Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

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H3 Podcast

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Nadia Gomez yanez
Nadia Gomez yanez Minutt siden
Trisha looks dumb and sounds dumb.🤦‍♀️
Steve 82
Steve 82 18 minutter siden
Good riddance... she's a disgusting person.
frees peach
frees peach 30 minutter siden
Who is the valley girl sloot?
Samamtha Durbridge
Samamtha Durbridge 31 minutt siden
Trisha needs to learn her American history instead of movie and pop culture! I am Canadian and know more about American history than her. The show is a good concept though. And Ethan is so patient with her.😜😉❤
Isabella Fuentes
Isabella Fuentes 38 minutter siden
Uncle fester just gained a new follower. Trisha is lol pathetic
DarkLordOutre 40 minutter siden
That plot twist that she hated Ethan the whole time wow
AimBotNikki 43 minutter siden
I see both sides, Trisha kinda reminds me of me tbh. Even though Ethan didn’t know he was hurting her by saying the little things like how she can’t keep a relationship and stuff and how she can’t handle kids. Even though she already knows that she probably got hurt by that and it was building up and she flipped.
Bobby Light
Bobby Light 43 minutter siden
You got all 7 of her personalities in this video. Never been done before . 👏
Alexis Byars
Alexis Byars 47 minutter siden
Watching the last 20 minutes I was like 😨😡😧😳
Mr Puddin
Mr Puddin 54 minutter siden
Wow she’s the worst Ethan I don’t like you but I got respect for how you handled it at the end
leila Ighreiz
leila Ighreiz Time siden
Guys. Please come back
Nichole Lopez
Nichole Lopez Time siden
If Trisha is smart with over a million views she is buggin
Alondra Morales
Alondra Morales Time siden
The fact that she doesn’t even know the basics like Christopher Columbus and the genocide of native Americans? How the hell does a person like her get a platform? Dumb as a brick 🥴
mrjimjah Time siden
the pill comment was a low blow but i can see why she was annoyed afterwards also. Saying something like "this is why you don't have any friends" is a pretty surefire way to hurt someone's feelings
The asian Kid
The asian Kid Time siden
If Trisha has a child then I feel like it would have a very hard time growing up. A VERY hard time
Rinoa Heartilly
Rinoa Heartilly Time siden
I feel like every second word out of Trisha's mouth is a contradiction...
franchezca Time siden
like you'r being mean to his wife, whats your problem thats so mean ..
soda chewer
soda chewer Time siden
bruh trisha was literally a huge asshole towards the end wtf
franchezca Time siden
the way trisha ATTACKS and just tries to hurt ethan in any way she can, trashing the podcast, bringing up how his wife is trying to get pregnant, like so mean, why treat someone like that? Yeah he said 'mean' things to you but you said things purposely hurtful and mean ...
Daniele Amaral
Daniele Amaral Time siden
Trisha-yes you weaponize people. You make no sense when trying to excuse your behavior. He called her crazy in other episodes, it’s clearly a joke. But the way she went for pills is disgusting. She’s a 32 year old child.
franchezca Time siden
wow "trying to get pregnant" ... why say that about someone you like - isn't his wife a nice lady to you?
franchezca Time siden
the fact Trisha brought up and SAID the specific things she said about him, it actually is fucked up. It actually could really be beneficial to her and her growth since it's on camera, she should look at what shes said and what shes done and listen to ETHAN about the weaponizing, it's fucked to do to a friend....
Kristen Halman
Kristen Halman Time siden
Seeing ethan interact with trisha has really helped me to understand her. i didn’t like her before this podcast, but now i feel like the way ethan rationally talks to her helps me to see the motivation behind her actions. she just has some issues like everyone, but she is a good person. I don’t usually comment stuff but i just wanted trisha to be able to see that this podcast does positively reflect on her :)
Haley Sones
Haley Sones Time siden
Can’t wait to see her on next week’s episode
Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis Time siden
How did people not know she was Jennifer’s body hrhejejrjr
Anjolyne Chavira
Anjolyne Chavira Time siden
trish: you called me crazy, its offensive ethan: then tell me im being offensive to you when i call you crazy TRISH:"I DON'T CARE, CALL ME CRAZY!"
