Viral Fitness Challenges VS Pro Gymnast & Climber

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Magnus Midtbø

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Climber and gymnast tries viral challenges.
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FINMrCurly 3 timer siden
remember its always nessessary to take shirt of
Monika M
Monika M 5 timer siden
my palms are sweating... those rings are way too close to that edge...
Rachel Rapp
Rachel Rapp 7 timer siden
Not gonna lie the only reason I came to this video was to say that I thought the thumbnail said cucumber and gymnast 😂
PavelHZ 9 timer siden
I had to make my challenge harder for you guys 😄
hspoiala 19 timer siden
I like how the challenge was to put the shirt on but at the end he was like, meh I look better with my shirt off haha
Cecilia Moncada
Cecilia Moncada Dag siden
Black hair kid should have his own youtube channel. He has charisma.
Christian Torres
Christian Torres Dag siden
Looks like Ryan Garcia
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez Dag siden
Autofelatio 🥴
ILSLF 2 dager siden
I haven't worked out in 50 years and have only been watching TV, eating fast food and sleeping, and even I could do the putting on the tshirt while hanging challenge
eftipef2 2 dager siden
the climber has a super strong grip
matheus Santhiago
matheus Santhiago 2 dager siden
you guys are so cool talking about injuries and stuff it's like soldiers comparing war wounds
Sasa Kelala
Sasa Kelala 2 dager siden
"not so hard" me: let me PUNCH you. ...on second thought....I will only injure my hand. XDDD
wepipe 2 dager siden
6.20- CORONA ???? WTF !! Giving the macho fit man largess - then come out with that 'its ok, i am still the good 'love all the establishment 'knee on my neck' moronic slave ! TOP NOpost PET, SICK !
indria drayton
indria drayton 3 dager siden
I can lamely dangle from an overhead bar for a second or two!!!!! 👍
Burnt Blonde
Burnt Blonde 3 dager siden
Those push ups! Imagine the strength it takes!!
Desmond Williams
Desmond Williams 3 dager siden
I’m here because i have a crush on both😂😂😂😂
Laura Vitale
Laura Vitale 3 dager siden
This challenge was amazing! Just out of curiosity: am I the only one thinking that the slapping sound (when they hit the mat after the various army pushups) is extremely satisfying?😂😂
Ana Paula Guevara
Ana Paula Guevara 3 dager siden
"Try this at home if you want to" Bro.
dragonman101 3 dager siden
for the 5 by 5 challenge, I believe (based on the way his hands were positioned - palms towards each other) you are using different muscle groups (biceps) than the straight bar challenge which uses forearms. Not saying what he did was any less impressive (probably same level of difficulty) just can't really compare the two as they are different variables.
Cole Peltier
Cole Peltier 4 dager siden
Thats crazy, the dude is clearly in shape but he cant do what the gymnaist does.
Willow Ashnola
Willow Ashnola 4 dager siden
Alright! No arms, no legs this time!
Kell Harris
Kell Harris 4 dager siden
I wonder what these guys body fat is....
TheBitterLime 4 dager siden
I never had an interest for climbing but I can’t stop watching this mans videos! And found some other great youtubers from them as well !
SackVegas Anime
SackVegas Anime 4 dager siden
This NOpost recommendation is a little mean. Like this is what you could be, but will never be.
Savage With Silas
Savage With Silas 4 dager siden
Lmao this is awesome putting people head to head 😂
barbedwings 4 dager siden
No idea why the algorithm sent me here, but this was super cool and I watched the whole thing...
karlwashere123 4 dager siden
I respect their strength and how fit they are but come on these guys are straight-up tiny. At 6 foot 5 230 lbs I could sit these guys on my shoulder. “You okay up there little buddy”
Alex Paradi
Alex Paradi 4 dager siden
If you're breathing in each other's faces, I think you're probably ok high fiving with respect to corona :)
Damm Damian
Damm Damian 4 dager siden
The rock climber has a great body
Ayanna Blake
Ayanna Blake 5 dager siden
Abs bro 💪🏽
Marco Borrillo
Marco Borrillo 5 dager siden
Gymnasts are some of the strongest pound-for-pound athletes on the planet.
