Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (4 Hunters Rematch)

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6 måneder siden

This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: nopost.info/throw/zc3Fhn_JyXx2j5I/video
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

Itz Loppie
Itz Loppie 14 timer siden
*me just watching them build stairs with grass blocks*
Shoto_Todoroki _mha ships ·-·
Shoto_Todoroki _mha ships ·-· 18 timer siden
Wassabii girl
Wassabii girl Dag siden
Me:gg dream you can’t beat them Dream:purgatory time
Aayan Shimaan
Aayan Shimaan 3 dager siden
Hunters : trying to save the dragon Dream : killing the dragon The dragon : Im gONna heLP tHe gREen dUDe
_Dragon_Soldier_9 _
_Dragon_Soldier_9 _ 8 dager siden
I love how Dream’s plan for the next manhunt is more mass murder.
GD lifesteal
GD lifesteal 9 dager siden
whoever is here in 2021 you know what to do | | V
StarBrawler828 11 dager siden
No one: Sapnap: YoU cAn KiLl iT ?
Francis Dagonton
Francis Dagonton 12 dager siden
Dream in the nether trap be like: *_I used the hunters to destroy the hunters_*
warner Winters
warner Winters 13 dager siden
Vansleigh 16 dager siden
Have to compliment hunters.Have improved
Asx 16 dager siden
BENEDEK MARK 20 dager siden
Rod_Official 20 dager siden
1:05 this was quite funny and kind of wholesome in some way xD
memes to you
memes to you 22 dager siden
Dream: Imagine 4v1 And Losing To 1 Person LOL
Elias Josephsson
Elias Josephsson 22 dager siden
the creativity Dream has is really impressive.
Dream 26 dager siden
Frear kkkkkkkkkkkk
Lunaraia 26 dager siden
Dream is a Mole, confirmed.
Glossi Måned siden
Dream I want to play with you
J. Bros
J. Bros Måned siden
Hunters at the end: you can’t defeat me Dream: I know.. but he can Ender dragon: *yeets them*
Jazmin Martinez
Jazmin Martinez Måned siden
Podemos ir a tu casa 🏠
hayden willams
hayden willams Måned siden
When he trapped them on the nether roof that was giggles brain
Abraham Madison
Abraham Madison Måned siden
good vid
Tom AL-V
Tom AL-V Måned siden
1:48 wait are they playing creative mode?
Денис Måned siden
Я единственный русский?
EncatRoska Måned siden
The hunters really should learn to cover their bases. Whenever Dream climbs to a high place or like during the hunt went through the Nether they all always follow him. Someone should stay behind and cover their bases. Also when they keep separating and gathering items one could keep following and bothering Dream just trying to distract him while the others work on the plan.
MoAlaa Jarkass
MoAlaa Jarkass Måned siden
Youv got 401k and you need 50k holy moly
Aidan Li
Aidan Li Måned siden
groundhog dream lol
This was by far the best manhunt video. He was basically John Wick in this one.
trapxmeilo Måned siden
This is how you fight bullies.
Oskar The Killer
Oskar The Killer Måned siden
Like it
Praneeth. R
Praneeth. R Måned siden
OMG this is the best manhunt I have ever seen
Tripzy Måned siden
Say G
Say G Måned siden
400k like
bemdibem Måned siden
399k likes to 400k likes
Vermon Macasio
Vermon Macasio 2 måneder siden
dream A.K.A. groundhog
Lygar X
Lygar X 2 måneder siden
then they all get diamond armor next time and he suffocates them to steal the diamond armor.
Cooper pratt
Cooper pratt 2 måneder siden
In the 4v1 rematch you were actually a a groundhog😂😂😂
Ben Cruz
Ben Cruz 2 måneder siden
What you cheated 😱
Cedric Boardman
Cedric Boardman 2 måneder siden
you always have to remember George always screaming for help from the endearmen in the real full vid of 4 hunters rematch
ibnu 5623
ibnu 5623 2 måneder siden
If i were dream when IM hiding i just need to BAN everyone lol and i,ll won
hamza x fatih
hamza x fatih 2 måneder siden
Wait I love dreams videos but Looak at chat on 4:32 he did like /effect give @a(every player) levitation 30 1 So chat typed like 6 players is in the server Who is 6th one If there is 4 hunters and dream????
Saba M.A
Saba M.A 2 måneder siden
Waw, this had me over the edge of my seat the entire video and honestly could not stop laughing at this guy finessing the crew. Like damn son. I'm subbing for this comedy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pigtas na Kwerdas
Pigtas na Kwerdas 2 måneder siden
Dream is like the Vietcong
Nirdosh Rai
Nirdosh Rai 2 måneder siden
Watch bream versus Mr. beast. Animation it’s sick aka cool
Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren 2 måneder siden
Omg...that was insane out of all that i have ever seen it was great
Tanishi Ganguly
Tanishi Ganguly 2 måneder siden
My brain when I saw Ant going *"pOoh"* in the air: AT THE SKYFAAAOUUUUULLLL WHEN IT CRUMBLESSSS~
Cuda_Clutch 2 måneder siden
Please post another one of these...I need them. And could you possibly upload the unedited? Love watching the entire process.
Luke Bongar
Luke Bongar 2 måneder siden
Dream in 2090 manhunt 1v1000
SixySix Here
SixySix Here 2 måneder siden
Hunters: *Get prot 4* Dream: "Welcome to the gulag :)"
RRoni 2 måneder siden
What the hell is that golden arrow he's holding
Micah Houssian
Micah Houssian 2 måneder siden
When I saw him making the minecart I thought now why would he do that, but then I also thought, well, I bet he's just gonna do something smart with it and he just straight up crafts a TNT minecart and im like ohhhhhhhh nice.
