Is Trisha Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Frenemies #4

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Kelsey Hernandez
Kelsey Hernandez 12 minutter siden
Trisha: this is so boring no one will watch this Views: 1.9 million
A yo
A yo Time siden
Shes the biggest troll fr lol
Alissa 3 timer siden
how is no one mentioning Trisha calling Ethan a "Fat fat fatty" I am CRYING 😂😂😂😂😂
themantbone23 3 timer siden
I care about gravity :(
Brenna Rogers
Brenna Rogers 4 timer siden
Who loves Trisha and Ethan together for pod castssss ???😁
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 11 timer siden
why were they concerned with how entertaining this podcast was?? this was the best by FAR😹😹
Void Clan
Void Clan 14 timer siden
Furtle Cresent is a drug trade route
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 16 timer siden
This episode was extraordinarily entertaining
jahro 16 timer siden
4.6 billion
Olivia Huang
Olivia Huang 21 time siden
I never laughed so hard before. this episode made me realize how much i like trisha
Elena Collins
Elena Collins Dag siden
I care about gravity
Emilia Frangedakis
Emilia Frangedakis Dag siden
Technically the largest desert is Antarctica..... 👀
Valeria Gomez
Valeria Gomez Dag siden
trisha is surprisingly smart
Cory C
Cory C Dag siden
She shits all over how bad the podcast is and yet it comes in with some of the most views 😂
Katy S
Katy S Dag siden
I don't understand how Trisha can be so intelligent one moment, and then say "Who invented gravity? We don't need it anyway". I'm just baffled.
Emilia Frangedakis
Emilia Frangedakis Dag siden
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe actually doesn’t have an Oxford comma in it 😳 the game show is rigged
McKenna F
McKenna F Dag siden
Okay I subscribed this is really funny- loved the quiz thing 😂
Darling Dustie
Darling Dustie Dag siden
I live for these moments! I like it when people think I'm dumb to, it makes life fun! lol
Issy Everton
Issy Everton Dag siden
So we going to gloss over the fact she said Jesus wasn’t Jewish
mariya Dag siden
Moses keeping score 😂😂
mariya Dag siden
Trisha is so casual supporting Ethan and Ethan teying so hard to beat her 😂😂
mariya Dag siden
I’m dying😂😂
ꜱᴀᴛᴀɴ • 666 years ago
ꜱᴀᴛᴀɴ • 666 years ago Dag siden
ethan is really not a fair loser.. his questions weren't harder than hers and she even got almost all the answers to his questions right. you can tell he is having a really hard time losing against her in the quiz.
ꜱᴀᴛᴀɴ • 666 years ago
ꜱᴀᴛᴀɴ • 666 years ago Dag siden
lisa vanderpump used that fake lie detector guy to prove her 'innocence' once loooool it was even pathetic and childish before this information from trisha but this makes it even more hilarious
MG TV productions
MG TV productions Dag siden
I watched the whole video, and I laughed my ass off. I could've watched another hour and a half of this.
Sanji! The Cigarette Smoking Simp
Sanji! The Cigarette Smoking Simp Dag siden
1:16:20 lol wut?
Maxine And Cheese
Maxine And Cheese Dag siden
She really did love Rick Moranis
get a h
get a h Dag siden
Trisha has worked as a software designer or sum in the past, like she is way smarter than she puts on 👀
get a h
get a h Dag siden
12:41 Trisha thanking Ethan for this comment is so funny to me 😂
No andno
No andno Dag siden
I've never watched him, just asking. Does he have tourettes?
Zali Ina
Zali Ina 2 dager siden
This made me laugh so much 🤣😍 love u guys from Norway
Alyssa 408
Alyssa 408 2 dager siden
I just wanna say I wanna hear about gravity
hammer emit
hammer emit 2 dager siden
When i saw this video i was like she not smarter then a 5th grader lmao 😹
VangaurdTDS 2 dager siden
The only episode worth watching. The meltdown drama from other episodes is just upsetting not entertaining.