OutOfTheKlosset 5 dager siden
You won't high five bc of covid but you'll be in the same indoor gym without masks and use the same equipment and chalk?🤔
clarence 5 dager siden
How the fuck do you do 400 handstand pushups wtf
Rahman Hakim
Rahman Hakim 5 dager siden
Their fingers are stronger that my right hand on a good day
Shanik Pakeer
Shanik Pakeer 5 dager siden
You guys were on fire 🔥
J B 5 dager siden
If only we could all be in this kind of shape (as I inhale a super burrito and sip on a beer)
Silfiderium 5 dager siden
13:43 I just saw Jungkook doing this like it was nothing... I wasnt aware how difficult it was. This was such an interesting video..
Shannon K
Shannon K 2 dager siden
Link to the vid? Interested in seeing JK doing it ^_^
Dan Jamil
Dan Jamil 5 dager siden
what the point of being on the show if you keep saying "no im not gonna try that " huh?
Stanneta Prospere
Stanneta Prospere 5 dager siden
I count this video as my work out for the day. All my muscles were tense all throughout the thing so don't judge me!
charlize oliver
charlize oliver 5 dager siden
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Mosquito Valentine
Mosquito Valentine 5 dager siden
I thought video was going to be hanging contest climber vs gymnast’s not. Booo
abetterangle 5 dager siden
Loved this :-) Thankyou :-)
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 5 dager siden
Is there a name for that pushup at 1:28? I want to find some progressions to get there.
Atlas531 5 dager siden
This is like watching National Geographic. Something like, "World's Strongest Animals". I mean, I feel like there is no way we are the same species.
Raul Gil
Raul Gil 6 dager siden
9:10 Are injuries do to malnutrition as well?
Chris Crapo
Chris Crapo 6 dager siden
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Timuleator Timuleator
Timuleator Timuleator 6 dager siden
Score for climber
Velaveli09 6 dager siden
I like the mat ASMR
TZ TZ 6 dager siden
Climbing is balance, yoga, psychology and gymnastic efficiency. You can train for strength but bulk is not your friend.
Sharleen C
Sharleen C 6 dager siden
oh, my arm hurts just by watching this
speechy_keen 6 dager siden
Like. Wow. I wish I was this strong in my dreams 😂
Samuel Glass
Samuel Glass 6 dager siden
20??? 25??? And they're talking about RETIREMENT and INJURIES??? Okay, I'm off to drink away my depression now....
Rog Ob1
Rog Ob1 6 dager siden
Fk Google.
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez 6 dager siden
1:58 I cant even sit like that without feeling like something in my knee is about to burst.
BadGamer 6 dager siden
That thumbnail is real sus, boys.
Florentina Loredana Flor3dana
Florentina Loredana Flor3dana 6 dager siden
Guys leg day! Pls!
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 6 dager siden
Holy crap, these guys are strong. You need to be in very good shape to do those army push-ups two handed, I can't even imagine with one arm and one leg. Nice!
King Ares
King Ares 6 dager siden
Man this is dope. I'm gonna try that 1 arm 1 leg
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 6 dager siden
I’m so impressed with these gentlemen. Plus, they seem such nice men as well. Great video, thank you for sharing.
Name not Available
Name not Available 7 dager siden
Roses are red Violets are blue This don’t matter They’re both buffer than you
Martin Schou
Martin Schou 7 dager siden
When you put on and take off the t-shirt, test how quickly you can do it by pulling yourself into the air, let go of the bar and push hands through/pull hands out of sleeves, and grab the bar again. Not that I can do it - but it'd look really cool.
Mas Bowo
Mas Bowo 7 dager siden
Just two buddies with elite physiques. You guys nailed it!
Emo Nymph
Emo Nymph 7 dager siden
Gymnast males are lowkey alpha asf. Gym junkies are the true beta males.
humantiger72 7 dager siden
Pro Climber vs Pro Gymnast vs Farmer (me) . I can do....some of that.
Jess Wiseman
Jess Wiseman 7 dager siden
I truly love this, the variety of athleticism and displaying the strengths and weaknesses of different athletes. My own background definitely biases my opinion, but I still think it would be fun: get a wrestler of similar height/weight and well-accomplished and have him try your idea of hard, and then you try his. Martine Dugrenier was a gymnast before she won three world championships as a wrestler.
