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It's hard being a new player in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Besides the insane traps and obstacles, you got bad teammates, and annoying trolls. But everything goes a little bit better when you got a savvy veteran to guide you through it all...
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GameToons 3 måneder siden
Hey if you guys enjoyed this be sure to check out our TikTok where we'll be posting animated clips and even sneak peeks of the next episode!! - vm.tiktok.com/ZMJSJ8j2C/
XM Voltronnn
XM Voltronnn 3 dager siden
Orange skin is look like mrcheese
Abdul Azeem Khan
Abdul Azeem Khan 5 dager siden
Abdul Azeem Khan
Abdul Azeem Khan 5 dager siden
katelyn ramos
katelyn ramos 5 dager siden
Creampuff Player
Creampuff Player 6 dager siden
Alex Frenette
Alex Frenette 9 minutter siden
Veteran in Fall Guys: NOT YELLOW THEY ALWAYS LOSE Veteran in Among Us: Does this crown match my suit?
Shailesh Karnawat
Shailesh Karnawat 44 minutter siden
Well the best animators
Gd Blaze
Gd Blaze 3 timer siden
This is how player and veteran met I think
kay plays
kay plays 5 timer siden
Can you make another fall guys video
Doumania Arous
Doumania Arous 6 timer siden
Benjamin King
Benjamin King 7 timer siden
I wonder where the animating budget went 6:11
The Puppet Master
The Puppet Master 10 timer siden
That's player and veteran from the among us one
Lutsen Films
Lutsen Films 13 timer siden
poor yellow team why do they have to be noobs
Gabriella King
Gabriella King 16 timer siden
So cute!
Gregory Davis
Gregory Davis 18 timer siden
I dont like mr bullet
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers 23 timer siden
So THATS how veteran got his crown
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers
Fuzzywheezle Doodlers 23 timer siden
Who comes here after the among us logic series and is trying to figure out who is voice acting who Btw pink is players voice actor and yellow is veterans voice actor and WHY DO THE COLOURS match the among us charectors like omg
Brendan McKee
Brendan McKee Dag siden
Turn off all sounds, only music and you get this badass boi as the eliminated screen 6:47
Loribeth Barden
Loribeth Barden Dag siden
Why do you make me hate you
FatihXxYT Oyuncu
FatihXxYT Oyuncu Dag siden
Fall Guys in august Everyone's playing me hahaha! Among Us in october Bye bye fall guys!
Troy Valencia
Troy Valencia Dag siden
2:04 it’s nearly impossible to pass on this fan
Troy Valencia
Troy Valencia Dag siden
Me be like: lol this game is probably wast Me after playing the game Me: omg i can’t even reach the 2nd round
God Dag siden
The bullet Guy Said a Pokémon refrence kahuna is a Pokémon master thing
Fluffynation TIME!
Fluffynation TIME! Dag siden
hold up player is russain
Wolfgirl Roblox
Wolfgirl Roblox Dag siden
The squeaky noises are so cute
Retronaut Dag siden
Everyone who hears first 10 seconds : P l a y e r V o i c e .
Ribbit Frog
Ribbit Frog Dag siden
Who remembers this game?
JackTheOne Dag siden
Remember when this was still popular until Among Us Logic was invented?
Chan Diongo
Chan Diongo Dag siden
Falllllllllll guuuuuyyyssssssss yeah
Naitik Jhanwar
Naitik Jhanwar 2 dager siden
What game is it? Is it mobile?
