Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Cyberpunk 2077

12 dager siden

In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
Learn more:
Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings

oof Minutt siden
Things that have happened since Cyberpunk 2077 was announced: - I graduated from middle school - I graduated from high school - I'm halfway through college - Virtual reality became a real thing - New Half-Life game in over a decade - Half-Life 1 fan remake released - Left 4 Dead 2 was updated - CS:GO became one of the biggest multiplayer games of all time - Valve released their own VR headset - Grand Theft Auto V released - Red Dead Redemption 2 released - Final Fantasy 15 finally came out - Final Fantasy 7 remake became a thing - Skyrim re-released several times - Bethesda announces brand new IP - Bethesda announces The Elder Scrolls 6 - Bethesda went from being one of the best open-world game devs to a laughing stock - DOOM was rebooted along with a sequel - Nintendo released two consoles (the Wii U and then the Switch) - Nintendo releases one of the best video games of all time (Breath of the Wild) - Blizzard announced a new IP - Blizzard went from being one of the most well-respected studios to a laughing stock - An entire console generation has passed - Destiny released, died (before Taken King), was resurrected (Taken King release), a sequel released, that sequel died (loot box fiasco and little content post main quest), then got resurrected again (Bungie became an autonomous studio and released some great stuff), then died again (most recent DLC) - The Dragon Ball franchise got new movies and a new series, and Dragon Ball games finally came to PC - Bleach died then was resurrected with the recent announcement of a continuation - We got two Deadpool movies - The Hitman series was rebooted - Battlefield died - Call of Duty died then came back - Resident Evil died then came back - Wolfenstein was rebooted and then died - New Microsoft flight sim was announced and released - A Mad Max game was released - Star Wars Battlefront was rebooted, died twice, then came back out of nowhere - A new Metal Gear Solid game came out - A new Silent Hill game was announced - Hideo Kojima got fucked over by Konami and was forced to cancel the new Silent Hill game - Hideo Kojima releases a new game in a new IP - Prey was rebooted (RIP Prey 2) - Crysis died (and remains dead because that recent remaster was fucking awful) - Dead Space died
Hello Halogen
Hello Halogen 11 minutter siden
All i can say now is..... 500 rupay zyada lele bas isko zaldi release kara de.... Translation: Just take 500 bucks more, and release this piece of shit quickly
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 11 minutter siden
8 days !!
Oscar Medrano
Oscar Medrano 22 minutter siden
Just 9 more days till this bad boy comes out and we can ride a rollercoaster😆😆
Jalen Irby
Jalen Irby 29 minutter siden
Is this gta6 lol but better
ChaotiX 36 minutter siden
This game has been in development for 9 whole years. I was 17 when I first heard of it. People have literally died waiting for this game to come out. I hope its worth every second.
Rod M
Rod M Time siden
NEWSFLASH - Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed yet again till 2077 - They said it is coming when it is ready.
rafihossain isa
rafihossain isa Time siden
Cries in 1050ti
*just for you to know this game is going to be realized at 2077
tilon 54 minutter siden
it's not funny
Svetoslav Boiadjiev
Svetoslav Boiadjiev Time siden
Mihai Banc
Mihai Banc Time siden
NU CLEA AR! it's NUCLEAR! not Nucular.
Lucy Coe
Lucy Coe Time siden
Spartan Qwop
Spartan Qwop Time siden
After 8 years of waiting we are only 9 days away...
Abnar Time siden
Am I the only one who thinks this games needs to be third person
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 37 minutter siden
"needs to be" The game wouldn't work correctly in third person for a number of reasons. Deal with it
tilon 54 minutter siden
Fiuman Time siden
9 more days,we are so close !
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Time siden Top 5 Games that You Should Play in December 2020
Chmurion Chmurka
Chmurion Chmurka 2 timer siden
I will buy PC for CYBERPUNK 2077 in 4K (ryzen 9 5900x, RTX 3080ti) would love if it can run at 4k/60fps
Sherif Ehab
Sherif Ehab 2 timer siden
built my first pc ever for this.. me and my gf basically have an unspoken agreement that from 10th december till xmas we won't be seeing each other that much... even though we live together ..
