Part 2! BIG Tricky Backyard Fir Removal!

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Guilty of Treeson

8 måneder siden

In this video me and the boys at Eastside Tree Works finish up chunking down the big tricky backyard Fir!
Link to part one -
Link to my flipline cutting video -

Blayk Richardson
Blayk Richardson 6 timer siden
I wanna say thank you, I’ve watched your videos for 3-5 months and it got me so interested in tree work I now work as a ground guy.. some day I would like to be a climber but I’m happy where I am.. also you should post more content
William Smith
William Smith 2 dager siden
Naw bro is the Goat 🐐 at 28:40 😂😂
Doug Bourdo
Doug Bourdo 3 dager siden
Another good video. Precision cutting & felling that close to the kids playhouse. And, is that really 1K of thumbs down !!?? WTF.
Justyna Van Poucke
Justyna Van Poucke 4 dager siden
You didn’t yell ‘timber!’
sean barrasin
sean barrasin 4 dager siden
i have bin chain sawing to day down my mate's place i cut down a big tree with my efco chine saw and thay are big log's and still more to do good work you guy's cuting down that tree be safe out thar i am going to be a tree serg i'm learning buy woching you guy's
Miguel jose
Miguel jose 5 dager siden
impressive! thanks for taking the time to video this.
MyNot2CommonCents 5 dager siden
Trying to decide if the bleeps are a really small saw or just a kazoo.
Randall Laue
Randall Laue 7 dager siden
It’s the law...
blhornertube 8 dager siden
The industry sure has come a long way since the days I worked for asplund tree service as a ground guy and bucket truck operator. 30 yrs ago
William Mister
William Mister 9 dager siden
A mask outside in the fresh air fuck that
Tim Eversman
Tim Eversman 9 dager siden
28 yrs thanks for being positive. Some day you wont even give a thought to it. Congratulations!!
Among Us
Among Us 9 dager siden
Cutting a tree = gaining 1 EXP
PES 2019 G4M3R
PES 2019 G4M3R 10 dager siden
Our work crew is soo boring co pared to this especially since my dad uncle and brother are in it , not that we don’t talk to each other it’s just no time to talk
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 11 dager siden
Haha you youtube name cracked me up. Such a creative name.
Stefan Ravn
Stefan Ravn 14 dager siden
I like these guys, I’m subscribed !
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams 15 dager siden
I like that he adds the price and name of the equipment theyre using on screen. Nice touch 👍🏻
Walk with Sanka
Walk with Sanka 16 dager siden
jetttskiman 17 dager siden
Probably takes 6 weeks of training just to learn the knots for rope.
Karsten T
Karsten T 17 dager siden
Furby Time
Furby Time 17 dager siden
😂😂😂😂 I love the banter. These dudes must be great to work with. Sometimes on tough days like that, it’s the laugh you can have, whilst working hard, that gets you through it. Again, great work fellas. Pleasure to watch 👍🏻
John Akers
John Akers 20 dager siden
I agree with you Bryan! I'm further than 6 feet away from you! The response measures to COVID are seriously retarded.
Michigan Mister
Michigan Mister 21 dag siden
Tho I think you are totally spot on, I do, however wonder about the size and depth of your face cuts, small and large? I was taught/used them for FOR YEARS_1/3rd of the depth, while you repeatedly exceed that. Could you tell me why? TY~
Judy Thacker
Judy Thacker 22 dager siden
Great video guys keep up the good work. Take care and keep safe. From the U.K.
Cumminschris2001 23 dager siden
Why does it look like your putting the face cut in so deep?
