Hermitcraft VII 959 HEP Base Expansion!

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Episode Seventy Eight! This episode we work on an underground expansion for HEP!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 51-60
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Creeperz 25 dager siden
5:55 Everyone: acacia wood Xuma: Acha-cha real smooth Everyone: *visibly dying inside*
Galbryx 26 dager siden
Hermit Gang lol
leschnozzberry 27 dager siden
why is everyone noticing him saying achacha now. he said it way earlier in the season. ima true fan.
Bingo Bango!
Bingo Bango! Måned siden
Lol right when he flew over the shopping district where the mycelium was my video lagged out and pixeled
RV Lightning
RV Lightning Måned siden
check out ODEA
Major Dolmann
Major Dolmann Måned siden
the what wood?
WackoMcGoose Måned siden
Big realization: Dirt is _technically_ non-renewable, even though it can be converted freely to any of the other types of ground-cover (grass, mycelium, podzol, farmland, etc). So by letting mycelium despawn (or burn, or explodeificate, and so on), HEP is actually permanently reducing the supply of dirt in the world. Checkmate, Hermitcraft _Environmental_ Protection Agency.
WackoMcGoose Måned siden
...of course, then I check the wiki and find out dirt actually does have a renewing method (craft Coarse Dirt using 2 dirt and 2 (piglin barterable) gravel to get 4 Coarse Dirt, then till them to 4 regular dirt)... eh, it's still about The Principle™ of it all, as both HEP and the Resistance have claimed.
The Bear-ier BM74
The Bear-ier BM74 Måned siden
xisumer is such a great hermit, i hop hc lasts forever, especially thanks to his guidance.
Prolivion Måned siden
0:25 how did he make it so he sees whats inside the shulkers like that?
Laurenn Dionisio
Laurenn Dionisio Måned siden
Its a data pack
Shadow Master
Shadow Master Måned siden
Join the resistance xisuma
Tayto_ Måned siden
What’s the texture pack it’s amazing ):
The_BMD Måned siden
What if they settle on podzol plus really hope civil war 2
Nope 33
Nope 33 Måned siden
Civil war,Civil war,Civil war,Civil war,Civil war!
Joe Blackman
Joe Blackman Måned siden
5:54 hang on... achacha?
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Grand Admiral Thrawn Måned siden
Xisuma inadvertently built an Etho door😂
Daren Miller
Daren Miller Måned siden
X: Bdubs you betrayer! Etho:Yeah I am Bdubs. Bdubs:???
TurtleRetwardZ Måned siden
X,make the desert like a place to trade and create deals with the other jungle area
Ahmad Zubair
Ahmad Zubair Måned siden
It's etho you can see in the chad when he sleep
Adrian Hones
Adrian Hones Måned siden
Primalcat Sperentet
Primalcat Sperentet Måned siden
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X Please Work On Your Mega Jungled Tower #XNation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wayne Andrews
Wayne Andrews Måned siden
Hey xisuma... How bout a wastelands biome take 2...;-)
just a random flowey on the internet
just a random flowey on the internet Måned siden
may the podzol prevail
ceruchi Måned siden
Lab looks great! What a creative ceiling.
Lelan Jacheo
Lelan Jacheo Måned siden
Is anybody gonna tell him those are just wolves in hazmat suits?
J van der Meer
J van der Meer Måned siden
IDEA: on the end of the season, put all the diamonds of the server together, and sell them to subscribers for charity. They then get a diamond with a name tag code by email, which they can put to display in their own minecraft world 😁👍
Addison Hancock
Addison Hancock Måned siden
Oh you think scar is good he tested a secret weapon on a different mycelium Island and nearly killed of the Inca elegy rare mooshroom and terraformed the mooshroom island and killed a rare ecosystem that the resistance wants to protect
Addison Hancock
Addison Hancock Måned siden
You destroyed a natural ecosystem and nearly making the rare red cows extinct
STRIKES Måned siden
Can you do a base tutorial
Sage Morrison
Sage Morrison Måned siden
I'm sure you didn't know this, but your 3x3 design is oft referred to as an Etho Door, as he popularized the design.
chad barker Jr
chad barker Jr Måned siden
If I had to guess I'd say he's making something potion related
FunGi Channel
FunGi Channel Måned siden
_I have to get out of here!_
Shadow Master
Shadow Master Måned siden
achacha? who are you? keralis in disguised?
