2018 Reebok CrossFit Games - Women's Ep. 18.07

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CrossFit Games

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Watch Episode 7 of the women’s post-season recap of the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.
Day 3. Seven events remain.
On a sunny day in Madison, athletes take on the water event, Madison Triplus, followed by a mystery event called Chaos, and two events called Bicouplet 1 and 2, where fans choose the couplet order.
Games athletes often learn the details of events just before taking the competition floor, but Chaos elevated the challenge to new heights. Athletes learned of the event details one-by-one as they made their way across the field of play.
This episode also takes a peek into the life of two-time Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir, who describes her new “all in” approach to competition.
Tia-Clair Toomey remains in first place after Day 3 with a solid lead. Horvath retains second place, but Kara Saunders is nipping at her Nanos in third.
Only one day remains.
Enjoy this look back at Day 3 of the women's competition at the CrossFit Games as we count down the days until this year’s week-long festival and competition.
The Games begin Aug. 1. Single-day tickets are now on sale: smarturl.it/2019GamesTix
Stay on top of Games-related updates and accommodations in the on-site info tab: games.crossfit.com/games/info

The CrossFit Games -- (games.crossfit.com)
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Miranda Felty
Miranda Felty 13 dager siden
Tia is a badass heroine
Trucker Jacket dot Com
Trucker Jacket dot Com 15 dager siden
Tia gets issued a wake infringement ticket heading into transition
olivia taylor
olivia taylor 15 dager siden
i love how they're blasting nicki good choice
ODSu OLDboy 16 dager siden
freeкs sport.... steroid woomen
Rafe Wheadon
Rafe Wheadon 18 dager siden
Wow, a whole bus of unmarried cat ladies who will die alone...
Señor BeanS
Señor BeanS 22 dager siden
Escalada Segura A Mi Manera
Escalada Segura A Mi Manera Måned siden
impresionantes fortalezas, agilidad y resistencia. Cuanto tiempo lleva prepararse para un evento como este?
Allen Coleman
Allen Coleman Måned siden
The curved leek spindly measure because hubcap suggestively blink an a fallacious toilet. charming, rightful children
Allen Coleman
Allen Coleman Måned siden
The modern liquid interstingly reflect because jumbo coherently clip unlike a naive delete. left, lewd anime
Just Blaze
Just Blaze Måned siden
Why isn't this shown on ESPN anymore?
DokesOner_TV Måned siden
full naty
GodBlessYou2008 Måned siden
We should respect the equal employment opportunity for women because it is obvious that the only thing missing for them is a dick.
Vladimir Komin
Vladimir Komin Måned siden
these girls are bifriends with masteron )))
Boombastic Bhuda
Boombastic Bhuda Måned siden
Paddy Mcdoogle
Paddy Mcdoogle 2 måneder siden
This is stupid.
Dschafar Dschafar
Dschafar Dschafar 2 måneder siden
The question is...are they able to cook?
yotv van
yotv van Måned siden
Only if you like healthy stuff.
Dschafar Dschafar
Dschafar Dschafar Måned siden
@MsEmzRox What? I just ask for the important things. How does a woman provide a service for her partner when she's just eating and running all the time? I agree with you if you try to say she's enhancing her sexual abilities.
MsEmzRox Måned siden
Fuck off
MegaSuperfight 2 måneder siden
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Boost ,
Boost , 2 måneder siden
dumbest exercise routine ever
Evox 2 måneder siden
You wouldn't want to cross any of these ladies. They're strong, ambitious, and hardworking.
Authent12 14 dager siden
and steroid juiced like hell
Josh 2 måneder siden
this is basically Australian surf lifesaving, but longer
Roland Sorg
Roland Sorg 2 måneder siden
Kristi Call
Kristi Call 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one eating candy watching this 😂
Claudio Spada
Claudio Spada 3 måneder siden
doped over the top
stic der
stic der 3 måneder siden
ewww crossfit..
My Desire Pure
My Desire Pure 3 måneder siden
These women got some amazing bodies and amazing agility. Wow! Just wow. This is like the 3rd video I’ve clicked on lol I’m hooked and this is over a year old lol or more omg! Why haven’t I seen any of this. That Toomey chick is fierce.. 🔥
ARIES5342 3 måneder siden
Skark infested waters would be waaaay more interesting. Sure, give them a club or small bat and take points off if they use it. Adam
krisztian76 3 måneder siden
Absolutly no sense.
Jesus Is Alpha Omega
Jesus Is Alpha Omega 3 måneder siden
You can't spell either.