Beejanew 2 dager siden
You have to admit that these two personalities work so well together as different as they are.
Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez 2 dager siden
As a European... the science and geography answers were embarrassing. What do you guys learn?
Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez 10 timer siden
@Grace good to know. Here in Europe we see a lot of US media. In, for example, tv shows the US high schools always look very high level. But then we see interviews like this, and there are a lot of them, in which people seem pretty dumb. There is just a big difference :)
Grace 22 timer siden
We learn things its just the fact certain people don't pay attention in school.
Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez 2 dager siden
Let's not forget the Sovjets which did most of the work against Germany. Now Japan... that's mostly US yes! ;)
Sean Klotz
Sean Klotz 2 dager siden
Ethans questions were so much harder
Jamey Todd
Jamey Todd 2 dager siden
this was very entertaining
Haylee Toomoth
Haylee Toomoth 2 dager siden
Aimee Andrewartha
Aimee Andrewartha 2 dager siden
This NEEDS to happen again.. round 2 please Thankyou
Haylee Toomoth
Haylee Toomoth 2 dager siden
Perfect duo
TheBrand 2 dager siden
I fucking love this...i hope they continue this but with how crazy Trisha is she REALLY might leave iam afraid to get attached to this...but i love their chemistry so much.
Leisi Christidis
Leisi Christidis 2 dager siden
I'm pretty sure my 4 year old brother is smarter than Trish
Leisi Christidis
Leisi Christidis 2 dager siden
Trisha's stupidity pisses me off but also is extremely entertaining
Leisi Christidis
Leisi Christidis 2 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about how Trisha literally thought egypt was fake?????!!
Leisi Christidis
Leisi Christidis 2 dager siden
I'm dumber than a 5th grader
Lewis Fico
Lewis Fico 2 dager siden
Question for Trisha: What is the capital of England? And now a question for Ethan: What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan?
Lewis Fico
Lewis Fico 2 dager siden
you have mcdonalds on your mind hahahha
samx9 2 dager siden
''where's Gravity's award show?'' SENDING MEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT
Alicia 2 dager siden
Trisha hates when she’s wrong.. educate yourself and move on
Madison Staab
Madison Staab 2 dager siden
Specific Colorado reference bahahah
Add Y
Add Y 3 dager siden
Her: keep eating fatty you fat fat fatty Him:😐
Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz 3 dager siden
Knowing trisha has plenty money only solidifies my opiniom that education is not needed to make money in this world
Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid 3 dager siden
Trisha so mad saying this isn’t a good episode. They’re both extremely entertaining. This is a great episode.
Carlie 3 dager siden
Trisha: 56:51 Also Trisha: I had a dream about you-
Ellen Holdstock
Ellen Holdstock 3 dager siden
The longest river is Nile tho
grace jersey
grace jersey 3 dager siden
I love the way non New Yorkers say Albany
Marilyn Duque
Marilyn Duque 3 dager siden
Omggggg I love this podcast so much
Megan Hickson
Megan Hickson 3 dager siden
Can somebody tell me the time frame where she calls Ethan a fat fat fatty pls
Megan Hickson
Megan Hickson 3 dager siden
Can somebody tell me the time frame where she calls Ethan a fat fat fatty pls
Megan Hickson
Megan Hickson 3 dager siden
Can somebody tell me the time frame where she calls Ethan a fat fat fatty pls
avenderiel 3 dager siden
Pretty sure Ethan was right about the United Kingdom question when he answered "3". The question was how many kingdoms are part of the United kingdom. That is England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland isn´t a kingdom. It is literally called "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." I´m out.
Wesley Kokosnoot
Wesley Kokosnoot 4 dager siden
So what is the fourth kingdom in the United Kingdom? Scotland, Wales and England. Northern Ireland is not a kingdom, nor never was it 👀
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith 4 dager siden
Trisha vein as hell
Clariongrad17 4 dager siden
Y’all are a dynamic duo for sure
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson 4 dager siden
I never realized how much she went for James in this episode lol
Charlie Vegan
Charlie Vegan 4 dager siden
No interest about gravity omg
The Real Potato
The Real Potato 4 dager siden
Yes the pull of the tides are caused by the platonic plates. They have a rocky relationship I guess.