Fawad Fawadi
Fawad Fawadi Time siden
1:08:00 --> make rules of what things you dont want to be talked about.
hellodaralyn Time siden
Why am I just now watching this, I am excited about this.
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
Tonight is another one:)
London Luxe
London Luxe Time siden
I always knew Trisha was crazy but for the most part it was entertaining/fun crazy. So even though people hated her and would try to cancel her I continued to watch because she is such a wild card it’s genuine entertainment/shock value. You always now you’re in a for a good show. The way she came at this guy just now is disgusting and I truly hope she reads these comments and reflects or at least feels remorse because she was totally out of line. For someone that’s tried to commit suicide multiple times why would you ever say such hurtful things and go so low to make someone feel like their life is crap and they have nothing truly special or anything to really live for. She keeps trying to convince him him and his wife aren’t in love and he lives a miserably unhappy life. Clearly her own projection. She needs help. But her whole money making shtick and why people keep her rich is how fucked up and broken she is. If she actually got the help she needed and found some kind of normalcy no one would be interested anymore. So she’ll stay toxic, delusional and shitty so she has money to spend on bags instead of therapy. I don’t understand how anyone could be friends with her or would want a relationship with her in any capacity whether it be friendship, romantic, or business. I wouldn’t even keep her at arms length I just wouldn’t ever allow myself to even be in the same room as her that’s how awful and scary she is. This made me feel so sad. And he may act like it didn’t hurt him but it had to at least a little cause it made me feel terrible and they weren’t even things being said about me. I’ll never understand why good honest people will struggle to make their dreams come true but evil motherfuckers like her will get everything they want just from showing a picture of their butthole with toilet paper in it????? What’s wrong with the world. She’s THE worst.
Aneesa H.
Aneesa H. Time siden
I really hope they remain friends. I was never an H3 fan (had never heard of the channel), but It seems like Ethan is fairly emotionally intelligent and he genuinely didn’t wish to trigger anger and pain in Trisha with what he said.
Thomas Busbee
Thomas Busbee Time siden
I haven’t got to the end yet but a few points Ethan is uncle fester Trisha talks to damn fast
Anjolyne Chavira
Anjolyne Chavira Time siden
did she just say a house is more of a commitment than a kid , like ahh i cant leave this house **the baby turns 4**:we always have fire departments
Xpayn3 Time siden
Bro. I come back after one year of not watching them and what the f happened to this podcast xDDDD
Fawad Fawadi
Fawad Fawadi Time siden
1:06:00 - 1:08:00 1:08:06 "thats not that personal because yoi just called me crazy" LOOK AT THIS LOGIC, she isnt about with her word choices
Kellbabes B
Kellbabes B Time siden
Ethan HATES Trisha, Ok He hates her stupidity and lacks the care for anything that's "real life" Peoples lives aren't for YT or IG clout, like her every second of being! ITS SO DISGUSTING! SHE'S SO STUPID!
Dahlipop Time siden
ethan was literally being the bigger person and apologize and she was just like "im not sorry /shrug" like thats so childish. whatever trish lmao
Shy Time siden
Get her off the platform Her mental stuff is toxic as hell and actually upsetting to listen to
James Bond
James Bond 2 timer siden
This is so weird
Dan Collins
Dan Collins 2 timer siden
i saw the clip where she storms off and she was a crazy gaslighter there but apparently it was for the entire podcast woooow. shes probably like that 24/7 must be hell being around her
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 2 timer siden
For some reason I love watching you guys together so Trisha for us please come back lol
Martu uks
Martu uks 2 timer siden
let's not forget Trish has hundreds of hours of unedited muckbangs uploaded on her channel and not ONCE did we see her switch like a person with DID does, but all of a sudden she has it recorded after Anthony's video. Sure, they might be horrible people as she said but at least they communicate a positive message about important issues while being entertaining, two things Trish has failed at. Btw nobody said she doesn't have a mental disorder, but she clearly faked having DID for clout which is despicable. If she knew the first thing about disassociative identity disorder she would at least know that the name "multiple personality disorder" is not even used anymore and it's kind of offensive to the community.
Andi Taylor
Andi Taylor 2 timer siden
I think Teddy fresh needs a t-shirt saying "GOOD GUESS!" and a picture of Eathan as uncle fester under it. To represent this moment in history.
