Top 10 SECRET Among Us Tips & Tricks

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Top 10 SECRET Among Us Tips & Tricks
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Chaya Wolf
Chaya Wolf 20 timer siden
For number 3 I was once the imposter and there was no card swipe and pink saw me and I was voted out 😒
Jaundre Fouche
Jaundre Fouche Dag siden
It doesn't work
Noob1234 Ackerman
Noob1234 Ackerman Dag siden
I liked video but I didn’t get imposter
Lindy Stanger
Lindy Stanger 2 dager siden
I fake tasks when savatjin
Hyper Driver
Hyper Driver 2 dager siden
I would try the hiding in FORNT of a camera start but I know that people outdo just think I[m acting sus by dancing in FORNT of the camera and then I’d get ejected That’s my hypothesis and that’s why I would love to do that start but here are too many cons in it in public Obie’s AND private lobbies
# sus
# sus 2 dager siden
It's all a lie but it's OK tho
Luke Young
Luke Young 2 dager siden
or as crewmate
Luke Young
Luke Young 2 dager siden
the mira out of map glich dosnt work as imp
Darrell Mcguire
Darrell Mcguire 2 dager siden
I liked and subbed the vid so I can be imposter for my full life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
liliana toro
liliana toro 3 dager siden
Post another vid
Hi was not
Hi was not 3 dager siden
#8 is fake. This glitch has been patched.
Wild Owl
Wild Owl 3 dager siden
Reactor trick don’t work
Anam 3 dager siden
i new number 10 a long time ago why is it that i discover the tricks and only like 3 months later people start posting about it
Aaran McMahon
Aaran McMahon 3 dager siden
If it was a secret, why did you share it, not a secret any more
Lisa Conard
Lisa Conard 3 dager siden
UoU Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lisa Conard
Lisa Conard 3 dager siden
OUO happy face OUO
Alta Jane
Alta Jane 4 dager siden
'08:14' 🤣 I've always got mine from *D A D Y A P P . C O M* 📲
olika rosan
olika rosan 4 dager siden
'08:84' 🤔 I prefer to use *D A D Y A P P . C O M* !! ✏️
Theodor Elmelund Kristensen
Theodor Elmelund Kristensen 4 dager siden
Ethan :D
Ethan :D 4 dager siden
3:01 dude, thats not a trick its normal
Vaeheirani Parker
Vaeheirani Parker 4 dager siden
Hey where’s our free cookie
G Garner
G Garner 4 dager siden
you scammer >:(
G Garner
G Garner 4 dager siden
That’s a lie >:(
Maya De Gracia
Maya De Gracia 4 dager siden
i'v been imposter 15 times in a row easy turn on the imposter mode
Pars Khiangte
Pars Khiangte 4 dager siden
Hope true
Arshia AGGARWAL 5 dager siden
Why People who play amoung us on computer,they disable the joystick i don't understand why Cz i always play on phone 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔?!
768sparklanshine Fruijb
768sparklanshine Fruijb 5 dager siden
Samuel Gartner mac
Samuel Gartner mac 5 dager siden
Well Happy Band
Well Happy Band 5 dager siden
i already now that trip on number 9
Ruby Rodriguez
Ruby Rodriguez 6 dager siden
This doesn’t work
marky077 Richmond
marky077 Richmond 6 dager siden
Liar iv tried it for my self
John Shaffer
John Shaffer 6 dager siden
Dude half these glitches don’t work any more
Tamryn Thomas
Tamryn Thomas 6 dager siden
Bri Asay
Bri Asay 7 dager siden
Why did you make this NOpost if it’s top secret
Caroline Montes
Caroline Montes 7 dager siden
The reactor one Dosent work
Supersoket 7 dager siden
Ghloliver Gwenngrae
Ghloliver Gwenngrae 8 dager siden
Pls I’m playing among us
SANA SACHDEVA 8 dager siden
Lol! I am watching this in school
Demonshead 8 dager siden
Demonshead 8 dager siden
I havnt played among is
Michele Panico
Michele Panico 8 dager siden
I love your viteos
Vegan Family Uk
Vegan Family Uk 8 dager siden
Vegan Family Uk
Vegan Family Uk 8 dager siden
Vegan Family Uk
Vegan Family Uk 8 dager siden
gm G
gm G 8 dager siden
If it do not work imma stop subbing you ok 😈😈😈😈
Julia Margarethe
Julia Margarethe 8 dager siden
Was it only me or-..... I opened among us freeplay and went to Mira HQ just to try the glitch thing outside the map😂😂😂😂
Emma Persad
Emma Persad 8 dager siden
My favorite NOpostr Watch this video and now I’m watching it these are cool among us tricks
Maria Katsoufi
Maria Katsoufi 8 dager siden
"You'll get a free cookie" I'm literally eating cookies :|
Darrell Mcguire
Darrell Mcguire 2 dager siden
StrawberryStudies 3 dager siden
kittyyyqk 9 dager siden
I just got hake in among us
Diego De Leon
Diego De Leon 9 dager siden
These people r soooo free
Karen Powell wright
Karen Powell wright 9 dager siden
Can we all agree that this channel just milks popular games.I could have called it too 5 fortnite and it would be true smh.
Anton Perales
Anton Perales 9 dager siden
I thought you said you won’t get imposter for the 10 Days!
