WHERE'S MY CAKE!? | Portal 2 - Part 1

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7 måneder siden

Let's do this again shall we? I really want that cake! I've only ever played Portal 2 once, so this will be really fun.
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jacksepticeye 7 måneder siden
Shoot an orange portal on the like button and a blue button on your fist and SMASH IT
JJ Condado
JJ Condado 21 dag siden
kill all humons
kill all humons 24 dager siden
Luis Padilla
Luis Padilla 24 dager siden
LukeTTC 26 dager siden
Jacob 69
Jacob 69 Måned siden
“Do not touch the operational end of the device”
No Ah
No Ah 24 minutter siden
Jack: the physics are unreal!!!!! Epic games: UnReAl EnGiNe
echo prime YT
echo prime YT 17 timer siden
holy hell its barley audible but the soundtrack in this game is so damned good
Rose-Colored Glasses
Rose-Colored Glasses 20 timer siden
I just beat the game for the second time yesterday and now I'm here
Supa Soljas
Supa Soljas 23 timer siden
As far as I know, GLaDOS' chamber is the same as in Portal 1, only it's in ruins
Nay Campo
Nay Campo Dag siden
I actually punched my iPad to press the button
plybot Dag siden
hey, this was uploaded on my birthday! i just realised xD
Jace Archer
Jace Archer 2 dager siden
tf2 medic: JACK WHAT ZE FAAK!? please don't sue me
Jace Archer
Jace Archer 2 dager siden
how did I miss this
Chaleb Jensen
Chaleb Jensen 2 dager siden
Jacksepticeye: is ignorant of the fate of the Aperture scientists as well as who Doug Ratmann is Die hard Portal fans: **angry noises**
ItsApolo 3 dager siden
Last time he said top of the morning to you laddies
Yer_pall_memes 3 dager siden
UN ironically the giant turret has a name (animal king)
Animdude 2
Animdude 2 3 dager siden
What if we get a portal vr but you can actually play portal instead of those aperture hand or build bot aperture thing, God holding a portal gun would be amazing
Jokingbomb 3 dager siden
Admiral Sand
Admiral Sand 3 dager siden
No jack, the physics are source, not unreal
[Toxic] Top
[Toxic] Top 3 dager siden
am i the only person that realized this is the last video he used "TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!" intro?
JD Awesome Games
JD Awesome Games 3 dager siden
Jack:”I will save you friend!” Turret:”Nah man.” Blows up Jack:”...NOOOOOOOOOOO” 23:36
JD Awesome Games
JD Awesome Games 3 dager siden
Everyone gangsta until the “different” turret comes out of the tube
Rock Hard
Rock Hard 4 dager siden
36:25 if you put the speed to .25x you can actually hear it
Nathan Hudson-young
Nathan Hudson-young 4 dager siden
Only Jack can chuckle while being called a horrible person. We would get along just fine.
Officially Random
Officially Random 4 dager siden
The portal games may not be horror games, but damn just watching glados rebuild herself while Wheatley struggles to find the password is a new type of horror
Shocking Lucas
Shocking Lucas 3 dager siden
True dat
Chase Toyama
Chase Toyama 4 dager siden
"A very minor case of serious brain damage" -Wheatley 2020
Jess Mahoney
Jess Mahoney 4 dager siden
I slowed down GlaDOS' fast gibberish. Turns out, just gibberish. no hidden message. Kinda disappointing.
rarepwnage2 5 dager siden
Who agrees that Séan should play Portal: Reloaded when the mod releases next year cuz that’s the closest to portal 3
Illusion_apex 5 dager siden
I slowed Glados down when she spoke gibberish. Something about metaphorically knocking people’s Hats off
X GAMER 5 dager siden
I just finished Portal 2 without playing the first. Most of the time I needed a tutorial for each test chamber. Now seeing Jack blaze through them makes me realize I’m an idiot
Poinced 5 dager siden
9:47 Nope just and interdimensionsl empire named the combine
F3AR Gaming
F3AR Gaming 5 dager siden
This would be fun as a VR game
The Noob
The Noob 5 dager siden
If you put the speed at 0.25x to GLaDOS fast explanation you can know what he says
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 6 dager siden
“You just jumped. What you’re doing there is jumping” is the best most comedic thing I have ever heard and I love you Wheatley
THICCC BOI 6 dager siden
I think that the announcer is named Stanley, anyone else think so ?
