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xX RainbowM00n Xx
xX RainbowM00n Xx 19 timer siden
7:50 I found salad on toilet paper-
Gavin Leineweber
Gavin Leineweber 23 timer siden
the death of haramba was when it started to go down hill
Kim Fullmer
Kim Fullmer Dag siden
We will
DipDatChip 030
DipDatChip 030 Dag siden
one more crappy movie is The Human Centipede
Five Dollars
Five Dollars Dag siden
Did robin just confirm that he likes seeds with saying that he wont admit to it?
BasicBobcat1 James
BasicBobcat1 James Dag siden
P w
P w 2 dager siden
1:51 r/technicallythetruth
Hello stranger to my channel IDK
Hello stranger to my channel IDK 2 dager siden
The alcohol hands one is cuz hand sanitizer has very little amount of alcohol
Bitter Sweetness :]
Bitter Sweetness :] 3 dager siden
Robin, come eat your bird seeds. You need them, eat them R o b i n
Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole 3 dager siden
This is similar with comedy cemetery and fellow kids
איתי וולק
איתי וולק 3 dager siden
13:54 it says nice ding dong, great shape in Hebrew
funnyfoolsgaming 123
funnyfoolsgaming 123 4 dager siden
Dang, the cat in the thumbnail looks like it's managing it's onlyfans... Shouldn't of said that Should NOT have said that
Winch Power
Winch Power 4 dager siden
“SIM card extractor thingy” I just call it a grenade pin
Brady thegamer
Brady thegamer 4 dager siden
The thumbnail is bad as fuck
foonsh 4 dager siden
Hey robin didn’t you just say “You’ll never get me to admit that I like bird seed” So you just admitted to it cus you said that you will never ADMIT it so you do like bird seed
the random show
the random show 5 dager siden
What's throbbin robbin ?
KewlKidd Gaming
KewlKidd Gaming 6 dager siden
“You’ll never get me to admit it” You just did. Right there.
Autumn Edwards
Autumn Edwards 7 dager siden
You mean MK lol
Ruby Honeyball
Ruby Honeyball 7 dager siden
1:46 well we are in a pandemic with covid 19 and sanitizer has alcohol in it ...no need to thank me😏😏😏😏😏😏
mayhem chaos vlogs
mayhem chaos vlogs 7 dager siden
Oi robin eat S E E D S
FALLEN FIRE 8 dager siden
my hands are consuming more alcohol than my mouth he is talking about hand sanitizer
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 9 dager siden
THe cats movie was made after the original theatrical play, cats. I feel like it brought it to life, but most people didn't know the original existed and just went "*spits* ABSOLUTE TRASH" when the original sonic movie model was 10x worse
Robinmonster 1
Robinmonster 1 9 dager siden
Another Robin 0-0
lebruh 11 dager siden
This is for the title When your in online class but you're cat wants to make a onlyfans
Random gacha ferret
Random gacha ferret 11 dager siden
Emk hi ( ´▽` )ノ
portable bag 42
portable bag 42 11 dager siden
Dustin Hamilton
Dustin Hamilton 12 dager siden
Listen i live in alaska and I can say yes homer is a quant drink village just the amount of bars is amazing.
Starry Katz
Starry Katz 13 dager siden
7:22 that’s a disenchanted scene, it’s quite memorable!