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 7 dager siden
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Mob Gaming
Mob Gaming 8 dager siden
I had both my elbows injured just by doing push ups...and it took months to heal. Becareful k everyone
matthew gallaway
matthew gallaway 8 dager siden
“I mean, I’m better at putting my shirt on” lol
Samantha Mata
Samantha Mata 8 dager siden
So scared y’all will lose your balance and fall through that glass behind you
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 8 dager siden
Wow those gymnastics movements require so much core strength, wow !!!
connor lybarger
connor lybarger 8 dager siden
11:10 they looked like they wanted to jump him for not being injured
Tsjarishe V
Tsjarishe V 8 dager siden
At the moment i'm eating chocolat and am happy i sit.
waakid007 8 dager siden
Won't high five because of rona but sharing a chalk bag is cool. 😁
Rick G
Rick G 9 dager siden
I always say it, climbers are as strong as gymnastics, o maybe more. Look those programs, like Beast Master or something like that, those who win are almost always climbers.
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson 9 dager siden
This gymnast had worse form than you on every exercise shallow dips swinging legs to help on pull ups and muscle ups not going up on to his hand on the army push ups
Willbarrel Smith
Willbarrel Smith 9 dager siden
This series is such a breath of fresh air. I like how respectful every person is and no cussing. Awesome people , very encouraging. Thank you.
Charlie R
Charlie R 9 dager siden
"I would high five you but... covid." And yet they're within inches of each other the entire video. The reason we don't have to wear masks when doing any sort of physical activity is because we are supposed to be at least 6 feet apart while doing those activity. It's not only transmitted by a high five, it's transmitted through the air. I get limiting contact as much as possible, but it just bothers me. It's people like this that are causing America to have such a huge problem with the number of covid-19 cases. I don't know what the covid-19 situation is where you are, but I needed to put this out there.
Taui Suitonu
Taui Suitonu 5 dager siden
Sorry, it’s the flu. Old people die. But we die anyway. Do some research. Not on commie sites bought out by China, get off Google.
swifty1969 9 dager siden
Magnus is funny you say.."I would have given you a high five but because of Corona..". You guys are breathing next to each other without masks and you're worried about Corona...LOL!!!
Jacob Paint
Jacob Paint 9 dager siden
You guys really don't need to stand so close to the edge of the camera to exaggerate your muscles with the lens distortion 🤣
Dragoncake 9 dager siden
My arms hurt looking at you guys
Honest Opinion
Honest Opinion 10 dager siden
BotDamian 10 dager siden
Bruh that's badass, this is what I understand under "being Fit"
Maciej M
Maciej M 10 dager siden
It will happen, don't worry. Keep streching and warming up, take no risk of injury :-) 30 changes everything :-/
CAMO IT 10 dager siden
Climber looked stronger through out
Tri Lepp
Tri Lepp 10 dager siden
Love how respectful you are with each other! Neither of you is trying to shade the other or show off, which I really enjoyed.
Stettafire 5 dager siden
A breath of fresh air compared to some athletic folk who are unapproachable.
Andreas Døssland
Andreas Døssland 7 dager siden
Its called being Norwegian. We live by something called janteloven. 😂 Google it.
Elise Ives
Elise Ives 11 dager siden
Me watching this: Wow, I really need to get in shape. Also me: Damn the Quesalupa on that ad looks good. ::orders two with a soda for delivery so I don't have to get my happy ass up and go get it::
Alix Braverman
Alix Braverman 11 dager siden
Beast mode
ツEw 11 dager siden
Er dere norske?
Ask Geisha sticker Shop
Ask Geisha sticker Shop 11 dager siden
They are both just so hot/gorgeous
World Of Mix
World Of Mix 11 dager siden
Nice boys
Harrison Samudera
Harrison Samudera 12 dager siden
9:59 That was satisfying
STEVEN FIELDEN 12 dager siden
I was just admiring myself in the full length mirror after lockdown and feel I have done pretty well - and then you two pop up!! Bah!
Lily 12 dager siden
That's nothing. I can do an L-sit for hours on my couch
Alacia Davis
Alacia Davis 12 dager siden
These guys sound like the people on Norsemen 😊
Prasad S. Shetty
Prasad S. Shetty 13 dager siden
Hoang Minh Nguyen
Hoang Minh Nguyen 14 dager siden
They can do a lot but still don't have 6 packs. I guess it requires special exercise for that
nyko911 16 dager siden
I’m exhausted just watching this!
HorribleSanity19 16 dager siden
Magnus was a great host; Odin and Fredrik were good guests. Interesting collaboration to watch! :)
Chezuz Inferno
Chezuz Inferno 16 dager siden
i would high five you but corona ... bro really xD yall already share the mat
DaGrooseisLoose 16 dager siden
Magnus said he’s never been injured, huh.... *Cue flashback to American Ninja Warrior*
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