Sen. Bernie Sanders Reacts to His Photograph Becoming a Viral Meme

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Sen. Bernie Sanders reacts to his inauguration photo becoming a meme, goes over the positives he’s seen in President Joe Biden so far and explains how the government can unite people of different viewpoints.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders Reacts to His Photograph Becoming a Viral Meme- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Elly Double
Elly Double Dag siden
I made a crochet Bernie.. I believe in Bernie, and the rest of them can kiss my almost evicted ( ! )
Jannis Joplin
Jannis Joplin 2 dager siden
I am so thankful I'm smart enough to know how tragic it would be having this clown as a president. Could you imagine? Giving what I have earned to someone that didn't earn it.. etc etc.. Lmao people that say socialism works iF yOu dO iT rIgHt bahahaha no.. no in fact it doesn't work at all.
Amanda MALCOLM 2 dager siden
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Amanda Richesin
Amanda Richesin 3 dager siden
Hey Sanders how about you all help people on SS SSI veterans and railroad we are drowning to to pay for groceries. We need a 20% increase as promised. $200. Extra a month until pandemic is over and set the benchmark raise
Amanda Richesin
Amanda Richesin 3 dager siden
We are hurting Sanders please stand for us on this please we are humans not animals help us SS SSI veterans RR
Ah Bee
Ah Bee 3 dager siden
Shout out chairman Sanders 😎
B 3 dager siden
I would love to hear about Bernie's jobs before he got the govt. gig.
peter Glynn
peter Glynn 4 dager siden
Bernie Sanders. A Great American !!
Amanda Richesin
Amanda Richesin 5 dager siden
Bernie please help SS TR veterans and SSI we need help we hurting with the pay we are getting to support ourselves. We need stimulus and a 20% raise and a benchmark please help us Bernie
DAVID LEAMAN 6 dager siden
Someone please make a meme. Bernie shows fashion to Texas.
Jim Cang
Jim Cang 6 dager siden
Bernie you getting too old. Do us all a favor it's time to go into the light. I know you're trying to help but we don't need a socialist
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor 5 dager siden
Yessss socialism will always lead to communism
Pedro Manzorelli
Pedro Manzorelli 7 dager siden
FDR 2.0 is working his magic for the good of the country. Thank you, Bernie.
internet kid
internet kid 7 dager siden
If I told him a joke and he explained it and gave me a lecture, I'd listen
Jeremy Sitorus
Jeremy Sitorus 7 dager siden
Bernie: finans supor Memes: FINANS SUPOR Bernie: HAHA HAV MORE FINANS SUPOR Bernie: chair Memes: CHAIR Bernie: HAHA HAV MORE CHAIR We have a formula.
Clarkey 8 dager siden
If this man was in charge of the Labour Party in Britain he’d be prime minister
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith 9 dager siden
More people are going to kill there self. Please help now
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith 9 dager siden
It is affective people mental illness
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith 9 dager siden
Mr.Sanders We need 2000.00 stimulus check. And the #Ss200 please push it. They stopped talking about it
kpax45 9 dager siden
You needed a hat too Bernie! It looked cold that day!!
Esrom kirk
Esrom kirk 9 dager siden
This guy was my present I made campaign for him around me. But I don't know him personally. I like his ideology.
Brooke O.
Brooke O. 11 dager siden
I was told by Timcast that she said she couldn’t make the mittens because the harsh taxes that Bernie supported made it not worth it. Is this true?
GEAUXTIGERS091 12 dager siden
I’m not a huge fan of Bernie’s positions but I have a lot of respect for him. I’m pretty conservative on most issues. However, I appreciate his honesty and lack of fear to say what he believes. It’s sad that we live in such a wealthy nation but so many people are afraid to give their opinion for fear of being ostracized or even threatened.
Cats Forever
Cats Forever 14 dager siden
Bernies smile warms my heart ❤️ he is such an outstanding human being.