WarLead2792 4 dager siden
They both got really upset after the whole gravity thing
Laini Hurley
Laini Hurley 4 dager siden
I kinda care about what gravity is....
Laini Hurley
Laini Hurley 4 dager siden
Trisha is literally a whole damn mood
Mariah Ruby
Mariah Ruby 4 dager siden
Don’t mind this just leaving where I left off. 58:07
Lauren Hiner
Lauren Hiner 4 dager siden
Someone has probably already pointed this out but Ethan was correct on Nile being the longest river but they told him he was wrong
My Hot Stream
My Hot Stream 4 dager siden
Best episode yet.
Catherine P
Catherine P 4 dager siden
Okay one thing America was in the war for like a year France and British soldiers were fighting multiple countries just sayin it wasn’t really America
Charlotte Mythical
Charlotte Mythical 4 dager siden
God, I hate Trisha Paytas so much, she's so full of herself saying things like "Everyone wants to rather be me or be in me!" I'm a straight woman so I'm not attracted to her, and I do not at all want to be here. She says things like this and then cries on her kitchen floor about how terrible her life is. All just for attention. If the spotlight isn't on her she makes it be. She has ruined every social media platform she has been on. I don't care about her at all.
James Davis
James Davis 4 dager siden
Trisha and her 7 different personalities is a little too much to watch. 🤦‍♂️
Blakeley Reiff
Blakeley Reiff 5 dager siden
Trisha is so rude it makes this hard to watch
claudia xr
claudia xr 5 dager siden
the funny thing is trisha is kind of right here, gravity as explained by Newton is incorrect.. the force of gravity is an illusion we experience due to the curvature of spacetime! explain that, ethan 😁
AllThisLovex 4 dager siden
You and Trisha did not pay enough attention in your science classes.
Valentina 5 dager siden
the biggest desert is Antartica
Valentina 5 dager siden
32:14 well the uk was more involved then the usa...
Valentina 5 dager siden
trisha: "im good at history, I watch Hamilton"
Jessica Leigh
Jessica Leigh 5 dager siden
“It wasn’t his real name” yeah...umm...his.
The Kaeland Show
The Kaeland Show 5 dager siden
The Fertile Crescent is in Egypt. I was so triggered on that question that no one including the person asking the question knew😭💀
Megan FitzGerald
Megan FitzGerald 5 dager siden
This actually made me feel pain because he just is constantly rude and thinks he’s funny for some reason...
Ambrose Sombrero
Ambrose Sombrero 5 dager siden
This was actually fun!! Maybe do movies and musicals and song lyrics next trivia game just to keep it fresh!
Luke Archambault
Luke Archambault 5 dager siden
Trisha is the reason why I transferred from public to private school
Luke Archambault
Luke Archambault 5 dager siden
these guys are both so stupid I swear
Mind ya BIZ
Mind ya BIZ 5 dager siden
Trisha is so full of herself
Cruzz1n 5 dager siden
I care
Sheyla M
Sheyla M 5 dager siden
i never laughed so much during a podcast
Ayden Hill
Ayden Hill 5 dager siden
i thought Antarctica was the largest desert ??
Caitlin Fren
Caitlin Fren 5 dager siden
Trisha, you're effing jealous.
Caitlin Fren
Caitlin Fren 5 dager siden
Trisha., stop. You've stolen a lot more than James. Control your jealousy.
Caitlin Fren
Caitlin Fren 5 dager siden
Gravity was totally invented.
karen Marco
karen Marco 5 dager siden
This was FUNNY AF!
Big Sis
Big Sis 5 dager siden
10:00 this whole convo bro 😂😂
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj 5 dager siden
Trisha paytas said Jesus is not Jewish. lmfaoooo I can't
Diana Luna
Diana Luna 5 dager siden
Springtime for Hitler?!? Wtf is she talking about?
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