J84 wag
J84 wag 2 timer siden
"That's such a dumb thing to say, you're not ready for kids"...."You saying you turned out fine, I was like oh shit".... "You're way crazier than me".... He threw the first blows :( Of course she would get defensive..
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
Ofcourse it wasn’t nice but trisha brought it on herself. She marries a cardboard on her NOpost channel, wrestles her actual sister on her only fans, posts a video hysterically crying on her the floor serveral times on her NOpost page, lies about being transgender, lies about having multi personality disorder, posts pictures uncensored of her butt hole covered in toilet paper on Twitter, publicly shares all her toxic relationships on the internet were she laughs at how she abusive she is...
Austin Ward
Austin Ward 2 timer siden
I'm only ten minutes in but I lost my god damn mind at "I couldn't figure out who the good guys and the bad guys were in Schindler's List"
r0yal 2 timer siden
can I get timestamps
Erin Em
Erin Em 2 timer siden this really going to be the last episode?? :(
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson 2 timer siden
Anyone here waiting to see if another episode is uploaded today???
Gratified Lasagna
Gratified Lasagna 2 timer siden
her mom even thinks she is problematic
Martha Ottow
Martha Ottow 2 timer siden
"Jackfilms is problematic" 👁👄👁
Lewis Molloy
Lewis Molloy 2 timer siden
Trisha killed him lool
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 3 timer siden
It was going so well and then it allllllllllllll went downhill
Lauren Taylor Johnson
Lauren Taylor Johnson 3 timer siden
I can see why your relationships don’t work out... “I can see why you’ve been in a relationship for 12 years” like as if that’s a insult. She’s an idiot.
Camila Aguirre Leon
Camila Aguirre Leon 3 timer siden
I hope they figured it out and we get a frenemies podcast today 😭
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
They did ;)
Holly 2 timer siden
They said they did !
Ri O-Ren
Ri O-Ren 3 timer siden
I hope tomorrow a new episode comes out!
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
I thought it was today????:00
Cassandra Long
Cassandra Long 3 timer siden
TRISH I’ve been your supporter for like 7 years now. You need to apologize to Ethan, Hila, and Moses. Privately and back on the Podcast for speaking down about Etgan’s family to him. That’s so inappropriate TRISH.... You can’t do that. It’s a level of disrespect that will forever put a damper on your relationship and maybe family with Moses forever unless you fully apologize and explain that you were hurt Ethan called you crazy right then because it felt like he was discounting your ability to be a good partner for Moses. I think that’s what made you snap just then is because you are hoping they will no longer think you’re crazy after getting to know you and Moses will see you fit for marriage. In that moment you felt Ethan was putting a wall between you and your future family and that’s why you jealously needed to belittle Ethan’s value of his family. I hope you rewatch it episode after clearing your head and cooling down and realize you were wrong. Practice humility and make it right. Also your deal is fine stop with that. Love you girl
Shannon ni
Shannon ni 3 timer siden
Well done ethen. Is the only posstive I can say here
Jerome Paras
Jerome Paras 3 timer siden
This podcast is like 50 times the normal dosage of tension in bad friends
Garrett Ballew
Garrett Ballew 3 timer siden
Her deep end just keeps getting deeper... thank God Jason got out of that in time
Sophia 3 timer siden
Trisha is just a delusional sociopath always has been always will be 🤦🏻‍♀️
blaidebabi 3 timer siden
I believe the reason she got so upset was possibly because she was talking about kids and got offended because he did call her crazy multiple times in this but she only went off after they talked about her fertility. Either way she waaaayy overreacted and Ethan did a good job trying to keep the peace and apologise even after all the shit she said
blaidebabi 2 timer siden
@Holly I really thought this wasn’t going be understood at all so I’m glad u get me!
Holly 2 timer siden
I agree
Ronan Beggan
Ronan Beggan 3 timer siden
She's crazy!