SapphiR3 7 dager siden
"Apocalyptic events beyond our control" Yeah I'd say that summerises the Combine invasion in the Half Life series (which this takes part in) preety well.
ChaosCrystal Gaming
ChaosCrystal Gaming 7 dager siden
I like how in the begging when the relaxation chamber you're in moves and smashes against objects it moves you along with it, it's little things like this that makes games more real and enjoyable
Zack’s Crap
Zack’s Crap 7 dager siden
That first part should be a ride, where you crash into the walls and stuff
_ Flawless
_ Flawless 8 dager siden
1:36 50 "day's" actually. But it doesn't matter BC he will wake up years and years later on your second sleep.
Motion Cell
Motion Cell 8 dager siden
9:43 hehe tiger king
desi ryalls
desi ryalls 8 dager siden
36:25, "and methodically knocking people's hats off, get to sea as soon as I can" is what she says extremely fast here, you recognize it? It comes from Moby Dick
Emran Mohammed
Emran Mohammed 8 dager siden
Wait, in the first Portal game, GLaDOS said not to put the portal gun in water. And in this game, the portal gun on the podium falls into water.
Aperture Sciences
Aperture Sciences 9 dager siden
I would like to stay in a test chamber and see all the little details of this game
ShadoFox 9 dager siden
Now usually my main focus on a game is it's soundtrack and that's why undertale is my number one. BUT when it comes to humor and storywriting the entire Black Mesa/Aperture series is at the top.
Jacob Lawerence
Jacob Lawerence 9 dager siden
i played this game too it was really really fun
Raiyan Lynch
Raiyan Lynch 10 dager siden
When Wheatley said, "you know her?" It sounded so much like jack that I got confused for a second wondering how he knew that quote
MomoShane Selph
MomoShane Selph 10 dager siden
At 36:22 whatch in Slow-motion
213leah 10 dager siden
M m mom mom
Mr Bob
Mr Bob 10 dager siden
Bob is pretty sure the reason society has been destroyed is due to the 50,000 year period of unkown and the events of half life
Michael Boats
Michael Boats 10 dager siden
jack is smarter than naruto because he jumps in portals and not frog mouths lol
A Person
A Person 11 dager siden
“It’s hard in isolation!” Your damn right
Luís Noleto
Luís Noleto 12 dager siden
No joke, I was eating cake while watching this
Arctic Shadow
Arctic Shadow 12 dager siden
Glados is cute
Raiyan Lynch
Raiyan Lynch 10 dager siden
mr. brooks
mr. brooks 12 dager siden
apparently if you look at the unused voice lines for this game chell was stuck in captivity for 40,000 years
mie 13 dager siden
hah you're playing now
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson 13 dager siden
Jack: walks into the destroyed labs This looks sensational!
aftermath and friends
aftermath and friends 13 dager siden
am i the only one who was curious and slowed down the video to see what glados said when she said "fast gibberish"
TTV void TTV void
TTV void TTV void 13 dager siden
I can’t take it the robot said say Apple jumps jack 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Trisha C
Trisha C 13 dager siden
When you said whetis, I laughed HARD. Hahahahahahahaha hahahaha, and what, did you say ceiling teddy??? Lololol
Mason Dirks
Mason Dirks 14 dager siden
NOT 50 years 50 DAYS
Crazy cupcake
Crazy cupcake 14 dager siden
Yeah GLaDOS (GLaDOS you idiot) Give the man his hard earned cake he spent 49 minutes and 31 seconds trying not to die
Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein 14 dager siden
He said quarntean was bad what about know
Barfull Neonic
Barfull Neonic 14 dager siden
Does anybody realise that this is the last "Top of da mornin to ya ladies" we got from Jack 😪
RĂZVAN Vlo-g 14 dager siden
Yeah its the same room when you fight her
spatialpine 14 dager siden
deffinintly 50 years ive played this game it is 50 days
Kacie Long
Kacie Long 14 dager siden
Long time from jacksepticeye
Adoriel 15 dager siden
Yo Jack, you shoukd play Portal Stories: Mel sometime soon! Its a great game with great voice actors and music, and a great story.
MarioProz 15 dager siden
I cant explain how much i need ray tracing Portal 2
Nathan Jordon
Nathan Jordon 15 dager siden
Fun fact: glados was meant to have pre recorded messages at the beginning of the game rather than the announcer. I'm guessing they changed it so that her reveal is more surprising later on
Review and Rate
Review and Rate 15 dager siden
To think this was the last time i heard top of the morning
MoonGangster 15 dager siden
I played this game on xbox in 2011, haha.
