The BEST Blind Auditions of 2021 so far on The Voice | Top 10

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Best of The Voice

Måned siden

2021 only started little less than two months ago and we’re absolutely blown away by the talent we’ve already seen on The Voice! Here are 10 of the best All-Chair-Turn Blind Auditions! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Tim Blommaert sings “Too Close” by Alex Clare (Vlaanderen/Belgium)
01:40 TK Russell sings “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown (Belgique/Belgium)
03:38 Bram Sangster sings “Holes” by Passenger (Netherlands)
05:31 Cynthia Verazie sings “Je Suis Malade” by Lara Fabian (Norway)
07:23 Benjamin Haycock sings “Restlessness”, original song (UK)
09:08 Анастасия Буханцова sings “У мене немає дому” by Один в каное (Ukraine)
11:07 Niki Black sings “Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse (France)
13:16 Natan Dagur sings “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi (Norway)
15:27 Sevan Richard sings “Tous Le Mêmes” by Stromae (Belgique/Belgium)
17:06 Thomas Vankriekelsvenne sings “bad guy” by Billie Eilish (Vlaanderen/Belgium)
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Best of The Voice
Best of The Voice Måned siden
What’s your favorite all-chair-turn of 2021 so far? ✌️
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 2 dager siden
Lalmuankhup Zou
Lalmuankhup Zou 3 dager siden
The Netherlands singer was for me by far the best ❤️❤️
sipho mchunu
sipho mchunu 4 dager siden
Natan dagur - bruises
PaceMaker 7 dager siden
The two for norway natan and cynthia
Zohan Yohan
Zohan Yohan 9 dager siden
T Kasun
T Kasun 15 timer siden
Norway girl is 🔥 🔥 🔥
Emmy Alengo
Emmy Alengo 16 timer siden
the girl singing « tous les mêmes » her voice🥺🥺🤌🏼
beka 18 timer siden
Audience making noise when singer gets to good part of a song makes me crazy
Данила 20 timer siden
Bold nice
Ivanika Satria
Ivanika Satria 22 timer siden
Second singer looks like francis nganou
Limpe Dag siden
The 3rd one made me get chills instantly !
Helen Szucs
Helen Szucs Dag siden
Waylon looks handsome with his hair like that
Динара Алибаева
Динара Алибаева Dag siden
Динара Алибаева
Динара Алибаева Dag siden
Динара Алибаева
Динара Алибаева Dag siden
Jordan Evangelista
Jordan Evangelista Dag siden
That second man was smoking some good pack before he hit that stage
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 2 dager siden
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 2 dager siden
#YJB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🦢❤️
Alan Gonzalez Reza
Alan Gonzalez Reza 2 dager siden
Prudence. Call me The Voice Mexico
myhairgrande 2 dager siden
im just ready for ari alright
Ido Berg
Ido Berg 2 dager siden
15:13 holy shit o-o bro how u do that
Alejandro 2 dager siden
Benjamín haycock...
Darlene Pepito
Darlene Pepito 2 dager siden
that Restlessness!!!!
salome 3 dager siden
I love Matoma, he is so cute, so soft
BIG DREAM CITY 4 dager siden
valdis 4 dager siden
Noor Shiekh
Noor Shiekh 4 dager siden
Restlessness is so dope Just wow 👌
Arisha Chowdhury
Arisha Chowdhury 4 dager siden
After watching the first scene... I’m so inspired that I want to be a singer now
koi goes wild
koi goes wild 4 dager siden
Girl “back to black” so cool!
Stélvio Nóbrega
Stélvio Nóbrega 5 dager siden
What's the name Of the song on minute 9?
RJ Novem Macuray
RJ Novem Macuray 5 dager siden
Ukraine gave me goosebumps🔥. And she's gorgeous ✨!
jack 28
jack 28 5 dager siden
Ora ono wong jowo to??????