Marisa Serenity
Marisa Serenity 4 timer siden
Ethan is two faced.... that’s not okay to tell someone they’re crazy then switching it around.. and not taking what he dished out
Sebastian Vazquez
Sebastian Vazquez 4 timer siden
i keep refreshing to see when today’s (10/20) podcast will drop. ethan, trisha - im ready for this weeks journey
raphaela C
raphaela C 4 timer siden
Oh man Trish. Not cool. That was seriously not right of you. I always understand you and where u are coming from. But this is wrong. He apologized and saw your anger and tried to resolve this. You were horrible to him just because YOU were upset. Victim mentality will continue to get you in this cycle with people. Please look in the mirror.
Elyse Kate
Elyse Kate 4 timer siden
I will say Ethan does annoy my with the “let’s talk about something else this is boring” all the time. Let it just flow don’t force it so much. He comes off insecure like even he knows he’s not interesting.
꧁OrangeMilkTea꧂ 4 timer siden
Shes such an awful person like I'm surprised he could keep his cool k wouldve snapped shes a two sided person.
Syd the kid
Syd the kid 4 timer siden
Trisha in 2020:”I have no idea happened in the holocaust” Trisha just a few years ago:”hitler wasn’t so bad & he really helped Germany’s economy!!” I don’t care if she’s trolling, she downplayed the death of millions of Jews, the exact culture/religion she tries so hard to be a part of. Link to a reaction video will be in the replies since she deleted the original
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
Trisha is just awful. She is desperate for attention and doesn’t care if she hurts people in the process.
Everett Scraders
Everett Scraders 4 timer siden
Sges just mad Ethan doesn't find her attractive and he and Hila trying to expand their family trisha could care ,ess that he called her crazy shes a joke
Leslie Soliz Vela
Leslie Soliz Vela 4 timer siden
What bothers me is on another episode when she said Ethan and Moses weren’t close but I think they are! Moses told him I love you before he left! Idk about you but I only tell I love you to people who I care about
daniela salas
daniela salas 4 timer siden
They are just two sides of a disgusting same coin.
daniela salas
daniela salas 4 timer siden
And I can't believe I'm going to agree with Trisha but I also believe he's extremely misogynistic.
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
Who Ethan??? Why
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 4 timer siden
Trisha you are seriously toxic.
Braiden Hopkins
Braiden Hopkins 4 timer siden
11:38 come on mane you don't have to use that shit I'm indigenous but I'd rather you just say native. native American. I'm even ok with Indian but at least say American Indian ight and thanks for knowing are history youd be surprised how many people how don't even know we still around
daniela salas
daniela salas 4 timer siden
I'm starting to think about they are basically the same type of people. They would do anything for money. Otherwise Ethan would NOT have her on his show and give a girl like her a platform. Everybody knows she has said horrible things just for attention and Ethan is doing the same thing just because she gets views.
daniela salas
daniela salas 4 timer siden
Also he is extremely rude most of the time and then gets offended when other people do the same to him.
Amica Filip
Amica Filip 4 timer siden
Even moses chose to go with her..
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
@M Flor yeah
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Time siden
@Charming nowhere to hide it is weird!!!
M Flor
M Flor 4 timer siden
Because Moses is a Simp
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 4 timer siden
I agree with Trisha, he has been gaslighting, downplaying and dictating this interview. He gets to talk about her family to say it’s fucking weird and etc..
Shubneet Bharwani
Shubneet Bharwani 4 timer siden
the fact that she said he acts like everything is an attack on him is so ironic bc thats literally how she is reacting, she doesnt realize she is 'the person she hates' literally, so blind
The Starling Family
The Starling Family 4 timer siden
Adam Talloran
Adam Talloran 4 timer siden
Trans/DID/Gay/Etc. Jennifer vs Jewish Uncle Fester.
Reece o
Reece o 4 timer siden
i love trisha. she’s constantly being hurt and fucked over by people in her life, i have severe mental illness and when people call me crazy i act in a similar way it feels horrible. yeah bringing up the pills was fucked up but i doubt she did it maliciously at all.