Duster Addict
Duster Addict 2 timer siden
Pavel H
Pavel H 2 timer siden
Love IT
Snake火 1027
Snake火 1027 2 timer siden
2013: Its coming when its ready 2020: ah shit here we go again - - - but at least its coming now
Drivertilldeath 2 timer siden
CDPR can you clear up the confusion with the exact release time please? Some of the info i have read says Cyberpunk 2077 releases 1 am Poland time, making that 7 pm EST on the 9th. But my ps4 says 12 midnight on the 10th. Please clarify this.
K0xm4N 43 minutter siden
Maybe Ask them on their Facebook fanpage or Twitter
luk Przytula
luk Przytula Time siden
Game is relised at the same time world wide its just diffrent time zones
Furkan Mert
Furkan Mert 2 timer siden
Çık artık zalım oyun
Gangrel Aussie
Gangrel Aussie 2 timer siden
I have a PC with an i9-9900K CPU, an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and 32 GB of RAM, with a 1440p monitor. If I can't run this on High with Ray Tracing at over 100 FPS, I will find some way to make CD Projekt Red pay.
Audie Gracilly
Audie Gracilly 2 timer siden
Good luck, 47
gentlemen mozes
gentlemen mozes 2 timer siden
I REALLY scared that the game wont be that good as they promised..
omeryamancelık 2 timer siden
Is ps4 plays
Just a random guy on Youtube
Just a random guy on Youtube 2 timer siden
It seems great to me, but I don't think this game will meet the high expectations that have been set by the gamers imo
Adheesh C
Adheesh C 2 timer siden
Malayalikal inddo....ibdee😀😀
Therecreationalartist 3 timer siden
Will the game run like this on PS4 slim??
Gaming FoJi
Gaming FoJi 3 timer siden Top 5 Games that You Should Play in December 2020
Capsoul GotTheHits
Capsoul GotTheHits 3 timer siden
nah john wick voice acting is trash !!!!! sounds like a 5th grader doing a disable kid impression
KAVU Soundcloud
KAVU Soundcloud 3 timer siden
Listen to Captain Janeway by KAVU on #SoundCloud
Meme God
Meme God 3 timer siden
I feel like this game is gonna disappoint tbh, not sure why, but I just have a feeling
Pandaiskey 3 timer siden
They call you V. V for Vendetta.
Dream Motion
Dream Motion 3 timer siden
Dream Motion
Dream Motion 3 timer siden
Funny Internet Man
Funny Internet Man 3 timer siden
At this rate it will release by 2077
Mateo Leon
Mateo Leon 3 timer siden
I believe games graphics haven’t changed in years. This game is good but what a dumbass story bro everything is always the same, more games like Valorant or Apex Legends
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 36 minutter siden
Just a random guy on Youtube
Just a random guy on Youtube 2 timer siden
Bad comparison lmao
spaghetti 3 timer siden
Wtf those are literally the most opposite game genres compared to this.
Marcin Ging
Marcin Ging 3 timer siden
Bro, how can you compare this to Apex and Valorant?! What the fuck. This is an rpg with a deep and disturbing story of the dark future of humanity
SLIME. ENT3RTAINMENT.940 4 timer siden
I get paid the day it comes out I’m definitely copping it 😈
Atiksh verma
Atiksh verma 4 timer siden
What a game
Dre Fnu
Dre Fnu 4 timer siden
Hello, I just came here to say that I saw this as an AD when I was watching KSI. I watched the whole thing. And I will be watching it again now that I'm here.
Republic OfDa117Tacos
Republic OfDa117Tacos 4 timer siden
i hope I can break into/go isnide corp building whene ever i like! think of the high quality loot !
edrrrk 4 timer siden
did keanu even voice his character
Arielyn 4 timer siden
04:26 here we come
VenomSlingShooter 4 timer siden
Can't wait for the next delay at dec 10! Gonne be epic!