End time tv
End time tv 5 dager siden
norway steal this year tbh
Leonardo Vergara Marchant
Leonardo Vergara Marchant 6 dager siden
The very very best singers! Es un placer escuchar tanto talento.
Harish 6 dager siden
The second one is my favourite ❤
Mjeppe 6 dager siden
I didnt know that sideshow Bob was black
Grace Warhurst
Grace Warhurst 6 dager siden
Benjamin Haycock it was amazing. As not often you get a original.
shadrack foster
shadrack foster 6 dager siden
Can someone tell me the title of the song the Ukrainian (female with skin hair cut) sang in english
Movie Zone
Movie Zone 6 dager siden
I don't know I don't speak Russian.
Braian Rojas
Braian Rojas 7 dager siden
El gordito del principio la rompe🔥
peter marcher
peter marcher 7 dager siden
All trash
Kelly Holmes
Kelly Holmes 7 dager siden
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi 7 dager siden
Der Typ am Klavier ist Mega! Aber der Typ mit der Gitarre ist 100% real
Thakshala Nayomi
Thakshala Nayomi 7 dager siden
I love them all👍👍
Avisek Mondal
Avisek Mondal 7 dager siden
Benjamin Haycock ..... among all this great songs your song just imprinted in my heart .... can't get it out of my mind ..... can't help admiring your voice, skills, pitch and everything ..... take love man .... love from india
Jackline Muthoni
Jackline Muthoni 7 dager siden
Is that Koffi kingstone singing 'it's a mans world'🤣🤣
C Y 7 dager siden
The coaches are overacting, calm down!
Snjezana 8 dager siden
What‘s the song Anastasia sang in Russian? Does anyone know?
lililssar lili
lililssar lili 8 dager siden
9:08 15:27 the best ever
Zanko Azad
Zanko Azad 8 dager siden
the bruises one was on a whole different level imo
emily k
emily k 9 dager siden
Rafaella Garbin
Rafaella Garbin 9 dager siden
Whaaatt is that girl from Norwaaaaayyy
Svetlana Strelcova
Svetlana Strelcova 9 dager siden
Очуметь красивое пение у всех 👍🇷🇺
Thierry Combe
Thierry Combe 3 dager siden
FILNAT2011 9 dager siden
Sorry I just can't stand the voice, not get it, like the format
Aspiring Abogado Productions
Aspiring Abogado Productions 9 dager siden
We're not gonna talk about It's a Man's World? That stuff was top-notch.
neamoh 9 dager siden
Benjamin's audition was amazing, he's a true artist and I'm so surprised he didn't win
Vassie Adams
Vassie Adams 9 dager siden
joe selzer
joe selzer 10 dager siden
number 8 the blond guy in the hat reminds me of Johnny Depp from the way he look
Arjun Vijay
Arjun Vijay 10 dager siden
Benjamin Haycock reminded me of Ben Howard and his creative genius with music but a notch more ‘cause of the lyrics, presentation, voice range and guitar skills Ben Howard is love, I think I found another Artist I can listen to when I wanna get lost in music. Cheers Mate.
Stabile Dube
Stabile Dube 10 dager siden
Really felt the first performance ❤
silky shahi
silky shahi 10 dager siden
There must be something in the water ❤
BlueDiamonds 10 dager siden
13.30 ok cool so I’m moving to Norway 😍
Choirul Rozi
Choirul Rozi 11 dager siden
Natan Dagur from Norway so Emotional when he sang this song ❤️❤️❤️
Nawel Hamza
Nawel Hamza 11 dager siden
The guy who sang bruises is the best for me ❤️❤️❤️ too emotional
Jacob Persia
Jacob Persia 11 dager siden
Norge er min favoritt, natan🤩
luna 11 dager siden
8:36 Dude.. Breathe. Please...