NierNivone 16 dager siden
Too bad he doesn't know about Doug rattman
Daelen Stonemeier
Daelen Stonemeier 16 dager siden
Hear me out. Portal as a horror game.
That One Kid
That One Kid 16 dager siden
Is this the last video where Jack does his trademark intro
NonStopPear 16 dager siden
Thus lies the finale of the OG I intro and outro
septicguard 33
septicguard 33 16 dager siden
When the subtitles said [fast gibberish] I played it at 0.25 speed and she said: methodically knocking people’s hats off... and then I couldn’t figure out what the rest was.
steve and the crew
steve and the crew 16 dager siden
Omg Jack how do you make this so funny 41:15
Shark Rider gaming
Shark Rider gaming 16 dager siden
The password i think is portal
Shark Rider gaming
Shark Rider gaming 16 dager siden
The game is very fun
Theauggieboy Gamer
Theauggieboy Gamer 17 dager siden
if you have played innovation labs in roblox, you will recognize the line that the announcer said at 3:49
terri wahlberg
terri wahlberg 17 dager siden
No one: Literally no one: Absolutely no one: Jake: BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Theauggieboy Gamer
Theauggieboy Gamer 17 dager siden
39:30 I saw turrets falling through the elevator tube... :/
RealSven Playz
RealSven Playz 17 dager siden
Set the 36:25 on 0.25x and it says "and methodically knocking peoples' hats off. Then I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can"
Matthew Hyde
Matthew Hyde 17 dager siden
I remember watching this whole series at the beginning of quarantine. That was 6 months ago..
luvrgirl 17 dager siden
The fact that in this video he did one if last ever.. “ *WAPSH* Top of the morning to ya laddies!” Kinda makes me sad, I miss the old days.
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master 18 dager siden
GLaDOS: worthless. Absolutely worthless. I'm happy to get rid of them. Me: *Game Theory flashbacks*
Jason Holloway
Jason Holloway 18 dager siden
I littaraly just started watching and that intro already made me say this si my favourite youtuber.
Theauggieboy Gamer
Theauggieboy Gamer 18 dager siden
um, they said suspention, not stasis
Theauggieboy Gamer
Theauggieboy Gamer 18 dager siden
If you have played roblox innovation labs you will recognize the line at 3:49
mose milk
mose milk 18 dager siden
Dream derp
Dream derp 19 dager siden
jack:it gets funnyer and funnyer as you go on; me: just complete portal2 its sad:(
Dan Kristian Apelo
Dan Kristian Apelo 19 dager siden
Glados is nothing but a tsundere that wants to be ur waifu
Ian Shue
Ian Shue 19 dager siden
Fun Fact: if you slow down Glados when she does that fast version talk in that one chamber, if you slow it down she says “and mythodically knocking people’s hats off-then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.” This is a quote that is said in Moby Dick
Jordan Townsend
Jordan Townsend 20 dager siden
TeN tHoUsAnD fLiPpInG vEgTaBlEs
john sidange
john sidange 20 dager siden
2014 jack: I LOVE CAKE!!! 2020 jack: I don't care about cake I just want the BEAAAAAAAAANNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!! 13:27
eekbeek 20 dager siden
Funny game+funny youtuber= glorious
Joseph Davison
Joseph Davison 21 dag siden
28:13 did Glad0s just call him fat?
Tameranian 20 dager siden
Alpha Fire
Alpha Fire 21 dag siden
Hey I play this game
Thebeginner2490 21 dag siden
"Okay, down these stairs. Jump! Actually, looking at it, that's quite a dista- AHHHHHHHHH"
Beauty and the Bronzer
Beauty and the Bronzer 22 dager siden
No it is a soul is in the companion cube
Tyler Ho
Tyler Ho 22 dager siden
The reason Chell has brain damage is because she uses the portals to build momentum in the first game to get through areas and she ends up banging her head on the walls every time.
Lim3 22 dager siden
i was expecting a speedrun
GiantMiner5 22 dager siden
I remember way back when he did the coop with Bob, I would always comment for every video for jack to play the single player part of the game
wyearp 2009
wyearp 2009 23 dager siden
Me driving in GTA
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