Tee Raffs
Tee Raffs 3 måneder siden
23:53 watching that girl just mowing the field down in the tow
John Smith
John Smith 3 måneder siden
Aubrey Partridge
Aubrey Partridge 3 måneder siden
The second event where they didn't know what was coming gave me extreme hunger games vibes
zhenqiao oh
zhenqiao oh 3 måneder siden
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 måneder siden
This is good for the dangling meat.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 måneder siden
This is better than po rn.
I Franz
I Franz 4 måneder siden
i thought they were saying Katrin dave's daughter
Florin Natu
Florin Natu Måned siden
@Mohammed Surrett 😆🤣🤣🤣
Hugo River
Hugo River Måned siden
@Mohammed Surrett Checking it out right now. Looks good so far.
Mohammed Surrett
Mohammed Surrett Måned siden
dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hacker :)
Andrea Avalos
Andrea Avalos Måned siden
OMG I thought the same for so long haha
Hasan uzun
Hasan uzun 2 måneder siden
well it means david's daughter :D
Matt 4 måneder siden
Pearce has a face you just want to punch
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan 4 måneder siden
women trying to be men lol
Mara Henkel
Mara Henkel 2 måneder siden
why can’t woman be strong? Wtf
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan 3 måneder siden
@Екатерина Смирных 'trying' lol
Екатерина Смирных
Екатерина Смирных 3 måneder siden
they are trying to be stronger. And they are wonderful.
Yasmin I. Alamin
Yasmin I. Alamin 4 måneder siden
It seems a swimming and or gymnastics background is the best background before cross fit cuz those seem to be the hardest to obtain once you have stuff to learn in every direction. And gymnastics a swimming have a lot fear with them that is hard to overcome as u age and without really proper coaches (not cross fit coaches who aren't super keen on those two)
James Falltrick
James Falltrick 3 måneder siden
Between Toomey and Fraser both absolutely dominating the crossfit scene and both coming from an olympic weightlifting background, I think it's safe to say that weightlifting is the most important skill. I see what you're saying about swimming and gymnastics though
My GoPro Life
My GoPro Life 4 måneder siden
*Good Job!!!!*
Irah Gaurana
Irah Gaurana 4 måneder siden
Yatyas68Whiskey 5 måneder siden
I'm honestly just here for the sexiest woman in the world..... Katrin Davidsdottir
Raj Kumar Maity
Raj Kumar Maity 5 måneder siden
I have music
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta 5 måneder siden
Les reconozco la disciplina y dedicacion... pero ahi hay mas esteroides que en 50 farmacias.
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta 3 måneder siden
@Johnny Roots Exactly!!!... Shhhh ;) don`t be sorry.
Johnny Roots
Johnny Roots 3 måneder siden
@Jose Luis Gurrusquieta Your point of view,your world. Sorry.
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta
Jose Luis Gurrusquieta 3 måneder siden
@Johnny Roots I'm sorry that the truth bothers you.
Johnny Roots
Johnny Roots 3 måneder siden
Feel sorry for your life,mate. Must be as bitter as you.
lincon jeet
lincon jeet 5 måneder siden
Salute to all hardworking Lady . you made me Remember Guru Nanak's lines which he has written in the praise of women." “From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to a woman he is engaged and married. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound. So why call her bad from whom kings are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. O Nanak, only the Creator is without a woman. That mouth which praises the Creator continually is blessed and beautiful. O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the Creator."[29] - Translated into English from Gurmukhi, Guru Nanak in Raag Aasaa, Guru Granth Sahib pp 473
lincon jeet
lincon jeet Måned siden
@Aryaa Dhan kaur Chaudhary let's not see what is wrong or write in any religious book or anyone in this world.lets focus on improving ourselves, removing our own shortcomings and be best in the world
Aryaa Dhan kaur Chaudhary
Aryaa Dhan kaur Chaudhary Måned siden
Bible is useless book in the world because they are only fantasy story not science stuff
lincon jeet
lincon jeet 3 måneder siden
@Jesus Is Alpha Omega can you please quote lines and page number from Bible .
Jesus Is Alpha Omega
Jesus Is Alpha Omega 3 måneder siden
Woman came from man. The Holy Bible is clear on that in Genesis.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 6 måneder siden
And these men cough...ladies.
Latoya Rui
Latoya Rui 6 måneder siden
Thats what Amazones look like..respect
Just Blaze
Just Blaze 25 dager siden
@Ashley Nowlan it's definitely not its done in house not by a third party which let's you know they are covering up tests peds are cycled you don't use them year round so a 8 week cycle would be hard to test for doesn't take away the hard work just saying there not natural very few professionals athletes are it's just the reality
Ashley Nowlan
Ashley Nowlan Måned siden
@Munga Their testing on and off season is as good as it gets. Highly doubt anyone is on T. Girls who are on T get manly features, these gals might be jacked but they still look like women.