Koul Gio
Koul Gio Måned siden
play Hdoom
Jason Måned siden
The word is 'Aitch' not 'Haitch' ... look it up! I find it very annoying that people cannot pronounce this word! (the letter 'H')
Squaxy 1
Squaxy 1 Måned siden
Leona Lovegood
Leona Lovegood Måned siden
The hep base is going to be amazing! I love the design!
TrillionDeTurtle Måned siden
omega potions
AIO YouTuber TV
AIO YouTuber TV Måned siden
I like how Xisuma loads shotgun at Etho.
Kaden Frederickson
Kaden Frederickson Måned siden
me opening up the minecraft creative guide "A moon base would look weird by a flowing river, as will a skyscraper peeking out of the top of a jungle." Me thinking after I read that "well I say that be built and it was extremely cool"
Adam Piasecki
Adam Piasecki Måned siden
xisuma always was my favorite hermitcrafter
recorn Måned siden
nobody: xisuma:
RemedyDoesGaming Måned siden
What about the 3x3 Kolvdorr?
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Måned siden
Pearlscentmoon for hermitcraft......
Pasta Måned siden
Pearl herself asked her fans to not tell the hermits whether she should join Hermitcraft or not
Rodmer 26
Rodmer 26 Måned siden
O its a brewer i think
Ashim Pokhrel
Ashim Pokhrel Måned siden
Xisuma as resistamce is nice than as hiep
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller Måned siden
I’m trying to watch this video but your voice keeps putting me to sleep....
Ben McCann
Ben McCann Måned siden
16:30 im thinking ‘please be a giant obelisk please be a giant obelisk’ and then there could be a giant item transfer portal that has a messaging system like grian and mumbo in season six
Nate S
Nate S Måned siden
AN AUTO BREWER where you press the buttons and it brews for you Reply if you have any comments on this idea
CongoMan Måned siden
I love the video and I watch your videos whenever they are uploaded, I am subscribed to all of the hermits and I love to watch their videos as they get uploaded. I am just wondering, would anyone like to join my Minecraft server we have a few people at the minute and we play just like hermitcraft with shops, etc. there is no griefing or stealing and so on, if so please reply to this comment as it would really help the server grow, thank you.
X: h-e-p base My brain every time: *HYEUP*
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi Måned siden
The only thing what hermit craft needs is a mod for craft able spawners. It would be way much more server friendly
dukx hi
dukx hi Måned siden
put pressur plates on the iron blocks so that they dont spawn if they do 14:50
Canon Duckworth
Canon Duckworth Måned siden
xisuma what resource pack do you use?
PeskyPlayz953 Måned siden
What if instead of bone blocks on that one ceiling, you could use a mix of depth and color, using a grid or cross pattern to give more variation, maybe Nether Brick and Quartz? and maybe if you use a grid, the ones that are in the middle of the grid pattern could go deep up, giving even EVEN more depth. i like designing minecraft ceilings and other depth based builds.
PeskyPlayz953 Måned siden
Or knowing the channel, instead of nether brick, maybe honey.
Branik // Terry
Branik // Terry Måned siden
ooh, for the next season can everyone make the island more vertical?
Branik // Terry
Branik // Terry Måned siden
make a chicken bouncer
Miko Umi
Miko Umi Måned siden
Maybe you could hide floor lights under iron trapdoors and make them in lines, so it looks, like they have a purpose (like water drainage or something like that). I think the white concrete as floor looks too good to hide it with carpet.
John Willis
John Willis Måned siden
I KNEW Bdubs could not be trusted!!! Wait... what?
Beau Venencia
Beau Venencia Måned siden
Great video! I will make sure to check out the record
Matix 777
Matix 777 Måned siden
i feel like there will be prank war over HEP and resistance
Nutty Nuts
Nutty Nuts Måned siden
Texturing the acia pillars really helped. Having them sideways made the curve look more like a corner. Putting in the texture helped ease the effect that the sideways logs gave, easing the curve.
Tijn Kuiper
Tijn Kuiper Måned siden
industrial district?