esme Password
esme Password Dag siden
No it's not it's only available on playstation and Xbox
BlueCrewmateyesiamtherealoneconfusinghuhyesimtoo 2 dager siden
Player and veteran
Peachy Man
Peachy Man 2 dager siden
Remember when he was a fall guy
Twix 2 dager siden
i like the sxeak
DEVIL GAMER 2 dager siden
Both voice are like player and veteran
I know
esme Password
esme Password Dag siden
Because they are
NitroGT 2 dager siden
Player is sounds so off from among us Before: Player is a noob Now: Player is actually better than Veteran
Katharine Elliot
Katharine Elliot 2 dager siden
and starts the streak of player losing everything ever
Isaiah Mccoy
Isaiah Mccoy 3 dager siden
love the video
Dillon Ortiz-kidd
Dillon Ortiz-kidd 3 dager siden
power rangers
Gamer Guy 673
Gamer Guy 673 3 dager siden
Please more fall guys logic cartoons
EPIC VINCE 123 3 dager siden
Who remembers this video
Jonathan Terpanjian
Jonathan Terpanjian 3 dager siden
So this is how veteran was added
Christopher Villareal
Christopher Villareal 3 dager siden
The voice is the voice from the among us logic you know
enber storm
enber storm 3 dager siden
This guy had 0nsucribers 3 months ago now he has 1 million
Blanca Gallardo
Blanca Gallardo 3 dager siden
Did veteran relise that’s that player
Zachary Cameron
Zachary Cameron 3 dager siden
The og days when fall guys was good 😌
esme Password
esme Password Dag siden
It's still good but it's not as popular no more
cheeseman niko
cheeseman niko 3 dager siden
When are these coming back? Oh wait fall guys isn’t popular anymore
Thais Cavalcanti
Thais Cavalcanti 3 dager siden
Ou. Nou
odelet hilton
odelet hilton 3 dager siden
Veteran: I am not your friend Also Veteran in Among us: Fine! Then I'll guess I won't be needing this any more Throws away BFF bracelet and runs away sobbing
carolyn fitzpatrick
carolyn fitzpatrick 3 dager siden
Is the yellow guy veteran?
lily monroe
lily monroe 3 dager siden
*he sounds like player from among us*
GalaxyKid 08
GalaxyKid 08 15 minutter siden
They are player and veteran
Pandorah 2 dager siden
It's Player and Veteran
lily monroe
lily monroe 3 dager siden
*and his so called "enemy"sounds like vetaran*
Rita Horton
Rita Horton 4 dager siden
i want more of this logics
plaz I
plaz I 4 dager siden
lol next in among us logic veteran and player are best friends🤣
Harry Singh
Harry Singh 4 dager siden
Pink guy: “oh sweet, yellow’s my favorite” Bullet guy: Vietnam flashbacks
Rajan Misimi
Rajan Misimi 4 dager siden
He Saunds Like Player From Among us
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer 4 dager siden
He is
Rajan Misimi
Rajan Misimi 4 dager siden
Is This Pink Fall Guy The Among us Player is he Player? I Dont Know Tell me Game Toons
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer 4 dager siden
Yes, and yellow guys s veteran
Reem Ammouneh
Reem Ammouneh 4 dager siden
Lol Veteran Is like IM NOT NEW
ice cube
ice cube 4 dager siden
The face on his shirt changes according to his expression
MURDERBOT 1000 4 dager siden
I think im cursed whenever i read a comment that exact scene happens
mm lya
mm lya 4 dager siden
1:18 that walk tho
pikachu on robox Tlatelpa
pikachu on robox Tlatelpa 4 dager siden
sillyboy62 4 dager siden
Hidden one
Hidden one 4 dager siden
Imagine If this whole video was a troll And he just went on a loop of the first few seconds At 1:23
Ile Iksniprak
Ile Iksniprak 4 dager siden
Can you make a third one please
Anika Francis
Anika Francis 4 dager siden
i love this
Joseph Prendergast
Joseph Prendergast 4 dager siden
This is where a legend was born
Diamond Dan Gaming
Diamond Dan Gaming 4 dager siden
I like among us
BRUH 4 dager siden
I want this series to be continiued
rexy armstrong
rexy armstrong 5 dager siden
Everyone 3 months ago:I LOVE FALL GUYS!!! ITS THE BESTTT! Everyone now:Huh,fall guys,whats that? I like among us!