- Sean -
- Sean - 13 dager siden
Im not joking at all- my dad owns a shirt that said "*I Work Harder Than A UGLY Stripper*". I swear on all mighty thats true
Shadow Thestra9274
Shadow Thestra9274 14 dager siden
14:22 he legit sounded like homer
Chungigaming 14 dager siden
i realized ... my name means happy and sometimes i say im a mistake
CHAN YUNG TAI YUTA陳勇太 14 dager siden
Uhhhhh why what the frick is going on here on this crappy zoom call when i laughed to death
Kayleigh D
Kayleigh D 14 dager siden
R/funny? More like r/pleasegetridofthis>:(
The Femboy Neko
The Femboy Neko 15 dager siden
12:26 that is literally called a sim card ejecting tool
Leanne Buchan
Leanne Buchan 17 dager siden
Watched this video into the 2021 :3
DiamondMiner4560 18 dager siden
Come on robin get your bird seeds
Wilson Eldin
Wilson Eldin 18 dager siden
4:45 u can not bring ur dog to work*a few seconds later* BRING UR DO TO WORK AND NEVER GET HIM BACK HOME *guy leaves* Boss:I'm fucked
Z F 18 dager siden
14:12 that is the same shert my cousin wor
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 18 dager siden
Did you know cats will copy ther owner so my question what has she been doing
MarnZzZz 18 dager siden
07:53 r/whoosh
ליאור בילואר
ליאור בילואר 19 dager siden
13:54 it means nice pines friend, great shape
BlackWater 49
BlackWater 49 19 dager siden
9:52 Me (considering myself a realist): "Actually it depends on the state it was in before. If it was full before it's now half empty, if it was empty before it's now half full."
Tomas Hamacek
Tomas Hamacek 19 dager siden
sim card extractor thingy is called needle
Not Really A Good Youtuber But Still A Youtuber
Not Really A Good Youtuber But Still A Youtuber 19 dager siden
classy bear
classy bear 20 dager siden
R/funny is just r/bullshit
ShadoeLandman 20 dager siden
"My hands are consuming more alcohol than my mouth" = hand sanitizer/bars shut down
Brendan Davis
Brendan Davis 21 dag siden
I know that liquor place
NotMy Gamertag
NotMy Gamertag 21 dag siden
He dont eat bird seed he eats birds
Charmain Early
Charmain Early 21 dag siden
orange is the bbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttt
PCarbon GamesYT
PCarbon GamesYT 22 dager siden
3:03 Pathetic, i just have to make anything on my Laptop to burn my frickin' legs
Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
Trevor Vandeveld (Student) 22 dager siden
00:3 ugly person duh duh duuuh
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 22 dager siden
Robin in Intro:No I still don't eat bird seeds and you'll never make me admit it. Me realizing that he just admitted it.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 22 dager siden
Robin in Intro:No I still don't eat bird seeds and you'll never make me admit it. Me realizing that he just admitted it.
Okgamer 22 dager siden
7:36 religious Karen when you say something logical
Darth Caleb YT
Darth Caleb YT 22 dager siden
3:44 my type of humor I have dark humor My niece Ava's bunny died a few months ago and I still make fun of it even going as far to show her pictures rabbit meat,dead rabbits,and cooked rabbits on google and making rabbit stew on minecraft and then eating it along with rabbit flesh in minecraft and killing rabbits in minecraft.
Person Human
Person Human 23 dager siden
Hold up I had a band teacher by named me Mackey looked kinda like that little picture at the end
The person who comments Egg on every video TM
The person who comments Egg on every video TM 23 dager siden
Katlyn Cogdill
Katlyn Cogdill 24 dager siden
1:50 hand sanitizers have alcohol in them that's the joke
Kadmilos Somnium
Kadmilos Somnium 25 dager siden
hes consuming alchohole with his hands because of hand sanitizer
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 25 dager siden
Well someone bagged up the dog poop and threw it in our trash bin and that we where leaving out to dry after we just washed it
tank 3.0
tank 3.0 25 dager siden
A solution to bad aim just f****** shoot works all the time
Davian Afrikaans
Davian Afrikaans 25 dager siden
Sim card extractor thingy is its nameb
leef 26 dager siden
Legend has it robin never decoded "socialist dancing"
MF99K 26 dager siden
well of course you don't like bird seeds, robins eat worms
Brayden Thomason
Brayden Thomason 26 dager siden
7:31 this is a show called Disenchantment if you wanna watch it
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 27 dager siden
you dont get the my hands consume more alcohol than my mouth? lemme show you what it means STEP (1)go to a store STEP(2)clean your hands with alcohol STEP(3)realize the joke
Brett Cervantes
Brett Cervantes 27 dager siden
Ha ha he likes birdseeds
Captain LEGO
Captain LEGO 27 dager siden
When the sign said my hands drink alcohol more then my mouth is handstanter
Random things With Shawn
Random things With Shawn 27 dager siden
Eat the bird seed or I force you to eat the bird seed
Devil Phoenix67
Devil Phoenix67 27 dager siden
Solo Anima
Solo Anima 28 dager siden
Scientists: robin is a genetically mutated bird that we named robin Yes I copied this from one of my reply’s
francis gellica
francis gellica 28 dager siden
U clicked on the video bc of the thumbnail
RYUU Gaming
RYUU Gaming 28 dager siden
the cat movie: me: cat people yes cat people in a realistic world but they are accually supposed to be regular cats: cringe and hate
Dasten Muniz
Dasten Muniz 28 dager siden
Roben prop likes seeds but wont admit it
Ronin Welsh Valdes
Ronin Welsh Valdes 29 dager siden
The cat comics!!! Yay!!!