Toxic Studios
Toxic Studios 4 timer siden
10 more days🤩
TheBananaPeel 5 timer siden
thedrew4you 5 timer siden
So... Grand Theft Roboto?
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 36 minutter siden
No. Not at all
Alex Axe
Alex Axe 5 timer siden
HAPPY JAY 5 timer siden
The Compitor of GTA VI hmmmm .
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 36 minutter siden
No it isnt
Samuel Haley
Samuel Haley 5 timer siden
Should I get this on ps5 or pc?
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 36 minutter siden
Depends on your PC
Manoroid N
Manoroid N 5 timer siden
Dec 9th 4pm PST....Fuck yes on all levels!
Ali Papes
Ali Papes 5 timer siden
10 more days, baby!!🙌
M. Andre Yusuf Delfiero
M. Andre Yusuf Delfiero 5 timer siden
vikas Chandra
vikas Chandra 5 timer siden
This year is best
Bobberstew 26
Bobberstew 26 5 timer siden
Can’t wait to make triangle balls
तरूण Rathi
तरूण Rathi 6 timer siden
GunzKing 6 timer siden
Đừng có thành bom xịt là dc.
Ramon Padilla Diaz
Ramon Padilla Diaz 6 timer siden
Predictive Programming
blankpost 6 timer siden
So, Keanu Reeves is Harvey a la Farscape Sold
Blu 16
Blu 16 6 timer siden
Idk kinda just looks like Outerworlds but on Earth.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
except with more depth, better characters, far more defined world, and faaaaar longer
최대니 6 timer siden
Krino Da Gamer
Krino Da Gamer 6 timer siden
Rockstar shaking like a bitch
Krino Da Gamer
Krino Da Gamer 6 timer siden
Just pre ordered lets goooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия 6 timer siden
4:26 ❤
Glyph the Denier
Glyph the Denier 6 timer siden
Next week boys and girls. Next week...!
Mathew Godfrey
Mathew Godfrey 7 timer siden
2077 War, War Never Changes
Juan miguel Mendez
Juan miguel Mendez 7 timer siden
IS THE GAME ONLY GOINT TO BE SET FOR FISRT PERSON SHOTING ? if yes why??? so many costumes you can pick from but no enjoyment that's kinda sad!!!! please make it both so we can enjoy every detail of the game !!!!!!! I'll keep PLAYING GTA V IF THIS IS JUST FIRST PERSON. THE WHOLE IDEA IS TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE CREATING AS PLAYER!!!! IF ONLY FISRT PERSON IT WILL GET BORRIN!!!!
Juan miguel Mendez
Juan miguel Mendez 2 timer siden
@Joshua Bull imagine being this dumb!? 🤡 have fun only seen your hands after you pay for new “robotic body” or crazy cool haircut they’ll probably have” 🥸 or to make even easier for a new piece of clothing you’ll purchase in game. Just imagine how dumb you’ll 👀 look.. ohh! Wait the game will be first person shooting so you won’t see any of that!! All the hype for game when u can’t enjoy what you pay for !!. Not even good for streaming! Or watching ! X2 just think about it fornite makes so much money for the tiny factor!! Of 3rd person shooting. people love seen what they own! And gta v was an example 🤡
Juan miguel Mendez
Juan miguel Mendez 2 timer siden
@spaghetti imagine being this dumb!? 🤡 have fun only seen your hands after you pay for new “robotic body” or crazy cool haircut they’ll probably have” 🥸 or to make even easier for a new piece of clothing you’ll purchase in game. Just imagine how dumb you’ll 👀 look.. ohh! Wait the game will be first person shooting so you won’t see any of that!! All the hype for game when u can’t enjoy what you pay for !!. Not even good for streaming! Or watching !