Janie Debey
Janie Debey 11 dager siden
The « bruises » guy and « je suis malade » girl just killed it✨✨. But Damn « restlessness » was perfect
Adelina Maria Acero
Adelina Maria Acero 11 dager siden
Tusen takk for upload. What a wonderful emotional package there is in this one. Makes me cry and smile all at the same time. Keep up the good work. Best wishes 🤗all the way from Norway🇳🇴👏🥰💝
Monika Slavec
Monika Slavec 11 dager siden
All I can say is that regular people are far more talented than the majority of the so-called POP stars.
Ye X
Ye X 12 dager siden
Superb voices
TIMOTHY El Poeta De La Calle
TIMOTHY El Poeta De La Calle 12 dager siden
Cada día aprendo más de estos increíbles colegas ... amazing voice 🔥🔥🔥
Riley Wright
Riley Wright 12 dager siden
The first person is so talented omg!😱
len berard
len berard 12 dager siden
Ascended masters Returned.
msbravewyn 12 dager siden
Abhinav Venugopalan
Abhinav Venugopalan 12 dager siden
I liked the bad guy😂👍
a 12 dager siden This is real voice😍😍😍
Jay 12 dager siden
Holy fuck this second one makes me want to punch a baby! 🤪
Eddyo Music
Eddyo Music 12 dager siden
I most be there showing my talent
Kathy Muckleston
Kathy Muckleston 13 dager siden
Gaby S. Pontes
Gaby S. Pontes 13 dager siden
Benjamin is mindblowing, wow!
Danya R
Danya R 13 dager siden
The European voice is far better than US.Better production,talent & judges! & I'm American
Danya R
Danya R 13 dager siden
The girl from Ukrainian talented but also strikingly beautiful!!!!!
Denya Blanco
Denya Blanco 13 dager siden
I want to buy these albums.
Jamil Acob
Jamil Acob 13 dager siden
17:07 Holy cow! How did he come up to this style of him? I really love it.
Apea Mykel
Apea Mykel 14 dager siden
Tk Russell was something else. Crazy voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥
A Hime
A Hime 14 dager siden
Some of those gave me chills oh my God
kari deg
kari deg 14 dager siden
In Netherlands 🇳🇱 he has a great voice
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn 15 dager siden
Benjamin Haycock! ...also the boy from Norway - Nathan Dagur was clearly a star.
E G 15 dager siden
guy who sang holes, wow
Sophie L
Sophie L 15 dager siden
The steady grill revealingly transport because writer nomenclaturally dare toward a new chord. thirsty, sedate form
Iam Joergen
Iam Joergen 15 dager siden
Can we please have a contest of the voice but the contenders are from the different parts of the world.
Adam Efimoff
Adam Efimoff 15 dager siden
Ashes on the voice france is amazing
ZEN DRAGON 16 dager siden
???? what The Voice is this? not the one I know
Ba Nguyễn
Ba Nguyễn 16 dager siden
Like him
Matt Alo
Matt Alo 16 dager siden
Bram Sangster version of Holes by Passenger is mind boggling. Soo soothing to hear it 🔥 😍.
Ana Anastasijevic
Ana Anastasijevic 16 dager siden
wow, how many beautiful souls in this video.
Moana Soakai
Moana Soakai 16 dager siden
Back to Black 😍 RIP Amy Winehouse 🙏 Your legacy carries on ❤️
Tanner Searle
Tanner Searle 17 dager siden
shout out to the participant who said motherfucker on air!
Hailey Vodron
Hailey Vodron 17 dager siden
Nikis voice is so buttery
Makayla Morgan
Makayla Morgan 17 dager siden
I’m crying seeing how happy the families are
gv 17 dager siden
that dutch guy at the end tho..good
Marissa Edma
Marissa Edma 17 dager siden
The pineapple man just nailed it
Jazmine Robinson
Jazmine Robinson 17 dager siden
I literally got chills
Rukayat Bello
Rukayat Bello 18 dager siden
The last guyyy >>>> 🙂
Lisa Gilroy
Lisa Gilroy 18 dager siden
Wow, I was trying to find who sings this song, I love it and was surprised I had never heard it before until I rewound it and realised it was his own song!!! Wow wow wow x
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