Skelebagel Måned siden
Anyone think xisuma should host a giveaway that allows one person that has been proven responsible to join the hermitcraft server? And i rly wanna join hermitcraft ngl
Kyto ZR
Kyto ZR Måned siden
When are you going to do face reveal
Trevon Myers
Trevon Myers Måned siden
When he feels like it
PboyJr Måned siden
15:58 Does string inhibit spawning?
ElloSufi96 Måned siden
Xisuma: Acacia Me: I feel blessed
Francis McKnight
Francis McKnight Måned siden
AndrewZoo Måned siden
Ron Miller
Ron Miller Måned siden
9:51 i mean like, odea is so close.. why don't you give mumbo some work?
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe Måned siden
I think he’s gonna make an automatic potion brewer
Chemical Skeletøn
Chemical Skeletøn Måned siden
I've been busy with my studies but no matter what I'll always make time for watching your vids :D
utleysos Måned siden
Xisuma, thanks so much for what you do. I watched you intently during summer quarantine. But once college started this year, I didn't have as much time and watching youtube became less likely due to busyness. Now I'm back in quarantine due to possible contact with COVID-19. During this time of uncertainty, your videos bring me comfort and I thank you so much for that.
Cameron McCorkle
Cameron McCorkle Måned siden
I was having a bad day yesterday im glad I decided to watch this today your the chillest of the hermits and I really enjoy the videos I hope to one day have the level of positivity you have
Tony Gattuso
Tony Gattuso Måned siden
Xisuma's commitment to the roleplay of HEP is fantastic.
Pranav Agarwal
Pranav Agarwal Måned siden
He could have bought Mumbo's redstone 3*3 piston door but no... He would rather have a hole in the piston door.
Sakikog Oo Kheng
Sakikog Oo Kheng Måned siden
10:07 that's an etho door!
Jitse Wouters
Jitse Wouters Måned siden
You Should take inspiration from Trixyblox’ piramide. He builded it with blackstone and gold. It looks amazing.
Night Bot
Night Bot Måned siden
Wow! I totally love the HEP base so far - as usual you’re really creative with the block palette and style :DDD love that
Yogurt Måned siden
Finally someone will expand ur are the best so happy u created hermitcraft it has made not die of boringment ( English is not my native lenguage 😅)
If Evil X comes back and you are a bee he would be a wasp
obi king
obi king Måned siden
just share and made berlin wall
Annalies Anderson
Annalies Anderson Måned siden
5:45 if anyone was looking
Nolan Natale
Nolan Natale Måned siden
Xisuma should totally build a diamond farm! They are pretty hard to build, and would be a fun project.
Sam Kaboom
Sam Kaboom Måned siden
join the resistance... get cake
Lance Måned siden
You should search for the mycelium base
YasshaDoom Måned siden
Love ya videos X. So calming and relaxing
Dhairya Morzaria
Dhairya Morzaria Måned siden
Cant wait for episode 969 lol
Bala314 Måned siden
uh... Xisuma? Did you notice that the throne has been bought?
InterNutter Måned siden
You could have bought a kolvdor from ODEA
Kid Decent
Kid Decent Måned siden
I bet the mystery build he's gonna make in the desert is the Sphynx.
Yowvn Måned siden
It’s the minecraft music for me 🥱😴♥️
a dean
a dean Måned siden
Every Hermit Heap, Heayp, hap, hiip, Hep Xisumavoid: H.I.P.
Uma Måned siden
firefilip Måned siden
What client do you use
Pickle_ Kid
Pickle_ Kid Måned siden
His voice is so soothing
Abdelrahman Shams
Abdelrahman Shams Måned siden
Who here is a fan of the mycelium resistance and hate to see xisuma destroy mycelium.
Chroma Måned siden
I can hear the Minecraft theme song XD
Armin Aghazade
Armin Aghazade Måned siden
Kaan Yaşar
Kaan Yaşar Måned siden
You can buy a 3x3 Kölvdoor or whatever the name is from the Odea store for the door of HEP HQ
Landon Peckham
Landon Peckham Måned siden
Who else didn't realize that Mumbo and Xisuma were so close?
E Schimmel
E Schimmel Måned siden
5:56 hahaha
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