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor 14 dager siden
Bernie is a communist disguised as a socialist. I’m so happy he didn’t run he would have taken this country to the grave
Tomi Connelly
Tomi Connelly 14 dager siden
The more altruistic the cult, the thicker the wall. The bigger the cult, the deeper the fall. The Marxists worship a fragmented Cabal. A schizophrenic Legacy Hall. What does the dog know that the Marxist withholds? The dog is hungry for life, for deep experiences, not for the experiences of a cult. What kind of a creature does the cult wish us to be? Are you a cat, do you belong here? "I'm not a cat. I'm just fitting in, I breathe in fear. I know that I don't know. I could be a cat. I could be anything I lack." What kind of a scenery is it? "It isn't England, it is not France, it's not America, it's not Australia, it could never be Ireland. it's something once hidden, something once forbidden... A volcano of sorrow. A tsunami of rage. Lab tested tomorrow." The cult fulfills the means of a cage. It can only be sold by emotion. It's violent. It's a thriving space. We are here on a visit. We are here to taste the grace. With a God forsaken Technocracy over there and there's another virus in the air...
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson 15 dager siden
Riyad the Bulldog
Riyad the Bulldog 3 dager siden
No conservativeism
Broken Gibus
Broken Gibus 15 dager siden
gotta say, Bernie has got a great accent
Roger didit
Roger didit 15 dager siden
BERNIE... BERNIEEEEE.. Let's have your comment on this story... is it all make believe? Delingpole: Green Jobs Collapse in Germany and Go to China Instead. What a Surprise!
T B 15 dager siden
Need to have free health care for all people. Support Sanders!!
T B 15 dager siden
Love Sanders. He really has people's interests in mind.
Lourdes Rojas
Lourdes Rojas 17 dager siden
I love him so.much, daddy Bernie
Accent Brent
Accent Brent 17 dager siden
CoralCarne372 17 dager siden
Why wasn’t this guy made a part of Biden’s Administration
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 18 dager siden
This is amazing
Productive Dude
Productive Dude 19 dager siden
Bernie has extreme ideas maybe but he's actually pretty unifying and he seems genuine.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 dager siden
Something people never recognized or gave him is a credit for the hard work all his years.
Gun Lyrics
Gun Lyrics 19 dager siden
This man is a legend. Lets see what the next meme he'll be ✌🏽
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers 19 dager siden
That feeling when your primary political opponent gets sworn into office and you steal the show. Feels good. I'm glad for him
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 18 dager siden
Love you videos???
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 20 dager siden
Americans didn't vote him in for president.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 dager siden
What a mensch!
shan 20 dager siden
shoulda been you, king. shoulda been you.
iwishiwasamyduncan 20 dager siden
wooa when did seth meyers get hot
Ice Age Baby
Ice Age Baby 21 dag siden
idc about your political views, i find this wholesome
*****! 21 dag siden
Friends of Late Nigh with Seth Meyers are friends of mine.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 20 dager siden
Don’t ever vote for deranged Bernie Sanders . He’s never knocked out a 40 hr work week in his life . All he knows how to do is spend somebody’s else’s money . Like Tax pay
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 21 dag siden
Bernie is a class act and one of a kind. Such a humble and caring man.
Çrÿpt of Filth
Çrÿpt of Filth 21 dag siden
Seeing Bernie become a footstool to Wall Street Joe makes me want to puke! 🤮
preme boii
preme boii 21 dag siden
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Vasil Komita
Vasil Komita 22 dager siden
Hey Seth Meyers... Next episode can you ask Sen. Bernie Sanders to react to him getting shafted by the Democrats TWICE and now labeling him as having "white privilege". That would be hilarious.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 21 dag siden
people. Maybe Biden doesn't know how terrible Vilsak truly is(look him up -not on fox noise) and call your Senator
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse 22 dager siden
The Fed shutdown and market crash will enable true Americans to take back our country, and our militias, once the police join us, we can cleanse the nation of unwanted foreginers, BLM supremacists, and antifa anti-American globals and the collaborators that supported them.
