasant
Ian Pleasant 17 dager siden
I have a Blackwood. It’s not a bad truck.. you can review it if you’re in the Detroit area
David Dispenser
David Dispenser 16 dager siden
He did the review already
Rasmus Lauri
Rasmus Lauri 17 dager siden
What about Ford Skyranger?
jason miller
jason miller 17 dager siden
Increíble how hard earned American cash and technology trickled down into buying the Sultan of Brunei one off super cars. Ahhh, dinosaur juice and the luck of being born atop of this commodity. Basically our way of living enriches people with absolutely no limit to spending on luxury items. Something is definitely wrong with us.
Blake McConnell
Blake McConnell 17 dager siden
@autovlogs has a buddy with the MC12
eddlemon1962 17 dager siden
The Columbus reminds me of the old bubble top Monorails at Disneyland back in the day
Matheus Gomes
Matheus Gomes 17 dager siden
There’s nothing i look forward to more than Doug reviewing the G650 maybach. Ask Drake if u can review his in Calabasas😭
Bad Max
Bad Max 17 dager siden
NemzetkoziPank 17 dager siden
Come to Hungary and meet @karotta!
diego30s 17 dager siden
I genuinely thought the pope car from the thumbnail would be on the list edit: popemobile
Anish Kumar Mohanta
Anish Kumar Mohanta 17 dager siden
The last car is a yacht
Johan Does
Johan Does 18 dager siden
You obviously have played Need For Speed II as well :-). Ford Indigo and F90. Classic
Johan Does
Johan Does 18 dager siden
I would love to see an episode about Dougs taste in women. Given his fetish for bizare designs...could be fun to watch.
andreiradu1945 18 dager siden
Number 1 is worthy of first place.
દოદરડתס 18 dager siden
Renault zoe's are cool!
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 18 dager siden
You should review a Karmann Ghia🤩🤩💯💯
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 18 dager siden
Nice Inglorious Bastards reference when you said “number three” with a hand sign, I immediately knew you were talking about a german car when you made the hand sign😂😂😂 If it wasn’t a reference then I just made a weird connection😂🤷🏻‍♂️
LAMONT WATERS 18 dager siden
If you wanna review those cars just ask Jay Leno to borrow them.
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 18 dager siden
Doug's list has a lot of "quirks and features"!
nomadcowatbk 18 dager siden
find a Chevy Venture Warner Bros edition, and see if it will play Roger & Me
Toxis 18 dager siden
italdesign scighera
David Pistek
David Pistek 19 dager siden
Big car channel has alot of stores on weird French cars fiat multipla is one
BestHotboi NA
BestHotboi NA 19 dager siden
My friend had a turbo Chrysler minivan, but burned up in a storage fire in Illinois last year along with other rare cool cars.
Jasmin Topcic
Jasmin Topcic 19 dager siden
imagine driving ferrari sedan ❣️❣️❣️
RauchenFetzt 19 dager siden
bro you have to come to germany because of our ugly and quirky cars that are not german :D
Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba 19 dager siden
Thanks for your efforts.. 👍✨👍✨👍✨👍✨✨✨👍✨
LegoChickenGuy 19 dager siden
Japan doesn't technically have a military they just have a small defense force
David Levin
David Levin 19 dager siden
Hey Doug! We had a first year Dodge minivan. We would take it to Fluky’s Hot Dog place in Chicago where all the hot rods and muscle cars went on Fridays and Saturday nights and back it into a spot, pop the hood and slide open the side door and show the interior with half eaten McDonalds ham burger set al for all the world to see! Totally embarrass my 3 kids and have a gas walking around! I’d watch guys come up and look under the hood to try to figure out what was going on! Mire fun than you could shake a stick at! Love your videos! Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life!
Sam Milbauer
Sam Milbauer 19 dager siden
I would love to see the review of an Alfa Romeo Bat car, speaking of concepts lol
Matt Schmude
Matt Schmude 19 dager siden
There’s some quirky cars Doug needs to add to the list: 1. Tucker Torpedo 2. Golf Harlequin 3. GM EV1 (there’s a few running examples) 4. Subaru XT 5. Chrysler TC by Maserati 6. 1st generation Saturn S series 7. Saab 9-3 Viggen I know he doesn’t like to review older cars but the Tucker is so quirky and rare he should make an exception.
GreatBallsSick 19 dager siden
there si a guy in the Czech Republic named Richard Chlad, he has MC12 and a LOT other cars. I bet he will love to have it tested
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