Sonic Gamerz
Sonic Gamerz 5 dager siden
Pink guy Sound like Player from among us
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer 4 dager siden
zen zen
zen zen 5 dager siden
pink sounds like player
Dino roblox335
Dino roblox335 5 dager siden
Make this animation again
rexy armstrong
rexy armstrong 5 dager siden
@Strike RBLX some people still like it but no youtubers post it anymore :]
Strike RBLX
Strike RBLX 5 dager siden
fall guys isn't popular anymore
Glenda Glass
Glenda Glass 5 dager siden
Mario Cruz
Mario Cruz 5 dager siden
Is that players voice
N K 5 dager siden
How was veterans so good ??????
Omar Arafa
Omar Arafa 5 dager siden
6:11 look at the top right corner
Goodman Lashawnda
Goodman Lashawnda 5 dager siden
"2:23" The real one is *𝘿𝘼𝘿𝙔𝘼𝙋𝙋.𝘾𝙊𝙈* everyone knows this site if u don't, u must try it now
Baby Ordaz
Baby Ordaz 5 dager siden
Commander Beast
Commander Beast 5 dager siden
I know fall guys is irrelevant now, but I'd like like to see an episode of Fall guys where Player, Veteran, The Gentleman, and Mr Cheese squad up. Like if you agree
Fishy’s Are amazing
Fishy’s Are amazing 5 dager siden
Can you make more of these plz
Tommy Denese
Tommy Denese 5 dager siden
"4:59" I use only this site *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌* works every time I use it, it works in every device,i have test it on every device possible even on bluestacks
Jackson Battaglia
Jackson Battaglia 5 dager siden
lets just take some time to realize...veteran in among us:"i though we where friends player" veteran in fallguys"im not your friend, I'm your worst nightmare"
Jackson Battaglia
Jackson Battaglia 5 dager siden
take some time to watch among polus too so you can experience veteran in among us
arturo Davila
arturo Davila 5 dager siden
Isint it where that thay sound like player and veteran x??
"3:34" U must go here *𝑫𝑨𝑫𝒀𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴* it always works for me its a must-try use it now, don't waste time here
Liam Vargas
Liam Vargas 6 dager siden
Wait veteran is also a bean shape 😄 😆 lol
Arvin jay Umayam
Arvin jay Umayam 6 dager siden
XD so theres this new guy.(dapinkone) and he trained all his life for the yellow bully. Then he met a guy like he was. Then he will probably think the same to bully that to be a noon. ALL a cycle. XD
Eowyn Kendrick
Eowyn Kendrick 6 dager siden
and at the end, mother joins
Vent Sensation
Vent Sensation 6 dager siden
Serious Fall Guys: Veteran Funny Fall Guys: Player Serious Among Us: Player Funny Among Us: Veteran
عيني ونظرها
عيني ونظرها 6 dager siden
Abdullah Kk
Abdullah Kk 6 dager siden
13 Vids and he is on million subs
nono okalmi
nono okalmi 6 dager siden
nice vid :)
EsminPlayz 6 dager siden
People playground Stuff
People playground Stuff 6 dager siden
Lance Amerson Ordinario
Lance Amerson Ordinario 6 dager siden
aw amn
peter Thompson
peter Thompson 6 dager siden
joshua uy
joshua uy 6 dager siden
pks noob win
Noel Borromeo
Noel Borromeo 6 dager siden
Hahahahahha is yellow
resasuke 6 dager siden
hawtdog guy
Fret N
Fret N 6 dager siden
Elitelord 6 dager siden
When among us gets 8 more videos than fall guys gets. *Incoherent crying*
Kaiden Beahm
Kaiden Beahm 6 dager siden
The yellow one is veteran
Jerrardleo Titong
Jerrardleo Titong 6 dager siden
They did among us too...
Claire Jenkins
Claire Jenkins 6 dager siden
Hey I liked and subscribed your animations are really cool and stuff like that!
Faisal Hamadeh
Faisal Hamadeh 6 dager siden
“Someone who’s to weak to dodge giant fruit” What in the world?
Mayang Ledesma
Mayang Ledesma 6 dager siden
hey veteran and players voices are here
jugando con abran
jugando con abran 6 dager siden
Alguienhabla español??😥
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