Shuaguin 22 dager siden
So NOW that election are over Bernie is a Friend of the show. Whas is the case 12 month ago ?
john smith
john smith 23 dager siden
GTA 5 shaded rich
GTA 5 shaded rich 23 dager siden
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cynsha 23 dager siden
Seth and Bernie are both American treasures. ❤️
Yael Samuel
Yael Samuel 23 dager siden
What a mensch!
Ralph Hayes
Ralph Hayes 23 dager siden
Biden is a BAFOON
Duane Locsin
Duane Locsin 21 dag siden
A bought off Wall St. puppet of a bafoon.
Ralph Hayes
Ralph Hayes 23 dager siden
keng ng
keng ng 23 dager siden
The arrogant inch coronally program because afternoon directly interrupt outside a cute sousaphone. gaping, obscene hand
season mechanic
season mechanic 23 dager siden
Don’t ever vote for deranged Bernie Sanders . He’s never knocked out a 40 hr work week in his life . All he knows how to do is spend somebody’s else’s money . Like Tax payers . He a seed of a evil doer . Compare him to Bernie Madoff . These coots are the enemy of the common people . Nothing they do or say actually works in a real world environment. Listen to Thomas Sewell a man that knows these democrats agendas and how deranged they really are .
Madisyn Washington
Madisyn Washington 23 dager siden
Mary Elizalde
Mary Elizalde 23 dager siden
Bernie Sanders is awesome!!
Zanarax 23 dager siden
wow, i love this guy. sad really that america is so scared of socialism that they dont know what the are missing out on.
Duane Locsin
Duane Locsin 21 dag siden
Corporate media in the country - CNN and Fox News Network corporation in particular have trained their viewers Better health care, increase minimum wages to livable = Red Communist Stalin Russia.
Dan Davis
Dan Davis 23 dager siden
Bernie = awesome human being, woulda been great prez! Biden is going great, except for revolving door Milsak who works for his corporate masters and against regular people. Maybe Biden doesn't know how terrible Vilsak truly is(look him up -not on fox noise) and call your Senator
Daisy Hodzen
Daisy Hodzen 24 dager siden
The last syrup muhly warn because cloakroom prognostically recognise pro a careful babies. responsible, unwieldy plant
mila birkestrand
mila birkestrand 24 dager siden
He wants $15 an hour and he could even pay his own workers 15 bucks an hour he had illegals working for him for free by the way you should end jobs before you have a job😂 no taxpayer money you can’t print money forever, When are you going to liquidate your assets and start sharing how many homes do you own I’m sure there’s a caravan they can live there😂😂😂Your supporters are going to turn on you soon especially when you took their money and you gave up loser
Rob B
Rob B 24 dager siden
See you in a Nursing Home Bernie
michelle valentin
michelle valentin 24 dager siden
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Cassie 24 dager siden
This! This is how intelligent, well adjusted adults behave. Thay are able to laugh at themselves, not being thin-skinned babies. Go Bernie!
MDYoungblood 24 dager siden
Bernie should be very happy about the meme, lol, all the meme’s about Trump made him President.
Bitch Pudding
Bitch Pudding 24 dager siden
Biden may have won the election, but Sanders won our hearts
Bitch Pudding
Bitch Pudding 21 dag siden
@Duane Locsin in surprised you’re asking. It’s because of corruption in the voting system. Hillary chested her way to the primaries in 2016
Duane Locsin
Duane Locsin 21 dag siden
Don't get me wrong. I admire Bernie Sanders like no other politician in modern times, but I still can't figure why that sentiment along with an 87% approval for Medicare for All amongst Democrats failed to translate into overwhelming votes for Bernie Sanders during the primaries. I don't know if Bernie Sanders has it in him to do a third run, but if not I want Nina Turner (who I think was going to be Bernie Sander's VP) to take the reigns, Bernie Sanders can still be very effective in his current position. Also more AOC Progressive to challenge corporate Democrats for re-elections.
L 24 dager siden
It's amazing how Progressives can warm the heart. They are the very few, they own core integrity that shines them as leaders , that the conservatives wish wash they could Appear As, but their leaders do not get off the ground because they more the often have (horrendous foundational errors) that have to be made up for by the media or institutions Propping them up. There is no guaranteed win and they keep warm the heart anyway ...because integrity is some form of justice.