Sean ONeill
Sean ONeill 24 dager siden
27:26. You got VERY VERY lucky guys!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 27 dager siden
Wow ur channel name is a pun.....u proud of that
Melqui Manangan
Melqui Manangan Måned siden
That’s a real headache man😅
elkbow Måned siden
There are so many advertisements in this video it's worse than watching TV.
olutet ybros
olutet ybros Måned siden
Amazingly a neat and tidy work guys 👏🤘
Maidenlord 666
Maidenlord 666 Måned siden
I can't stand customers like that sitting here listening to every word you say I would have said no can't get the rest of it sorry
Habèeb Cholakkal
Habèeb Cholakkal Måned siden
Good job👍
Jace Keller
Jace Keller Måned siden
Him: Me: can't even untangle my earbuds
Dax !
Dax ! Måned siden
How do you make your rate bross?? Plizz
Azniwati Marzuki
Azniwati Marzuki Måned siden
very good morning sir...tqvm about new info for the technic.... and good luck for u n everybody
Daisy Santos
Daisy Santos Måned siden
Damn u guys are good
Colby Nagy
Colby Nagy Måned siden
How many splenter do you get a day
tango165 Måned siden
Great video!!
Paul Olson
Paul Olson Måned siden
Mark Lowery
Mark Lowery Måned siden
How many splinters do you have
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes Måned siden
“Why do men get $1.00 to women’s $0.77?” This my friend, is the answer
Senses Måned siden
Splinters ?
HENCH MAN Måned siden
fucking love you 2 guys, record your selves playing games sometime.
Mark Fuchs
Mark Fuchs Måned siden
Excellent job...
Blayk Richardson
Blayk Richardson Måned siden
What do the “higher ups” think about you filming you cutting the trees
Sir Borkington_11
Sir Borkington_11 Måned siden
Anyone else notice that jakes wedge fell into the bush?
Ганс Ланда
Ганс Ланда Måned siden
Ребята, работаете не плохо, но много допускаете небольших халатностей. Может привести к плохому.
md azmi
md azmi Måned siden
I like bryan he need go pro too 👍
Mika Kohan
Mika Kohan Måned siden
Oh, it’s so funny. I like hard works, it’s a good reason for spicy jokes)
Daniel C.
Daniel C. Måned siden
Covid is a hoax you idiots , and no one legally can make u wear a mask , wake up
Azhar Zai
Azhar Zai Måned siden
Good job and group....
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Take off the stupid masks 😷
motorcity Mayhem
motorcity Mayhem Måned siden
"Silly regulations"..... you shit talk but I dont see you removing it.
David Frischknecht
David Frischknecht Måned siden
I've gone 41 years without drinking any alcohol.
Landscaping in kent
Landscaping in kent Måned siden
Check out our videos landscaping in kent
Hatim Abbassi
Hatim Abbassi Måned siden
Very interesting trade and even a better video.
Pfokrelo Koso
Pfokrelo Koso Måned siden
Skill executed to perfection...thanks
Redman Outdoors
Redman Outdoors Måned siden
Lmao Jake’s power cry sounds like mini me from Austin Powers
1800s Måned siden
The crazy thing is, I used to watch these type of videos, but now that I work with a guy who does this exact stuff, I can literally relate to all of it. I'm the rope guy and he climbs, this is kinda crazy
Р И Måned siden
Вырезки очень не безопасно бросает
Kaleb Taylor
Kaleb Taylor Måned siden
I’ll stay on the ground haha! Love watching this though! You gained a sub!!
Dewey Sasser
Dewey Sasser Måned siden
When sending up a saw, why do you always send it up running?
B Long
B Long Måned siden
You guys are AWESOME
Ski D
Ski D Måned siden
Where height get measured in kilometers 😆
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson Måned siden
wooww. you Guys make a nice work. this made of prof ..hehe
Himalayan Independent Guide
Himalayan Independent Guide Måned siden
Amazing job guys.stay safe.
Alex Krastanov
Alex Krastanov Måned siden
Pros opinion. Think quarterings is faster then cutting cookies ? After this video I feel his method allows to be in a more comfortable position by cutting down. Great video 👌
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano Måned siden
Great Job! This guys know what they are doing.
Kingdata-x Måned siden
11:38 are u sure they didnt make u say this? lol
liam macpoyal turd
liam macpoyal turd Måned siden
English arborist here .Really good job there mate ,very professional .