Samantha Ball
Samantha Ball 2 måneder siden
He should do where he is trying to stop those 4 from winning
Mohammad Reza Shahparast
Mohammad Reza Shahparast 2 måneder siden
dude i cant belive you won that game
Romano G.
Romano G. 2 måneder siden
One word to describe Dream in the 4 vs 1 rematch: Groundhog
Alexander Seitz
Alexander Seitz 2 måneder siden
It's probably just me, but at the very beginning it sounded like Bad said," I get using meth but..."
Dragonrage 281
Dragonrage 281 2 måneder siden
That was awesome
Pink_and_White 2 måneder siden
Nobody: George in every manhunt: *wearing a coloured leather helmet*
Exodus 2 måneder siden
Mohamed Daramy
Mohamed Daramy 2 måneder siden
imagine losing when jumping someone
JoeAceJR 2 måneder siden
Ya know how dream got on top of the nether? One of them could have died, get a flint and steel, go to the closest portal in the overworld to go to the nether, and get on top of the nether like dream did.
Cl33n 2 måneder siden
“No Dragons Were Hurt In The Making Of This Video”
Ellie C
Ellie C 2 måneder siden
Faraz Siddiqui
Faraz Siddiqui 2 måneder siden
Thanos= I destroyed stones with the stones Dream= I destroyed hunters with the hunters
jensieboylol 2 måneder siden
Scotsman 2 måneder siden
who is the 6th player?
Doughnut Playz [Lilikee]
Doughnut Playz [Lilikee] 2 måneder siden
1:35 I felt that POOOOOOO
xajovi 2 måneder siden
why is the levitation effect targeting 6 persons ?
Danny Pacheco
Danny Pacheco 2 måneder siden
Dream : I used the hunters to destroy the hunters
Eyad nageeb
Eyad nageeb 2 måneder siden
Him:beats 4 of the best mc players by himself with iron armour Me when having netherrite gear:proceeds to get killed by zombie
Epic boy
Epic boy 2 måneder siden
In every extra scene video everyone: BLOCKS GO BRRRRRRRR........
Faiza Alzahrani
Faiza Alzahrani 2 måneder siden
when you trapped them in the nether why did they not break obsidian and do another one
Golden Pro
Golden Pro 2 måneder siden
Smartness Beats Strength Like To Agree!! Hunters - We have Proc. 5 Dream - Really? I don't Care Hunters - We are 10000iq For real Dream - ok This is a Fair fight I guess
Shiro de Bunny
Shiro de Bunny 3 måneder siden
4:28 Read chat, "6 targets"?
Planty the Potted Plant
Planty the Potted Plant 3 måneder siden
What is stronger A full enchant diamond sword or 10 bed
Stolen Stick
Stolen Stick 3 måneder siden
my favorite feeling ever is when i watch bad abuse the word "memed" and dream being dream, and i see this video in the end of the manhunt
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright 3 måneder siden
the true god of minecraft
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright 3 måneder siden
dream iQ : 1 million
Caelyn Morton
Caelyn Morton 3 måneder siden
When he trapped them in the top of the Nether... that was amazing. Like, how do you get out of that without flint and steel or dying? That’s right, your stuck.
MegaSeapony 3 måneder siden
Dream: IQ 1,00000000000
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 3 måneder siden
* clap clap clap *
Coeur 3 måneder siden
Don't tell them your secrets! :))
megacup 3 måneder siden
badboyhalo killed dream while dream tried to speedrun the stairs
AgaBe_ 3 måneder siden
Dream: eats food Bad: YOU CAN DO THAT??!?
Beriiu 3 måneder siden
I stayed up from 2pm to 7am just watching man hunts
HamsterDans 72
HamsterDans 72 3 måneder siden
5 hunters the fifth should be skeppy.
Churchill Dagohoy
Churchill Dagohoy 3 måneder siden
Dream team sapnap he lose
Cosmic Taco
Cosmic Taco 3 måneder siden
Minecraft manhunt farlands? Instead of the person's goal is to beat the game, its to go to the farlands?
ModeMC 3 måneder siden
does antfrost talk or no?
Evalyn Wilcox
Evalyn Wilcox 3 måneder siden
Sapnap, Georgenotfound, antifrost, bbh, and dream: *talking* also them: *creating a world of nothing with random particle efects
Comment Breaker
Comment Breaker 3 måneder siden
1 year later: 20 Hunters vs 1 runner!
notrealarm9 3 måneder siden
C. Rodd
C. Rodd 3 måneder siden
"That wasn't a very good dragon" Mhhm
Soviet Legion
Soviet Legion 3 måneder siden
This video right here is proof there will be another one
executor god
executor god 3 måneder siden
You should do 5 hunters with Tommyinnit
goodvids oh YEAH
goodvids oh YEAH 3 måneder siden
I like how in the behind the scenes it's so short but in the actual vid is so long
CSW YT 3 måneder siden
Every time I watch one of these videos a feel a little smarter, then I feel completely stupid...
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 3 måneder siden
This is for all Minecraft manhunts; Dream has full iron armor and the hunters have nothing Dream: gotta go fast 🏃‍♂️ Dream has nothing: come here George!
CoAndCoLaptopAccount 3 måneder siden
is meme a verb now? oh god I'm getting old.
Leinee Nery
Leinee Nery 3 måneder siden
CALVIN THE MARVEL 3 måneder siden
Oh my gosh goerge sapnap bad boy halo antfross they all don't see you how you was hiding in the end stone in front of them they are so stupid how they not see you so stupid hahhahahahaha you win vs 4 hunters so ez and you trapped them in the nether and kill there self you made it dream your the best minecraft player
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