Munga Måned siden
Amazones didn't use testosterone tho
M Hashemi
M Hashemi 6 måneder siden
Tamires Alves
Tamires Alves 7 måneder siden
ZeeMVee 8 måneder siden
Masculine women meh
Бам Бук
Бам Бук 8 måneder siden
Я один русский тут)?
TB Lightning Bolt
TB Lightning Bolt 8 måneder siden
Why don’t they have more women of color at CrossFit games? Another racist organization with little diversity. They invite whites from Europe but no blacks. SMH. Probably all racist Trump supporters. I hope Biden and Kamala Harris shut this down
emceha 9 måneder siden
26:37 I like that she talks about the same that Toomey recently said in her video. We have to give ourselves permission to think we are here to win. Not to participate, not to be top three - WIN.
Hilary Chalmers
Hilary Chalmers 8 måneder siden
marcus hopkins
marcus hopkins 9 måneder siden
These woman are machines
Scott Busco
Scott Busco 9 måneder siden
So did anyone count Katrin Davidsdottir's rep at 40:52 because I think the judge messed up. She did all of them and he made her go back for one more causing her to lose her spot.
Jerrod Nazarian
Jerrod Nazarian Måned siden
I 100% agree, I thought I counted ten reps before she returned
R M 9 måneder siden
And these men cough...ladies.
NBlack 9 måneder siden
32:00 wtf is that?
NBlack 9 måneder siden
@MNI Andes Doesn't looks like that! They are swing like hell!
Андрей Исаев
Андрей Исаев 9 måneder siden
Супер 👍👍💪
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen 9 måneder siden
19:46 *Damn!!*
Xavier Stuart
Xavier Stuart 9 måneder siden
My ass fatter
Tony, le Lavallois
Tony, le Lavallois 9 måneder siden
Lmao this is retarded
brayan crued
brayan crued 9 måneder siden
Pura lesviana
moderatesunited 9 måneder siden
The anavar and epo games.
barath4545 4 måneder siden
Just like the Olympics, NFL, NBA, NHL, Champions League, Tour de France and so on, yeah.
xaomi xaomi
xaomi xaomi 10 måneder siden
Useless sport😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
amira abdelkader
amira abdelkader 4 måneder siden
Yeah that's every other sport too
Skorrigan 10 måneder siden
I can watch tripple jump, pole vault but not this if you know what I mean...
Nj Jan
Nj Jan 10 måneder siden
Those women just blow my mind away 🤩
Thomas Daly
Thomas Daly 10 måneder siden
bergeron...proceeded to coach davidsdottir into irrelevance. what a joke.
George Aylard
George Aylard 3 måneder siden
Pre Bergeron - 30th, 24th & did not qualify Post Bergeron - 1st, 1st, 5th, 3rd, 4th, 2nd
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen 9 måneder siden
@Nina Emily Do the male athletes all have coaches too?
Nina Emily
Nina Emily 9 måneder siden
nah he’s her coach!
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen 9 måneder siden
Wait.. Is that beautiful woman married to that average af, stay at home dad looking dude?
TurtleIsSlow2469 År siden
saw this here after 6 months online.... I am the 14th comment... this is the worst version of something no one cares about.
Tamas Mihaly
Tamas Mihaly År siden
Future spinsters of America. #GirlPower #EndThePatriarchy #FuneralForSexism #EnglishIsADyingLanguage.
Francesco Caccivio
Francesco Caccivio År siden
the song at 5:00 is Powerglide (lyrics)- Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi ft. Juicy J
Georgii Annikov
Georgii Annikov År siden
42:05 Pat in the safe tent!!!!!)))))))
aleksa99se År siden
Europe nations and their descendants are world fittest! Go Europe!
aleksa99se 10 måneder siden
@oh2b16again Who?
oh2b16again 10 måneder siden
And africa
Scott L. Royal
Scott L. Royal År siden
Isn't that cover photo, from 2017?...
Joe Derfler
Joe Derfler År siden
Half are walking on the bottom...
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner År siden
Women's Crossfit is awesome!! #GirlPower
J V 7 måneder siden
You mean epo is awesome?
Daniel Bordas
Daniel Bordas 10 måneder siden
Only esteroides anabólicos jajajajaj
Christi A
Christi A År siden
26:55 *that scream sent chills down my spine*
Asher Trapp
Asher Trapp År siden
That's a Valkyrie scream right there
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