Sir Skitzo
Sir Skitzo Måned siden
I didn't know i needed this in my life and I'm very happy I have it now, so thank you 😊
Markku Vuori
Markku Vuori Måned siden
He's using a Fiskars axe. High quality from Finland. Great.
jamarda55 Måned siden
Brian was out there getting buckets. Lmao that was so funny to me.
Ben Jamieson
Ben Jamieson Måned siden
Am I the only one that wants to work for these guys
Stephen Black
Stephen Black Måned siden
A shame not to mill the timber, such a WASTE!
Siavash Jamshidi
Siavash Jamshidi Måned siden
Wahyu Yuhana
Wahyu Yuhana Måned siden
👍👍👍👍mantap 🇮🇩 Indonesia
Wahyu Yuhana
Wahyu Yuhana Måned siden
EL san
EL san Måned siden
Wow! The homeowner must be very with the result. Outstanding,Commendable..!
juan Figueroa
juan Figueroa 2 måneder siden
amazing job guys
عيون يتيوبpo
عيون يتيوبpo 2 måneder siden
اتمنا من كل محب انو يدعمني ع قناتي قناة منوعة اغاني عربية سوريا 🇸🇾 عراقية🇮🇶 دبكات منوعة رقص منوع رابط القناة
Matt Coffey
Matt Coffey 2 måneder siden
Don’t spread fear spam about masks but other than that awesome.
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald 2 måneder siden
Its cool seeing you buds enjoy work. If I may ask why dint you gentlemen enjoy a nice drink every now and then
Immobilien Service
Immobilien Service 2 måneder siden
Bei 0819 min Sitzt Perfect der knoten 👍
Eduardo Rosales A
Eduardo Rosales A 2 måneder siden
You guys are a great team. Perfect job. Really perfect, as there was not a single miss, such a big tree and the shed only ended with a little sawdust.
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 2 måneder siden
part 2
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman 2 måneder siden
Used to watch ur vids but ads every 3 and a half minutes? Wtf
juan garcia
juan garcia 2 måneder siden
Fucking thermite good job 👏👏👏👍❤️
Jakub Kopacz
Jakub Kopacz 2 måneder siden
30:20 This should of been the thumbnail to this video
Zep Graff
Zep Graff 2 måneder siden
What was the bill for this job?
Secret 2 måneder siden
Channel Wong Cilik
Channel Wong Cilik 2 måneder siden mantap
budlvr 2 måneder siden
Every man on this crew worked their a$$es off today. Job well done !
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 måneder siden
What they do with the logs? Sell them?
exco69 2 måneder siden
ur name is fucking amazing
guzin ya
guzin ya 2 måneder siden
Covid will make you do strange things. I just spent an hour watching a perfectly good and healthy D. Fir tree get cut down 'cause the homeowners have aged to the point that they worry about almost everything. Too bad for the tree, but they do grow like weeds up here. Give 'em a hundred years and cut 'em, 'cause they might ruin your playhouse. Come back in a hundred. - there will be another job for these young men's great grand kids . Nice vid - love watching the crew work as a team to get the job done, and have fun doing it.
kingskafa 2 måneder siden
My wife and I watch these on our tv.. haha I have to pause it when she goes to the bathroom.. more entertaining than anything on tv.
Leo Priest
Leo Priest 2 måneder siden
Was really nice at the end that both you guys and the owners are saddened that the tree had to go but it was for the best. Unfortunately so many people get rid of trees just because they don't like the look ect
Wayne Chambers
Wayne Chambers 2 måneder siden
I have liked all your videos in which ive watched BUT BUT this one and everyones videos I I HATE HATE THEM BEING CUT SHORT I like to see the jobs finished
luci75 D
luci75 D 2 måneder siden
A hard job to do this. With juts few centimeters near that shed Great job guys !
kiachris76712 2 måneder siden
Murderin trees is fun. Chop chop chop
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