naughtykid000 29 dager siden
9:52 if you fill a glass up Half way it is half full if the glass is full and you pour half of it out it is half empty
GGGalaxies Måned siden
I know humanity must suffer for making the cats movie but I must say this... Where was the suffering after the emoji movie
Christopher Zweck
Christopher Zweck Måned siden
yea the penis museum is in Iceland and the people there are descended from Vikings and i am a icelander i don't live there right now but my ancestors come from there
Puppyplayz 772
Puppyplayz 772 Måned siden
he likes bird seeds
LinguaPhiliax Måned siden
Robin: "Did we need a penis museum?" Iceland: "Já, einmitt. Af hverju ekki?"
mewpan gd
mewpan gd Måned siden
Jacoby C.
Jacoby C. Måned siden
I use to eat bird seeds
Brofessional Gaming
Brofessional Gaming Måned siden
1:50 because of COVID and hand sanitizer
Ice Claws
Ice Claws Måned siden
Astrocats Måned siden
12:35 “and no smoking dogs” me: smokes a dog
Wolf_ Thing
Wolf_ Thing Måned siden
Jackass? Prepare for the....wait for it............ *catass*
There is no such thing as love
There is no such thing as love Måned siden
Good job on the video but what happened to damien
Micah Kirk- Games and drawings
Micah Kirk- Games and drawings Måned siden
Is the thumbnail a depiction of cartoon cat
Cheese Måned siden
The girl in the thumbnail might be my niece just saying
vgamer4er 10
vgamer4er 10 Måned siden
Higvgu fy fy uc. Fu gichochlcyoockygktvtctkcchlcgkccyokgccyocoychohoffhocyofhochochovhhovhojlchogyicohfyocoycgucgicgicgigc
ARC the Cartoon Master
ARC the Cartoon Master Måned siden
3:24 Honestly, I'm surprised COVID didn't happen shortly after _Ghostbusters_ 2016 - now *that* movie was a real shit show. 13:37 Meh, I'm just grateful I could read at that age. 14:20 How the frick does *Lisa,* of all people, not know that xylophobia is fear of wood?
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki Måned siden
We all know you like bird seed Robin
Maureen Bosetti
Maureen Bosetti Måned siden
Not funny didnt laugh
Markus Ennitt
Markus Ennitt Måned siden
r/fuckyou should be a thing if its not
The Director Alpha Gaming
The Director Alpha Gaming Måned siden
11:00 look up... whaaa?
The Cool Axolotl Logan
The Cool Axolotl Logan Måned siden
As the cat turns you suddenly hear a faint noise from your computer. He forgot to mute his mic. You hear a quiet *fapfapfapfapfapfap* then "aww" as the cat walked away, you then hear him say "OH FUCK" followed by a muted mic you turn off your computer, leave, then promptly lay facefirst on your bed knowing somebody exists that will fit perfectly with your fetish for dressing up in a full cat furry costume. You go to bed.
godlikezilla79 Måned siden
Just saying, the Hebrew text at 13:54 translates to: "buddy, nice penis, great shape." Don't ask me why I know that I just do
Lindsey B
Lindsey B Måned siden
*clears throat* WiLl YoU LiKe sOmE CHEZZ?
Velociraptor Måned siden
I have exams tomorrow :(
Wolfie_slayz Måned siden
We have confirmed it, Robin is indeed a bird. A VERY cool one