Cassie 24 dager siden
Love Bernie!
koen vromman
koen vromman 24 dager siden
Bernie rocks !
Some Guy
Some Guy 24 dager siden
he speaks in turns and doesn't interrupt when he gets impatient! very refreshing!
Raptorini The Raptorous
Raptorini The Raptorous 25 dager siden
How do republicans think this guy is corrupt and want to destroy America? He's literally the last person on earth I would ever call corrupt.
Duane Locsin
Duane Locsin 21 dag siden
Because Republicans AND *corporate* Democrats are projecting.
William Rivera
William Rivera 25 dager siden
Think of it like this. Trump is hitler and trump supporters are nazis. If you're a trump supporter just know no one respects you aside from your fellow nazis.
R Jonboy
R Jonboy 25 dager siden
Bernie is the greatest. Look how many of his ideas are become mainstream. People are seeing who really cares about them and who cares about enriching the wealthy.
Noor Kazi
Noor Kazi 25 dager siden
Senator Sanders stole the inauguration show with his mittens and dressed very casually not caring for anything except keeping himself warm which I guess was more important than being a fashionista. Modesty about Senator Sanders took the entire nation and generated 2million$s. Great Job👍👌👏🏻
Noor Kazi
Noor Kazi 25 dager siden
Senator Sanders is my most fav person in USA. I love the way he speaks his mind, no mincing words and has been so consistent with his beliefs that’s what I love and respect. His attire raised 2 million$s and all given to charity. That’s what a politician should do for he is elected by people and should render his/her services selflessly for the American people. Bless you Senator Sanders🙏🤲🏼
Cookie Man
Cookie Man 25 dager siden
I would not want him as President, however, I believe he is a very great senator and likely a great person.
Rafaella orellana
Rafaella orellana 25 dager siden
He should have been America president....why democrats dont listen the people!!
AR-15 Shot
AR-15 Shot 25 dager siden
Bernie is awesome!
Volcel 25 dager siden
He's adorable and respects me as a human being. Wow.
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell 25 dager siden
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M G 25 dager siden
he looks almost as senile as Biden.
M G 25 dager siden
Glo F
Glo F 25 dager siden
Love Bernie!
Janet Little
Janet Little 25 dager siden
Jezzy Nottes
Jezzy Nottes 25 dager siden
0:25 yeah me too, but for a completely other reason. And ya'll will be in tears too pretty soon
Zac Zac
Zac Zac 25 dager siden
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ieronimo18 25 dager siden
It was so cold today I saw a socialist with his hands in his own pockets.
Taylor P
Taylor P 25 dager siden
"I apprecaite your honesty" Bernie said it was a secret, we are still left without an answer :(
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder 25 dager siden
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Femke Pouliart
Femke Pouliart 25 dager siden
I think it´s nice that someone like bernie doesn´t have to be president to do good things in the world. He is an icon and an inspiration.
heinz stalder
heinz stalder 25 dager siden
OLD Men Bernie, so sorry for you!
heinz stalder
heinz stalder 25 dager siden
Wehr is the 2000 Dollar? 1400 is not 2000.
heinz stalder
heinz stalder 25 dager siden
Blablabla! You Betray us all with support Biden!
M&MS mew2
M&MS mew2 25 dager siden
he is a good man. it sad people make fun of him for his age...
Truong Uyen Tram
Truong Uyen Tram 25 dager siden
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Ahmad AlQalaf
Ahmad AlQalaf 26 dager siden
Man that meme was enveloping 2020 in one moment.
morrisonien 26 dager siden
As a Moroccan whenever I want to learn new "formal" English words I just listen to Bernie...
Bianca love
Bianca love 26 dager siden
Bernie is the one that got away
Lakyn Bush
Lakyn Bush 26 dager siden
TRUMP 2024!!!!! ❤️🤍💙 PENCE 2028!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
florencia Poli
florencia Poli 26 dager siden
‘’ Whether you are a conservative living in rural areas or progressive living in NY City, you need health care”. Love this
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