spaghetti 3 timer siden
Okay then keep playing GTA because you're going to be very disappointed either way if you think this is a game like GTA. It's a completely different game genre and it's clear you got the wrong expectations.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
this isn't anything like GTA, so thats an entirely "you" problem
DxntGetDrxpped 7 timer siden
See you guys in 8 years when this actually becomes playable
jesse omollo
jesse omollo 3 timer siden
DxntGetDrxpped, I see you are still living in have a long time to wait until 2020,.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
>.> game has been playable for a long ass time
Nemesis 7 timer siden
Naman 7 timer siden
Gta v💀
spaghetti 3 timer siden
Different genre
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
nothing alike kid
Ken M
Ken M 7 timer siden
annnnndddddddddd delayed till march 2021.
Lydus Kyd
Lydus Kyd 7 timer siden
Cdpr should make a pokemon game?
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
thats stupid as hell. just play SMT
BEAKER6868 7 timer siden
looks dope. definitely the kind of game that could use some music from Scandroid!
Ncc0990 7 timer siden
10 more days boys
Tricky 7 timer siden
It’s been so long since I was this hyped for a game
Michael Mcarthur
Michael Mcarthur 8 timer siden
Looks promising
Dean Howard
Dean Howard 8 timer siden
1st person open world 🌎 I’m out ! Why customize character if u can’t go 3rd person
Leon Axhemi
Leon Axhemi 17 minutter siden
@Joshua Bull you have no life my guy, wtf do you bother commenting to people who don't aggre with something in the game. Cdpr fanboy
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
because you literally get to see your character all over the game. if you don't like it, thats your problem, not theirs
Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck 7 timer siden
I doubt you were ever in..... 8 timer siden
Cyberpunk 2077 PC
2077Jules 8 timer siden
andi muhammad
andi muhammad 8 timer siden
varmdurd 8 timer siden
11 days
neko 8 timer siden
cyberpunk>gta change my mind
Will Lewis
Will Lewis 8 timer siden
The is set only 57 years in the future
VAISAKH N 8 timer siden
I can't wait to hear it's postponed
EwChO 8 timer siden
we are too close anyways
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy 8 timer siden
I be cannabis king . You would not want to fack with me man.
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy 8 timer siden
If we dot. shape up this is ware we are going .
Saudi Tate
Saudi Tate 8 timer siden
Its the ole choose your own adventure books i used to read as kid , upgraded & on steroids ..hehehe laterz
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy 8 timer siden
I not game guy but I do a dab of bho and play this.
Smokey Brown
Smokey Brown 8 timer siden
My pc can’t handle this.
Shaurea Tyagi
Shaurea Tyagi 9 timer siden
Good Luck, 77
VotingChipmunk 9 timer siden
So I know the release date is Dec 10th, but on GoG it shows it as Dec 9th. Does GoG get the option to pre-load the game for instant play on Dec 10th? Or does it actually release for GoG owners on the 9th?
spaghetti 3 timer siden
It's 9 december simply because you're in a different time zone. You can pre-load on 8 december normally.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
it likely unlocks a few hours early based on your time zone
Scientist Albert Einstein
Scientist Albert Einstein 9 timer siden
Is this Diana from Agent 47?
Nícolas Mallmann
Nícolas Mallmann 9 timer siden
I was waiting for Diana to say "Good luck, 47".... Now I want a HITMAN cyberpunk level spinoff.
TES Heavy Metal 1981
TES Heavy Metal 1981 9 timer siden
I hope everyone is killable at any moment.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 6 timer siden
only if it makes sense from V's perspective. you can't kill Jackie because he is a friend. certain main quest characters you need alive to accomplish your tasks you can't kill. you also can't kill kids. just about everyone else is fair game
Porky Kitty
Porky Kitty 9 timer siden
I can't wait for December 9th when it gets delayed again!
STR8B3AST 9 timer siden
imagine this game in vr...
Henry Carmichael
Henry Carmichael 9 timer siden
Hot damn!
glhydiamond 9 timer siden
What's the song that plays at the end of the video? 🤔
KiNG jAWBo 9 timer siden
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