Sarah Hirschensohn
Sarah Hirschensohn 5 timer siden
I know nothing about Moses but he deserves better
Sarah Hirschensohn
Sarah Hirschensohn 5 timer siden
I think she should go back on her meds honestly 🤭
dank meme
dank meme 5 timer siden
Trisha really behaves like a shitty person and has done and said a lot of truly heinous shit but I honestly feel bad for her just watching the end of that. It's so obvious all her attacks came from a deep want for what Ethan has and a self loathing for not knowing how to get it. And she seemed really bothered by being called crazy after being provoked and I can understand why (not that anything she said is excused but it still doesn't change that she was provoked) and I feel like she legitimately cannot tell when someone is being genuine with her. Ethan was being so genuine when apologizing and it was so obvious that she felt like he was lying or mocking her and that's honestly so sad. She probably has no idea what it's like to have someone be legitimately honest and kind and remorseful towards her because she is never like that and doesn't usually engage with people like that either. It's honestly heartbreaking.
BelowZeroO 5 timer siden
will they come back today? i sure hope so xD
Sarah Hirschensohn
Sarah Hirschensohn 5 timer siden
Don't think she will ever admit she is wrong she just gets defensive and lashes out at others. That's the definition of problematic
Kayla Palmer
Kayla Palmer 5 timer siden
she like attacks everything he says
Michelle Lupton
Michelle Lupton 5 timer siden
This video is my sleep paralysis demon
Deftones 456
Deftones 456 5 timer siden
Ethan you look like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins.... and you handled this argument like a champ .. don’t take her shitty comments to heart.. she is very toxic ... saying “you’ve been with the same person for 12 years” as if that’s an insult .. and saying you have no other options ... like why would you even want other options when you already found true love with a loyal, genuine, beautiful woman and you have a child with her... you have what so many dudes hope to obtain ... yet she somehow thinks you are miserable and your life sucks... she is a very vindictive and spiteful person .. she is a dangerous person to be around and especially dangerous to open up to her or confide any secrets in her ... but I’m sure you know this by now ... f her ... love ya Ethan and Hila and the rest of the crew !!
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 5 timer siden
Who’s here waiting for the new episode? I’m so addicted to this podcast I swear I watched this episode 5 times over
Briana Jones
Briana Jones 5 timer siden
He definitely would've looked fine with glued down eyebrows. But you only live once i guess. Well you do only live once but yeah.
Jade Abrams
Jade Abrams 6 timer siden
I agree with Trisha, he has been gaslighting, downplaying and dictating this interview. He gets to talk about her family to say it’s fucking weird and etc..
Yess V
Yess V 6 timer siden
Wow Trisha is really childish.
Kelzy Jannette
Kelzy Jannette 6 timer siden
Loved this pod cast until they started arguing :/ lmao
icy storm
icy storm 6 timer siden
I know what she did was trashy but I WANT HER TO *COME BACK!!!* They were just so entertaining together and thier chemistry just worked. Such a pitty she that won't be coming back.
icy storm
icy storm 4 timer siden
@Jack Chapman thank you so much! I really hope that she comes back on the sixth episode of this podcast!
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 5 timer siden
@icy storm It was posted on twitter about a week ago
icy storm
icy storm 5 timer siden
@Jack Chapman wait really!? How did you know?
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 5 timer siden
There’s going to be new episode today....
MHTRIfreedom 6 timer siden
wondering if there will be an episode tonight
MHTRIfreedom 5 timer siden
@Elita yeah read smt on insta about that too but with trisha you just never know
Elita 6 timer siden
ethan tweeted that trisha is coming back but still they haven't posted idk
Treasure King
Treasure King 6 timer siden
Can someone tell me the time stamp where it all goes down😩
April Blancher
April Blancher 6 timer siden
I watched this video after hearing about what a trainwreck it is. Not disappointed. It is the first video of Ethan's I have ever seen. After Trish implied some pretty negative things about Hila and their relationship, I went and watched a bunch of other videos... How could anyone bash Hila!? She is so wholesome and wonderful! Also, Ethan and Hila seem to have a good relationship, definitely couple goals! Trish comes across as really bitter, jealous, and cruel in this video.
lowkeyhomicide 7 timer siden
why is she so bitter
xFallenStarXOXO 7 timer siden
I love Trisha and love her content but wtf she outed him on pills, you just don’t do that. And then she twisted everything she said ... disappointing
Lily Rose
Lily Rose 7 timer siden
No one does Trisha deserve that highlight money
Just coco
Just coco 7 timer siden
What she said about his family wasn't nice at all, but he is absolutely horrid
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 5 timer siden
He would never lash out on someone though, that’s one of the only requirements to being a nice person.
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