Liddum Ananayo
Liddum Ananayo 10 dager siden
We can no longer do the walk around and sabotage on mobile
Poster 10 dager siden
Layla Polk
Layla Polk 10 dager siden
Btw I hate when the imposters tattletales when they saw there imposter teammate vent
Kayla Vong
Kayla Vong 10 dager siden
This doesn't work
Felicia Starway
Felicia Starway 10 dager siden
Not being imposter for a few games? Guaranteed? Yes please!!! I am so bad at being imposter TwT
S.G Cooking Thyme
S.G Cooking Thyme 10 dager siden
If someone manages to somehow do the mirahq at 6:26, plz tell me if it works!
Kiley McManus
Kiley McManus 11 dager siden
The reactor one doesn't work either... sorry for exposing you man
Kiley McManus
Kiley McManus 11 dager siden
The "flicker" thing doesn't work I watched in the video when black killed they in front of him when they were both imposters the button didn't flicker..... eXpOsEddDdDDd
shobabado yoyo
shobabado yoyo 11 dager siden
i lost because i can't save reactor in time by myself. that trick doesn't work.
M De Rooij
M De Rooij 11 dager siden
7:39 I Also Got Distracted On The Outro
Gloria Yt channel
Gloria Yt channel 11 dager siden
I subscribed and i ain't got imposter every single round
Eternal Light
Eternal Light 12 dager siden
If you name yourself white and make your color pink someone is gonnna be named pink and they’re color is cyan
Karen Myers
Karen Myers 12 dager siden
Where is my cookie
Easton Plays
Easton Plays 12 dager siden
Me to
Play Roblox With Imrane
Play Roblox With Imrane 12 dager siden
you messed up because if its on your fake task list you have to fake it
Nafis .H
Nafis .H 12 dager siden
Out of map glitch doesn't work fake I did it supper perfectly did not work
maciuś stach
maciuś stach 12 dager siden
Hello if your on ipad and you have the “Side safari” thats what i call the safari browser on side Open on the browser Type in on the speech text and dont create the speech to make it still there
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 12 dager siden
Won time I was going to vent at polis in the bathroom but I got stuck in a infinite loop of torcher
Mr. Crewstor
Mr. Crewstor 13 dager siden
Helpful video bro
Menaal Hashmi
Menaal Hashmi 13 dager siden
I have seen some of these on another YT channel
Ricky Genoviz
Ricky Genoviz 13 dager siden
Lol copy in lover fella
Lance J Wills
Lance J Wills 13 dager siden
How I sabotage: go to start reactor task and sabatoge, they think I was standing still because I was doing the task
Mckenna University
Mckenna University 13 dager siden
Okay I'm going to do everything I can to try and do this especially the glitching through walls
Colour by number
Colour by number 13 dager siden
Well they are not that secret now!
Mukti Sarkar
Mukti Sarkar 14 dager siden
He Said 'If You Not Subscribe,You Will Not Be Impostor!'.I Actually Just Been Impostor 2 Times After You Said In This Video!
VenGamer2 14 dager siden
Omg I tried so much ITS NOT WORKING
Beckham Elrod
Beckham Elrod 14 dager siden
i do not play among us
Madison Kamfoi
Madison Kamfoi 14 dager siden
I don't play Among us
Doggielover22 14 dager siden
They made the tracker into a app
Red Kinda Sus
Red Kinda Sus 14 dager siden
What’s the among us note website called? I can’t find it anywhere.
Pankrat Nurmukhamedov
Pankrat Nurmukhamedov 15 dager siden
Wow, just fire!
xX Izxy Xx
xX Izxy Xx 15 dager siden
I don't know how to make the keyboard to keys in Among Us so its hard for me to play
Scawaaht 15 dager siden
0:13. Then I’m not subscribing. I actually HATE being impostor.
Matilda Woods
Matilda Woods 15 dager siden
I saw this lime and green guy playing in my room
aktar uzzaman
aktar uzzaman 15 dager siden
I know these
Noah rodriguez
Noah rodriguez 15 dager siden
I love among us
Noah rodriguez
Noah rodriguez 15 dager siden
Hi gues
Noah rodriguez
Noah rodriguez 15 dager siden
I love amongbus
Veyda Young
Veyda Young 15 dager siden
Wow so cooll
Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes 15 dager siden
Sam my name is sam
shawnhale7011 16 dager siden
I'm always imposter in among us
Maricel Gomez
Maricel Gomez 16 dager siden
I'm not imp for 50 weeks😭😭
Micheal Afton da softie
Micheal Afton da softie 16 dager siden
im a new subscriber please pin me i never been pinned
MARY RODRIGUEZ 16 dager siden
:V this is good tips :O
Sidrah Shaheen
Sidrah Shaheen 16 dager siden
2:49 to 2:55 it doesn't work it's fake And 6:29 to 6:38 also fake. It doesn't work.
lps- fan
lps- fan 16 dager siden
I love your vids
ian palabyab
ian palabyab 17 dager siden
mohammed redouan
mohammed redouan 17 dager siden
Hey if you play among us on phone then you can sabotage when moving
Jose Katwijk
Jose Katwijk 17 dager siden
I had number one glitch !! I got killed and was alive
Codi Terence Ardamoy
Codi Terence Ardamoy 17 dager siden
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